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Universe Aligns

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed a nice Labor Day! It was a rather hot one where I lived--I went to my cousin's first birthday party on Labor Day (and it happened to be outside). It was nice seeing family again, and Addie's so cute! She's getting much better at getting around, and at one point she made a beeline straight for me. She used the arm of the chair I was sitting in to pull herself up, and she became mesmerized by my bracelets. She hung out with me for a good while. At one point she tried to steal my pizza (I would have been okay with giving her some, but I know that people and parents have their own sort of "rules" about stuff like that). She's so freaking adorable. I loved giving her all the alligator themed gifts! I look forward to seeing them again!

My new books arrived this week! I already read Magenta Pixie's Lesson's from a Living Lemuria: Balancing Karma through Nutrition for Ascension ( I really enjoyed that book, so I decided to get some more from Magenta Pixie. Plus, I thoroughly enjoy her YouTube videos. I can't wait to read them! I got The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame: Sacred Mysteries of Stargate Ascension (, Masters of the Matrix: Becoming the Architect of Your Reality and Activating the Original Human Template: (, and The Black Box Programme and the Rose Gold Flame as Antidote: How to shield yourself from chemtrails, 5G, EMFs and other energetic warfare through alchemical unification ( I'm sure they'll be great reads! I also ordered a double pack of my favorite pillow mist that I found online since I was almost out. It was supposed to arrive towards the end of the month, but it arrived in a matter of days! It was super exciting! The universe if full of abundance! On that note, I noticed after purchasing some apple rings that the price was ascending numbers. I love the vibe associated with that. I got to meet my brother's new birds this week, too. It's been a rather full week.

This week was full of interesting occurrences during tutoring. I ended up bringing over more crystals to try to lighten the mood and bring in good energy (which led to him planning a game featuring crystals--he's super excited about it). Tuesday was rough. The systems/servers were down again, and it was like we were back to the first day of virtual school once again. It caused a bit of stress for the 6th grader I'm helping tutor. I helped him problem solve and explained to him that we did everything we could on our end (we closed and restarted the apps, we restarted the school iPad, we contacted his friends to see if they were experiencing the same issues, reconnected to wi-fi, etc.). He was putting a lot of pressure on himself, though, getting anxious that he couldn't get into his homeroom zoom. Turns out, his homeroom teacher had been at the actual school, and the school's internet was down, which made it impossible for the teacher to hold the zoom. When that email came through, I emphasized how it hadn't been his fault, that the teacher had been struggling, too. I think it helped some, but I suspect that he still blamed himself for what happened (even though it wasn't his fault). Later that night his mom started texting me, asking about his homework. He was struggling to remember what to do for his wellness homework and was freaking out because he didn't know what to do. I informed her that we had written it down on a paper (all the steps/directions for the fitness test); turns out he had forgotten all about the paper. His mom apologized, but I emphasized that it had been a long day and that it's understandable that having so much to do and remember is a bit much for him (it can be a lot to handle even for adults). I recommended that he slow down and take a minute to breathe, encouraging, "I'm rooting for him! He's got this!" I pointed out that he's a super smart and talented individual and remarked,

"Overall, people need to take things one step at a time right now because things are a bit unpredictable and constantly changing. People like to be in control, but there's a lot that we can't control right now. Fixating and stressing about those things won't help. Focusing on what we can do right now is a lot more helpful. Things will calm down and smooth out eventually. I think we're all in this growing phase currently; we're in the dark soil just waiting to sprout. Seems like it's taking forever to get to the other side and finally reach the fresh air and sunshine, but we're still getting the resources and support we need. We'll all be a lot stronger and wiser when we finally reach the other side. We can handle a lot more than we originally think. The growing process isn't particularly easy, but it's worth it. The massive trees once started off as tiny seeds and small sprouts."

