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Today's a Wonderful Day to Be Alive

Happy June! I hope everyone is doing well! This week my new shirts arrived from Save Lands. I also ordered some new ones from Namaste Yoga ( Getting new clothes/gear for a new chapter feels rather fitting; it feels like I can embrace the new more by changing things up. New crystal buddies arrived this week, as well. It's important to surround ourselves with things we enjoy, things that lift our spirits.

I spent the week babysitting. I enjoyed myself and had fun (even if the boys might have tried to make it otherwise--i.e. the 5th grader started hiding my stuff around his house, with a mischievous grin and laugh. He kept inquiring, "Isn't this PAINFUL?" Honestly, it didn't bother me. It's not like I had anywhere to go, and I grew up with my dad--he's done much worse. He's always looking to stir up trouble). Their dog, Pearl, loved hanging out with me this week. The 7th grader has an incredible memory; you might just say something in passing, but months later he'll bring it up, saying, "Miss Jessica, remember _______?" He does this a lot about Iris stories; he kept asking about the times when we went to Kansas City. He loves the stories involving ice cream, like when April asked Iris if she wanted to finish her burger, and Iris replied, "NO, Ice cream!" Or the time when Iris saw the sculpture of ice cream at the Crown Center and ran straight to it to hug and kiss it. He likes the stories of the fountain water show outside of the Crown Center, when Iris ran laps around the tables at Russell Stovers, when my sister ordered food from Fritz and thought that she'd get two bags/containers of onion rings only to receive two literal onion rings, etc.

He also enjoys the stories about when my family went to Sea World quite a few years back; his favorite is the "Magic Seahorse" one. We ended up riding Journey to Atlantis quite a few times, and my dad started chanting, "Magic Seahorse! Magic Seahorse! Magic Seahorse!" since there was a seahorse that would guide the way. He ended up getting my siblings, me, and random people on the ride to chant along with him, but my dad was most proud of getting my brother to chant with him (he was in a "too cool to do that" phase). The 7th grader wanted to see the magic seahorse; we tried finding it with Google images, but that didn't work--we did discover that the seahorse's name is Hermes, though. I hadn't realized it had a name.

Throughout our many conversations, we ended up talking about "I'll take a potato chip, and eat it!" (from Death Note). The boys thought it was hilarious; at this point the 7th grader inquired, "Miss Jessica, remember the anime laugh?" As anime has quite a wide variety of content and laughs, it took me a minute to process what he would be referring to. The laugh popped into my head (just the sound at first), and then I remembered it was Hak's laugh from Yona of the Dawn--I showed them that clip back after spring break.

Even though the school year is over, the boys still have daily work to do. They dislike their summer work; their parents got them workbooks to work on each day. One of the days the 5th grader had to write a Limerick poem in the AABBA format. He insisted it couldn't be done, so I decided to write an example for him. I got a kick out of it--he didn't find it all that humorous.

Doing summer work is so much fun.

On my list it's number one.

I want to do it all the time.

Oh, the joy is so sublime.

Summer work is second to none.

Once he read the poem, he glared at me, crumpling it into a ball before tearing it apart. He did not agree with the poem. I pointed out that he didn't have to agree with it or even write one like it; I just wrote it to prove it could be done (and because I'd get a kick out of his reaction). On Friday I looked to check what work they had to complete in the workbook after lunch, and I was trying hard not to laugh--it didn't really work (because I knew the 5th grader wouldn't want to do one of the activities). He looked at me, asking, "What??" When I told him that one of the activities was a balloon ballet walk, he replied, "You're joking." I assured him I wasn't and read the description; he immediately interjected, "I am NOT doing that!!!" Which is why I had been trying not to laugh in the first place. Honestly, he probably could pull it off; it's just the idea of potentially looking silly/ridiculous that makes him refuse to do it. On a lighter note, his brother and I decided to do a little bit of costume competition in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Hanging out with kids/youths keeps things interesting and fun.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the full moon/eclipse! I happened to do a meditation for the full moon, "Friday, June 5th @ 7:30pm (AZ) | Live Event | Full Moon Sound Healing Ceremony" ( Things have been rather turbulent lately, and I hope everyone can take the chance to breathe, relax, and take in some healing energies. Amanda Ellis explores the what the full moon and eclipse energies will be bringing in in her recent video, "June 2020 Eclipses - Dream Big, Align High" ( Amanda shares,

