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Magnificent March

Happy March! Corliss and I have big plans for this month! This upcoming Friday we will be heading to Colorado! My aunt has graciously offered her home as a place for us to stay; I spent the bulk of today working on some thank you art (Hello Kitty is her favorite). So many good things await us; we can't wait!

The weather this week has been beautiful! It's been getting warmer (I enjoy winter and prefer cool weather, but the extreme cold has left all the kiddos I work with stir crazy--fresh air does WONDERS). The sky has been phenomenal with stunning colors and clouds. Nothing but breathtaking views. We live in such a wonderful world. Nature is absolutely incredible. Corliss and I were in left in awe all day Saturday in the botanical garden, basking in the sunshine and coexisting with all the amazing plant life, wildlife, and water. It was so peaceful. We spent hours just sitting and being with the Japanese Garden without even realizing it. Everything just flowed so naturally. There were so many different birds (geese, ducks, songbirds, a woodpecker, an owl, a hawk, etc.). It was a serene yet surreal experience.

Corliss and I had delicious food after our botanical adventure; the fish sandwiches are back at Chick-fil-A (we are a bit obsessed with these sandwiches, to be honest--we eagerly await for when it returns). Upon arrival, I also found that they had the delicious cheese sauce available (the only time I had found it before was when I was in Kansas City over the summer with April). We then stopped by Insomnia Cookies. All the food was amazing; sometimes it's mind-blowing how scrumptious food is.

After our fun-filled day I concluded my Saturday with some babysitting. As soon as the boys saw me. they broke out into huge smiles, shouting my name. They started trying to flips, do hand stands, and roll across the whole house (when their parents returned, their dad remarked how obvious their attempts to show off for me were). The boys talked to me nonstop with the 3 year old constantly trying to jump on me in excitement (mostly on my back, but it, honestly, didn't matter what I was doing or what position I was in--he was dead set on trying to jump on me, laughing the entire time); he desperately wanted my attention. There were tickle attacks and silliness. The 8 year old had me play Mine Craft, which I hadn't done before. I ended up digging a giant hole and found some kind of underground spring (he kept telling me I shouldn't be digging holes, but I knew how to dig, so I dug). Eventually, he told me I couldn't dig anymore, and he told me to go explore. I found a cow and tried to ride it, but he insisted it couldn't be done, to try to ride a horse instead. I did find a horse and climbed aboard--nothing particularly happened. I was told that I needed a saddle if I wanted to control the horse because right now the horse was controlling me. I decided to roll with this, exclaiming, "Lead on, my horsey overlord! Lead the way!! I am at your command!!" He found this hilarious, and that is how I played the remainder of the game--at the whim of the almighty horsey overlord (at least until he decided that he was going to slay both me and the horsey overlord). It's so nice to share joy, love, and laughter with others.

It was also Wacky Wednesday in the Toucan room this week. The little Toucans had a blast. They put the Cat in the Hat in time out for messing up our room with Thing 1 and Thing 2. They thought it was hilarious and loved drawing on the underside of the tables. We all dressed up in wacky outfits. It was full of laughter and joy.

One of the Hedgehog teachers saw me Thursday morning and informed me that all the little hedgies eagerly ask if today is a "Miss Jessica day" all the time (as I only help out with their class Thursday afternoons). It warmed my heart; I could feel their love. Later that day we had a little Toucan, who was a super caring and helpful friend. A small group of Toucans were searching for a plastic tiger toy to play with all over the playground, but they were unable to find it. He came across it, recognized that his friends had been looking for it, and ran across the playground to deliver it to them, exclaiming, "I found the tiger you were looking for! Here it is!" His friends were super excited and grateful for his kindness. He is such a sweetheart! I'm so blessed to work with such sweet kiddos.

Before Care continued to have interesting developments. With Spring Break coming up, the kiddos were excitedly chatting about plans. My first grade friend remarked, "Guess which state I'm going to." I pondered a second, remembering that she had mentioned Chicago a while back, and replied, "Illinois." She gave me a look and declared, "No, Chicago!" Immediately following this, a kindergartner asked me, "Guess which city my family is from!" Thinking maybe it had something to do with what we had just been talking about, I guessed, "Chicago?: She laughed at me and answered, "No, Ohio!" I guess it's good that they're so young because they were definitely mixed up on what were states and cities. Apparently, whatever I would answer would be wrong.

