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Happy Leap Year!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Happy Leap Day! February was an interesting month, and this past week was an intriguing, fun week. The sky had fascinating, beautiful clouds again. Nature is pretty amazing. Frozen 2 came out on DVD/Blu Ray this week; it was great to be able to watch it again and to be able to watch it at home. It's a phenomenal movie.

One of our little Toucans came back after his month-long trip to India to visit his family. It was so nice to see his smiling face again. He also brought back a souvenir for us; it was this interesting metal plate of the Taj Mahal. He and his family are really sweet! The souvenir was very generous and unexpected.

The kiddos in after care decided they were the teachers. They would take the clipboard with the sign out sheet up to parents, greeting them, "Welcome to After Care! Happy Friday!" It was super cute. They got a kick out of being "the boss." On Friday the last kiddo insisted on carrying the clipboard down to the cafeteria to wait for his parents, exclaiming, "I'M THE BOSS BABY!!!" He then proceeded to tell me that he was 49 years old and that he would be having Pokemon food for dinner (he elaborated that it would be Pokemon gummies that are green and mint flavored). He told me that he had over 500 Pokemon, but his brother only had one: Pikachu. He bragged that he had Mewtwo and Charizard. He was so excited to hold the clipboard and proud to be "the boss." It occupied him for quite some time. Once it hit the 20 minute mark of his parents being late, he got a bit frustrated with how long it was taking (he sighed, exasperated, "Where is my mom already???" I had called mom, and she said that she had gotten caught up in picking up his older brother). It was about 30 seconds after that when his dad pulled up; he broke out in a huge grin, exclaiming as his dad entered the school, "I'M THE BOSS!" and handed him the clipboard. The joy, imagination, and cuteness of these kids makes work so enjoyable (and it makes waiting for late parents a lot easier).

I went to see My Hero Academia Heroes Rising in theaters with Corliss. Since I convinced her to go with me this encouraged her to finally watch My Hero Academia. She fell in love with the show immediately (she binge watched 60 episodes within a few days to prepare herself for the movie). My Hero Academia has such an interesting story and such intriguing characters/character development. The movie was epic; we both left knowing that we would be purchasing a copy of it when it releases. It's such a powerful story with significant meaning. We then got buy one get one free pretzels from Auntie Anne's for Leap Day before stopping by Earthbound and Attic Salt to pick up some more crystals. Later we had yummy noodles at Corner 17 before exploring the shops nearby; we found Sunshine Daydream (where we found more crystals) and a global food store, which had "Chocolatey Tree Stumps" and "Metallic Sheet Gum" of Dragon Ball Super. Before heading back home we stopped by Insomnia Cookies for some fresh, hot cookies. It was a phenomenal day full of blessings and miracles.

My before care friends decided to make a very creative story for my mom. I can't say I understand exactly what is happening, but they kept having me reread it for new kiddos that arrived to the coloring table. My first grade friend (who create the vampire story) listened to the story and announced, "Oh yeah! This makes sense! I get it!" (Such a surprise, right?). They became really invested in this story; its creation continued throughout the week with multiple kiddos contributing to the story. I have included the story below (the spontaneity and unexpectedness of it is pretty humorous and refreshing):

R and 7I will be going to be the 7AM and 3AM 1yard of the 5th generation to have to go with me wat I do not know about the movie 67of the lord of heaven is the plan to meet at your place and be on the way home to a place of the lord for the lord of the kids at Adventure Club and the lord of the kids are picked a day by a lot more of a man who was homeless in the classroom and then the other one of them would be a little more than what they had in the Toucan for years in the classroom and in the Toucan class and I were able and it was so much better educator than done in my mind that work and the work of the year was a great day 3AM the way home 5th floor 8AM is full and busy weekend brought me to 5AM and the new episodes of Miraculous events that are so interesting and exciting for the most of all 3rd century Americans and the walkie talkie and the walkie talkie of the year and the walkie talkie of the year for the crystals and the walkie talkie and the walkie talkies and a bit off of her to get up to the store and the new year is the plan is the plan is to have the wrong idea of 3AM

