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Much Needed 4-Day Weekend

I hope everyone is doing well and that the energies are treating you kindly! Found out last minute that the boys had a 4-day weekend, and since their mom also had the days off, I ended up getting one, too. It was sorely needed. I've been feeling super drained lately, and the energies have been super intense over here. Feeling more than a bit battered right now. Waking up has been a challenge, too, even after I sleep in a considerable amount; I'll wake up feeling energized and ready to take on the day yet simultaneously incredibly drained and feeling like it's too much effort to get out of bed. I don't know how that works, but they're both true at the exact same time--and it's incredibly confusing. Hopefully, it's been easier for you all, but my friends have been experiencing the exact same thing.

It was extremely rough waking up Monday morning; it was almost painful. I was so exhausted, and it genuinely felt like something was trying to mess with me. I almost fell over multiple times, the boys' street was packed with cars (making it a considerable challenge to park, which never happens), the boys seemed agitated and bickered, my glasses straight up disappeared after just having them--it was just one thing after another. And considering that something was seriously trying to mess with Corliss and me Sunday night, it felt like I was being singled out (like they/it were salty that we had been together/that I had helped her).

My dream recall was kind of hazy, too. There was something about travel I think. There was definitely a significant point of being at a school. I think I had been wandering the halls at one point and that characters from Avatar the Last Airbender had shown up. At another point I had been with Corliss, and she had requested a ride somewhere. There was something about her trying to smoke in my parents' house, which sent me into a panic. I told her she had to put it out, but she didn't seem to want to do so. That's the last thing I could remember once I was forced into the waking realm.

It was a struggle getting out of bed Tuesday morning, but that was mainly because it was so cold. Granted, I was pretty groggy and would have been willing to go back to sleep. From what I could remember, my dream involved planning to go to some event with my parents and sister. It seemed to be a college movie showing/festival with food and games. My sister had looked at the calendar, and it was scheduled for her and my dad's birthday week (starting on my dad's birthday), which had her pretty excited. There was another part of my dream that involved trying to spark some kind of change. Sandra might have been involved. Not sure about the specifics, but it seemed really important and like a lot happened.

It wasn't much easier getting up Wednesday morning; the process would be less of a struggle if it wasn't so cold in the morning, as it wouldn't have me wanting to stay snuggled in the blankets and go back to sleep. Dream recall was a blur. There might have been something about travel, but with how hazy things were, it was hard to say anything specific. Dream recall was a blur Thursday morning, too, but that's likely in part due to being woken up early by my sister basically yelling. Not sure what her deal was, but it wasn't particularly fun. I think my dream had something to do with creating/creativity, but specifics were elusive (and I had just wished I could have stayed asleep).

It kind of felt like I hadn't slept at all when I woke up Friday morning; I just felt so groggy and tired. From what I could remember, my dream involved school. I think I had been at the high school. Someone asked me when the next class was starting. I checked the clock and told them in like 5 minutes at 11:35. Apparently, I was heading to Spanish class. There was some weird almost blockade in the hallway connecting the English and math buildings; a staff member/teacher had a desk in the middle of the hall and was helping a student. Apparently, my Spanish class was taking place in the hallway. One of my former Spanish teachers, Senor Alvarez, seemed to simultaneously recognize me yet not know who I was. He was grading papers and asked if Jessica was me. He wasn't finished grading mine but was impressed with my answers, thrilled that I probably had a perfect score. It was a struggle finding a desk to sit at because the class was very full. The next thing I knew I was walking with April, and we ended up near the car garage that's sort of near the high school. It started raining, and April started freaking out about needing to go home. For some reason, my car just started coming out of the shop because the mechanics had been doing work on it. It sort of surprised me while not surprising me. What did throw me off was that they had done all this extra work without telling me and that the bill came out to be over $2000. The last thing I could remember was the staff being impressed with my signature for some reason. More might have happened, but that's all I remembered upon waking.

It was rough Saturday morning. There was a heavy lethargic exhaustion in the air, despite sleeping in. The first time I woke up, it felt like I had already woken up late and that I had fallen back asleep; the thing was, it was still relatively early, and it felt like something wonky was going on with time. When I woke up again later, it felt like it was super late (like maybe 4 in the afternoon) but it was at 11:30. It was such a struggle to get out of bed; everything just felt so difficult and like too much effort. Dream recall was rather hazy, too, but the little I did remember involved Digimon appearing in the real world, video games, and a beach. Not sure why things are feeling so off and heavy.

This morning was kind of similar, but it was really peculiar, strange, and weird. It honestly didn't make sense to me. I woke up earlier in the morning again, feeling like it was much later; I ended up going back to sleep to make sure I was rested up for the upcoming week. When I woke up at my normal weekend time, it was just so weird. I woke up feeling tired yet kind of energized, ready to get up out of bed and go yet not because it simultaneously felt like too much effort and too draining. No idea how both were very much true at the exact same time because they were complete opposites. A complete enigma. My dream recall was pretty hazy, too. Pretty sure my dream had involved some kind of school, but I specifically remember an ice rink. For some reason me and small group were painting designs on the ice (I remember there being lots of gold) and hanging some artwork from strings/putting them up on the walls. Someone ended up spraying some water on the ice, and all of the paint went away. It was super disappointing and the whole set up looked lackluster; it had looked phenomenal previously with the whole ice being covered, and it just wasn't the same. There was something about someone taking my water bottle, too; I had a How to Train Your Dragon water bottle, and the girl tried to play it off as hers even though when I asked if it was hers, she said she never had one that was How to Train Your Dragon. It was so weird and confusing. More probably happened, but that's all I could remember. There was also weirdness going on with my laptop battery; it had been fully charged and completely off when I went to bed, and after a few minutes of using it this morning, it completely died. Such a weird, nonsense morning.

The boys were excited for their short school week and 4-day weekend; can't say I blame them--they've been working hard, and while school offers a lot of importance and opportunity, it can be quite challenging. The younger brother had his last swim practice and swim meet for the season, which he seemed to be both excited and disappointed about (the Friday early morning practices seemed to be brutal for him). The older brother was excited to do the fall crossword puzzle his school paper published, chatting with me about the questions and answers. It was a challenging start to the week with the boys squabbling with each other, but it mellowed out as the week continued on.

Tsuki was her typical adorable, goofy self, but she did spend plenty of time napping due to cooler weather. Can't say I blame her, either; it was definitely a lethargic week that made it tempting to nap. Rest and relaxation were definitely the mood. That being said, Tsuki did have her bursts of energy where she'd race around playing with the packing paper, her toys, and her tunnel. She definitely knows how to take it easy and have fun.

Artwork for the week included more diamond art:

This week I created more new content for Creativity Chronicles and YouTube shorts! Feel free to check out the newest articles and shorts!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

Make sure to be gentle with yourself as we navigate these unprecedented times and energies. Give yourself the time you need, and don't let others get you down or try to tell you what's best for you. Even if they mean well, that doesn't mean their advice or expectations are the best fit for you. Rest when you need to. Do what you enjoy. Find reasons to laugh and be grateful. Fill your own cup. You won't be able to perform at your best and help others if your cup is empty. You matter. You're worthy. You deserve happiness, love, and success. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Wishing you a wonderful rest of October!

Food for thought for this week:

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