"The full moon in Sagittarius... is inviting us to heal... We have the energy of the rose, and... they always remind me of the heart, so it feels as though it's also about healing what's is within our heart chakra. Certainly, as a world right now there has been a lot of heartbreak... there's been some very difficult events taking place... [and] a lot of weather events that have been very troubling... We're all being hit in different ways for different reasons... One thing that can often happen to us when we're in a state of feeling quite overwhelmed and upset and sad or overstimulated or triggered is that we can close down our heart chakra... you can put back up the wall... putting up almost like a barrier around the heart to stop you getting 'hurt,' but the thing is that this barrier, unless you consciously instruct it, can also filter out the really positive stuff, as well. You might have subconsciously built up a wall around your heart to stop yourself feeling anymore because it's just too painful... So it's like this block goes up in terms of all our senses, which might 'protect' you on one level but actually is also stopping all of the positive loving vibrations and gifts of the universe and beauty from being able to fully come in to... the heart... The moon always heightens everything; it's a time of great, heightened emotion, great heightened reflection as well for all of us, but it's a time for us to heal what it is that is coming up... As we heal, we release, and we allow the alignment of mind, body, and soul. Give this situation time. Have patience and faith that healing is occurring... You can't rush the healing process. You can't rush these times that we're in. You have to honor the space that you're at on a day-by-day basis... Emotions and feelings can be very up and down and all over the place… [but healing/life/understanding is] an ever, ever deepening process. We never completely get to the finish line in this lifetime because we're not meant to. Why do you think we... kept coming back [to earth] over and over again? Because there's always another layer.... [Remember] if you close your heart down, you're closing down so much help and support that is available to you. The heart's got brain cells, as well... The heart is intelligent... The heart is the lantern that will guide you home.”

Society on a macro and micro level is going through healing and understanding the heart. Society places a lot of value on the mind, the brain, and intellect. These are all important, but the value of the heart is often forgotten, overlooked, and/or disregarded. We need to take the time to heal and take down the wall constructed around our hearts so we can let love and light in. Our hearts will lead the way, lighting our paths to happiness, success, and home. This month, we'll be embarking on a journey. We will be experiencing a lot of new things. Amanda notes,

"[In June] We're being taken on a journey... a journey into the unknown... There is a journey to align to the energy of the goddess... another interpretation would be the Divine Feminine energy is wanted to flood in to this earth at this moment in time... You've got to have the balls to find your inner goddess. The world has to have the balls to find the inner goddess energy, to turn and seek the Divine Feminine... Both of these eclipses this June seem to be about highlighting the need, the real need... for the Divine Feminine energy to come in, not just to the world, but into your life... It's about linking into a more feminine energy... Now lockdown is starting to be eased, it's as though there's this... battle cry of masculine energy coming back... It's like being released from prison, and it's like people are misbehaving... It's like, 'I will do it, and I will go, and I will be active...' It [the masculine energy] needs to be counterbalanced again... We need balance... Allow the strength of your inner goddess to shine. You have the power to change the situation. Let the essence of your light dance as you nurture your feminine strength... There's an underlying assumption which... is that we're moving from a more patriarchal energy to a more feminine energy, and I think there is almost this latent fear in the collective human shadow which is 'because it's feminine it's going to be weaker, because it's feminine it's not going to be up to much.' That's why we're not able to fully release the grip yet of the masculine energy, which we need to, but yet what we need to really be dipping into in June is the power of the feminine, which is not weak--it's really, really strong; it's just strong in a different way, and... we need to get to know it... It's about you discovering what it is. It's about you getting in touch with your own feminine energy, whether you're a man, whether you're a woman--we've all got to start doing it more... Whatever you've been reflecting on, maybe within the lockdown period, aligned to whatever that truth was that came to you. A lot of people have been looking at their life, what they might want to do, the changes that they might want to make, and, again, now it's almost like it's a time to align to that. It's as though these two eclipses this month help you to do that... you really need to be consciously connecting to their energies... to align to what it is that you wish to bring into your life.”

