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Stamp Art

Stamping is lots of fun! Here's a simple way to create your own stamps using erasers! You can be as creative as you'd like; these stamps are all your own.


1. Start by gathering your materials


2. Take your eraser and figure out what design you want on it. Then it's time to draw and carve using a sharp pencil!


3. Rinse your new stamp off in water to remove excess eraser shavings. Be sure to dry your new stamp off prior to using it.


4. Color your new stamp using marker. You can use multiple colors or just one; the choice is yours!


5. Feel free to test your stamp out on scrap paper before using it on a project (this way you can test out color combinations and see what it looks like). Make sure to moisten the ink with your breath before you press your stamp to the paper; markers allow you to have multiple color choices on the same single stamp, but the marker ink dries pretty fast on the eraser.


6. If you want to try using your new stamp(s) in a project, you can set up a grid using a ruler (I made a one inch square grid because that's the size of my stamp eraser). You can also use your new stamp to print freely, but the grid provides the opportunity for a more "flawless" appearance when it comes to rotations, reflections, and translations. I try to keep my pencil grid light (not pressing too hard with my pencil); this way the pencil marks don't show up with the finished piece.


7. Have fun stamping! I chose to use rotation to create the piece below (rotation being math lingo for turning the stamp). You can also use reflection (which is flipping the eraser--think mirror reflection) as well as translation (sliding the stamp over to the next square). Remember to moisten the ink with your breath since the marker ink dries pretty quick on the eraser.


Here's a link to the erasers I used if you're interested.

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