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*** Snow Days ***

We had two surprise snow days in a row from all the snow that we received since Sunday. Granted, it would be easy to look at it in a negative light, that I'm losing money because winter break is already starting on Friday, and I won't be paid for all those days off. I chose not to look at it that way, though. I took these two extra days to relax, enjoy myself, and work on my art. I made so much progress on my art. I enjoyed so many more of PUUUNG's videos (the videos fill me with so much joy that I bought PUUUNG's book and contributed to their Patreon). I've been listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks' videos on YouTube (motivational, informational videos on the law of attraction, tapping into your true self/inner being, manifesting what you want in your life, operating at higher frequencies, etc.). I spent so much time with my fluffy cat. I spent some time just conversing with my besties. Mindset and outlook make a world of a difference; I saw these days as blessings, and I acquired so much good from it. Honestly, I had wished I had more time to work on my art over the weekend but had decided it would be fine to wait until winter break since it was at the end of this week; turns out I didn't need to wait. Life is great~

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