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Happy 2's Day!

I hope everyone is doing well! Energies have been rather intense lately, and my friends and I have noticed a lot of two's. I find it ironic that "2's Day" landed on a Tuesday (2/2/22). The universe definitely has a sense of humor. It could have landed on any day of the week, yet it fell on a Tuesday. Props to the universe.

The main thing I remembered from my dream on Monday morning was being outside at night with Corliss. I think we were at some kind of parking lot. I remembered looking up at witnessing these stars/lights start to swirl around across the sky, making the coolest designs/patterns. Corliss hadn't noticed, so I urged her to look up and witness the cool experience with me. Eventually, the lights/stars started drawing pictures to communicate. They started drawing images of what looked to be alien-like beings (not the traditional "aliens," though). The pictures/images would directly respond to what Corliss and I said/asked. It was super cool. More definitely happened in the dream, but that's all I could remember upon waking up.

When I woke up Tuesday (2's Day lol), my dream recall was a bit fuzzy. There was something to do with Sesshomaru (maybe we were traveling?). I remembered that at one point I was pet sitting for one of my coworkers from my former job at the children's museum. They had an additional dog. Corliss and Iris were with me while I was pet sitting, and at one point they were making like birthday cookies with cake mix (not sure how they pulled it off). I was supposed to give their original dog, Missy, her medication wrapped in cheese, which was normal, but they also wanted me to wrap up pressed pennies and feed them to her as part of her medicine, too, which I thought was extremely bizarre and potentially hazardous to her health. That's all I could remember upon waking up.

I was extra cozy on Wednesday morning when I woke up, making it rather challenging to get up; I was feeling rather tired and lethargic, too, which didn't help matters. I got the feeling that a lot happened in my dream, but my dream recall was rather fuzzy.

I got to sleep in some on Thursday since we got a snow day (but I didn't want to sleep too long in case I had to get up early on Friday still for before care); I was able to lounge in bed for a while, though, which was heavenly. I was half asleep for a while, as while I happened to be awake, time seemed to fly by. From what I could remember in my dream it had been snowing. I got snow days from work but for some reason had to go to the dentist. The appointment was apparently at 10:45, but for some reason I decided to leave at like 5:55 for it. The parking lot was fairly full, but most of the cars were parked pretty terribly, as they took up multiple spots. I remembered circling the lot for a while, trying to figure out where to park. I'm not sure why so many people were there or why basically all of them parked so horribly. Not sure why I went, either. I think I met my mom there and that more happened in the dream, but that's all I could remember when I woke up.

I woke up rather cozy and still somewhat sleepy on Friday morning. I didn't remember much from my dream; from what I could recall I was at a park. I think I was wandering around the park and stumbled upon a wedding. I didn't recognize the individuals getting married (or anyone that was taking part in it), but I think my parents happened to have stumbled across it, too. I think the bride was wearing this pretty blue kimono; the kimono had a pattern on it that somewhat reminded me of Togepi's triangles (not exactly, though, as the triangles were all shades of blue and had patterns inside of them). I wasn't sure why I stumbled upon the wedding, but I wasn't upset about anything. More happened in my dream, but that's all I remembered upon waking.

From what I could remember my dream from Friday night/Saturday morning started off with me being at some kind of water park. I think my family (and some of my extended family) were there, too. I was in a pool at one point. At another point I ended up at their arcade or something, and I started playing a claw machine game. Somehow I got 10 free credits. I kept winning a lot of prizes and even won a lot of coins (not sure if they were game tokens or actual money, but they were gold colored). The prizes were kind of odd because I ended up winning stuff like silverware, clothes, household items, etc. I ended up with a huge haul without ever spending any money. More happened, but the next thing I could recall was having to fill out some survey/class review. I think it was for a photography class (at least I remember the instructor being my professor from my college photography class). We were supposed to fill it out and submit it online. I thought I completed and submitted mine, but weirdness happened with the computer. When I went to check, there were somehow two submissions from me. More happened in the dream, but that's all I could remember upon waking.

My dream recall was a bit hazy this morning, but from what I could remember there was what seemed to be a family get together. It didn't seem to be the entire family, though. We were meeting somewhere for lunch or dinner it seemed. A lot of family members seemed pretty rowdy. The bulk of them went to order food, leaving me and a few others at a table. One of my aunts, visibly pregnant, breathed a sigh of relief, and scooted closer to me. She was grateful for the space to breathe since it had been somewhat crowded before and happy for the opportunity to finally talk to me. Specifics got a bit fuzzy, and all of us were outside for some reason. There seemed to be like a game or competition taking place, but most of the other people were taking it too seriously. My brother ended up burning this guy on the back pretty severely. I seemed to know the guy in the dream, but I have no idea who he is. I went to help the guy, concerned about his well-being and recognizing it needed to be treated right away. No one else seemed inclined to help or do anything about it. I left with the guy to find a sink to treat the burn with cold water. When we found a suitable sink, I started treating the burn, but what seemed to be the owner or manager of the establishment arrived in a huff, insisting that we weren't allowed there. I did my best to appease him, explaining the severity of the situation and begging for his understanding and allowance for us to use the sink. The owner/manager felt terrible after he heard why we were using the sink, giving us his blessing and an apology for his earlier behavior. He left, and I continued to treat the burn with cold water from the sink's hose. Someone else showed up later, and it turned out that the owner/manager went to get a doctor. The doctor checked the guy's back, praising my quick action and remarking that thanks to that his back should be fully healed by the next day. I thanked the doctor for his assistance. I was grateful that it wouldn't be a permanent injury. The guy seemed to be my romantic interest as he held my hand. That's all I could recall once I woke up.