We need to become more balanced on the personal and societal levels. The feminine energy is not weak; it can give us the strength we need; both the masculine and feminine energies have their strengths and purposes. Connecting with our feminine energy will help us achieve our goals, dreams, and aspirations. The feminine energy will help us as we embark on this new page of our journeys. Amanda continues,

“Try to see that through the eyes of wonder, which is like, 'Wow, I wonder what other depths I have within me, other parts of me that I don't know about, other gifts I have, other talents, other skills, other layers of empathy and kindness, other ways that I can communicate, which are better and higher in frequency...' We're all on a journey in terms of truth, finding our truth, being able to speak our truth in our personal relationships, in our communities, in our workplaces... [There's] a lot of journeying happening in dream time. Take note of your dreams... particularly [the dreams] in between the two eclipses... It's to do with aligning to your dreams... What is your dream? What is it that you dream of? Where do you wish to be? Who do you wish to be? ... Align to those dreams because it feels as though the energy of these two eclipses is helping to bring it into being... There is an awakening to what we truly want... where we wish to be heading in our own individual lives. The third eye being very stimulated at this moment in time, and... once you've seen what you want, you've just got to align to it and go for it... we're going to be helped this month to do that."

It's important for us to see the beauty, the wonder, the love, the light, and the joy in life. With everything going on now, it can be easy to forget how wonderful a gift life is. Being mindful and paying attention to our dreams can help us tap into this wonder and appreciation. What we dream at night will help enlighten us during this phase of our journey and help us awaken to what we should be working towards this month. Our dreams will help us broaden our horizons, expanding our perceptions of ourselves, others, and our world. Amanda remarks,

"Changing the way that we see the world... being forced to look at your life in a different way; look at the circumstances of your life in a different way... Many of us have built up a little bit of a barrier and a wall around our heart, and we've done it because we don't want to be hurt. Take notice and attention of what... [changing how we view the world] brings into your life. If you wake up, and... a flash of revelation comes... pay very close attention, align to what this change of energy and change of thinking and where you're looking at the world... It means something... Expect the unexpected... There are going to be all these things that just come from nowhere in the collective but equally, potentially, within our personal lives, as well. Doesn't mean it's bad; it just means it is what it is... Somebody has your back... You can have the opportunity to look at life in a different way because somebody has your back... Spirit has your back... They're [certain groups of dark agendas] trying to pull the wool over our eyes again... There's some sneaky energy around... but not to fear it because spirit has your back... We're living in a world of people with around us of all sorts of different vibrations--it's just that you can see this stuff more clearly now... It can't come in and hurt us as much anymore because spirit has our back... They're actually hurting themselves more and more... almost like black magic... If you participate in black magic and you try to do ill towards somebody else, it will come back on you tenfold... If you do unto another something that is wrong, in these times that we're in now it's going to be coming back not just tenfold but twenty-fold and coming back a lot faster than it used to, as well... Within our midst we can see more clearly with our vision, our 20/20 vision, what everyone's up to. You're able to see the people who are really shining... the people needing the healing or needing your help, your support.”

This month will provide a lot of food for thought and growth. A lot of change and unexpectedness will likely be throw at us to prompt our growth and expanding perspective. We can find great insight. The universe, source, spirit, angels, God, whatever you would like to call it, has our back; there's no need to fear. A lot will be coming to light, and those that enjoy hiding in shadows won't be able to continue to do so. Focus on doing your best because you reap what you sow. You can continue to grow and embrace the light. Amanda asserts,

“You're being given the opportunity to come up our level, but you don't have to because there's no judgment if you want to stay down there, but equally if you want to stay down there, just keep on doing that in the pool that you're in... We're climbing our way out of it [the dark pit], and we're reaching for the stars. Other people are just choosing to sit down and make a home in the bottom of the pit... There are some lower energies in our world at the moment who are trying to steal our energy, who are trying to undo the good work that we are doing... [We're trying to create something beautiful and bring light into the world] but yet someone's wanting to come and distract and interfere with that process. Don't let them... stop you in your tracks, throw you off your guard, prevent what you're trying to bring to the world, which is good... the good work that light workers are doing to bring those truths to the surface are not going to be derailed... Keep your eyes on the prize. Keep your eyes on the cup. Keep your eyes on love. Don't be distracted by this nonsense.”

