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Happy Full Moon in Capricorn and Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone had a pleasant week and safe celebrations if they participated in the holiday festivities! It was a busy week full of babysitting/tutoring, writing, diamond art, and hanging out with Tsuki. I also met up with my friend and her 5-year-old daughter, who raced across the room, exclaiming my name, when she spotted me. She's so adorable. The energies have been a bit wild lately, so make sure to take care of yourself! And if you want to learn more about the recent full moon energies, feel free to check out these videos!

I was feeling rather groggy when I woke up on Monday morning. There was something about meeting up with the boys I babysit. Their mom answered the door, wearing this pastel flower dress in a metallic rainbow color scheme. I was asked to help the younger brother with his assignments, but there were some kind of complications. The school had sent him some generic, bland letter basically saying he wasn't trying hard enough and would be losing some kind of privilege/award like a scholarship or honor roll or something. He was super frustrated because they didn't provide specific details or reasons as to why, and he was working on crafting a response to appeal. I'm pretty sure I was supposed to take them to school, but they were running late due to the letter/response.

Then there was something about going to work at a school. I was supposed to be co-teaching a group/class, but the other teacher was MIA. I struggled trying to get the kids to clean up, so we could transition to a new activity/class. The other teacher showed up, and it was one of my middle school social studies teachers. He said he was going to take the kids to the next class, so I could focus on clean up, but he ended up chatting with some other staff member instead. I was left to clean up and transition the kids that were growing rowdy, and it just felt like I couldn't win as I had no support. The P.E. teacher ended up showing up as she was wondering where the kids were since they were quite late. She also said something about it being 3 people's birthdays, but I'm not sure who. More probably happened, but that's all I could remember.

It was a struggle getting up on Tuesday; the energies felt really lethargic and almost heavy. My dream recall was kind of fuzzy, too. There had been something about traveling and driving but that the roads were in poor condition. Then there was something about selling pillows, blankets, sheets, and rugs. Not sure if I made them myself or not, but a family bought them as a gift for their mother. Some lady made a comment about how my workplace with the white castle was awful and seemed to be referring to Disney. More definitely happened, but the details were murky.

It was a considerable struggle falling asleep Tuesday night, despite being quite tired and ready for bed. The energies felt to wired with thoughts racing around my head; my mind would settle only for more to pop into it. It was rough. As such, I was quite lethargic and groggy when I woke up, struggling to remember much of anything from the dream realm. I think there was something about travel via car and some kind of competition, but it was hard to say definitively since details were elusive.

There was a bit of a struggle staying asleep Wednesday night, but I got more sleep than the previous night. From what I could remember, my dream involved phone calls, snow, and family members. Originally, I had been hanging out in the basement for some reason, and I answered the phone. There was some woman on the line, but she was really quiet. I ended up waiting a long time to hear if she had anything to say, but it was mainly silence. I ended up doing something else, tired of waiting (I think I had waited over half an hour), and my dad started watching some TV show. It started snowing, and I think my cousin Caleb had a snow day. The dream transitioned a bit, and we ended up at my grandpa's house. The woman called again, only this time my dad ended up answering the phone. My dad and my deceased uncle John were in my grandpa's dining room. My dad started blowing up at me because the woman on the phone claimed that I wasn't making my payments. I told him that I had set up auto-payments so that it wouldn't ever be a problem, but he didn't believe me and just kept screaming at me. I ended up walking out into the snow. My grandpa's storage shed ended up becoming a barn, and I holed myself up there to avoid the snow and my dad. I ended up falling asleep, managing to stay pretty warm in the barn. After a while, the barn's roof collapsed, and my dad started screaming at me again and getting rough with me. My car happened to be outside the barn, buried deep in the snow. My dad somehow dislodged it, shoved/tossed it, and managed to have it split in half. I was super upset that he not only ruined my car but still was treating me horribly, shoving me around. More might have transpired, but that's all I could remember upon waking up.

There was some struggle staying asleep again Thursday night, which led to another groggy and lethargic morning. The main thing I could remember from my dream was that I had been watching an AMBSDR livestream party. Chris was commenting about how people were thinking that the course content had always been what it was but that it wasn't what it had started off with, having changed, grown, and improved since then. I had been making comments in the live chat about how the most important thing was that it was started because we all have to start somewhere. More likely happened, but that's all I could remember.

My dream recall was kind of fuzzy again when I woke up Saturday morning. There was something about Caleb being excited for his birthday presents, something about an educational setting I think, maybe something about travel, and I think something about money. At one point there was a video that went viral, getting millions of views; I think it was one of my shorts videos. I feel like a lot happened, but specific details were elusive. I couldn't remember much when I woke up today, either. There was something maybe about a competition or test. Maybe something about travel. The details were really muddled, so it's hard to say for certain.

The boys started their online summer classes this week, which they weren't thrilled about (not that I blame them). It didn't help that we need to work ahead for when they're on vacation in two weeks; the already condensed class schedule is being rushed further, which makes it a bit much. The boys have been super appreciative of my patience, understanding, and flexibility, though. While their parents (their dad specifically) tend to prioritize getting all of their work finished before any play or fun, I've been doing my best to balance it, giving them breaks between assignments, so they don't suffer burnout. There's nothing worse than spreading yourself too thin and overworking yourself. All work and no play can be deadly for productivity and completing assignments, so we're doing our best to sprinkle in the joy and fun. Next week will really be crunch time, so here's hoping it goes smoothly.

Tsuki was her typical goofy self, being all fluffy and adorable. She enjoyed her cat naps and lounging on her chair, as per usual. Tsuki also opted to hang out in boxes and even a mattress, too. She decided to steal a book and "read" it for a chill afternoon. While Tsuki seemed perturbed by the noise from all the firework festivities, she didn't seem scared, just annoyed that they were disturbing her snoozing. She got cozy in her cat house and even hunted a bug from on top of the trash can. Tsuki's such a goof, filling our days with joy and laughter.

Artwork for the week:

I wrote more new content for Creativity Chronicles this week, and I also started experimenting with YouTube shorts! Feel free to check out the newest articles and shorts!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

Make sure to take some time to rest and relax; the energies seem to be fluctuating greatly, so don't berate yourself if you're not feeling up to your original plans. I've been feeling energized and ready to take on the world one day and completely drained the next. It's been quite the literal energetic rollercoaster. I've been doing my best to be gentle with myself and give myself time to take it easy when needed--some days that proves a bit more tricky than others when I have goals that aren't quite met. It's okay to revise your goals and extend your timeframe; health is wealth, so don't shame yourself for making yourself a priority. You're incredible and deserve health, happiness, love, laughter, and fun! Have a fabulous rest of your weekend and take care of yourself~

Food for thought for the week:

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