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Happy New Moon in Libra and Solar Eclipse!

I hope everyone is doing well and that the energies have been treating you kindly. It's been intense over here. Plenty of family drama. Lack of sleep. Pressure. Mishaps. Frustrations. Unexpected occurrences. Miscommunication. It's been a lot. It's probably in part due to the recent new moon in Libra and solar eclipse. If you're interested in learning more about the recent Libra new moon and eclipse, feel free to check out the videos below:

For instance, there was an attack on my friend, Tsuki, and I. My friend had been trying to explain something to me, but it just resulted in me getting extremely confused, and my brain had never hurt so much before. Like it was absurd how much it hurt; I tried to point out how my friend was making no sense, but she couldn't comprehend what I was saying. My friend felt like she was sucker punched in the gut with extreme nausea, and Tsuki ended up actually puking. That was just the start; Tsuki kept trying to "knock" things off of us. Things flew off the wall and shattered. The decorative fan chain kept spinning around even though nobody had touched it, and it kept spinning for 10-20 minutes. It just kept coming. I sincerely hope things went smoother for all of you.

My dream recall was pretty hazy when I woke up Monday morning. I think it involved some sort of travel. There seemed to be some kind of illusion/deceptive nature to an aspect of it, like someone was probably trying to deceive someone. It felt like whatever transpired held significance, but specific details were elusive once I awoke. I had started to feel extremely tired all of a sudden Monday night, so it was fairly easy to fall asleep. Dream recall was still fairly fuzzy, though. From what I could remember, there was a lot of emphasis on clothing selection, but I had been experiencing considerable indecision. I was going back and forth on choosing color schemes and specific articles of clothing. There was something about school, but that part was extremely unclear. The last thing I remember transpiring was helping out with the local children's museum's camps and asking kids what their favorite experience/part of it was. I'm sure more happened, though.

Dream recall was pretty hazy from Tuesday night. I know that it somehow involved some sort of travel and that one of my brothers was involved, but otherwise specifics were quite fuzzy. It wasn't much clearer from Wednesday night. Pretty sure there was something about school/education as well as something about going to some kind of store. My other brother might have been involved, too, but details were quite elusive. It was fairly tempting to go back to sleep, as well. Recollection of specific dream details wasn't much better when I woke up Friday morning. The dream kind of seemed all over the place. There was something about travel, spending the night at some hotel, helping someone at a school, dragons, a impactful book that was a super powerful read (it was so good I finished it right away and started working on the next books in the series right away), and maybe some kind of tour. More probably happened, too, but that's all I could remember.

It was rough waking up Saturday morning, despite having slept in considerably. Something had to have been draining energy, as my phone went from nearly completely charged to basically dead Friday night, after recharging it, it was down to 30% when I woke up in the morning, and both myself and Corliss were feeling so drained when we woke up this morning. I thought it might have just been me, but upon contacting Corliss, she shared that the same had been occurring to her. My dream seemed to point to energetic beings trying to mess with us.

While my dream recall was somewhat funny, it had involved meeting up with April and one of my cousins to start. My cousin had created some kind of complicated word map about what had been going on, with arrows leading all over the place, and apparently his mom and April's mom were in some sort of conflict. The next thing I could remember was being with Corliss. We seemed to have driven to some kind of park. The car started acting strange, so I did my best to park it. My impulse was to start envisioning this pure white light pulsing out from me, charging it up before sending it out in waves. Corliss made some kind of comment about being unsure if it would work/be the best solution. The next thing I could remember was being out on the porch at my house with Corliss and some girl I didn't recognize (although, she sort of resembled a character from the soap opera my mom watches). The girl was frustrated and wanted to understand how something worked. I made some response along the lines of, "While understanding is important, it's not everything--it's not necessarily necessary; I don't know all the mechanisms that allow me to breathe, but my body can do it on its own. Knowing the ins and outs can be great, but you don't always need to know." Then there was some kind of parade or something going on at the top of the street with so many cars getting into traffic. More might have happened, but that's all I could remember once I woke up.

Waking up this morning was a bit easier; granted, I was still feeling kind of tired despite sleeping in, but I didn't feel nearly as drained as yesterday. My dream seemed to revolve around education/school. I happened to be at some school, but I was working there (not sure where specifically it was, but there were a variety of students I had met over the years from working in various education settings as well as others I hadn't met previously). I was walking down the halls, and quite a number of the students seemed happy to see me. I ended up at a kindergarten classroom, helping out as some kind of teacher's assistant/co-teacher. The lead teacher seemed really nice, and the students seemed pretty great. I think we were helping them learn the alphabet and work on art/creative projects. There seemed to be another helper/assistant that was from SSD. The two other teachers started discussing names and friends, and they seemed really impressed by what I said about my friends, especially thinking that Corliss' name was cool. They wanted to meet my friends, and Corliss suddenly showed up at the classroom. Everyone seemed happy to see her, and April showed up shortly later. I think Corliss ended up finding something wrong with one of the bathrooms at one point. There was also something about receiving a $700 paycheck at some point. More might have happened, but that's all I could remember once I awoke.

The boys had a pretty chill week. They enjoyed discussing anime, video games, Disney, theories, and stories about their dogs. The younger brother was getting frustrated about one of his teachers and how they were being a control freak. It led into a discussion about people and the potential reasoning behind their choices. They're super excited about next weekend, though, because they have a 4-day weekend.

Tsuki's been her typical goofy and lovable self. With the cooler fall weather she's been doing plenty of cat naps and snuggling. Tsuki also had fun lounging on her window shelf and enjoying some birdwatching. Although she got plenty of rest, Tsuki made time for plenty of antics; she had a blast playing with packing paper, darting underneath it, hiding, and launching herself at people as a sneak attack. She can be such a nut.

Artwork for the week included:

I created new content for Creativity Chronicles this week and YouTube shorts! Feel free to check out the newest articles and shorts!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

Please be gentle with yourself. Life gets tough sometimes. Frankly, it's been super dark over here, leading to feelings of frustration and a sort of disinterest of life. It's honestly been a struggle. Take things one step at a time. You don't have to have all the answers. You don't have to always "do it right." Do the best you can, pace yourself, and give yourself time. You don't need to take on more than you can handle. If you need to lighten your load for a time, that's perfectly okay. Your value will never decrease. You're worthy. Sometimes, it can feel like all you can do is breathe, and that's okay. Your timing is your timing, so there's no need to rush or compare your journey to another's. You've got this, so focus on making progress bit by bit. You'll get there--you'll see. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Food for thought for the week:

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