Stay focused on your goals; don't let others divert you from your course. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Keep love in your heart and persevere; you have so much to offer the world--you have great gifts to share. Believe in yourself, and don't sell yourself short. This month holds such potential; we can't shy away from the opportunity or become distracted. Amanda Ellis continues,

“[This June holds] solid offer[s], solid opportunity, [a] fresh new start... a potential offer, [a] potential opportunity... a new way for you to be making money... a new way for the world to be viewing money... Your dreams, visions, and goals are becoming reality, so stay focused... It's all to do with aligning to our dreams and our hopes... You're moving into a space where your dream reality is becoming your outward reality. This is an extremely powerful time, and it's vital to keep focused on the highest good... You no longer want to relive your own history and feel unsupported. Consider that you are moving between worlds when you daydream or create visions and bring life enhancing ideas into reality... Take yourself seriously as a power force in your own life... Treat yourself as you would treat something that is reverent and holy."

You hold the divine within you as a spiritual being; share your light. You are a powerful co-creator of your life; what do you want to do? You can do it. Whatever hopes, goals, and dreams you have will be manifesting--we're in such a powerfully energetic times right now. Align your actions with your dreams, and it will become a reality because the universe has our backs.

This week I watched Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (I recommended it to the boys, and they seemed interested). It's phenomenal! I'm super grateful that season 2 will be premiering on June 12th because while the first episodes were great, 10 episodes didn't feel like enough. I love this show; it has a great story and an interesting array of characters. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts explores some deep concepts. Tad Mulholland is a really interesting character, exploring some spiritual ideas. Tad Mulholland conveys,

"What is the body? Just a fun car for the mind to drive, but if we free ourselves from our bodies, our minds can be what they really are: energy. Pure, delicious energy... [What am I?] A co-occupier of this planet, just like you, my friend. I'm a community of tardigrades: water-dwelling, microscopic, water bears, but you can call me Tad Mulholland. Some have referred to me as a guru, although I don't like to think of myself that way. I'm trained in different schools of visualization, meditation, warm stone massage... Mostly though, I'm a dream maker... Everyone thinks they've got a dream, but most don't know how big they're allowed to dream. I reveal your best, biggest, most perfect dream to you, and then I make that dream come true. Neat, huh? ... I see this more of a service we provide... I take my little, water bear friends here, and I send them just like that into your brains, and they do their thing. And I give you the special, little, perfect world dream you want most. You know, when you dream biggest, your brain has the most energy."

Tad Mulholland addresses the notion of all beings consisting of energy--that's what they are at the core; the body is nothing more than a vehicle for the energy to use to get around. Tad isn't interested in labels, such as being a guru, and Tad points out how people are afraid to let themselves dream--they constrict how big they believe they can dream. Tad notes that when people dream the biggest, that's when there's the most energy, which would also mean that when people dream the biggest they are the most powerful. Tad Mulholland later begins to sing, "The world is a great, big world... but your mind is greater and bigger. It's greater and bigger because it's free. Mm-hmm, let me show you how free you can be!" When we choose to allow ourselves to dream and be ourselves, we release ourselves from (self) imposed restrictions and allow ourselves to be free. We possess so much power without realizing it. We limit ourselves because we don't recognize our true potential. As spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience, we are powerful co-creators of our lives. Even so, sometimes we need to be shown just how free we can be, just how much influence we can have over our own lives. When we step into and tap into our true power, we can surprise ourselves and the rest of the world. When Kipo and her friends break out of the dream realm, Tad Mulholland remarks, "Wow, that's a first... So, you're all happier to be here, instead of the perfect world I created for you? ... I was supposed to take you on a journey, and you guys took me on one instead. I'm starting to think this isn't the best way to get my nutrients. I'm gonna take time to do some thinking at the mountains, and also at the sea, and maybe outer space." Sometimes, things don't play out like we expect. That isn't necessarily a bad thing--it can often be a blessing in disguise. These instances often show us another way that we didn't realize was even possible. These also provide us plenty of food for thought to reflect on and grow from if we open ourselves to the possibilities. If we keep an open mind rather than being quick to jump to conclusions and make immediate judgments, we can learn a great deal about ourselves and the world we live in. We might just uncover a deeper understanding and a greater purpose.

