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Take Time to Breathe, Relax, and Laugh

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I hope everyone is well! I had the week off from babysitting, so I took the opportunity to rest, relax, create some art, watch anime, and hang out with my cat. I loved watching some Inuyasha, Your Name, and Fireworks. Being productive is all well and good, but taking the time to breathe is also rather important. Honestly, I felt like I needed to take it easy after last weekend. That energy was jam packed with the summer solstice, eclipse, and new moon. So much energy~ It left me feeling a bit drained. Definitely feeling better after taking it easy.

Uploaded some new videos to our YouTube channel this week with the down time.

New crystals arrived! I'm excited for my growing collection. Corliss believes she has 100, and I commented on how I've never counted, so I have no idea how many I have. Corliss believes I have 200. I guess I'll have to count before the number gets too high. I am curious about how many I have now, especially considering I started my collection at the beginning of this year. I knew I had crystals, but once I started decorating my new desk, I realized I had a lot more than I thought. The more the merrier! I'm looking forward to getting some massive crystals soon!

I went to go get some yummy food from the store. I debated whether I wanted to go out or not, but I felt the impulse to go out, so I did. At Trader Joe's there actually wasn't much of a line like the past times I've gone up there (gotta love divine timing). As I was waiting in the short line to check out, one of the staff members went up to the lady in the line next to mine and asked, "I was outside and saw this car with all these anime and Pokemon stickers; is it yours?" The lady didn't seem to like the idea of such a car, but I raised my hand to indicate it was mine. The employee's eyes lit up, and she became so alive. She gushed, "Oh my gosh! I love your car! I saw it, and I just had to look at all the stickers!!" This interaction was priceless; I loved the sincerity and genuine nature of her enthusiasm. I wished her to have a wonderful rest of her day; I loved her energy. It's kind of funny because I asked the universe to show me abundance when I went out; most people tend to think abundance is wealth like money, but I definitely experienced abundance of good vibes and joy. I love that feeling. I love that I can bring joy to others just by being myself and expressing my interests through my sticker car. It's awesome being able to live life with high vibes. Life is great!

Corliss and I enjoyed a day out together. She asked if I could help her run some errands; I figured why not and have an adventure. As we were looking for the shoe store so she could pick up her order, we stumbled across Anime Eggroll. We were so excited! We first found it years ago, but back then it was only about ten minutes from my house. A couple of years ago we went to go to Anime Eggroll, but we found out it moved to a mall that was farther away. We were disappointed. Turns out, it moved yet again and is now in an outlet mall (farther still from my house). We were talking to the staff about how much we enjoy the store and how we were surprised it moved, and they informed us that they would be moving yet again within the next year or so because the outlet mall is undergoing renovations. They can't seem to catch a break. It's a really neat, family-owned anime store. We definitely recommend checking it out. We had lots of fun browsing and looking at all the neat merchandise they have. We walked inside the store to immediately find a cat section and found Asuna sitting on a cup of ramen. We also found a new work by Makoto Shinkai--we loved Your Name (we saw it in theaters four times), and we ordered the soundtrack, book, and DVD/blu-ray set of it as soon as we could. It's one of our absolute favorites. If you haven't seen it yet, please consider watching it. Your Name is breath-taking and soul touching. We'll definitely be checking out Weathering With You. While we were browsing, Corliss called me over and was covering up a part of a word on the cover of a DVD. The art looked stunning. She told me to guess what the last word was. With the art looking so beautiful and peaceful with the cherry blossoms, my mind decided it would be something lovely and went with "pancakes." It wasn't. I was so very wrong. Nothing like pancakes. It was definitely not what I was expecting (honestly, who would expect it to be "pancreas"?). As we were getting into line to check out, I noticed the Japanese characters on the wall. They looked quite familiar as I've been working on learning Japanese. I'll admit, the scorching summer heat fried my brain a bit, and it took me a good minute to process what I was looking at. I got "anime" right away, and then the rest clicked: "Eggroll." Of course. It made complete sense, being the name and all. Kinda feel like that should have been obvious, but at first glance it wasn't.

