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Cupcake Liner Flowers

Here's a fun, simple art activity that doesn't cost very much. You can get a lot of this from your home already, the dollar store, or a grocery store. You need cupcake liners (there's so many different colors, sizes, and patterns/designs so have fun!), pipe cleaners, and some beads (there are also a lot of different kinds of beads, such as beads that change color in the sun or glow-in-the-dark). Make them as simple or elaborate as you want! The most important thing is to have fun!


1. Start by gathering your materials


2. Pick out three different cupcake liners (or more if you'd like) to make your flower with. You might want to trim some of the cupcake liners so that they're each a different size (a small, medium, and larger one). 


3. Stack your cupcake liners and poke a hole through them with your pipe cleaner.


4. Start adding beads to the end of your pipe cleaner and loop it back through to the other side so you can secure it in place (otherwise your beads might fall off).


5. Add more bead loops if desired, making sure to secure each one in place on the back side.


6. Fold a green cupcake liner in half to make a leaf (if desired) and then add it to your flower on the pipe cleaner.


7. Then your finished! Make as many as you'd like. See what different color and pattern combinations you can make. Experiment and have fun with it!


If you want to use the materials I did, you can check out the links below.

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