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Painting with Bubbles

Everyone loves bubbles; we especially love blowing bubbles in summer. Have you ever thought about painting with bubbles? It's actually pretty easy and lots of fun. 


Materials Needed

Materials that you need to make your own bubble art at home:

*Paper material to paint on; I always use white cardstock as it holds up better since it's thicker than regular printer paper

*Bubble solution (I found a pack of three small bottles at Dollar Tree)

*Water color concentrate (you can substitute food coloring if you want, but it's colors are less saturated and vibrant than water color concentrate)

*Bubble wands (my bubble solutions came with a bubble wand)

*Pipette (this is optional; I like using pipettes to add the concentrate to the bubble solution)

*Outside or surface covering like a plastic table cloth (water color concentrate can stain your hands for a bit or surfaces, which is why I recommend going outside)

Note: Water color concentrate is much more saturated than food coloring. As such, it can stain your hands for a bit or surfaces, which is why I highly recommend going outside (plus, fresh air! Breathe in that fresh air!). Also, be mindful of your bubble wand--leaving it in the colored bubble solution won't harm your wand in the slightest, but you can come out of it with colored fingers (sometimes it's a bit tricky to get the wand out of the solution). Painting with bubbles is lots of fun, though, so don't be discouraged--it's definitely worth it!


1. Gather your materials


2. Add color to your bubble solution and mix it together


3. Blow some bubbles to paint


It's that simple! Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while you paint with bubbles! Have fun!

If you want to use the materials I used, you can check out the links below.

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