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Happy 3rd Birthday, Iris!

I hope everyone's been doing well! It's been another full week. We had the 11-11 gate on Wednesday. Energies have been rather powerful lately, but I guess that could be said about the year 2020 overall. It's rather strange; it feels like we just started 2020 not too long ago, but we're reaching the end of the year. This year has been extremely interesting; it feels like time is going slow yet fast at the same time. Perhaps it has something to do with ascension and the transition to 5D. I feel like I'm a rather different person from when I started the year--has anyone else experienced this sensation?

This week fluffy cat has been extra snuggly; it was rather cold this week, but it was also due to the construction commotion that has been taking place (she hates all the hustle and noise). Since I wasn't needed this week for tutoring, it worked out in fluffy cat's favor. I was glad to be able to provide comfort to her as she was feeling rather anxious about it all (plus, I don't mind staying in bed with a cuddly cat and reading some fanfic). If you're curious about what I've read recently, there was In From the Cold (sadly, this piece was not completed, but it was a really interesting read), Vying for Dominance, Sins of the Father (another interesting read that is unfortunately incomplete), My Experiment, and Tears of the Fallen. If anyone noticed, these are all InuYasha related--I have longed for a spin off series about Sesshomaru for years, so I've been looking into scratching that itch with fanfic lately. I'm loving YashaHime so far, too; I'll be completely honest--I hope Sesshomaru will have more appearances in this sequel soon (there wasn't enough of him for my tastes in InuYasha, and, yes, I recognize that he's not the main character of InuYasha, or YashaHime for that matter--hence why I've longed for the spin off). With the return to the series after so many years, it is possible that there could be a Sesshomaru spin off, but I suspect that the focus will be on the new generation more than the older one. Regardless, I look forward to the story of YashaHime! (On a side note, I always kind of envisioned Sesshomaru having twins, to be honest.)

This week I enjoyed working on creating more gifts. The Perler bead bowl worked out rather nicely, and I have a few more things I'd like to try out with them. Several people I know already are requesting I make them some lol. It's nice to have the time to create and experiment at my leisure. While my income currently isn't all that high, I don't know if I'd want to trade the increased free time I have. I enjoy the less structed life style and not having all these employment obligations and requirements that I used to have. To be honest, I was running myself ragged and worked wayyyyy too much before. Art's a lot more fun than constantly being shackled to the short end of the stick my employers would always force on me. I won't say I didn't enjoy my former jobs, per se, but they were not my ideal forms of employment. I did learn a lot from them, though, so there's a silver lining.

Iris also had her 3rd birthday this weekend! It's more than a bit surreal to think that she's three years old. She's such a smart cookie and way too cute beyond words. April keeps texting me how Iris announces that she misses her friend, "Jessha." That kid melts my heart. She had such a blast on her birthday and was super excited about all the presents I got/made for her. Her cousin, Kyle, kept trying to take them from her, and she didn't care too much about that. While she did enjoy playing with him, the two of them ended up competing for attention and toys way too much that day. They would be fine until one of them noticed that the other had a toy, balloon, craft, piece of food, etc. that they didn't and then snatching and crying would ensue. I ended up staying to diffuse that drama for over 8 hours (I felt bad since April and her mom had their hands full with the two of them--Kyle's parents decided to take off and go celebrate his mom's birthday, leaving Kyle to stay with them all afternoon, night, and the following morning). Don't get me wrong, they play nicely together; they're super cute together. Prolonged contact in close quarters is not the best idea for two hyper 3 year-olds, though. It rained all day, keeping them all in the small apartment. Several times Kyle decided that I was his mom and would launch himself at me; he's a sweet kid, but he's so much bigger than Iris (April says that he's well over 50 pounds now, and I can't say that my upper body strength is prepared for such a feat). While it was not how I anticipated celebrating Iris's birthday (nor was it April's--she was surprised that Kyle would not only be staying for a few hours but would be staying the night until after 12:30 the following day), it still was (mostly) fun, and I was glad I could help diffuse the conflicts. I did wake up this morning extra exhausted, though. I love kids, but I can't say I will actively be seeking out having hyper kids in small, closed quarters again. It was great seeing Iris's smile.

Life is full of the unexpected. April and her mom were asking what I was planning to do for income. I had told them that I'm not planning super far ahead, especially now that things are constantly changing. To be honest, it feels like if I were to make plans and try to solidify them, things would instantly change and make it impossible to act accordingly to said plans. I feel that going with the flow is crucial to the times we find ourselves in right now. I had been telling them about how I would be working half days Monday through Thursday and all day on Friday every other week due to schools making a transition back to physical school. The following morning I got a text from the mom of the kid I'm helping tutor informing me that he got switched back to virtual school full time, which further emphasized my point at things constantly being in flux and changing at the drop of the hat. 2020 has been a year of sudden curveballs, and I've learned that I should just let go and see where it takes me. Getting worked up about how things aren't "working right" doesn't help the situation--frankly, it just acts as an energy vampire. I wouldn't recommend disregarding your feelings, though; feel whatever emotions come up, but don't stay stuck in them. Emotions are as changing as the tides (and the year of 2020). Moreover, something that seems like it's acting to your disadvantage might actually turn out in your favor--we don't have the whole story, so it's important not to be so quick to judge. That said, we don't need to settle for less; we're all divine souls living temporary human experiences, and we deserve happiness, health, and abundance. Find what your passionate about. Savor the joy and love you find. Follow your heart. Dare to be authentically you. We each have things only we can do; it's why we decided to come here to this planet in the first place. Remembering to enjoy the journey would do us well, too. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of November, finding peace, love, joy, and harmony. Stay well; stay blessed, my friends. Love and light~

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