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Corliss and I have growing crystal collections. We intend to learn more about them and have acquired a growing collection of books on crystals, as well. If you're interested, check out the links below for books and stores for crystals.

cuddle stones.png

Most of my crystal collection is probably on my desk. Once I got my desk earlier this summer I started to realize that my collection is A LOT bigger than I initially realized. The last time I counted, I was at 444, but I'm probably at around 500 now. My next goal is to start getting larger crystals like my blue calcite and raw sodalite crystals. All the crystals are so beautiful, but having larger ones feels extra special.


The next largest portion of my crystal collection has a home on my shelf. Sometimes it's hard to believe how large my collection has grown, especially considering I started at the beginning of 2020. I'm not upset about it though; they're so pretty and interesting to look at!



























































































I also have a bowl of crystals by my bed (including crystal essential oil rollers and a crystal pen). I also have crystal buddies that hang out with me at night while I sleep. I feel like I've slept better and deeper ever since I got crystals near me in my room.


I have a variety of crystals around my house, whether they are natural clusters, tumbled stones, pyramids, crystal water bottles, a wind chime, etc. I even have crystals in my car. Honestly, it doesn't feel like there is ever such a thing as "too many crystals."


The beginning of our collections started off with some of the crystals in store at Earthbound. They also have a website:

Attic Salt

The beginning of our collections started off with some of the crystals in store at Earthbound. They also have a website:

Sunshine Daydream

We've found some absolute beauties in store at Sunshine Daydream. We've got some super deals from there, too (such as my blue calcite for $33 when the price tag was $76). They have a rewards program that is super helpful when getting the larger crystals. They also have a website (but from what I've seen they don't sell crystals online): 

The Silver Lady

It's a really neat store full of crystals and jewelry. Jeff's ran the store for 34 years. He's super knowledgeable (with 14 degrees in identifying rocks/minerals/stones). Definitely check out his store; he'll bring out any crystals in the back for you to look at. He also has a website:


This store is packed with crystals and gems of all shapes, sizes, and types. Definitely check it out! We did not want to leave; we kept finding more and more new crystals every time we turned around. They also have a website:

Flamenco Flowers

While primarily a flower shop, this store has all sorts of interesting goodies, including geodes and selenite. The owner, Elisheva, is super nice, funny, and genuine. She is super easy to talk to, she let us pet her dog, Max, and she showed us pictures of her grandson (so cute) and YouTube videos. She has a website:

Crystal Gemstone Shop

So far, this is my favorite online crystal store. I'm always open to trying new stores, though. Crystal Gemstone Shop often has sales, and I've received a number of free crystals from them! Their website is:

Spiritual Supermall

This is the main store I get my crystal pyramids from. You can get free shipping with a purchase of $17.88 or more. Plus, they often have free mini pyramids. I've received discount codes for future purchases when my packages arrive, too. Their website is:

Mystic Valley

An awesome crystal shop with it's own cafe. They have a nice selection and friendly staff. They also have a website:

Precious Possessions Ltd.

A neat crystal shop we checked out while visiting Chicago. It's a really cool store, and the owner is so nice! They also have a website:

Crystal Joys

We went to this store while visiting family out in Colorado. It's located in Arvada. It's a really neat store full of beauties! It started back in 1982 as a traveling gem store. Since 2014 it has partnered with Sample Supports to provide competitive, integrated opportunities of employment to those in underserved communities. They also have a website: 

El Loro

Another store we checked out while visiting family out in Colorado. It's located in Boulder. It has so many different crystals and super friendly staff. They also have a website:

Here are some books and resources that we have. Feel free to check them out!

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