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Happy Full Moon in Libra and Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and an enjoyable full moon! It's been a busy weekend full of working on art, writing, and learning as well as seeing loved ones for the holiday. I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday if you celebrated it! If not, I hope you had a fabulous day all the same! For anyone wanting to learn more about the recent full moon, I included some videos and meditation below, so feel free to check them out!

My dream from Sunday night/Monday morning involved adopting a kid (or at least it seemed like it). The boy ended up going to a movie theater with his "grandpa" (which seemed an awful lot like Solomon from Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun!). There was some kind of coupon/certificate I had apparently gotten for my birthday years ago that was for this certain store/chain that was now only this physical theater and online. The boy was going to use it to get free stuff. He was working his charms to get more free things; he seemed to be about 7 years old. He was getting free snacks and working the cashier to get free stuff for his "grandpa," claiming that his grandpa would try snatching his if he didn't have his own. The cashier found the boy adorable, so she happily gave him free snacks. He was eating a chocolate-dipped ice cream bar while he waited for his other snacks (popcorn, soda, and the like). One of the people working the snacks was one of the people I went to high school with, named Mac. He started a conversation, asking something about why it was so hard to find a deep, meaningful relationship/connection. It was either me or the kid that responded (the specifics were a bit fuzzy), saying something along the lines of it boiling down to why people got into relationships: not wanting to be alone, being co-dependent/relying too heavily on others, etc. So many people don't go into relationships for the right reasons, which makes it difficult to find the deep, meaningful connections. My former classmate was blown away. That's all I remembered upon waking up.

I woke up cozy on Tuesday morning. My dream seemed to start off with my mom having my siblings and I go to the park with her to drop of some kind of donation, but we ended up turning around to grab some more stuff because she was going to have us hang out at the ice rink afterwards for some reason. Instead of leaving right away after we grabbed the stuff, my mom ended up watching General Hospital. When she decided she was done watching it, she told us not to bring the additional stuff. When I asked what the point was of going back to get it, she said something about it not fitting in the car, that my cousin (and maybe my aunt) were coming, too. Although, I think my cousin texted and said something about working so he couldn't go with us. The details got a bit fuzzy. That's all I could remember upon waking up.

It was a bit of a struggle getting up on Wednesday morning. My dream recall was rather fuzzy, too. Sesshomaru appeared at one point. There was something about me going to a grocery store. I think I found a Japanese wafer ice cream sandwich. There was something else about helping out with some kind of childcare for some school/organization, although I didn't recognize it. The leadership was frustrated because someone had left a huge mess the previous day; I had no idea about it because it seemed like I only worked mornings and that it had happened in the afternoon. There was some kind of cleanup involved. That's all I could remember when I woke up. I almost fell back asleep on Thursday morning; it was quite a struggle getting up. My dream recall was rather murky, too. It felt like a lot happened in my dream, but I couldn't remember what specifically happened when I woke up.

My dream recall was kind of fuzzy when I woke up on Friday morning. I think there was something involving Iruma and some of the other students from the misfit class from Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun. There might have been something about a sleepover and doing homework. At another point this boy suddenly showed up at my house. Apparently, his parents decided to just drop him off regardless of how no one mentioned anything about it and I didn't know any of them. They didn't even say anything; they had already driven off by the time the boy rang the doorbell. They just expected a stranger to get the boy to school, despite not knowing anything. When I asked the boy where he went to school, he mentioned some name that I was unfamiliar with but that sounded like a private school. He pulled out some sheet, saying I needed to fill it out before I dropped him off at school. It was difficult to fill out because I didn't know the boy or if he did stuff like his homework. It seemed to be something like a behavior chart with at least 20 different sections to fill out. The boy was all over the place and had ADD/ADHD. He was quite smart, though. When I got him to school, he was still all over the place and started wandering around the school instead of going to his classroom. As I tried to get him to his class instead of playing in the bathroom, my high school chemistry teacher appeared as well as some other teacher I didn't know. I was being judged for not having a handle on the boy, but when I explained how I didn't even know him and that he just showed up at my doorstep, they offered to help me. That's all I could remember when I woke up, although more definitely happened.

My dream was all over the place on Friday night/Saturday morning. At one point I was at a park, walking around a pond/lake. There was a large crowd of people gathering as something was going on in the middle of the water; there was some kind of misty, circle barrier type thing. I noticed a large number of spotted koi and goldfish swimming in the water. There was even this pretty blue-colored goldfish. The crowd had fishing equipment, and one of the boys I babysit regularly was one of the ones trying to catch fish.

