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Happy New Moon in Gemini and Happy Father's Day!

I hope everyone enjoyed a fun week and that the energies are treating you well! It could be the new moon energies, but this past week felt rather lethargic, leaving Tsuki and me wanting to rest and chill. The boys I babysit enjoyed chilling with their games and videos, too. Based on what I've heard from others, it was very much the mood this past week. If you want to learn more about the recent new moon energies, feel free to check out the following videos:

My dream recall was super hazy when I woke up Monday morning. It felt like important events transpired, but specific details remained elusive. I could remember more of what transpired in my dream when I woke up Tuesday morning. The first thing I could remember is meeting up with someone April and Iris knew, although I had never met him, as well as Iris. The guy was driving us to some park, and Iris was excited to go; we ended up driving on the highway and there were quite a number of accidents, and the police had various stretches of highway blocked off with their vehicles. The park we ended up going to was by some shopping mall that was under some serious construction. Iris had brought sheets and sheets of Pokémon cards from some binder (although I'm pretty sure she doesn't have any in the waking world at this time). We were going to go get pizza because she was hungry, but she wouldn't clean up her cards, insisting that we do it for her. We told her that we'd just leave the cards at the park then, which she didn't enjoy. It was a huge process getting her to pick up her cards for whatever reason.

The dream transitioned into what seemed to be a Makoto Shinkai movie, although it was not one that currently exists at this time. This pair of high school kids seemed to be falling in love, much to the dismay of the childhood friend; the girl seemed to have just moved to the area, and the childhood friend had gotten into this accident with some kind of police force. They were being pretty strict about some kind of lockdown at night, getting rough with any female that happened to be out past a certain time, and the childhood friend just so happened to be running a few seconds too late. The new girl ended up checking on this other girl that seemed really down one night, and this woman invited the pair into her apartment/condo, just saving them from the rough treatment and harassment from the enforcement. The girls ended up having to be locked inside with the woman for the night, and the lady happened to be having some kind of gathering for some kind of game night with people in the area. One of her neighbors ended up coming over through a side door a few minutes later, breezing in like nothing was the matter. A man and his son came by, doing rounds, taking a look at the gathering and locking everyone inside for the "females' own good." The dad really seemed to have a superiority complex. Apparently, this all started happening because of some political takeover via force. There was civil unrest due to it. The high school boy ended up stumbling across and witnessing the actual take over by accident. The current mayor was being drug through the streets, bleeding, by some kind of armed forces. The man was terrified, but once he saw that the group also had his two sons, he begged for them to do what they would with him but to spare his children. I'm not sure what ended up happening next as I woke up.

I struggled sleeping some Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, which made it a bit challenging to get out of bed. My dream recall was a little hazy, but the first thing I could remember was that my siblings and I had won some kind of tickets (similar to Chuck E. Cheese's). My one brother decided on his own that he was using them all to get some prize without asking anyone, and it caused quite a bit of friction. He was being really self-centered and selfish and couldn't see any problem with it, which was super frustrating. Not sure how the situation resolved itself because the next thing I could remember is working on some diamond art picture with a lot of purple in it. Then there was something about being at some cabin. A grown bear somehow managed to find its way inside, and I was working on finding a way to let it back outside. A baby bear appeared inside, too, as I was trying to free the other, and somehow the other parent bear found its way inside the cabin, too. The bears didn't seem aggressive, but it felt important to help them get back outside. More definitely happened, but other specific details remained elusive.

My dreams seemed to have a school theme to them Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I started off at what appeared to be my former high school, and I was attending as a student. I was at an English class at one point; we had been doing some kind of writing prompt/journal entry and then watched some kind of video/movie, but I'm not really sure about what the specific details for the assignment(s) entailed. I remember walking around the halls, and when I went to go to my locker to change out my class materials, I found that the school had replaced the section with miniature lockers. My locker neighbors and I were extremely confused because nobody had told us anything about it, and it was only our section that was impacted; the rest of the lockers in the school were the normal size and left untouched. We were pretty frustrated about it. My old chemistry teacher noticed me, wanting to know why I was upset, and tried to help me. She wasn't sure where my things went, either, as there was no way for them to fit in the new miniature lockers; she did help me look for them, though. While we were basically on a wild goose chase looking for the items, the school staff must have realized their blunder, and they hastily put the old lockers back up. All of the belongings from the handful of students were all mixed together, and it really made one wonder about the thought (or lack thereof) that was put into the decision.

The next part of my dream had me traveling with a small group. There was this pair of teenaged/young adult females and a little girl. The pair ended up bickering and going their separate ways, much to the dismay of the little girl; not sure if they were romantically together, acting as the girls parents/guardians or what, but the little girl was devastated by it. I ended up talking with the little girl about it. We were traveling via yellow school bus for some reason, and the little girl and I were getting into some deep conversations; she really wanted to get to the bottom of why people did things and the meaning of things. The bus driver ended up getting into the deep conversations with us, going all spiritual. We had some really interesting conversations; the rest of the bus inhabitants seemed to be pretty shallow, and the one lady from the pair seemed to be in her own little world, absorbed by the drama that had unfolded. We ended up at the church my dad attended growing up. One of my brother's was there and wanted to get pictures with the little girl. The little girl seemed to be sort of uncomfortable/unsure about the situation, and when I brought it up, my brother shrugged it off, insisting that it was fine and that it was only a picture. More might have happened, but that's all I could remember upon waking up.