There are many connections from Kipo's world to our own. For example, falsities taught by society. Kipo ends up leaving her burrow and is initially convinced that she is blinded by seeing sunlight. She immediately discovers it's untrue. Kipo remarks, "My whole life they taught us the surface was this horrible place... Why would humans stay underground when every night they could look up and see this ['so many sparkles,' aka the stars]? ...There's so much to see when you're not in a cave! ... It's amazing. In just a day I've seen enough wonders to fill a lifetime." Things might not seem that prosperous or enjoyable right now, much like how Kipo finds herself on a post-apocalyptic surface-world full of, often adorable but deadly, mutated, intelligent animals (or 'mutes'), but there's still plenty of good still out there. Surface-dwellers are often swept up into the 'survivor' mentality, focusing on the danger and staying alive. Survival and caution have their place and importance, for sure, but life is about more than surviving. Life is about enjoying the journey, making the most of your experiences, learning, growing, and finding how you can thrive as your best self. If you focus on purely surviving, you won't be able to accomplish all that. Survival focuses more on the bare minimum. It's hard to truly live and feel alive if your only concern is to ensure you make it to the next day (granted, you have to stay alive to enjoy life, but still). As Benson emphasizes, "Look, if there's one thing I've learned in all my time on the surface, it's that you gotta enjoy the journey, not just the destination.... Sometimes on the surface, there's more than what you see on the surface... When you live up here long enough, you learn a few things. Believe it or not, it's not all danger all the time... I wanted you to know that not everything on the surface is bad. That there are places where it's okay. Better than okay! That there's hope for your people. That's my real present for you." There may be conflict and danger, but that's not the whole picture. Don't get so swept up in the potential danger that you become too afraid to live. Yes, it exists, but that doesn't mean that everything is that way. Everything isn't out to get you. It's okay to go out, have fun, and enjoy life. Don't become entrapped by mistrust; use wisdom to guide you--you don't need to go about blindly--but there are things and people you can trust. Dave and Benson realize this after initially decided to bail and ditch Kipo; Benson remarks, "You know what, Dave? When we were with Kipo, we were doing something more than just surviving. For the first time ever we were a part of something bigger than us... Kipo, we're coming for ya!" We're all in this together. Yes, you need to look out for yourself, as you cannot help others if you don't take care of and help yourself, but you are also part of something larger: the world at large. What you do impacts the world and its inhabitants; you don't exist in a vacuum. Looking out for yourself is important, but it's also important to look out for others.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts delves into the concept of the power within. Kipo's father, Lio, attests, "There are worlds within worlds, Kipo." You have the outer world, but you also have your inner world--the world inside you. These worlds reflect and effect each other. There are so many different layers to life. Michelle Patterson in her recent video, "REFORM | June 8, 2020 Angelic Message" (, asserts, "It might be really easy to judge them [people] from a surface level... You might want to jump to conclusions... We're being asked to learn to not just look at the surface level and assume you know everything... We need to stop this jumping to conclusions thing... You don't know anything--I don't know anything. Turns out, nobody knows anything--we're all figuring this out together as we go... We've never been enemies--we've been told that we're enemies... You think you knew [others' experiences], but you don't know. Let love in." There's the surface-level world, but there are many deeper worlds. Each person experiences their own story and inner world as they navigate the outer world. Right now for many people these worlds are quite chaotic and confusing, and Kipo struggles with this, as well. Kipo's mother reassures, "Hey, kiddo, you may not know what's happening to you, but I do... and I know it feels scary, but it's actually super special... Cross my heart... Your questions don't have easy answers, but I'll help you with all of them... Kipo, sometimes when you're special, you can feel very alone... Up on the surface, I learned there's no hiding from the world." Things are a bit crazy right now, but that doesn't mean we can't find solutions. These solutions might not come super fast or easily, but we can find them. They will come much easier if we work together with everyone. We need to learn how to trust and cooperate with one another. The surface exemplifies this in Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts by the lack of trust between 'mutes' and humans and the resulting friction, conflict, and struggle. When Kipo and her friends stumble upon a group of raccoons in the dump, the raccoon, Carton, assures, "Some of us [mutes] are [friendly]! Though I don't blame ya for being jumpy. We've heard what it's like on the surface. So much fighting all the time. Totally terrifying! That's why we've been down here in Trash Canyon for years away from all that garbage... We've never met actual humans! I can't believe it." It's important not to be quick to stereotype of judge a book by it's cover; people and living beings are often deeper than their outer appearances. You can't obtain a full, comprehensive understanding from a brief snapshot. The humans weren't particularly what the raccoons were expecting with Benson remarking, "Sorry to disappoint?" after Carton notes that the group of humans is nothing like the posters. Hearing this, Tongue Depressor asserts, "No disappointment here. Expectations are just placeholders for reality." People can often shatter and exceed expectations; they're icebergs with stories going so much deeper than what you might see on the surface (much like I've learned after hearing many stories about my uncle lately). Things lately have a lot of people feeling shaky and lacking a sense of safety. When the raccoons give up on feeling safe in their home, Wolf emphasizes, "A place doesn't make you safe. You make you safe. You're only helpless and weak if you let yourself be. Yes, Beak Beak is huge, scary, horrifying, but we're smarter. We can take him!" Don't sell yourself short; you so much stronger than you believe. Conceding to circumstances is all about your perspective and mindset; you end up giving your power away. After Wolf, Kipo, and the gang help the raccoons stand in their power and protect themselves from Beak Beak, the raccoons celebrated their victory, shouting, "Oh yeah! We did it!"