There was another part where I seemed to have moved into a new home. It seemed pretty nice. There was some strangeness, though. At a certain point in the morning at least one rattlesnake would suddenly appear. It wouldn't matter what I was doing; they would seek me out, even when I minded my own business and let them be. Most of the time I could avoid them, but at one point this small, green one bit me. It didn't want to release me, so I ended up biting it back, which made it let go. Pretty sure I kind of filled it up with water, a bit like a balloon, before tending to my wound/making sure there wasn't any poison in my system.

Another part had me in what seemed to be in a small lecture hall for a class. Karl from Fact Fiend was there and seemed to be the teacher. I think there was something about symbols of countries. There was some lady with flowing blonde hair in something like a white toga, holding this bright oil lamp in the middle of the night, that seemed to be standing on a shore. She was on the screen, seeming sentient, and commenting about how she wanted to leave Britain for the US. Karl asked the group/class who she was, seemingly quizzing us. I had an instinctual nudging that she was Lady Liberty, even though she didn't look exactly like her. I think I ended up being right. Karl began quizzing us on the Darth Vader-looking character from the Fairly Odd Parents. Some guy ended up falling on me, crushing me and not getting off. Karl ended up helping get the guy off me.

The last part I could remember involved Sesshomaru. He was looking for a set of twin girls (not Towa and Setsuna). I think they were half demons. They were in hiding and could manage to cloak their scent somehow. As he was looking for the twins, searching through various hiding spots, he stumbled upon 2 human girls. They were younger than the twins and seemed to be the twins' sisters. One was obsessed with cats, cuddled up with a bunch of them, and for some reason named them all Eevee (and insisted that they all were the Pokémon Eevee). Sesshomaru got frustrated. At one point he ended up having a child with the full moon through the ocean. He happened to be in his giant dog form; a giant ocean wave crashed upon the shore, glimmering with the bright reflection of the full moon, and enveloping him. Then there was this baby, half demon, girl. She had Sesshomaru's golden eyes and silver hair but also had dog ears (like InuYasha's) and darker skin, somewhat resembling Shiori's. Sesshomaru ended up leaving her in the care of the grandmother of the girls, and the human girls were obsessed with her. His daughter ended up becoming friends with the half demon twins he had been looking for. That's all I remembered upon waking up.

I woke up pretty relaxed this morning. At one point I was starting a business/making sales, but the specifics were hazy. At another point I was at Target; I think I was looking for deals and that my family was there. There was some kind of commentary about how Target made extra sales by giving people 5% off on everything (I'd imagine it's through Redcard).

At another point I was going to meet up with Corliss for a celebratory meal, but something about the weather was causing delays. There was something about intense thunderstorms and I think potential tornadoes. Corliss seemed kind of worried about it.

I remembered being in the backyard at another point. It might have been to get ready for a family gathering, but details were a bit murky. At one point one of my brothers showed up, but it seemed like a younger version of himself (like teenage/pre-teen). He was threatening me with some kind of large skillet. I took it away, unimpressed. He ran off, convinced I was going to beat him with it or something. I ignored him and his weirdness, but he kept coming back to try and steal the skillet from me. Each time I spotted him (he was attempting to be sneaky, but he was pretty obvious) he'd wail about how I was going to abuse him. I hadn't even made a move towards him and had no intention of doing so. My dad rolled his eyes at my brother's antics. My brother ended up doing something to flood the backyard and part of the front yard. Whatever he did caused half of the driveway concrete to sink beneath the ground and cracked up the sidewalk.

The last thing I remembered was seeing my aunt and my little cousin, Addie. My aunt was getting ready to partake in some kind of charity/fundraiser cruise with another one of my aunts. My aunt mentioned that the trip had been delayed so Addie could see our cousins that were in town from Ohio. Addie seemed to be staying with us while my aunt was gone. Addie was fascinated with my dad's beard, thinking it tickled. My aunt was on some house deck (she hadn't left yet) when two seagulls flew really close by. She commented on it, remarking how unusual it seemed to be. She seemed to be making a video, too. A hawk and owl made an appearance next, flying even closer that the seagulls. The owl got the closest, landing and getting right next to her and her camera. It seemed curious about the camera, getting closer and closer. The owl was pretty cute. It didn't mind my aunt being so close. That's all I remembered upon waking up.

It was another eventful week at before care. The sisters were obsessed with Pokémon cards, trying to decide which ones were their favorites. My art buddy had me read her Black Lagoon books. The kids had me draw more Pokémon pictures for them, and they were super excited to have a "show and tell" about their various Pokémon cards. Thursday was their pajama day, and they were so excited; I helped calm one of the kids down because she wore her pajamas but forgot to bring a dollar--I pointed out that it wasn't that big a deal because she could always bring it on Monday, and she blinked, relieved, and realized I was right. My art buddy started making up stories, one being about how dribbling basketballs in the gym was illegal; she stated that the basketball hoops were mere decorations and that my coworker was the one that decreed it so, which I found hilarious since he adores basketball. She insisted that I had to tell my coworker what she said, and upon hearing it, he was shocked/horrified, exclaiming that he would never make it illegal because he loves playing basketball too much. Kids keep things so interesting.

