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Summer is Heating Up

I hope everyone is doing well and staying cool. It's been getting super hot, and the heat's been smothering. Please stay cool and take care of yourselves (because this heat has been no joke--it's so oppressive). Stay hydrated and safe; the heat is no joke. Hopefully, energies have been treating you kindly as well. They've felt like they have been kind of all over the place here; sometimes being fine--other times feeling super heavy and messing with sleep. Please take care and give yourself some TLC in these wild times of fluctuating energies and intense temperatures.

Sleep was improved Sunday night/Monday morning, but it still wasn't the greatest. Ended up waking up after like 5ish hours of sleep and being unable to resume sleep. No idea what transpired in the dream realm. That said, it improved further Monday night/Tuesday morning, and I was able to get about 6.5-7 hours of sleep before waking up prematurely and being unable to fall back asleep. Dream recall was still shrouded in a thick haze, so no idea what occurred while sleeping. Falling asleep wasn't too tricky Tuesday night, but I woke up multiple times; the final time was around 6 am, and I was so hot and sweaty, unable to go back to sleep. No idea what occurred in the dream realm. Sleep was okayish Wednesday night, but I woke up rather early again and couldn't fall back asleep. Couldn't remember anything from dreams, either. Sleep was somewhat better Thursday night; dream recall was still hazy, but I did remember some vague bits and pieces. There was something about being on a beach/near a beach as well as something about being at Target. No idea why, but it was something.

Sleep was more or less the same Friday night, but I did remember more from my dream. Not sure if other things happened, but I had been on what seemed to be a trip with my family. My sister seemed in a big triggered mood by my family, and I went and said something to her, attempting to improve the situation. Then she started giving me all this attitude and telling me that I was just as bad as them and something about touching her piggy bank. I told her that I hadn't touched the piggy bank, but she didn't believe me, flipped me off, and stomped off. Then there was something about going into some store as my family had been walking. I had spotted this book from the window and got really curious. It didn't show a full person, but it featured a close-up of the person's clothes, which looked exactly like Kagome's school uniform. It was apparently a Magic Treehouse book, and my dad even commented on how Kagome was on the the cover. Upon checking out the blurb summary on the back, turns out Kagome was in the Magic Treehouse book for whatever reason (although, I guess they do similar things). More might have happened, but next thing I knew, there was some guy trying to travel and visit people (I think they were visiting Deku from My Hero Academia?). I think it might have been Gojou from My Dress-up Darling. Anyhow, he was getting really confused with the airport after his flight landed and was trying to find his luggage. Then there was something about him meeting up with some official in some office; there was this long line of people--once they reached the official, they raised some teal scroll above their head, did some kind of chant/reading in another language, and then sent them on their way. Seemed like it was some big ceremony, and I think that he had mentioned afterwards that he was married now--no idea how that works since he was alone and didn't participate with anyone else. That's all I could remember once I woke up, though. Sleep was alright this morning, but dream recall was a blur.

The boys have been enjoying their summer, partaking in various camp-like activities. They do enjoy their downtime at home, though. It is nice to just be able to relax and not have to do anything. Can be super soothing to the soul. They were discussing a lot of their normal topics, like Disney, travel plans (for the future--like how the younger brother wants to go to Australia and/or New Zealand when he graduates), theories, favorite shows, Funko Pop releases, etc. I'm glad they're enjoying their summer break.

Tsuki was her typical, adorable, goofy self and lived her best kitty life (aside from when she was in hiding when people were noisily working on the AC). She spent plenty of time enjoying cozy cat naps, relaxing on her favorite chair, snuggling with me, lounging on her window shelf, birdwatching from the couch and her window shelf, sprawling out on the rug, snoozing in her cat house, playing in boxes and with bells, and getting into plenty of antics and shenanigans. Tsuki can be quite the wild card; you can't truly predict what she'll do (although, you can "summon" her by shaking and ringing the bells she loves to play with). She's just so cute and funny; gotta love having her around!

Art for the week included more diamond art:

This week I created more new content for Creativity Chronicles, so feel free to check out the newest content!


New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

Life can be a wild ride at times, so please remember to be gentle with yourself. You're doing the best you can, and there are plenty of things outside of your control. All anyone can ever do is their best, and that's good enough. You are worthy, just as you are. It's okay to struggle, fall, and make mistakes; you're only human. It's okay to be a work-in-progress; nobody's perfect, so you don't have to always "get it right" and have all the answers. Take things one step at a time, give yourself grace as you learn and grow, and allow the process to unfold at your own timing. There's no rush, so go at the pace that works for you. You don't have to be like anyone else; be yourself and live a life that you enjoy. Make the most of your special adventure in a way that is worthwhile to you; you're amazing! Take care and have a wonderful rest of your week!

Food for thought for the week:

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