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Here are the steps to make your own pencil animal drawings! Ever since the idea was introduced to me back in student teaching by my cooperating teacher with the book, From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Art & Design Problem Solving by Ken Vieth, I've really enjoyed drawing them. It's a fun way to problem solve how you're going to fill the space with pencils--will the pencils be long, short, thin, wide, bend, twist, etc.? There's so many different ways you can draw them. You can do elaborate backgrounds or simple ones. 


1. Draw the outline of your animal


2. Add a background if you'd like


3. Add pencil sketches


4. Trace with black marker/Sharpie marker


5. Start adding color (shading with colored pencil; I use red with the pink eraser and black with the silver metal)


6. Finish coloring your animal (I use yellow, yellow-orange, and orange for shading of the pencils)


7. Color your background (I used water color markers on this one)

colored salamander.jpg

8. There are so many different ways to create pencil animals. You can create them as intricate and elaborate or simple as you'd like. You can experiment with the background or opt not to create a background at all. It's all up to you! Have fun creating!

dolphin watery.jpg

I used water color markers to create the background of my pencil salamander. I just recently got the water color markers to try, and I really enjoy them! I've been using them a lot lately (as those who have been watching our YouTube videos can probably tell). If you want to try them out for yourself, you can check out this link below.

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