Tuesday morning my art buddy crafted a creative tale about the day it rained tacos. She told me that since teachers and principals would prevent the students from going outside to enjoy the taco rain, the kids took matters into their own hands. They had apparently heard that the particular Tuesday would be the ultimate Taco Tuesday and that it would rain tacos from the heavens; they refused to be stopped. The kids decided to make the principal sick by switching out their toothbrush with the toothbrush of a child that was sick with the measles. With the principal out of commission, they then proceeded to deal with the vice principal. They decided to frame the vice principal so he would get sent away to Alaska and then Australia. Apparently, any teacher that tried to stop the kids from going outside would be punched. The kids frolicked amongst the taco rain, hoping to munch on all the tasty treats. Once the children ran outside, they became disappointed because it was normal rain; their teacher laughed at them. A special cloud then appeared in the sky, calling out to the children. It began to sing "It's Raining Tacos," and the children cheered for the taco-shaped cloud as it rained a bounty of tacos onto the playground. The teacher wasn't happy about it and was rewarded for their earlier laughter with a hot-sauce taco to the eye. The students paraded around the playground with their tacos, having a party. The cloud then released a special spider taco that Freddy proclaimed was delicious. Vanessa became angry as Freddy was trying to force the gross spider taco on her. Her sister came to help her, but it wasn't just any, old sister. Vanessa had an identical twin sister, also named Vanessa, and both of them wore the exact same clothes, which made matters all the more confusing. The Vanessa sisters didn't get along all that well, with one of the sisters choosing to be a bully. The twins got into a fight, turning into giants and receiving the superpowers of laser beams and flight. The sisters almost squashed the entire school in their fight. There was a plot twist where the other Vanessa turned out to be the true bully. My art buddy then said that a special taco descended from the sky, granting her superpowers, and she saved the day. The cloud then gave her a taco airplane (a plane full of tacos), and she left school. My takeaway from the story was to never stand in between her and tacos; she exclaimed that she was always hungry, and based off her story, she would conspire to ensure that she got her tacos. Kids' imaginations are something else.

The boys were excited for their short week of school, eager to have a long weekend. I imagine they received Thursday and Friday off for the holiday. They were also excited to not receive any homework due to their recent tests (I don't blame them for not wanting homework lol). They showed me various Pokémon memes and enjoyed discussing Turning Red, Disney, video games, InuYasha, anime, etc. They enjoyed coming up with their own theories and showed me the game they were playing recently. It seemed sort of Medieval, with the character exploring the wilderness on horseback. I think they called it Dark Souls, but they did more showing off of the game than explaining it (lol). They were super excited about their extra days off and couldn't wait to relax.

At out Easter family gathering my younger cousin, Charles, asked for me to come check out the fort he was making with one of his friends out in the woods. It was pretty cool. They've apparently been working on it for a couple of years. They've cut down some excess branches to block one of the "entryways' so intruders can't just waltz right in. They created a campfire pit, a shelter, a hangout area, and the like. For a 10 year-old and his friend it's pretty awesome. As we were walking back to his house, he started trying to sell the fort like a real estate agent. He was pushing the sale hard. At first it was $10. I told him I didn't bring any money with me. It then jumped to $10 a month, and he acted like I signed a contract, telling me that if I ever miss a payment I'll be fined $10,000 and tracked down by a magical van that can find me wherever I am and teleport instantaneously. He also insisted it could travel ten billion miles per hour.

Once we got back in his house, he started trying to sell the various rooms as "apartments" as well as various furniture and decorations. The paintings were, apparently, $4 apiece, the TV $5, and a fish he made was $10. Some of the items/"apartments" were even negative in price, like a porch apartment with a hot tub for -$2,000, a lamp for -$5,000, and a kitchen apartment for -$50. If prices were negative, that meant he'd pay you, which sounded great, and my grandma wanted to take the lamp; the thing is, my cousin's "deals" always had loopholes and hidden fees. Like when my other cousin, Caleb, wanted to buy the tanning bed; my cousin Charles said it was $10. Caleb was sold, but he then found out that Charles' had a hidden fee of $10,000 a day. Charles also tried getting me to buy space real estate, promoting how I wouldn't have neighbors, but he said it would cost the entire solar system to get it. Once the solar system was used to buy it, it would cease to exist; I pointed out that the sun was needed for life/to keep things warm. He assured me that my space house would be as warm as the sun. I pointed out that it would be too warm for me, but my cousin told me not to worry about it. He then started running around with his "magic mallet," trying to strike deals with everyone. As he searched the kitchen, he witnessed a murder; his mom brutally obliterated bubbles, and he rushed into the other room to get my other aunt's boyfriend, Andrew, who happens to be a cop. They ended up securing the scene of the crime, looking for details. Charles declared that he knew who the murderer was, and then Andrew proclaimed, "Well, you gotta arrest the culprit. It's up to you now." Charles decided to ignore the crime, letting his mom go free, because he didn't feel like arresting her himself. It was an humorous afternoon.

