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Happy Mother's Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! It's been a busy week full of learning, planning, working on online business creation, writing, and art. There's a lot to do. Hopefully, things have gone smoothly for you (I, personally, experienced some hiccups, but things are being resolved). Also, I hope all the moms out there had a fabulous Mother's Day!

My dream recall was a bit fuzzy on Monday morning. From what I remembered, it started off darker after I helped my mom find something at a store with these dark/negative entities trying to take over the world. Things started getting revealed about the beings/entities, but they were glad about it because it meant that they got more control; there was something about people being forced to be paid through certain apps/programs (maybe called stripe?) and that people would have to stay indoors unless they received permission. I think the beings tried to possess people, too. More happened, but the rest of what I could recall involved going on vacation with the family I babysit for regularly. Apparently, we all went to Colorado and were staying at my aunt's house. The family went to a trivia night, leaving me to chill by myself. They left me a gift, and I was blown away by it. There was a check for the week, an extra $100 in cash, a gift card/coupon for a luxury massage, and some other gift cards. I felt super appreciated and loved. They ended up coming back from their trivia night and had gotten a puppy, so it was there alongside Pearl. That's all I remembered upon waking up.

My dream recall was rather fuzzy on Tuesday morning. It could have stemmed from the fact that I struggled falling asleep on Monday night. I think there was something about creating some kind of business website, but the details were super hazy. My dream recall when I woke up on Wednesday morning was rather fuzzy, too. From what I could remember it involved setting up some kind of business email and becoming successful, but specifics eluded me when I woke up. My dream recall was still fuzzy on Thursday morning; from what I could remember it involved having an online business and selling things online, but I couldn't remember anything specific when I woke up.

I woke up sleepy and extra cozy Friday morning, making it extra challenging to get out of bed for before care. It was still pouring rain, making it extra chilly, too. Something big happened in the dream realm, but I couldn't remember what it was upon waking. Specific details (or even general ones) were all concealed in a haze. Saturday morning was the same with dream recall being surrounded in a thick haze. Plenty happened, but I couldn't remember what actually transpired.

My dream involved working on an online business. Pretty sure I was working on an email campaign. I received a video from Jake Ducey, and he was with his family. His daughter was a bit older, and he now had a son. They were heading our to the beach, and the kids were excited by the ocean. They spied some dolphins that swam super close to the shore. Some lady noticed me watching the video and tried to tell me that Jake Ducey lived 300 years ago. This confused the heck out of me. I pointed out that Jake was living right now and asked her if she was trying to say that he was over 300 years old. The lady felt embarrassed and tried to take back her earlier statement. There was some commercial on a TV promoting a new can of water featuring the Simpsons family. The commercial got a bit meta with the Simpsons family breaking the fourth wall, asking who would buy water. Turns out they would because there was a extreme heat wave and drought with water evaporating even out of food. More happened, something about like spies and pure individuals infiltrating criminal organizations to bring about positive change, but that's all I remembered upon waking this morning.

The kids were excited to start the last month of school before summer break. The pair of sisters had mixed feelings, as the younger sister wanted to start summer break on Monday whereas the older sister was distraught at the thought; she ran over to me, crying, "NO! My Jessica! I need to stay with her!" It was really sweet; it's nice to know that I trump summer break (lol). They had me draw them more puffie coloring sheets this week, too. One of the girls started creating all these original "names," including "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" and "12345678910111213141516171819202122....130" (she counted from one all the way up to 130, proclaiming it to be a new name). The group is currently obsessed with catching bugs, and they've decided to hold a bug-catching competition. The kids all joined in with my art buddy's "Mega Ultra Chicken" game.

My art buddy started writing this new story full of mystery; the main character, Dona, is a 2nd grader living a fairly normal life with a 2 year-old brother. That all changes when she goes to bed one night and is awoken by a strange, green light that proclaims that she needs to find her destiny. She hasn't finished the story, but it's pretty interesting. I'm eager to see where she takes her story. Another kid started doodling some aliens, too, and created a story about them. There's Jim, Pointy, Eyes, and Bob. Apparently, the four are best friends but came from different planets in the galaxy. Turns out their meeting was a chance encounter where, after leaving their home planets because they found them boring, their spacecraft collided and by chance fused together to create one craft. Once friends, they decided to set their course for planet Earth.

The boys were excited to share theories and memes this week. One of the brothers got on a rant about how Nestle is terrible because they use child labor and how there's proof, insisting how people shouldn't buy their products. He amended that it wasn't the store's fault that Nestle is terrible and then started going on about how Mr. Beast (?) held this challenge of swimming through shark-infested waters and jumping over alligators to win money. He said there was a brief case of $10,000 as a prize, and while that money would be nice, I don't think I'd want to do something that risky. Sure, it's a decent amount of money, but your life is priceless.

Tsuki was a nut this week, but she was a lot more lethargic due to the immense amount of rain and sudden cold front. She spent a lot of time napping this week, but as soon as her energy levels got high enough, she'd pull hyperactive antics like normal. Tsuki knocked her play tent around, like usual, chased bells, and played with the painting hanging on the wall. She also loved snuggling with me and got so comfy.

My new Goddess Provisions box arrived this weekend! It was pretty exciting to see what they had for the month of May.

Artwork for this week included:

I did more writing and reading this week, and I worked on creating a business in a lot of my spare time, so there wasn't any anime watching. I wrote a new short story out, Supreme Being of the Universe, based off of a story my art buddy from before care made up before deciding I was the "Mega Ultra Chicken". She's got a vivid imagination, and we had a lot of fun. The other kids in before care heard about her story/game and wanted to join in the next day; it was impressive that she managed to get the whole group to play without even trying. Feel free to read it and share your thoughts! I'm also open to suggestions and recommendations for future stories! I have other pieces in the works, so stay tuned for more stories! Fanfic for the week included: Puppy 101, Tainted, Stormy Promises, Open Your Eyes, and Changes.

Online business things are coming along. Nothing's finished, but I'm seeing progress, which is reassuring. Hopefully, whatever plans you're working on are progressing, too! Whatever your goals and aspirations are, make sure to be gentle with yourself. You're doing the best you can, so don't beat yourself up if you're not quite where you want to be yet. You can accomplish more than you realize, but it's not always on the timetable you envision (I know I'm guilty of overestimating what I can complete in a day/week). Breathe, relax, and give yourself room to learn and grow. There's a learning curve to everything, and if you're a newbie at your current project (like I am with the online business), it's going to take some time to work out all the kinks. That's okay. Don't beat yourself up for it. Everything will work out. Make sure to leave time for fun, too, so you don't get burnt out. If you need a break, give yourself a break. Your work quality will suffer if you don't. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, and stay blessed with love and light~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought to consider for the week:

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