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We've been working on a variety of short stories! Some are for writing challenges, and some are just for fun. Feel free to check out Jessica and Corliss's stories! It started off in the summer of 2021 to try something new and grew into something bigger. One thing led to another, and now a lot of them share the same story universe. More are soon to come!
Here's a guide/overview of the characters so far introduced:
-Serena and Karissa are longtime friends since elementary school
-Mitsuki and Miya are Karissa and Serena's kitties 
-Gigi fosters cats; she's the one that saved Mitsuki and Miya and ended up giving them to Serena and Karissa
-Billy, Jonah, Terry, and Jason are kids Serena babysits mostly over the summer; Billy and Jonah are brothers, Jason and Terry are brother and sister, and the two pairs of siblings are neighbors
-Sofia, Everett, Amy, Maisy, Adrianna, Kimberly, Caitlyn, Alex, Trinity, and Tamara are elementary-school-aged kids Serena works with at before care
-Sofia adores art, and Alex is Sofia's introverted best friend
-Maisy, Amy, and Adrianna are best friends that love to be creative together
-Everett adores Halloween and all things creepy
-Kimberly is a sporty individual with a knack for tapping into the fantasy realm full of aliens
-Caitlyn adores cats/pretending to be a cat
-Trinity and Tamara are sisters that love to bring in toys and have adventures
-Danny is Trinity and Tamara's younger brother that's in preschool
-Collin is Serena's coworker at before care
-Alice is Serena's younger cousin (she's 4 years old during Unexpected Surprise in the Grass)
-Chase is another one of Serena's younger cousins (aged 10 during Catnam)

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