Tsuki was her usual nutty self this week. She's gotten obsessed with knocking over her play tent and crushing/collapsing it; she repeats it over and over again, like it's the most fun thing to do in the world. She's such a goof. Tsuki enjoyed snuggling with me and her blanket during all the rainstorms, and she savored the fresh air on the porch when it was sunny.

I got new goodies this week. I got more orgonite pyramids from Spiritual Supermall's Divine $9. Goddess Provision's April box also arrived. Plus, a new ocean themed deck of cards arrived! It was a week of fun deliveries.

Artwork for the week included more Perler projects:

I also have a shop on Teepublic now for anyone that prefers that website. Feel free to check it out!

I wrote, read, and watched more anime this week. I wrote this new story, Odd Obsession, based off the kids in before care and their obsession with getting/making my coworker a girlfriend. It started off with simple drawings and coloring sheets and has grown into so much more, with them creating a princess girlfriend and a bride out of poster board, holding the princess hostage and holding a wedding. It's been rather hilarious to watch it unfold and develop. It makes me wonder what they'll do next; they always try to outdo their previous attempts. Feel free to read it and share your thoughts! I'm also open to suggestions and recommendations for future stories! I have other pieces in the works, so stay tuned for more stories! Fanfic for the week included: Broken Pieces, Mon Bien-Aime Prince, My Lord, My Captor, A Sad Lack of Consonants, To Be One's Brother, Demon Lord in Modern Times, and Utter Doom, Or Something Like It.

I watched season 2 of Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun, and I absolutely adored it; I eagerly anticipate season 3. The first couple episodes of season 2 had me a bit worried that the cliffhanger of season 1 was just used as bait, but I think it was around episode 4 or 5 in season 2 that they picked it back up. I loved how the cliffhanger was resolved, and it was interesting seeing another side to Iruma (even if it was forced on him by Ali). The character interactions are still super adorable, and I love the misfit class. They're such a unique bunch, and I can definitely see them shaking things up and changing the demon realm. It was as I was watching season 2 that I noticed there was another student in the opening/ending shot of the misfit class, and it confused the heck out of me; I couldn't remember meeting him for the life of me. I looked it up, and his name is Purson Soi. Seems he's been there from the very beginning. I'm guessing I didn't notice him due to selective attention (like that gorilla suit psychology experiment while a group was passing a ball) and how there's always so much going on with all the other students in the misfit class. Since he's so quiet, he blends right in with the surroundings that you don't notice he's there, focusing on the other students instead. Needless to say, I was shocked that I had missed an entire misfit class character and felt a bit bad. It kind of makes me want to go back and re-watch the 2 seasons to figure out how much I missed. I look forward to seeing how the misfit class improves and the ripples they'll make throughout their school and the demon realm. It doesn't take much to initiate change; it starts with one person, much like Iruma. Even if the individual doesn't think they're anything all that special (i.e. a powerless human in a realm full of crazy-strong demons with all sorts of powers and abilities), they can create such a profound impact. Don't sell yourself short and give up before you've even begun.

No matter what you decide to do in 2022, I wish you success. I can feel it's going to be a big year. I'm working on a few things to generate additional sources of income, and while it hasn't been lifechanging yet, I know it has the potential to be so over time. It can be challenging to be patient when we can feel it in our soul that we're meant for so much more, that abundance is just around the corner. I know that I struggle with that at times. Just because it gets a bit tough or because we don't see instantaneous results doesn't mean we should give up and quit; our worthwhile success could be just around the corner if we gave it the chance to come in. Not knowing can be uncomfortable; humans love security, but the security of many of our jobs just don't pay enough for us to live out our dreams. There's nothing wrong with your job if you love it, but that doesn't mean you should stick with only your job. As many people have learned over the past two years with all the lockdowns and restrictions, putting all your eggs in one basket can back you into a corner when it goes up in smoke. So many business went under while others experienced cut hours and positions. If we had multiple sources of income and made sure to implement passive income sources, so many people would be able to breathe easy even when their daytime job vanishes. They'd still have income; they wouldn't have the rug completely ripped out from beneath their feet. Plus, with passive income it continuously earns you income; you don't have to constantly trade your time for money. Society is going to go through drastic changes over the coming years, and I look forward to my future; I know it's bright. I feel it in my bones, and I'm eager to see your successes! Take care, be gentle with yourself, and stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought for the week:

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