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Letter Fish

Anyone can draw. My mom often voices the opinion that she can't draw (or, if she's feeling a little more confident, that she can only draw stick figures). The thing is: anyone can draw. Don't limit yourself with labels and beliefs of "can't." You might just need practice. You might need to try doing it a different way. You might need to invent a technique or method unique to yourself. Bottom line is: you can if you try. It you decide you can't and quit before giving yourself the chance, you really won't be able to. Sure, if you don't have as much practice or experience with drawing, it can seem overwhelming. Break it down into pieces. Break it down into shapes and what you know. Most (if not all) people know the alphabet. If you know the English alphabet, good news! You can draw a fish! I'll break down how to make a fish using letters.


1. Start by drawing a letter "C"


2. Draw and connect the letter "X" with your letter "C"


3. Make the tail by drawing a line down


4. Draw letter "V's" for the fins


5. Draw a smaller "v" with a curved line for the last fin


6. Add a face. That completes your fish body drawing!


7. Add as many other fish as you'd like--you can get as creative or fancy as you want

letter fishies.jpg

8. Add color with whatever materials make you happy. I've used crayons with water color as well as art markers before. Use whatever you like; there's no "wrong" way to do it. Try something new if you'd like! Most importantly, have fun!

letter fish drawing--water color.jpg
colored letter fish.jpg

If you want to use the art markers I used to create this piece, I use a few different kinds. You can check out the links below if you're interested.

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