I know that this virtual learning is causing a considerable amount of stress for students and parents. I feel like a lot of it is coming from looking at the "big picture" and all the things that need to happen. It makes me think a lot about Shigure's advice:

"Picture this: you're surrounded by a mountain of laundry so immense you can't see over the top of it, and what's worse--you have no washing machine, so you'll have to do it all by hand. Obviously, you're overwhelmed. You look around you, and the doubts start flooding in. Will you be able to clean it all? How long will it take? Can you do it well enough? And the more you think, the more anxious you get. Time ticks by, but you feel paralyzed. So, what do you do now, Tohru? If you ask me, your best bet is to start washing the laundry that's at your feet. It's important to think about what's ahead, but if you focus on that too much, you'll trip over what's right in front of you. Keep washing, one piece of laundry at a time, and before you know it there you'll be, staring up at the sun and a bright blue sky. And, sure, you'll still get anxious sometimes, but when that happens, just take a little break, read a book, watch some TV, and if all else fails, eat somen with your friends."

Yes, there are certain expectations to be met with virtual school. Yes, there are certain challenges that come with it. There's no point in overwhelming yourself with it, though. It doesn't serve you to live that way. We're all constantly growing on our journeys. There's no need to put all this pressure on ourselves by getting so caught up in the future; the seed doesn't stress about becoming a massive tree. It takes things one step at a time, continuously growing, until one day, before you know it, it becomes a giant tree. It has a lot of in-between time until it reaches that point, though. It has to be nurtured with sunshine, rain, and soil nutrients. It needs to focus on one thing at a time: being a seed, becoming a spout, growing into a sapling, developing into a tree. The seed/tree is ever-present. It doesn't concern itself with the future. As a seed it doesn't tell itself, "I need to hurry up and become a tree! It's taking too long! I'm doing it wrong! Why isn't this working??" It focuses on growing rather than a specific end goal. There's nothing wrong with having goals and destinations. Just don't get so wrapped up and consumed by them that you miss out on the journey before you. Enjoy yourself. Life is a gift that is meant to be enjoyed. Granted, life has contrast and challenges, but they just illuminate what you want and help you savor that. You appreciate your blessings and gifts all the more when you've experienced situations without them. Remember to breathe. This, too, shall pass. It'll be alright. Things will work out. Even the darkest nights fade away to the break of dawn. Even in the darkest nights the sky is illuminated by sparkling starlight and the beautiful moon. It might not always be all that obvious, but the light is there if you're willing to look for it.

I stumbled across another great anime this week: Stars Align. I'll be completely honest; I was drawn in by Maki. When I saw the thumbnail, I didn't know who he was, what his name was, or what the show was about, but I felt a connection to him. I started watching, and the connection was instantly deepened. I adore Maki! He's my favorite (although I do like the other characters). It was not what I expected at all (the first episode let me know that it'd be a sports anime focusing on soft tennis). While it's about soft tennis, it's actually really deep. I got blown away by some of its content. The characters really provide conceptual depth to the story. They're pretty insightful at times, and they feel quite real (they're believable human beings with their own troubles and trauma to heal and overcome). My boy, Maki, remarks, "It's totally fine if you're unsure right now... You don't have to force yourself to make a decision. If we live life at our own pace, there's always time." This rings true for the characters in Stars Align, but it's an important message for everyone. You are your own unique individual on your own unique path. No one else can tell you what's "best." They can have suggestions, advice, and opinions, but the only one who can know what's "best" for you is you. We don't need to get caught up in all the "shoulds" and rushing ourselves. It's hard for anyone to be their best self in that kind of situation. Taking the time to breathe, slow down, and feel what is the best decision (rather than stressing and overthinking) is vital. Mitsue also points out,

"What is normal anyway? And what makes something respectable? So many things in the world don't fall under normal, and that makes for a lot that isn't 'respectable.' But all I want to do is to make art. Is something as simple as drawing really that ridiculous of a passion to have? Is it just because I'm stupid? Is that the reason I like to draw? But the more I do it, the more I want to improve. One day I want to have the ability to bring the images I see in my head to life. So please! I want to learn more and get better at drawing! All those boys... even though soft tennis is totally useless to them, they still push themselves so hard for it. At first I just thought they were dumb, but then I realized I liked to draw, so I must be dumb, too. Does that make it okay to push for what I want and have dreams of my own?"

