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Happy March!

I hope everyone is doing well! It's hard to believe we're already in March (frankly, it doesn't even really feel like we finished the year of 2020, yet here we are flying through 2023). It's been a busy week of writing, creating art, babysitting/tutoring, and hanging out with Tsuki. The boys crack me up with all of their originality; the younger of the two came up with all sorts of stories (such as him being best friends with my younger cousins, being a part of my family, having the real name of "Bilbo Skill," proclaiming to be the main character of the whole world, etc.). There's never a dull moment with them around.

My dream recall was fairly fuzzy when I got up on Monday. There was something about being somewhere new. Magenta Pixie was there, and it seemed like she wanted me to meet up with someone. I was super tired and basically just wanted to sleep. I ended up going to some bedroom and trying to sleep, but there seemed to be a Gameboy Advanced with a flashlight lit up on it. More likely happened, but that's all I remembered upon waking. I was tempted to curl up and stay in bed Tuesday morning, feeling quite sleepy. It was a bit of a challenge getting up for the day. Dream recall was pretty fuzzy. There was something about a school, travel, and some kind of hotel. I think two of my classmates from elementary school were there. At one point staff were doing some intense cleanings of rooms. More happened, but that's all I could remember.

I was so tempted to stay curled up in bed and go back to sleep Wednesday morning. Was feeling so sleepy. My dream recall was pretty fuzzy, but from what I could remember there were a lot of great white sharks involved. They seemed to be taking over this city/town/location. I had been in the car with my family, and my dad chose to drive down towards this dock. I cautioned him because something seemed off, and I noticed this massive great white coming in fast towards the dock. It proceeded to launch itself onto land, trying to get us. My dad started driving in reverse, and more and more great whites kept appearing, even right behind us (despite us being on some hill/mountain in like a forest). They seemed quite hungry and chompy. More probably happened, but that's all I could remember once awake.

I was super tempted to stay snuggled in bed Thursday morning. My mom had given me her cold, which definitely didn't help matters. I mainly just wanted to go back to sleep and stay cozy in bed. Dream recall remained pretty elusive, too, but there was something about a school and hanging out with the boys I babysit regularly. Their mom had mentioned something about removing all the stickers from my car, too. Not sure what else transpired.

Friday morning was more of the same with me feeling super tempted to go back to sleep. On the plus side my nose wasn't stuffy, but I still felt off. It felt like all I wanted was more sleep. No idea what transpired in the dream realm, either. Saturday morning was more relaxing, and I allowed myself to just chill in bed for like an hour since I didn't feel like getting up yet. Dream recall was fuzzy, but I felt very calm and fairly well rested. Sleeping in is definitely nice.

This morning I allowed myself to sleep in and relax in bed for about an hour afterwards. It was very soul-soothing. My dream recall was kind of fuzzy, but I could remember some details. I think I had been at a school but then went on some kind of trip. We were going to this nature preserve or something. There was supposed to be a lake, and we drove into this foresty area. I remember seeing these really pretty ponds/lakes full of this sparkly blue water. I had asked someone I used to go to school with if the water looked that beautiful just because it was so clean and pure. The girl told me it was because of chemicals in it (natural ones that could potentially be toxic to people). We ended up arriving at some building that might have been a hotel or some sort of lodging. When we entered one of the rooms, I got very confused. I went over to where the stove and counters were and noticed that the same beautiful blue water that had been outside was naturally incorporated into the room. It just so happened to be in the area that people would be preparing and cooking food, which I found confusing and concerning. I slowly made my way back over to the girl, trying to process what I saw and waiting for her to finish her conversation. I asked her about it, pointing out that she had said that it was potentially dangerous to people earlier and asking why it was in the room. The girl was exasperated (not with me) and explained that the workers had messed up the room and that the stove and such weren't supposed to be there. Personally, I don't know why such water would be out in the open like that, by food prep areas or not, if it could harm people. More probably happened, but that's all I could remember upon waking.

The boys were excited to chat with me again this week, creating all these lists for me of things "I need" (i.e. anime figures and Funko Pops). I keep getting asked when I'm going to buy them all lol. They were their normal goofy selves. The younger brother started going on about how he was the main character and that we were so excited now that he was finally in the car when we picked him up one day after school. The boys are quirky, but they keep things lively and interesting. Maybe I'm just easily entertained, but I always find it a lot of fun to hang out with them and end up laughing a lot. I'm super lucky to have them in my life.

Tsuki was her typically goofy self. She enjoyed a lot of her normal activities, such as birdwatching from her favorite window, enjoying sunshine out on the porch, snoozing on her chair, playing with/hiding underneath her cat scratcher cave, snuggling, and being a goof. Tsuki had a blast playing in bags and boxes, too. She did enjoy chilling with me all day Saturday when everyone else was out and about; it was a super relaxing day, and we both thoroughly enjoyed the quiet.

Artwork for the week included:

I ended up writing a haiku this week for a challenge about time; feel free to tell me your thoughts. I also wrote more articles for Creativity Chronicles this week and created new content for Luck's List! Feel free to check out the newest articles!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

New Luck's List articles:

Life can be challenging sometimes. A lot of people operate from a very conditional kind of love and can have all sorts of expectations, requirements, and restrictions. If you find people that love you and can appreciate you as you are, treasure them. They're not easy to come by. Most of my life has had me as the outsider, but I've been lucky enough to find a select few that don't need me to be anything else; I've unearthed a found family, and it's truly wonderful. My best friends and I have started rewatching Fruits Basket, and it is such a balm for the soul; I can relate so much to Tohru, and it's great to know that at the end of the day, even if I've experienced trauma and need healing, there are people who can still see the value I have to offer.

Find what you enjoy and follow your heart; it won't steer you wrong. It's okay to go on your own path that is unique to you because the right people will find you. Wishing you a wonderful rest of your weekend~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought for the week:

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