I was tempted to stay cozy in bed when I woke up on Friday morning; my dream recall was fairly fuzzy. There was something involving the world of Avatar the Last Airbender. There was some girl from a family with some kind of special ability that was passed down the generations, but it had been inactive for the past 100 years. The girl was kind of upset about having the responsibility thrust upon her and couldn't understand why it decided to pop back up again all of a sudden. Apparently, she was cousins with Katara, and since she had gone to visit her cousin so often as a kid, the older members of her family speculated that it had something to do with being in contact with the Avatar's energy indirectly. The girl's family was a mix of water tribe and earth nation members from what I gathered, and she ended up connected to Zuko somehow, either as a friend or potential love interest. Specific details got muddled after that point, though.

I could only remember one part of my dream when I woke up Saturday morning. I had been with this small group of 4 kids, and we were going to visit this little girl that was healing from some sort of injuries. She was located in this hospital that was also connected to a children's museum. It turned into this whole ordeal trying to locate her room; I had been pretty sure that she was on the 5th floor, but the kids ended up going on this other elevator that wasn't the main one. The elevator only went to the 4th floor, so I began to question whether the girl really was on the 5th floor. When we got there, it was only the children's museum, and the kids kept wandering off. It proved to be quite the challenge keeping them all together. I had been carrying a Dragon Ball Z as well as a Sailor Moon patch because two of the kids were going to make some project with them, and the small group wanted to watch anime. I think we were planning on watching it with the little girl we were visiting. Other kids got jealous about how the small group was going to get to watch anime/TV and demanded to come with us. I told them that was up to their guardian/group leader to decide whether they could since I was only in charge of the small group. We ended up finding the little girl after a lot of wandering around the building. I think at the end of the dream I ended up becoming Loid Forger/Twilight from Spy x Family, and Loid/Twilight was in some sort of butler costume that was causing quite the stir; people kept wanting to take pictures with him and get autographs (I guess he was a famous celebrity in the dream). That's all I could remember once in the waking world.

When I woke up this morning, I had been roused from a dream about school again. This time I had been in middle school. It seemed like it had been the start of a new term/school year, and I think I had been in 7th grade (although, maybe not--I just remember one of the teachers being my 7th grade math teacher). I had been going to various classes, and it almost seemed like it was the 2nd day of the new school year because it seemed like I had already gone through my schedule once, but since I had misplaced the physical paper schedule, I was uncertain as to the exact order of classes. I think I might have gone to the wrong time for math class (maybe due to a drop schedule or something) because despite my math teacher recognizing me, she didn't have me on the attendance list. Even so, she recognized me and made a note to add me to the roster. When I went to social studies (which I think was my last class for the day), I was confused because I couldn't find any of my class supplies (i.e. my binder and assignments); I had left them in the classroom, but they had vanished. My teacher was cool about it and didn't get upset. Towards the end of the class, one of my classmates, who actually went to middle school with me named Danny, came and sat in front of my desk to talk with our classmate that sat next to me. He started talking about how he was dating two girls at the same time but that they had no idea and then seemed to get embarrassed/self-conscious because I was sitting right there, asking me if I could stop (I'm guessing he was referring to listening). I pointed out that I wasn't trying to listen/eavesdrop because that he chose to come sit in front of my desk and start talking--not like I chose to seek out the conversation. More probably happened, but that's everything I could remember once awake.

It was another pretty chill week for babysitting. We enjoyed discussing anime, games, movies, theories, etc. and the boys decided to look up Fruits Basket funny moments (which I got a kick out of). We picked up some supplies from their school for the upcoming school year, too. Theo loved snuggling and constantly demanded that he get attention. The boys are getting ready to go away to camp next week, so I'll just be checking on Pearl and Theo then. The brothers seem quite excited for camp.

Tsuki enjoyed plenty of cozy and relaxed snoozing. She even snuggled with me while I watched Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. With the warmer temperatures, Tsuki has been keen on snoozing the day away, enjoying snuggles, cozy cat naps, and plenty of lounging. She's enjoyed sprawling out on the chairs as well as snuggling in her various cat beds. It was a pretty laid-back week, and Tsuki savored every second of it.

Artwork for the week included more diamond art projects:

I continued creating new content for Creativity Chronicles this week, so feel free to check out the newest articles!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

I hope everyone took time for some fun and self-care this week; life's too short not to enjoy it. Stop and smell the roses. Be gentle with yourself as you make your way along the journey of life. You're learning, so prioritize progress over perfection; you're doing the best you can, and that's perfectly okay. Keep moving forward, bit by bit, and you'll be blown away by how far you've come. Listen to your heart, follow your passions, and give yourself permission to be happy. You deserve it; you are worthy. Stay blessed and have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Food for thought for the week:

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