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Synchronicity and Abundance

I spent the bulk of my week babysitting. The boys are pretty humorous. The older of the two wanted us to work on mash-ups and combinations of Pokemon with other things (he really enjoyed the Spideysaur drawing I created earlier this summer). He had us create this long list of potential candidates, and we started sketching out some of the ideas: Kermit the Croag (Croagunk and Kermit), The Magic School Bug (Charjabug and The Magic School Bus), and Brumander (Charmander and Bruni). It was a lot of fun, and it definitely inspired me to create some new art--I have a variety of ideas now. He also wanted me to bring over my Ariel doll that I had when I was little (he adores Disney and Pokemon if you hadn't noticed); I looked for it but wasn't able to find it. He asked for me to bring my sister's Bratz doll over--he wanted us to style the hair in different Pokemon and Disney hair styles. When I did bring it over, he was so excited. It's the little things sometimes that make the greatest difference. His brother was being silly and started calling me random names (like "Mr. Fox" and "Brenda"). He'd start referring to this other person/name; when I'd ask him who he was talking to, he'd give me a look like it was obvious before declaring, "YOU, of course!" So, apparently I have a variety of names I was unaware of *shrugs*. While we were taking the younger of the two to his swim lessons, we drove past a car with an interesting sun blocker. I started laughing when I saw it, which cause the older to question me as to why. When I explained that the car had a Cars sun blocker, making it look like the car was from the movie, Cars, and showed it to him, he thought it was awesome, too. Their dog, Pearl, spent plenty of time with me this week (often using me as a pillow). It was a busy week, but it was full of fun and interesting finds--I enjoyed my time with the boys this week!

I finished The Celestine Prophecy series this week! The third and fourth books, The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight and The Twelfth Insight: The Hour of Decision, were incredible, just like the first two! I didn't want to put these down, either. Such profound insight in these books. I definitely recommend checking the series out if you haven't read them before. So much adds up from these books in light of what's happening now. There are no "accidents" or "coincidences." There's so much synchronicity; it's mind-blowing.

We now have a bunch of our coloring sheets available for purchase at: Feel free to check them out!

The sky was so interesting this week! The clouds were absolutely stunning! My cat enjoyed me taking her out for her backyard adventures, but I wonder if she ever looks at the sky. I know she enjoys the grass and lounging, but I have yet to see her look at the sky. Makes me wonder if the sky/clouds ever cross cats' radars. Thursday evening hit me with an extreme wave of exhaustion. Nobody else would take fluffy cat outside, and she kept crying at me, begging to go out; I ended up giving in, but I grabbed a towel and laid on the ground the whole time. I, honestly, had no energy; it all felt like too much effort. Fluffy cat hung out next to me for awhile, but she went off and wandered about the grass. She was so happy to be out; she loves her outdoor time. I couldn't deny her; she's just so gosh darn cute. I felt better after sleeping, so I guess it was just a long week.

Fearless Soul released another awesome song! Feel free to check it out!

Amanda Ellis talks about the upcoming new moon and the importance of taking time for quiet--hushing your inner and outer worlds so you can figure out what you actually want and how to proceed accordingly.

I find it funny (but not really because there are no coincidences) that Spirit Science discussed the idea of merging science and spirituality; The Celestine Prophecy series explores this concept, especially in The Twelfth Insight--there's a skepticism about how spirituality cannot be scientific as there's no way to measure it, quantify it, etc, but in The Twelfth Insight they realize that that's not true. Oh, the synchronicity of it all. Life is rather amusing, always tossing curve balls and signs for those paying attention.

Similarly, aligning with The Celestine Prophecy series' content, Aaron Doughty emphasizes the importance of thoughts and beliefs. What you believe is your self fulfilling prophecy. Thoughts and beliefs hold a lot more power than many people give them credit for. What do you want your self fulfilling prophecy to be?

Like always, Ralph Smart drops plenty of truth bombs and food for thought.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their week! Even if things get rather busy from time to time, we've got this. Just take time to breathe and relax. Getting things done and being productive is all well and good, but don't pour from an empty cup. If you do, the quality of what you put out into the world will begin to diminish. You might end up creating more work for yourself in the long run when you don't stop to take a break. Taking a break and then returning to your work and to-do list can help rejuvenate you and allow you to amplify your productivity. Most importantly, don't forget to have fun. Fun is an incredible spice to life--few people enjoy living a bland life, so spice it up! Tap into the possibilities, believe in the universe (since it has your back), and recognize that the universe has an incredible abundance for everyone. You've got this. Set your intentions and remember that your thoughts and beliefs create your reality. If you believe you can't, you can't; it's a self fulfilling prophecy. Remember: impossible literally says, "I'm possible." Tapping into your imagination and possibilities will open so many doors and opportunities. Don't limit yourself; you're amazing! Stay blessed, my friends, with love and light~

Here's some food for thought:

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