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Three Simple Steps to Create Passive Income and Change Your Life

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

(What I Learned from My Latest Live Webinar Summit and Q&A)

Money is on everyone’s mind nowadays.

There’s inflation and stagnant jobs.

Many people are fed up with the current job structure, desiring to work from home as their own boss.

Countless articles and courses pop up the internet with claims of providing extra income.

I'm sure many of you have pursued them with varying degrees of success.

There are numerous avenues for working from home as your own boss.

Today I’m going to share a special three-step system to create financial freedom.

This system is not of my own creation, but why recreate the wheel when it already works phenomenally?

I recently completed this live webinar summit hosted by Lurn, and I’m super excited by what I learned.

Here’s everything I learned so you don’t have to sit through a summit lasting over four hours like I did.

Chris Luck, the creator of AMBSDR, shared this simple three-step system to get paid writing online.

Anyone can use this system. No experience required.

You can work part-time or full-time. You call the shots and get to decide.

It’s important to recognize that this is a system. Systems are tried and true whereas strategies often change and fluctuate with the trends.

I strongly encourage you to try something new; with this system you can earn money talking about the brands you already love.

Take a second to imagine what your life would look like with predictable streams of passive income.

You can build a new life with this system, and you can run it in less time, with less money, less work, less headaches, and less obstacles than any other business.

I know, such a claim sounds way too good to be true.

There are plenty of claims out there that fall short of such promises.

Give me a bit of your time (you won’t have to spend hours like I did), set aside your skepticism, and open your mind to the possibility.

This information can change your life and provide extra cash into your bank account.

Let’s face it. The world is drastically changing—the old world is ending, and the new world is beginning.

Let’s set sail for a new adventure, armed with the knowledge for financial success. Let’s build a business and create passive income!

If we go in blind, succumbing to trial and error, we might as well be walking through a minefield blind. It can be detrimental to our financial wellbeing.

The following system by Chris Luck is exactly what we need to do, step by step. He provides the best shortcut he’s learned in over two decades of experience for being paid to talk about brands on the internet.

(Screenshot from the virtual summit outlining Chris Luck's journey and experience)

You don’t need to sell any products. You don’t have to comprise online courses or write a comprehensive book.

You can literally be paid to talk about any brand you want on the internet.

Take a minute to imagine using Chris Luck’s loophole to work with any brand in the world without working with them directly.

Best parts are it’s that easy, and anyone can do this.

To use this system, you don’t need:

• prior experience

• to create a product

• to invest a ton of time

• to leave your house

• to sell anything

• to buy inventory

• to travel anywhere

• to have any followers

• to be a certain age

• to have a specific education

• to be an influencer

• to live in a certain location

• to be good at tech

• to have special skills

• to look a certain way

You might be wondering: is this for you?

The following system is for you if:

• you’re a complete beginner

• you can follow simple steps

• you’re tired of working the same 9-5 job

• you’re looking for new avenues for income

• you’re willing to work from home

• you want to be paid for talking about brands

The system is not for individuals if:

• you think you know it all already

• you’re looking for a get rich quick gimmick

• you can’t follow directions

• you lack time to try something new

• you expect money to magically appear

With this system you can:

• be any age

• work whenever you want, picking your own hours

• make as much money as you want

• live anywhere in the world

• go on as many vacations as you want

• work as much or as little as you want

• create passive income

• work from home

• be your own boss

• get paid every day

• have complete control

• create the life you’ve always wanted

• start from scratch today

With this system you don’t need to:

• be on camera

• post on social media all day

• spend money on advertising

• have followers of any kind

• have any special skills or talents

You can use this system literally anywhere.

You can use this simple system on your laptop while lounging on the couch, on your phone in a bubble bath, or even on the beach soaking up the sun.

If you know how to type on a keyboard, you can use this system.

Why is this system so important? Why is it so crucial to act now?

(Summit screenshot highlighting the importance of the timing)

Chris Luck identifies three big reasons this system works.

(Summit screenshot emphasizing the 3 Big Reasons)

This system works so well by tapping into the power of Amazon.

(Summit screenshot illustrating why this system works)

When you combine these three factors, you can make a bunch of money.

Unlike all the other opportunities to make money out there on the internet, you get to control how much money you make.

There is one catch: if you enjoy working for someone else, this system isn't for you. You're in full control.

If you desire to work for yourself, this system is for you.

Are you ready? Now pay attention.

This system is not traditional affiliate marketing.

This simple three-step system is becoming a brand ambassador.

There are seven money making methods in a brand ambassador business where you build a kingdom of success and wealth.

(Summit screenshot depicting the 7 Money Making Methods)

Start with the fundamental first step: building a blog.

This is what the summit focused on because your blog is the foundation for your entire brand ambassador business.

Set up the foundation using the BAM System: Build, Amplify, Multiply.