After acquring our goodies from Anime Eggroll we made our way to the shoe store. Corliss munched on some matcha pocky as we walked. She picked up her order and went to try the shoes on. She put them on so she could browse the store while testing out the comfort of the shoes. Mid-walk she stopped and asked me, "Do you hear this? These shoes make constant farting noises! Ahhh!" I gave her a serious look and replied, "You can't have matcha any more." She nearly collapsed to the floor in laughter. The whole time she browsed the store, we were laughing about what was dubbed her "matcha farts" while wishing we had a Go Pro recording our interactions and adventures. You can't make this stuff up. It's always so instantaneous and in the flow. At least we got sincere, genuine laughter and a great memory out of it.

Next on the to-do list was to get her computer from Best Buy. Sam was really nice and super helpful, but we ended up taking a break to let our brains recoup from the summer heat and allow Corliss time to think about which one to pick. Another employee came over, starting to tell us that normally there's a TV on by the chairs we were sitting in, and they wanted to move the TV box for us, believing it was in our way or unsightly or something. I responded thanks but we were fine--"it's such an interesting box TV to watch." Meanwhile, Corliss was nodding along and agreeing even though she hadn't heard a single thing they said. The chairs were super comfy, though. Corliss didn't want to get up. I told her we could just tell the staff that we live here now, that the chairs specifically were our home. More joking ensued, and Corliss ended up almost falling to the ground as she cried tears of laughter.

Afterwards we decided to go get some food. Since our order was messed up last time at Corner 17 (we received soup instead of stir fry), we were able to get it for free! They added a lot more art around the area. It's really interesting to see the streets transforming with the new art. It was also interesting that we received our stir fry at the exact same time as last time: 5pm on Friday--only this time, it was super easy, fast, and hassle-free. No complications, no mistakes. Simple and flowing perfectly like it was supposed to be. It was truly a feast for the sense. There was a cool breeze, delicious food, and bright, blue sky with withe, fluffy clouds. The sky was truly magnificent and breath-taking. We loved watching the clouds float on by from our shady oasis; we were super appreciative for the shade from the scorching sun!

Once we were done eating and admiring the incredible views from our shady sanctuary and oasis, we started browsing the shops. We had planned to do so last time, but spending hours trying to get the correct food in the summer heart depleted any energy and chance of doing that. This time we were straight to Sunshine Daydream to get some crystals. John helped us look at the variety of crystals, and he was funny. We joked about buying the whole store, and he remarked, "Well, you need somewhere to store your crystals, don't you?" He also kept remarking how he was temptation when it came to crystals, bringing more and more out. He also let us know that a store across the street (The Silver Lady) sells crystals, too, but it wasn't open by the time we got there. It was a lot of fun, and we got some beauties out of it--Corliss even got a huge amethyst for $50 that was originally $80. They have a loyalty program where purchases made provide points to get money off of your next purchase. We had $10 off from our last visit, which was awesome! It's a remarkable store and definitely worth checking it out if you haven't before.

Since it was such a scorcher, we went next door to get an ice cream sandwich from Insomnia Cookies. They were so good! You get to pick the cookies and ice cream you want--you can even mix and match if you want. As we were leaving, Corliss called out to John, telling him to treat himself to a cookie, to which he replied, "Oh, I get free cookies." Corliss and I looked at each other and remarked how he needs to hook us up with some free cookies.

We got so many goodies and had so much fun. It was much needed laughter to help lift our spirits. It was an excellent reminder that life has so much good and abundance to offer. The universe has our backs. We look forward to our next adventure!

