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Winter Break is Here!

I sincerely hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season and faring better than I am! Family is over, and it's not going well. All boils down to lack of respect, consideration, and kindness (my brother has been the main offender, and his conduct has been, for a lack of better words, a dumpster fire--literally disregarding that our sister was trying to sleep for work the next day and literally peeing all over the bathroom). It's been rough, so I genuinely hope that things have been going more smoothly for you. Having fun and relaxing is one thing, but that doesn't mean that it should come at the expense of others. Here's hoping the next few days go smoother.

It was a challenge waking up Monday morning; it just felt so cold and early. My dream recall was somewhat hazy. There was something about some kind of challenge/competition or journey/adventure. I had been traveling through the woods, and there were Pokémon around. There seemed to be some questionable individuals with nefarious intent. Details got fuzzy. There was another part of the dream that involved a family gathering with my dad's side. I was cracking jokes with some of my younger cousins. More likely happened, but that's all I could remember once I woke up.

It wasn't any easier waking up Tuesday morning; it was another bitterly cold day, and I felt exhausted. Dream recall was super fuzzy, too. There was some kind of trial or challenge maybe? Seemed important, but specific details were a blur. It was kind of painful getting up Wednesday morning; I was just so tired and craved sleep. Thankfully, it was the last day the boys had school before winter break, so that would mean I could at least sleep in some from now on. Dream recall was a complete blur; I knew things happened, but I had no idea what.

I accidentally fell back asleep Thursday morning; it wasn't a huge deal in the sense that I didn't have something time-specific that I missed (like taking the boys to school). The only reason I sort of cared was that I had intended on getting more things done in the morning, but oh well. My dream recall was a bit hazy, but it seemed to involve my sister wanting us to get another cat. I think we ended up organizing, cleaning, and getting rid of things we no longer needed (to make room for the cat?). There was also something about some kind of field trip to like a zoo or school or something. There were mountains in the distance, and there was some kind of weird light phenomenon: namely, this white light-blob thing would flash every now and then up in the sky. It gave me the impression of metal reflecting sunlight, but at other times there would be "nothing" there, as if it was cloaked and invisible. Pretty sure my dream self was convinced it was a UFO. Not sure what else happened in the dream, as that's all I could remember once awake.

My dream recall was somewhat hazy when I woke up Friday morning. From what I could remember, my mom and I ended up going over to our neighbor's house. The guy around my age was there with one of his nieces. We ended up playing games with them. One of the boys I babysit ended up being there alongside people I had gone to school with that all seemed neurodivergent. It seemed to be some kind of special help group thing to assist with life skills/experiences. More might have happened, but that's all I could remember. I was able to seep in Saturday morning, and it was so nice. It felt like a lot happened in my dreams, but it was all pretty hazy. There was some kind of school/education place, and there was some kind of bull creature made out of wood. Otherwise, I couldn't remember any other details. I struggled a lot with falling asleep Saturday night/this morning (I was still unintentionally up when my dad was getting ready for work around 4:30 in the morning). As such, I was quite tired when I got up today. I wasn't able to fall back asleep, either, so it's going to be a day. Dream recall was super hazy, too. There was something about visiting this restaurant that was in a former McDonald's building, but they had horrible service and ended up forgetting about us for like 2 hours before blaming that fact on us. The server seemed super sketchy and up to something shady, too. More happened, but that's all I could remember.

The boys were excited for the shortened week and winter break starting on Thursday--they were less excited about finals, but it also meant they had half days this week. They got into conversations about holiday festivities, favorite holiday movies, plans for the holidays, anime, etc. The older brother was telling me all of the holiday gift lists he would create themed around holiday specials if he was a brand ambassador, too. It was a fairly chill week, all things considered.

Tsuki had a pretty happy week, full of play and snoozing, at least until my brother and his massive, untrained dog showed up. It was all down hill since then. Doesn't help that they're so rude, inconsiderate, and disrespectful, completely disregarding other people (they're also a sensory nightmare, so I don't blame Tsuki for hiding from them--there's no escaping all of their excessive noise, though, no matter where you go). I can't fault Tsuki for hating them being here. They're horrible guests, and family members just enable and pander to them, making things even worse. It's a really sad state. I want to like them and spend holidays with people, but they make it impossible. So, Tsuki and I are likely going to spend a lot of alone time. It is what it is. She's super adorable, precious, and lovable, though, so that makes things so much better. Tsuki would actually come out of hiding, playing with bubble wrap, chilling on the chair, snoozing in her cat house, hanging out at the top of the stairs to make sure the coast was clear, etc. Super grateful to have her in my life because she definitely helps keep me sane.

I worked on finishing up some gifts this week, finishing a diamond painting and framing all the finished pieces:

I created more new content for Creativity Chronicles as well as YouTube shorts this past week! Feel free to check out the newest articles and shorts!

 New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

While I love the holiday season and what it stands for, it brings out the best and worst in people. When I went out to lunch with my best friend, she was appalled by the reckless, dangerous driving people were doing, cutting people off and almost getting into accidents. Then there's family. It's great to spend time with them, but they can still choose to be so nasty and rude, feeling entitled to things. Some of them only seem to care if they have a good time, and to heck with everyone else and if that inconveniences others. It's pretty sad the state the world is and how many people are choosing to be unkind. You would think more people would opt to choose to embody the spirit of the holidays, but unfortunately not. No matter what you face this holiday season, I'm wishing you the best--remember to prioritize self-care. Don't let others walk all over you and disregard your needs. You matter. You are worthy of respect, kindness, compassion, and love. Others don't get to determine your worth; you are worthy just for living. Be kind and gentle with yourself, and especially take some time to show yourself some self-love and TLC. The outside world can choose to be cruel, but that doesn't mean you need to choose the same thing. Have a wonderful holiday season and a merry Christmas for all those who celebrate!

Food for thought for the week:

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