This week the coloring table had me make fortune tellers for them. My first grade friend came up to me with a blank one, insisting I pick a color. I wondered for a second if she was serious, as it was completely blank, but the look on her face told me she was dead serious. I replied, ".... white." She spelled out white and insisted I pick a number. I slowly responded, "... zero." She was not satisfied with this answer, huffing, "No! Pick a number!!" I pointed out, ".... There are no numbers..." She didn't care and insisted, "Just pick a number!!!" I complied and picked the first number that popped in my head: 500. She claimed that was too high, a bit miffed. I pointed out, "You said to just pick a number. I picked 500." She insisted, "Well, the highest you can pick is 100." I corrected her, "I picked 500." She flippantly remarked, "Well, the highest I'm counting to is 100." She counted to 100 and then insisted, "Now pick another number!" Can you guess what I picked? 500 again. She huffed, "No! The highest you can pick now is 50." I replied, "Ok, 50 hundred." Miffed, she asserted, "NO, 50!" She counted to 50 and remarked, "You got a bad fortune. You have to count to 500 right now!" She later came up to me and declared, "I want to sit on your lap because you're so precious. I love you!" It's interesting how she went from saying I have bad fortune to proclaiming her love for me.

My first grade friend continued creating more of her story. There's more walkie talkies (there was a bit of an extinction due to the crimson tide of the new year last week). When I pointed out all of them died except the one because of the crimson tide of the new year, she nonchalantly remarked, "Oh, that walkie talkie had a load of other walkie talkies in its belly." That's reasonable, I guess? I mean, it makes about as much sense as the rest of the story, so why not. She also informed me that the walkie talkies turned into bread and was eaten by sharks in the crimson tide of the new year.

The next "chapter" of her story is found below:

The look she had to be the SIDEKICK of the shower and the walkie talkie of the kids at Adventure Club in the morning and just got home like a lion in the Toucan room and the other character who had a wonderful Christmas dinner at my house every day in a chair with a fabulously handsome girl was a bit of a difference between me and my principal about the specifics immediately after the Toucans were so excited to see the apartment of the shower and the walkie 4 AM year old looked at me and my principal about the specifics immediately after the Toucans were born and I were not sure what to do with the crimson tide of the year for the crystals heads to the public library of the shower and the walkie recorder of the year for the crystals head of the shower and the first day of the shower and the other one of the shower doors and the other room in a chair and a half bed to sleep in the Toucan room and the walkie talkies and other one of them was a bit of a surprise to me. The one in Kirkwood is the plan to meet at the apartment complex in the Toucan room and the walkie recorder of the shower and the walkie QTR is a bit of a mystery For the crystals head of the shower and the walkie talkie of the shower and the walkie recorder of the shower of a mystery that I should be able to do something that I should leave for the crystals heads to the bathroom with my co-teacher and the first group of kindergarten students and the walkie recorder of the shower in the classroom and I need to be the SIDEKICK part I She was a bit of a difference. The woman was a bit of a Bookworm and she is okay with it and was able to do it complete justice and the walkie talkie of my wife and I were not sure what to do with her boyfriend and I were not sure what to do with her mom to be the night before she was a bit of a mystery for the crystals heads quiet home in the Toucan room in a chair and a bit of a mystery for the heads up to her father and her mom and her husband and the first group of kindergarten members who was homeless

The one in Kirkwood is the plan for you two tests and the walkie talkie of the kids are picked up early in my career and I think I should be able to do something that I should be fine for my life would be nice to have my phone number. Noah is sick of the year for his eyesight right away from his life brings yew together with the crimson tide of the new year 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 years old a new. video 3rd album and the walkie talkie of the year for the crystals heads to the bathroom with the crimson tide of the new year.

(In case you were wondering, we decided to figure out how "old" Noah in the story is. We looked up place values, and he is one septendecillion, one hundred eleven sexdecillion, one hundred eleven quindecillion, one hundred eleven quattuordecillion, one hundred eleven tredecillion, one hundred eleven duodecillion, one hundred eleven undecillion, one hundred eleven decillion, one hundred eleven nonillion, one hundred eleven octillion, one hundred eleven septillion, one hundred eleven sextillion, one hundred eleven quintillion, one hundred eleven quadrillion, one hundred eleven trillion, one hundred eleven billion, one hundred eleven million, one hundred eleven thousand, one hundred eleven years old.)

Life is full of surprises, beauty, love, and abundance. Find all the incredible blessings life is ready to give you; there are so many.

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