Amanda Ellis notes the importance of keeping the peace in her recent video, "Being the Peace Keeper, holding Christ’s energy and the Middle Path ....transmission at end." ( She remarks, "'Blessed are the peace keepers. God shall call them his sons...' When you are trying to hold the middle ground and actually respect and acknowledge both sides, you will be misunderstood... You will often be misinterpreted, and people will often have a skewed version of who they think you are, what you've said, [what] you've done... The thing is, you have to let it go because that's their stuff. It actually hasn't got a lot to do with you, which is the really interesting thing. You can be talked about, but actually it's got very little to do with you. It's got to do with the consciousness of the person, who feels they have to do that." Don't stress and worry about others so much or what they'll think or say or react. They have things to work on, heal, and grow from just like you, so focus on yourself. Sometimes you'll be misunderstood when you do the right thing, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Don't add to the drama, turmoil, and chaos. You're better than that; it's now what you're here to do. Focus on doing the next right thing and what's best. Everything will fall into place. Be a kind human, to yourself and everyone/every living being. We're all capable of love and light, but we need to heal ourselves and find balance first in order to fully encompass them.

In her recent video, "4 Pillars of Life - Lose the Distractions Trigger Warning!" (, Amanda Ellis emphasizes the importance of finding balance and stability, especially in these times. Stabilize your life and the four pillars. If your four pillars, relationships, body/health, purposeful work, and spiritual, are wobbly you’re going to struggle. Focus on improving yourself, becoming your best self. Don’t get distracted. Distractions are very prevalent right now; don’t let them sidetrack you and drag you down the wrong path. You’re meant to be doing something incredible right now; make the most of your life. Do what you love; do what makes you happy and thrive. In order to do that, you might need to say goodbye to somethings. It could be relationships. It could be habits. It could be how you view yourself or an old version of yourself. If it doesn’t serve you, cut your ties and move on. Goodbyes can be sad, but without them we cannot have the new. There’s only so much space; what do you want to occupy the space of your life? Don’t cry over what is gone or lost but focus on what blessings you still have. There’s plenty to be grateful for. Take what still stands and reinvent your life into something extraordinary; discover your full potential and manifest the reality you desire. You have everything you need because the Universe has your back. Now go. Take that step forward. Be bold. Live life in full color. Shine. You are beautiful. Don’t let the world’s distractions discourage and dissuade you otherwise. Amanda Ellis remarks,