When my art buddy arrived to school at the beginning of the week, she announced that she flew over the Atlantic Ocean over the weekend. I asked her where she went, and she replied that she flew to her grandparents' house in Hannibal. She insisted that she didn't take a plane, that she flew all by herself. She explained that she ate a special taco that gave her the super power of flight, and then she was able to flap her arms and fly to her grandparents' house in 2 hours. It was a pretty humorous story. When one of the boys arrived to school on Tuesday, he was excited to show off his shirt; his shirt read, "The Ultimate Taco Twosday: Tuesday 2/22/22." It was pretty epic. The kids were obsessed with flour this week. They wanted to make "stress balls" using gloves, which many of them did. Then they started making "dough" by mixing flour with water. It got messy, needless to say, but they enjoyed themselves. The kids were disappointed they had school on Friday after having a snow day on Thursday, but they were happy to see us; we ended up all chatting at one of the cafeteria tables. We ended up discussing Minecraft with the kids telling me all about it, like the pets, survival mode, etc. I started asking if pets included things like ducks, chickens, pigs, cows, foxes, pegasus, alligators, hedgehogs, t-rex, etc. They looked at me like I was crazy and told me, "No." I told them that it'd be fun if they had them as pets and if the pets could fly. One of the girls said we could attach a carrot to the forehead to the pegasus so it'd become an alicorn, but the other girl didn't appreciate that. It was still a lot of fun, even though the kids thought I was too silly for my questions/wanting to have pets like ducks (lol).

The boys were disappointed there was no update on YashaHime since there hadn't been a new episode over the weekend, but they were excited to hear about how I hung out with April, Corliss, and Iris; they gushed about how they had gone to Dave & Buster's before, explaining their favorite games and wanting to come up with original game ideas. They had us brainstorm ideas for Pokémon arcade games, and we thought that a version that was similar to Pokémon Snap or Pokémon Pinball would be fun. The boys also thought it would be fun to have InuYasha themed arcade games. The older brother has, apparently, been looking up videos involving InuYasha, and he told me that InuYasha was rated as the best anime demon, ranking number 1, which I find kind of humorous since he's not actually a full demon (he's half/a hanyou)--he was telling me about the video, saying, "Of course, InuYasha is rated number one!" They were hoping for more snow days since the weather forecast predicted more crazy snow/ice storms, and they received one on Thursday. They enjoyed talking about the image/meme for "Twosday" from InuYasha, getting a kick out of the "Kagome of the Well" part. The older brother worked rather hard on his 3-D puzzle, too, as it's coming along nicely.

We got a new trailer for the new Pokémon games this week, and I'm excited! There's a kitty starter! The duck's pretty cute, too. I wonder what their final evolutions will be. Based on the Pokémon website, it seems like these new games will be like Pokémon Legends Arceus, which is super exciting! Lots of roaming an open world! The hype is real!

Tsuki was a nutty kitty, like usual, this week. She enjoyed watching the ice/snowstorm, but she wasn't all that keen on the bitter cold. Tsuki did enjoy that the storm resulted in a snow day on Thursday, though, since she hates being alone. She loved snuggly up with blankets this week, and the cold definitely left her feeling lethargic (she wasn't the only one).

I got new goodies this week! I got new bracelets from Evolve Mala (Corliss also was excited about the bracelets I got for her from them). The March Goddess Provisions box arrived, too! Tsuki was excited about the goodies and kept trying to steal them as soon as I opened the box; she's such a nut. The snowstorms seemed to have caused delays with Spiritual Supermall, though, as the past two weeks' orders have yet to arrive.

