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Happy Summer Solstice!

Summer is definitely heating up with some brutal temperatures; I hope everyone is staying cool and having fun! It's hard to believe we already reached the summer solstice; time is truly flying by. It was a pretty chill week of hanging out with Tsuki, writing, creating diamond art, and pet sitting; the weekend was definitely busier due to the pet sitting. Oakley is one hyperactive puppy.

My dream recall was incredibly hazy when I woke up on Monday, but it had something to do with school/education. Specifics were elusive, though. When I woke up Tuesday morning, the school theme had continued in my dreams. It kind of gave me a vibe of Japanese schools, though, with the school year starting in April. There was a series of events that left me almost missing transportation to school, and there was something about dressing up as a pirate to boost the spirits of a classmate (although, I have no idea why). I ended up being a bit late to class, anyway, despite all my efforts, and I did not want to interrupt the class (really didn't want to have everyone staring at me when I entered due to being late), so I ended up wandering around the school. Some staff member saw me going up to the top floor and asked if I was going to the conference room (not sure why). I ended up going to some bathroom, and the principal came in and told me and the other students that happened to be in there that our grades were in trouble, specifically that since we missed one class that we no longer had any grades (somehow that one absence wiped the slate clean, eliminating any prior work). That seemed incredibly wrong to me and made no sense, but the principal wouldn't hear any of it.

When I left the bathroom, the whole school was doing a walkthrough as some kind of college prep event and were working on writing some assignment about our futures. I ended up stumbling across Corliss, April, and Kayla in the cafeteria, and Corliss noticed that something was awry. She had me walk with her, and once she heard what the principal had done, she was livid. We ended up discussing how wrong it was and trying to come up with some plan of action to expose the injustice in the education system. That's all I could remember after waking up.

I was quite tempted to go back to sleep Wednesday morning, as I had kept waking up off and on, leading to rather interrupted sleep. The first part of my dream had involved Miraculous characters, like Adrien and Marinette. Adrien had been chatting to her while he was out and about in the city. He was able to drive his own car in the dream (and had nobody else with him, which I'm sure his dad wouldn't have been okay with considering how protective/controlling Gabriel can be). Adrien ended up driving home, taking some kind of back route, and Gabriel wanted to know why he hadn't seen him on the way back since they had arrived home at around the same time. Gabriel then wanted to know if Adrien had a girlfriend because he found his actions suspicious.

More might have happened, but the next thing I could recall was a new setting in the dream. I was walking around this town during the day. Corliss had been there. We ended up walking to some thrift store. There was some kind of promotion at the store about getting a discount for every mile you walked or something. I think I had been to the store previously because I remembered seeing something I wanted. I was going to go to the checkout, but the staff member was going on his lunch break. I had to wait a bit, but the owner ended up taking over the register. I ended up finding this shirt I liked and wanted as a sleep shirt since it was so large on me. Corliss liked it, too. I think I got the shirt for like $2, and Corliss was impressed because it was some kind of high-quality brand shirt that normally cost like $100. There was something about helping the store fix their changing room area, too, and these boys getting impatient about how long it was taking. I felt like more transpired in the dream, but that's all I could remember once I woke up.

I was at a school yet again in my dreams Wednesday night/Thursday morning. From what I can remember, I was in a class led by my 6th grade science teacher. The class had been reviewing and studying for the upcoming test. Our teacher disappeared for a while, and for the most part the class remained on task, although some students took advantage of the situation to goof off instead of working on the study guide. I went to check on my things (I guess to prep for lunch) and found that all of my other belongings had vanished; my backpack, lunch, and all other class materials/supplies were gone. All I had left was my binder for my current class and for some reason a rice cooker and uncooked rice. I was bummed out about it. When the teacher got back, I tried telling him about it, but he seemed not to care, going on about how there was nothing he could do about it.

I ended up trying to make rice in the hallway with the rice cooker; the hallway looked more like the make-it workshop craft area at the local children's museum, though, full of all these tables full of supplies and workstations. I ended up checking on a group of students from another class that were working on the study guide, but they seemed to be goofing off rather than taking the review serious, throwing various plush animals at each other. When I returned to the rice cooker, I found that other students had messed with it, moving it around. The one girl claimed that she moved it so she could keep an eye on it, but she had completely disturbed and disrupted the cooking process, messing everything up; the whole process ended up being futile because water and rice had spilled everywhere, messing up the ratio and making a complete mess. I was super frustrated because that was the only food I had. I tried explaining my situation to her, how I had no other food because all my other belongings were stolen/disappeared, but she didn't seem to care in the least. I had considered trying to remedy the situation and start cooking again, but, apparently, it was 3:30 and the end of the school day. I was frustrated that I hadn't been able to eat anything but realized it was pointless to try and cook more rice. More could have happened, but that's everything I could remember from my dream.

My dream recall was incredibly fuzzy when I woke up Friday morning, but I'm fairly certain it had a school theme again. It wasn't much better when I woke up Saturday morning, but that's likely due to the fact that I kept waking up. There was something about education/school, but the main thing I could recall was that Anne and Sprig from Amphibia were in my dream. They were in some different world and stumbled across some kind of portal. Only certain people/beings could go through the portal. I couldn't remember where the portal went once I woke up, though. I was rather sleepy, but the dogs would not appreciate if I kept sleeping. I was able to remember bits and pieces from my dream when I woke up this morning. There was something about the characters from The Land Before Time going on an adventure and avoiding several Sharp Teeth. They had been using ingenuity to hide, set up bases, and traps. There was also something about going on a trip and flying on a plane; I had gone to an airport, getting luggage checked, and having papers and documents looked at. That's all I could remember once I woke up.

I hung out with Pearl and Theo this week while the boys were away at camp; they were excited for the company while the boys were away. I also ended up pet sitting for someone my mom knows, which bummed out Tsuki since she never likes it when I'm away at night. Thankfully, she'll be happy that it was just Friday through Monday.

Tsuki was her typical self this week, and she was excited that I visited her every day this weekend, as she never likes it when I'm away. Otherwise, it was a pretty chill week for Tsuki. She enjoyed plenty of cat naps, snuggling, snoozing in her cat house, sprawling out across the chairs, her usual antics, playing with plastic bags, watching bugs and birds, and being a goof. Tsuki keeps things so interesting.

Artwork for the week included more diamond art:

I wrote more new articles for Creativity Chronicles this week, so feel free to check out the newest articles!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:


Make sure to drink plenty of water and be gentle with yourself; if you need to take it easy, be sure to listen to your body and give yourself a break. I had planned on doing more this weekend, but the intense heat sapped my energy. The dogs and I ended up watching plenty of anime instead (such as Kimi ni Todoke and God Troubles Me). The intensity of the weather definitely prompted chill vibes, and it was nice to take a breather. No matter what comes your way, you're doing just fine. Just be yourself; you've got this! Listen to your heart, follow your joy, laugh, learn, and do your best. Life is a journey, and you get to write your own story. Don't sell yourself short by thinking your tale's finished; the best is yet to come. Stay blessed with love and light and make room for some fun!

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought for the week:

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