Wolf remarks, "Now if Beak Beak ever shows back up, you know what to do."

Tongue Depressor emphasizes, "More than that--we know we can. Our minds had to believe before we could achieve."

Once you know you can do something, a whole new world opens up to you. Believe and you shall achieve. Your mindset is a powerful asset or adversary depending on how you use it.

Even though Wolf encouraged and emphasized the raccoons to stand and band together, she ends up running away from her friends after learning a secret about Kipo. Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) clouds her judgment, causing her to abandon her friends. Benson refuses to give up on her and encourages, "Aren't you tired of just surviving? Obviously, you can handle yourself. I mean, you just jumped over a full-on truck back there, and like, how did you do that?! You're four feet tall, and it was a truck! Look, I know you don't need me or Kipo to survive, but without us that's all you'll ever do. Don't you wanna see what else there is? Don't you wanna see what we could all do together?" It can be easy to become deceived by fear's story, but it's not true. Fear's story causes us to sell ourselves short and to settle for less than our full potential; yes, Wolf could survive on her own, but she wouldn't do much more than that. She wouldn't be truly living and experiencing joy and love. Kipo struggles with understanding Wolf and her reaction, feeling hurt by Wolf's rejection. Jamack remarks, "I don't know. Maybe she's just scared... No, not scared of you--scared of change. When you spend your whole life believing one thing, and then it's ripped away, you can do some pretty drastic stuff. Not always smart stuff. So, what I'm saying is: she's weak right now." Many people likely feel similar to Wolf right now; people's lives, jobs, stability, normalcy, etc. have been ripped away. They likely feel scared; life is full of uncertainty now when they thought their life was full of certainties. It's okay to feel scared. It's okay to have emotions. We can't stay in the fear, though. If we do, what kind of life will we live? Can we truly be alive that way, constantly in fear, never trusting others? We have to work past the fear, persevering and overcoming the challenges. Wolf is able to do this and come to terms with the changes. She admits, "I'm sorry I ran. I was scared of what was happening to you. Scared that you'd hurt me. I still am, but I'm tired of running."

Kipo confesses, "I'm scared, too, but whatever happens on the outside, who I am on the inside isn't gonna change. We're sisters. No matter what."

We're all in this together; we're all part of the same human family, the same family living on Earth. Whatever happens in the outside world won't change who we are on the inside: spiritual beings. It will be okay; we've got this, regardless of the changes the outside world is undergoing. Lio, Kipo's father, sings, "Oh, purple jaguar eye, open up and be alive. See the world in vivid color. There's no turning back. You've got all the love you need to run sure-footed, newly freed. Oh, purple jaguar eye, look at what's ahead for you and me." We can't go back to the way things used to be. No amount of wishful thinking or begging will turn back the clock. We can only continue to walk forward. Look ahead rather than constantly looking back; you can learn from the past, but the past is the past. You can never live a past moment again; you are always in the present moment. It's time to view the world, full of it's vivid colors, experiences, and love, and experience what it's like to be free.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts hits home with a lot of its content. One song that struck a chord with me is the song Kipo and her father sing together. They sing, "We may not have sunshine or starlight or weather, but we've got each other and that's even better. You don't need the sun to keep you warm when you've got arms. Wishes come from you and not a random shooting star. We may not have storm clouds, but the sky's always blue. We've got something special here, and what we have is you." Your loved ones are most important. Things and possessions are nice, but they all pale in comparison to those you love. Loved ones are irreplaceable.