(Summit screenshot of the BAM System overview)

Step One: Build

• Think about what brands/products you want to talk about, do an online search on Google, and see who’s successful in that niche

• Sign up for Amazon Associates to earn passive income via commission

• Create your blog; Ghost is a fast and easy way to build a blog for free—it’s Chris Luck’s favorite solution, but you can use whatever you want

• When writing articles, read product reviews online on Amazon and then talk about them on your blog

• Your goal and purpose is to be a middle man, getting readers to click your buttons and links to earn a 10% commission from Amazon

• The more articles you write, the more seeds of passive income you create

• Write one article a day, starting off small as you build up from ground zero

• The more articles the better, but don't go too fast and up suffering from burnout

• Add your amazon associate links to all the articles you write

• Earn predictable, passive income each month

Follow this, and Step One, the hardest step of the business, is complete! The last two steps are downhill from here.

(Summit screenshot revealing the successful articles from Best Reviews)

Step Two: Amplify

• Use SpyFu, the most powerful and affordable tool Chris Luck has ever seen to see behind the scenes what people are doing to be successful with their articles

• Once in SpyFu, put in a competitor's website and get insight, the most successful keywords, how they get traffic, etc.

• Pick a product to write about

• Optional: run a similar ad on Google (Google will give you a $500 credit when you spend $500) or other traffic generators

At the end of the day, you don't have to spend money to make money off your articles.

Running ads lets you cut to the front of the line of search results and generate more income.

Using SpyFu allows you to see what the successful competitors are doing.

Everything's already been done and tested for you by competitors, so you know you can make money.

With that, Step Two is complete.

(Summit screenshot illustrating how an ad plan can boost profits)

Step Three: Multiply

• One article means one stream of passive income

• Adding more articles to your blog mean more money

It’s reasonable to be able to write an article in half an hour, having insight from successful competitor articles.

If you can spend two hours a day writing articles, that means you can have four articles out a day.

At that rate over the course of a year you would accumulate almost fifteen hundred articles (1,460 articles to be exact).

What does that mean for profits, though?

With so many articles, even if they don't do so hot, they can bring in significant cash.

Let's say you earn a conservative $100 per article annually, that'd yield $146,000 in profits for only 2 hours of daily writing.

What would your life look like with an extra $146,000? How much would it improve with that kind of extra, passive income or even more?

Maybe you’re short on time currently and can only write one article per day; that’d still make you $36,500 if you earn $100 for every article.

That’s still passive income that can make a world of a difference for many of us.

Remember, this is conservative. You can make thousands with this system.

If you noticed in the summit “Build” screenshot, Best Reviews makes thousands on individual articles per month. They have over 9,000 articles.

Think about those kinds of possibilities.

Granted, odds are you won't be at that level at the start, but that shouldn't discourage you.

Successful review blogs like Best Reviews prove what's possible!

(Summit screenshot demonstrating how profitable multiplying your articles can be)

Maybe you’re skeptical of your writing prowess.

You don’t have to be an English major to write successful articles.

Still, you have options if you want to outsource.

For starters, you can pay authors, as needed, to write articles for you, using websites like Fiverr.

Fiverr is a great freelance avenue where you can pay $5 for an article; just make sure to specify that you want a product review article author.

There’s also the route of the AI to consider.

Artificial Intelligence is improving by the day, and odds are a lot of the article authors you find on Fiverr and the like are using some form of AI.

You can try Jasper if you want to use artificial intelligence to write your article and set up your entire business on autopilot.

Instead of focusing on WHAT you need to do, think about WHO can help you do it; this will help you make thousands per day.

Step Three is now complete.

(Summit screenshot reviewing the 3 steps for setting up your foundation)

Now it can be your turn.

You're just as smart and deserving as any and all other successful ambassadors.

All you need to do to make this system work and create financial abundance is to believe—believe in yourself and what's possible.

(Summit screenshot highlighting some of the many success stories)

Knowledge is power, and you're already armed with everything you need to start your new business.

You have two options: the hard or easy path to financial freedom.

You can walk away, ignoring the opportunity I shared with you, or you can take action.

If you do today what you did yesterday, tomorrow will look exactly the same as today.

Now’s your moment. You can create more of the same, or you can change your life forever.

You can choose right now to implement a change that will drastically improve your life.

Imagine a garden or farm; with this system you're planting seeds. The more articles you write, the more seeds you plant that can grow into money trees.

Granted, I can't make guarantees or promises about how much money you’ll make.

Sadly, I lack the necessary magical powers to have money spontaneously appear in your bank account—this all depends on the work you put in.

I’m sharing this insight with you all for educational purposes.

This system is a powerfully enlightening and transformational educational opportunity.

You can choose to go it alone as you embark on this new journey, which is totally your call to make.

On the other hand, you can choose to team up and get all the guidance and support you could ever want or need through Lurn.

Lurn's course will walk you through the entire system, all seven money making methods, so be sure to check it out if you want to learn more.

I have only the sincerest gratitude and appreciation for Chris Luck for sharing this priceless information.

I think he mentioned that over 15,000 people wanted to be on his Zoom summit call.

Only 3,000 managed to fit into the call, with myself being among the lucky few that managed to squeeze in.

I wanted to share this treasure trove of an opportunity to all that couldn't make the call. This has the power to drastically improve our lives if we choose to implement it.

Here's to a prosperous future where we our dream lives are reality!

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