Artwork for this week included:

I enjoyed writing, reading, and watching anime this week. My newest story, Some Like It Hot, is now up on Vocal; it's based on an interaction I had with the pair of sisters in before care. Kids are full of the unexpected and always keep things interesting. Feel free to read it and share your thoughts! I'm also open to suggestions and recommendations for future stories! I have other pieces in the works, so stay tuned for more stories! Fanfic for this week included Menage Au Inu. I watched the newest episode of YashaHime this week, and it's getting super intense. I'm curious about Osamu Kirin's intentions; he seemed to be on the side of humanity/Towa and the others, but he's either playing Kirinmaru or the girls. It'd be ironic for Kirinmaru's right arm to ultimately trick him. Osamu Kirin declares that he is going to save humanity and destroy all demons (which I think he should calm down and think things through before trying to implement a genocide of demon-kind; sure, there are plenty of demons that are harmful to humanity and all, but that doesn't mean you should make blind, sweeping judgments about all of a group because not everyone is like that), and he then proceeds to take the Grim Comet back with him to the Feudal Era since Kirinmaru is still trying to break his way through. It makes me wonder if Osamu Kirin is the reason there are no demons/half demons in present day. A lot of players and pieces are in motion, and the end result is very much up in the air. Sango and Miroku are complete bosses with their powers and abilities now, and the Black Hiraikotsu now has spiritual cleansing powers, which is freaking dope. Rion and Riku are working on a plan to stop Kirinmaru, and Osamu Kirin is potentially doing so, as well, although he seemed to be sucking up to Kirinmaru when he arrived to the Feudal Era. The girls are trapped in present day. Sesshomaru hasn't woken up yet. The massive Grim Comet is descending upon Feudal Era, potentially dooming the era. Kirinmaru is convinced that he will be able to destroy the comet, but it was his cockiness and arrogant pride that resulted in Rion's death in the first place; it might play out similarly this time, too. I look forward to seeing how the story continues next week!

I watched Haganai this week, and it was heartwarming. There's truly a place for everyone, even if that means that you have to create it for yourself if it doesn't already exist. The school's outcasts end up banding together, creating the Neighbors' Club as a place to belong and learn to make friends. Despite how the rest of the school population judges them and finds them unacceptable, the club provides a safe place for the members to be whole-heartedly themselves; there's no need to hide or hold back. No matter how quirky or strange others might perceive them to be, they have a place to call home and truly be themselves. The story also delves into how individuals can become so ensnared in the past to the point where they don't accept/ignore the present moment happening before them. Sure, we can treasure the past, but we shouldn't let it blind us to the now; there's plenty of great things happening right now that we didn't experience in our past. It also addresses how people tend to let fear blind them, causing them to run away rather than address the situation; we always have people and friends that are willing to help, as Kodoka finds out.

I also watched The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat this week. The story drove home the point to live a life you desire rather than living according to someone else's commands. People aren't tools; they're worthy of joy, choice, and love. If you let others, whether a sole person, group, organization, or system, treat you as if you are a tool, they will use you. They will view your value as being an emotionless tool, and they won't hesitate to discard you despite any loyalty and success you may have given them. Tools are easily replaced. Don't let others treat you like a tool; you're a human, and you hold inherent value just for being alive. Stand up for yourself rather than allowing yourself to be used and abused. Give your loyalty to those that will return it rather than being deceived by pretty words. Anyone can talk the talk, but actions speak louder than words. While it's possible to get a "do-over" like Lugh does, it comes at the cost of a new life, and not everyone remembers their past lessons and experiences from past lives. Why wait until it's too late to change course in this life? Why not live a life you feel is worthwhile now?

A lot has changed in the past 2 years; it's hard to believe it has actually been 2 years, as time has been flying by. There have been many lessons packed into the past 2 years, and many of us have grown significantly. Many of us have come to realize what's most important to us. Many of us are fed up of the systems we found ourselves born into. As I've grown up and explored adulthood, I've heard from many people that "that's just the way things are," and "life is hard; you just have to deal with it." Granted, some things may require more effort and learning to achieve, but that doesn't mean it has to be so excruciatingly difficult as many of us find ourselves experiencing. We may have been conditioned to believe it is "normal," but just because it's "normal" doesn't mean that it's supposed to be or that it should be. Sure, there will be obstacles and opportunities for growth; these experiences are often where we learn the most and become stronger. We shouldn't become broken and ensnared in a debt-slave system, though. It just isn't right. We're not tools, yet the systems act as if we are. The system needs us a lot more than we need it, though. Without us the systems will crumble and completely fail. We are the power. The systems convince us to believe they have the power, but that's only because there's no other way the systems can function. If we realize that we have the power, then the systems cease to exist. Make time for you. Prioritize self-care. Follow your joy and embrace your passions. You deserve to be happy. You're worthy of love. We all are. Be gentle with yourself; you're doing the best you can. There's so much that we're not taught growing up--so much information that's life-changing. We're leaving behind our caterpillar phase and transitioning into a butterfly. We'll be soaring above all our previous preconceptions, reaching higher heights than we ever believed possible. Yes, things are changing, drastically so, but it'll all be for our benefit. It might not always seem like it, but once we have a bird's eye-view, it'll all make sense. Take care, and stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought to consider for the week:

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