All too often we are pushed to be "normal." Is there even truly a normal? Sure, there's the cultural "normal," but how many people truly fit that bill exactly? How many people are faking that normal? We get pressured to do certain things, pursue certain careers all because "they have a future." What kind of future? Maybe such things have stability and a "safety net," but are they what we really enjoy? Would we be happy with such things? Would we feel alive? A lot of times what we enjoy most, our passions are looked down upon by society with remarks such as, "You can't make a living like that." Just because they can't see it doesn't make it true. Just because they've given up doesn't mean you have to. Just because they need "proof" in order to believe doesn't mean you do. What's important to you might be viewed as "totally useless" by others, but that doesn't mean that it's accurate. That's for you to decide. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? Figuring that out, even if it's contrary to society's norms, doesn't make you stupid. One might argue that it's foolish to hide your brilliant colors by pretending to be someone you're not and living a double life where you never actually feel alive. It's okay to be you. That's why you were born. That's the reason you're here. The world needs you as you are--it has no need for fakes or clones. There are things only you can do. There are hearts only you can touch with messages only you can deliver. It's okay to have what you want. It's okay to have dreams. The things is: they don't have to remain unmanifested. They can be right here in the "real" world. Goals, aspirations, and dreams are all great things, but don't let them remain that way. Create the reality you desire. Become the best version of yourself. The Universe, God, Spirit, Source, Creator wants nothing more.

April, Corliss, and I got together to hang out this weekend. We were going to introduce April to Prospectors, but it happened to be closed.... Turns out they went to the Denver Gem Show (I had heard about the Tuscon one before, but this was the first I've heard of a Denver one). We were bummed about making the drive all the way out there to find out it was temporarily closed, but on the plus side the next time we go (maybe it'll be next weekend) there should be a bunch of new crystals to check out! April ended up introducing us to Pathways. It's a pretty cool store. None of the crystals jumped out at me to add to my personal collection, but I got a bunch of crystals to give to the kids I've been tutoring (they keep asking me for more and more each time I come over). We then went to Mystic Valley. My intention was to go in to see if there are any other crystals to give to the kids I tutor, which I did get some, but I also ended up getting crystals for myself. There were some really neat clear quartz crystals with so many rainbows--I couldn't leave them behind. The amethyst I bought is so deep and rich in color; I love it! I also got some elestial quartz (I had thought I was done after collecting the other larger crystals, but an employee came over to introduce elestial quartz and it's properties--it was game over). The one I picked out had some huge rainbows in it, too! I picked up a few small crystals for myself, like these twin desert roses, lionskin, and gold sheen obsidian. We ended up trying the salted caramel pumpkin concretes from Culver's while chatting in the park; the fresh air was wonderful, and the temperature was absolutely gorgeous! It was a great day! It's so nice when all three of us can get together.

Things won't always work out the way we anticipate. We can try to fight it, but that won't do any good; fighting what is will only serve to deplete your energy. It's fine to have plans, intentions, and goals (whether it's for a day, a week, a month, a year, etc.), but it's also important to keep an open mind and flexibility. Everything happens for a reason even if you don't understand the reason at the time. There's divine timing. When your goals are meant to happen, everything will align. It will be incredibly easy. When you're meant to revise your plans, there will be signs, and these signs are only getting more and more obvious. When things don't go according to your plan, it's because something better is meant to happen. Sure, it can be frustrating sometimes when you're in the thick of it, but the universe has incredible things in store for each and every one of us. Have your goals, dreams, and plans, but leave room to allow the universe in to work with you. The universe knows more than any one individual; your original plans might be blocking blessings from entering your life. Usually the best things in life are unexpected anyhow. Be open. Choose love. Enjoy the journey. You are worthy. The universe is abundant. Stay well, everyone; I send you love and light!

Here's some food for thought regarding the energies right now and what's coming.

Here's some food for thought on earthing from Spirit Science. Consider earthing. Fluffy cat and I have been doing that for awhile now on her outdoor adventures. I feel pretty good nowadays, but I also have a growing crystals collection, an improving diet plan, taking time for self care, etc.

Some more food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought:

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