Peace be with my uncle, who passed on. I wish you well, and I am grateful you are no longer suffering. While life can be amazing, your body became a prison. I hope you enjoyed your journey. You touched many lives. I know many people will miss you, but I know that they also are glad that you were able to free yourself from the suffering. Brain cancer, tumors, and strokes are serious stuff. I can only image what it was like to be stuck, laying in bed unable to move, eat, or drink. I can only imagine the strength living through that would take. Like you would tell everyone when this challenge began, you're a fighter, just like little Addie. You kept your positivity through most of this obstacle, and that's extremely admirable; many likely would have lost it right away. Throughout your multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, doctor's visits, therapy, hospital visits, and all, you persevered. I know that with everything else going on in the world your final chapter wasn't quite what you wished for (watching hockey games, eating pizza, and spending time with family being at the top of your list), but I hope you were still able to enjoy it. Many thanks to Cedarhurst for watching over you and caring for you throughout the last chapter.

We had his memorial on June 6th at his church. In his honor we all opted to wear bright colors; I chose to wear bright blue and lots of colorful flowers. I'm grateful he had a supportive community through his church. I have gratitude to his pastor, Betsy, and her staff that allowed us to hold the memorial in these unusual times. It was a beautiful service. Throughout the service, it was brought up time and time again how strong my uncle was, not only in mind and body but in spirit--he kept his positivity throughout this challenge and opted to die with dignity. In a recent video, "Holding Grace, Swan and Bee Medicine," Amanda Ellis remarks, "It's better to die a noble death, protecting what was right, in a graceful way rather than go down all guns blazing in flames" ( My uncle choose to remain gentle and full of love, making the most of the situation. Love is what's most important, and my uncle exemplified this throughout his life. Amanda affirms, "We're being asked to go and savor the nectar of life. The more that you invest in and watch and absorb and get just totally overwhelmed with all of the difficult stuff that's happening in our world at the moment, you are basically removing yourself from the joy of life. There is still joy in life. There is still sweetness in life. There is so much to be celebrated. There is so much to love about our world... Expect the best. The world is actually working in your favor. Believe it or not, the world is actually working in your favor." My uncle lived this. He always asserted, "Today's a wonderful day to be alive." Even with the brain cancer, the surgeries, the chemo, the rehab, and all of the other challenges, he believed this. Don't close yourself off from love and the joy of life. We've been given the gift of life; there's so much to be grateful for. My uncle has left many lessons to learn from. Embody love. Welcome others. Be kind, playful, and grateful. Have a sense of humor. Live a life of dignity regardless of the circumstances. Wish people well--don't cling onto and hold negativity in your heart. Be vulnerable and open. Be welcoming and accepting. See the value in everyone. Care for others; be there for people, stay with them, and support them. There's always something new you can learn. Be brave, smile, and be silly. Adapt to changes and challenges. Plant warmth, kindness, and love into those you meet. Time is valuable--make the most of what you have and go on an adventure. Embrace your gifts. Embrace bold and vivid colors--live a bold and vivid life. Don't hesitate and falter, hiding your true colors and holding yourself back, so you don't live a life of regrets; embrace and live your dreams. The ending of one thing will bring about the spark of new life. We're all in the midst of transformation--we will all become beautiful butterflies. Loved ones that have passed on aren't truly gone--they're still here; they've just transitioned into the realm of spirit and energy. My uncle wanted to make the rest of his life a big party; he didn't quite get his wish, so I intend to embrace this wish in my life. I'll strive towards making a big splash and creating a fun adventure in his honor. The lessons you've left are truly blessings; thank you so much and rest in peace, Uncle John.

In honor of my uncle, who enjoyed Styx, here's Come Sail Away. Sail away and be free.

Let's sail away on our journeys; let's find our freedom. Let's keep a heart full of love and gratitude. We'll all have our challenges and obstacles, but we can persevere and overcome them. The night may be dark, but the sun will rise again. Stay blessed, my friends, and remember we are spiritual beings having temporary physical experiences. You don't know when the journey will end, but you can enjoy the journey and make the most of it.

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