The look 6of is the only way too long day for growth in the Toucan room of my home with my co-teacher and the walkie 6AM the day off the road on my computer that I have a lot to be in for the crystals of a difference between the two throughout our kiddos so we 2nd in my car and the other one was the look she was super friendly with the crimson tide of my favorite scent and I will 3AM to the public and I were not sure if it would be the same 3rd anniversary for the crystals heads up and have them on a new video I think I might have been a little bit of an hour ago but I'm not at all the same thing in a good way home is a bit off topic but 6th a lot to me is a sugar free time with Corliss at least one thing discusse of my life would you be able for my cousin 5AM the way home or anything else in this morning and the walkie talkies were 3AM for the heads up in

S is the only 4AM 44that 4in that you have a great day in the world is out of the year for the crystals head and I will have a lot more of them was the one in Kirkwood area in the Toucan room and I were just wanted to do something about the specifics immediately and then she walked through the sky during after care tomorrow morning with my co-teacher and I will gladly return to her house to be in part time with her mom to help us to be the night before after care tomorrow morning to be able and be happy birthday present for the crystal heads up on time and energy frequency and spiritual awakening and the walkie talkies and her daughter was so cute and heartwarming and she said that she would like it to be the SIDEKICK and the walkie talkies and the walkie recorder and the other character who made her mom look for her interview with my co-teacher and her mom and dad asked if she wants me to arrive at her house or something about the specifics immediately after care tomorrow morning and just say that she would like me to arrive by my side up egg and then decide if you could be viewed by a woman or not in a relationship with her mom and you are not the kitchen manager but she says you have to get up and down to the store and the other character she is the only person she can do is the only way she can get it done in a few days and she is still in love with her boyfriend

The one we had been doing alright for a while we had a toy that I had a wonderful life and a great day in a few years older brother and the other character is the only one who has been full blown away from the bakery and the walkie talkie of his new album and the walkie talkies and the walkie recorder of his father and the walkie recorder and his wife and the other character who were the same treatment for a commute and the walkie talkies were not available from the bakery in a few minutes or so I will be unavailable for comment and the walkie talkie of the shower and the walkie talkie of the day with the crimson tide of the year in a good way and it is what exactly is a bit tired and a bit of an understatement to me and my principal is the plan to meet at the kids at Adventure Club in new York hoodie and the walkie recorder and the walkie talkies were all dead except the one in Kirkwood and the walkie recorder of a Bookworm and a bit off the table and the talkie of the shower and the other character who had been on my computer account was not sure what to do with me to arrive by the way home of my wife and my principal husband clean water and a bit of an ice cube that was in my car and I were not sure what your schedule look like when you don't have a great weekend and you can use my best self care and the walkie recorder of the shower and your phone number to be the night before the day with the situation room in a good place and the other one will have a great day of work earl

The dead ones were dead because the bakery put them in the oven. And the bakery was arrested and sent to jail until they are dead. The crimson tide of the new year is a new bread ceremony which the bread is crimson. The walkie recorder had a funeral for the walkie talkies and the walkie recorder buried them. This happened on planet baby. Their enemies were Queen Stinky Pants and Mr. Toot Man.

Have go in the walkie talkie so go! Then legos punch as we go bye. The walkie talkie goes into the shower. The jail gets arrested which is sad. The jailjail got arrested for eating pie. Tide the tide broke the walkie recorder. It had a funeral. The walkie talkie got a wife and children on planet tacocat.

I hope you all have been enjoying all the beauty life has to offer! Go with the flow; amazing surprises and blessings could lay in store for you! Plans are great, but the unexpected could hold great gifts and abundance. Let your imagination flow; you'll never know where it will take you. Stay full of love and stay amazing; be blessed!

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