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Springtime, Society, Science, and Spirituality

Updated: May 11, 2020

I hope everyone has been able to enjoy the spring weather! It's been beautiful out! I've went on walks (like to send art in the mail for the little Toucans). My cat and I have hung out, basking in the sunshine, in our back yard. The flowers are absolutely stunning. Nature is full of bountiful blessings! Don't let this stunning springtime pass you by!

Sleeping in with my cat, spending quality time with her, reading manga, watching anime (such as High Score Girl season 2 and the Violet Evergarden movie), taking the chance to breathe--this week has been great, full of blessings and relaxation. I received a bunch of new crystals that I ordered a while back; they're gorgeous. I also received some art from one of my little Toucans in the mail this week. I created some art for one of the Toucan's birthdays, as well as some art in general to send out to the little Toucans; I hope they enjoy it! I helped with some babysitting for a family in the neighborhood again, and the boys begged for me to bring more of the Trader Joe's chocolate chip cookies the next time I came over (I didn't realize they would enjoy them to that extreme of a degree).

I enjoyed some delicious mac and cheese, bread, and a cookie from Bread Co--I enjoyed this meal while watching some anime. I watched Dr. Stone; it's an intriguing story. Senku is enamored with science, through and through, and is quite the scientist. He accomplishes incredible, scientific feats. Interestingly enough, after finishing Dr. Stone, a Spirit Science Video about science being super spiritual popped up on YouTube ( The synchronicity with restarting human society from scratch is interesting (this whole quarantine situation is pointing to huge reforms)--there are no coincidences. Plus, I started reading The Law of One: The Ra Material. I haven't gotten all that far in the book (I do happen to have the 5 books, but I've only started the 1st one), but it's provided a lot of interesting food for thought. Additionally, recently I've been feeling this persistent nudging to revisit Magi (I originally watched this anime back in around 2014/2015); I wasn't entirely sure why the feeling was so strong, but I just started rewatching it. It clicked once I reached episode 4/5; these episodes provided a good stopping point for reflection. Baba explained, "Ruhk are, in the most simple terms, the home of your soul. You see, all living things eventually return to one place once their lives are over. Their physical body returns to the earth from whence it came, and the soul finds it's way back to Rukh." She later continued, "Each living thing is a single entity, but the source of all things is gathered into one single bundle of energy; the blood that connects all souls together: that is what we call Rukh." When I first watched Magi, this kind of content went straight over my head (I probably chalked it up to how the Magi world works), but this is resonating so much with The Law of One; the reason to rewatch Magi clicked. There are no coincidences or accidents; everything is meant. This kind of information keeps appearing in my life right now. The universe is driving this point home for me. Ugo remarked, "If you travel wherever your heart leads you, you'll be sure to find the reason you were born. You'll meet a lot of people and gradually discover who you are because that's how you're being shown the way." Everything that happens to an individual is meant to happen; it all starts adding up. The more you experience and the more you learn, the more you can connect the dots and understand your purpose. The universe has provided an ample amount of food for thought.

Speaking of food for thought, here's some more information to consider; remember, knowledge is power.

Maybe this information is leading you to think this is all a conspiracy theory. Perhaps it is, but perhaps it isn't. Here's some food for thought on conspiracy theories from Aaron Doughty:

People might be panicked by the thought of this information. There's no need to fear; remember fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Also, Infinite Waters has plenty to say about how these aren't bad times--good will come out of this. To watch his video about how there is good coming out of this whole situation, check out this link:

Infinite Waters called it back in early December 2019; he said it was all gonna go down in 2020, that it would be the year of the Great Disclosure, where the hidden comes to the light and where there are no more secrets. If you'd like to check this video out for yourself, here's the link: He also made a 2020 Wake-up Alert: The year is 2020. What does 2020 stand for? Perfect vision. The veil is lifting; people are waking up and recognizing the truth. Society will go through a rebirth; the new age is coming. Change is nothing to fear; things will only get better from here.

Things are different right now. Maybe you're feeling uneasy as plenty of things may be up in the air. It's okay to feel. Your feelings and emotions are valid. The thing is, situations are temporary. Nothing is permanent in this physical world--things are constantly changing: the weather, the seasons, ideas, growth, decay, etc. Embrace your feelings, but don't make emotions you feel for a finite situation how you view your entire life. Life is a series of events, meetings, experiences, feelings; they are all visitors. Don't let a visitor dictate your entire life. You're so much more than that. Do what makes you happy; follow your heart. The more you listen to your heart, the closer you will get to your purpose and understanding who you truly are. The universe has your back; the universe is full of bountiful blessings. Focus on what you can learn from each situation, occurrence, and challenge. Each interaction and experience can build you up and strengthen you. Just be yourself, friends; you'll be just fine, and you'll do amazing things!

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