“Distraction energy... [is] so prevalent at the moment... and what it's doing is it's pulling us away from what should be our spiritual practice... And the practice is really about trying to help us to become better people; align to the highest light and energy that is available to us, remain grounded because we're meant to be here on earth to do our work, make a difference, help each other, support each other…There was a lot packed into it [this past weekend] energetically. We had the summer solstice, we had the solar eclipse, we had the new moon in cancer, we had Father’s Day, as well... There was a lot going on energetically... [those couple of days] almost went through in slow motion--probably also because we've got so many planets in retrograde... It forced us to look at what we really need to look at in life, to reflect on that, and to then make some probable necessary changes in the days, weeks, and months to come... like a signpost was put very clearly for a lot of us in terms of where we need to be putting our attention, what we need to be focusing on, what we need to be developing within ourself... Remember everybody in your life mirrors an aspect of yourself, as well, so if you're getting triggered by somebody, it's actually mirroring back to you something in yourself that is unhealed because, ultimately, if you've healed in that aspect, you don't get triggered. It is that simple. You can't get triggered unless there is a wound [or some truth] there... [The energy from this weekend's eclipse and solstice have caused] a resetting of these four pillars... but over the coming days because we're still in the shadow period of all this energy, you are going to be looking at one of these four areas of life if you haven't already, but for some of us [we might have multiple pillars that are wobbly]... it's fine because then you know what you have to rebuild... The purposeful work pillar is built on shaping and purposefully using your talents and your abilities in the cause of something, not only to inspire and empower you but to inspire and enliven others... Are you maximizing your time and your abilities and your creative talents in the best way that you can or are you not? Are you also receiving abundance from it? Are you receiving money and resources to further sustain and develop your gifts? If we become over-invested in one area [or pillar], the structure becomes unstable. The four pillars can be viewed as the supports of a bridge, which leads from the head or mind to the heart. You're invited to look at the structure of your life as a whole. Practically all of us will have pillars or aspects of how we live that are weaker, compromising the integrity of what we wish to build. What pillar of yours needs care and attention? … Over the weekend all of the chakras have been shaken up... it literally is like we've been through the biggest turbulence in terms of being up in the air in turbulence, and the seat belt signs have now just been switched off, so you can now start to walk around the plane, but you've been sitting in like a bucket seat, being shaken around for the last three days, more than three days--seven days previous, as well. And it's like everyone's getting up, and they're trying to rummage in their locker and everything's all over the place; bags have fallen on top of other bags... everything falls on your head... People are pressing the switch for the air hostess to come because they need help, they need attention. That's where we're at, guys. So, absolutely, the chakras need a cleanse through. Our chakras have been shaken. The four pillars of relationship, work, health, and our spiritual connection and alignment have all been shaken... because we are meant to be moving on now to the next phase of life, and that's why I had to have that mini rant about distraction stuff; do you want that on top of everything else that's going on in your body? ... The chakras are out of alignment, trying to come back into alignment, which can happen very quickly, by the way. It's just about recognizing when they're out of alignment and then bring them back, whether it be through color, whether it be through meditation, whether it be through music, whether it be through affirmation, whether it just be through bringing down white light... But can you see that with everything that's going on, everything having been jigged up and down within our physical body, all the timelines doing this, as well, we're all literally still hanging on to the seat in front even though the seat belt signs now say we can stand up, and then you've also got all this distraction energy coming in? ... Your job to do right now is to concentrate on your ascension journey, to concentrate on yourself, to let go of everything else that's pulling you away from that… [Cut] through all the distraction. Focus on what you're here to do... Focus on what your life's work is... Cut through the rest... You can do anything… reconfigure, come into wholeness, let go--death moment--of what no longer serves us... move into the new with real strength, with real clarity… You are the king; you can be the king or the queen of your life, and the king has climbed the ladder to get to his position. He's earned it... He deserves to be there... Once you really claim your power, once you really claim who you are and your own connection, then anything is possible... You can access this higher power, which is also an aspect of you, by the way, at any time you want to. You just have to climb the ladder... This very clearly shows a ladder to it, so it's very accessible... With this energy that we've just gone through over the weekend that this has never been more accessible. It's never been more open for us to climb to higher realms, for us to go higher, for us to experience more, for us to get a clearer connection to source, get a clearer connection to ourselves, to be more in tune with who we are and what we want. It's really, really clear… It's always been part of our goal [to have inner peace], and so anything that takes you away from that, that takes your energy away from you focusing in on trying to achieve that needs to go in the dust cart, needs to go in the recycling bin... Try to limit and only focus on that which is important... You can't be there for everybody. You can't please everybody... You have just got to focus on what's most important... maintain focus on what the job is at hand... It doesn't matter what you do, doesn't matter what your job is; be proud of it, put your energy into it, put your focus into it... Put your attention where it's most valid... Concentrate on what you're meant to be concentrating on... Let's focus on what is important in life and the four pillars... strengthen them as much as you can... Be who you are as a soul... Your essence, your soul essence, concentrate on that."

Find what makes you happy, what motivates you, what brings out your passion and purpose. We're not meant to merely exist. We're meant to enjoy the gift and journey that life is. Find your balance and inner peace, and don't let others steal it from you. Do what's best for you, even if that rocks the boat because we really can't please everyone simultaneously. Our human vessels have limitations, such as a limit of energy, so prioritize wisely. Focus on what's truly important, faze out the distractions, and become the best version of yourself. We've got this; the universe has our backs. The universe is full of abundance. Step into your power. Live your ideal life. Stay blessed with love and light~

Looking for some food for thought? Here's some content to mull over:

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