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Iridescent Art

Iridescence is beautiful; everyone loves the bubbles and their awesome colors. You can make your own iridescent art at home using clear nail polish, black cardstock (or paper), and a small tub of water. I bought the clear nail polish and tub (dish pan) at Dollar Tree. I don't remember where I bought the black cardstock (it could have been Walmart--it was a couple of years ago), but it was in the $5-8 price range for 100 sheets. This activity doesn't cost much, doesn't take a lot of time, and is lots of fun! 


1. Start by gathering your materials


2. Figure out what size you want your piece to be and cut it accordingly. The regular sized cardstock tends to be cramped in the small tub I have, so I tend to cut mine into halves and/or quarters. Do whatever feels right to you.


3. Fill your tub with water.


4. Submerge your cardstock in the water (close towards the bottom of the tub tends to work best).


5. Add the clear nail polish to the surface of the water. You don't need a lot--just a drop. It spreads across the water's surface, and that's how you get the different colors with light reflecting off of the varying thicknesses.


6. Take the cardstock out of the water by lifting it from beneath. Lay it flat to dry (if you don't lay it down flat, it with dry warped and bumpy and stay that way). You can create as many as you'd like. Have fun!


Here's a link to the cardstock I used if you're interested.

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