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Snow Day and Happy Birthday, Corliss!

I hope everyone is doing well and that life has been treating you kindly! Our weather has been bipolar, as per usual. It went from 60 degrees one day to 26 degrees and a considerable snowstorm the next. You never know exactly what you'll get, so expect the unexpected. Energies got rather heavy lately, too; I discussed it with a number of people, and they all felt it and an accompanying lethargy/exhaustion. It's a bummer that it was going on around Corliss' birthday, but this upcoming weekend, we have the rock and gem show, which we're excited for. I hope everyone had an enjoyable Valentine's Day, no matter how you chose to celebrate: with a special loved one, with loved ones, with friends, with a pet, or with some nice self-care!

I also received a variety of surprises in the mail this week, and they were quite the pleasant surprises ✨

Sleep was a bit elusive, as per usual. Dream recall was pretty hazy, too. Not sure if that's due to energy or what. I wasn't able to remember anything from my dreams when I woke up Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It's a bit disappointing, but there are worse things.

I woke up pretty groggy Thursday morning, but I was able to recall some things from my dream. From what I could remember, I had been in a store with several people (I only remember one person for certain, and that was my sister). I ended up finding this little flip-phone toy with an alligator on it. It was pretty cute, but my sister snatched it from me and insisted that she was getting it for our cousin. At some point we ended up at the checkout. Not sure what I ended up buying, but I was really confused about the price because whatever it happened to be, it was supposed to be like on super sale and super cheap. I asked the cashier about it, and he assured me that the total was right, showing me the various items on the receipt. He then was going to help me do rewards on my order; apparently, the old rewards system had so many issues and flaws that they implemented a new one. I asked if my previous rewards would transfer over to the new system, and he told me, "Unfortunately, no." I was pretty upset over this and told him that I had so many rewards saved up, asking, "Couldn't something be done?" He said he'd have to talk to his manager about it and proceeded to pull up this screen on a tablet that was tracking said manager's whereabouts. It showed some kind of map and the dot tracker was having the manager travel all over this place in like a woodsy area. It really confused me.

More might have happened with that, but the next thing I could remember was the dream transitioning to like a MMORPG type of game world; there was some kind of battle/invasion going on. I was part of a group trying to defend the area. There seemed to be some kind of like small army, and the soldiers ended up charging into battle. Some group of what appeared to potentially be trolls appeared, causing them to retreat and like try to reach and cower behind some kind of mage or something. The mage or whatever they were ended up casting spells and basically killing whatever creature was the leader (whatever it was, it did not look like one to be trifled with). They then used some kind of spell and it seemed to brain was that creature and force it over to their side. Not gonna lie, I was kind of confused as to why they'd want to in the dream, and I was even more confused when I woke up. More might have happened, but that's all I could remember.

Friday was rough; dream recall was a complete blur, but everything just felt like really heavy and lethargic. I accidentally fell back asleep, which wasn't horrible considering I didn't have to be anywhere since the boys had the day off. Just kind of threw a wrench in my plans and intentions, though. Even though I slept more than usual, it still felt so slow and exhausted. Felt like my brain didn't want to work and just call it quits. Maybe it has something to do with energies because it was intense. Ended up snowing a bunch, too; I basically just wanted to stay cuddled in blankets, sleep, and watch anime. Most things felt like way too much, and focusing on much of anything felt impossible.

It was so nice being able to sleep in on Saturday (although people being loud and yelling woke me up a couple of times). My dream recall was fairly fuzzy, but whatever transpired seemed important. Not sure exactly what it was, but Sandra (from the Akura channel and former Magnificent Future) was there. Would be nice to remember what transpired, but such is life some days. Sleep was a bit tricky Saturday night/this morning. I kept waking up for whatever reason. Wasn't particularly fun, but at least I didn't have much today. I could remember bits and pieces from my dream, but it seemed to revolve around being at a school. It kind of looked like my middle school, although I did notice some of my coworkers from the preschool working there, too. For my one class, the teacher never showed up, so my classmates and I were debating where we would just end up leaving school. Some other staff tried to tell us that we couldn't, but it didn't make sense to us--we were just sitting in the classroom doing nothing, and it seemed pointless. I think we ended up leaving and traveling, but details got really fuzzy; it's all I could remember once awake.

It was a somewhat typical week of babysitting/tutoring, although they are now sans a front porch as it is being redone. They boys were excited to chat with me about anime, Disney, video games, theories, etc. The one was telling me about all of this Thomas the Tank Engine lore, which was pretty interesting, and then it turned into raving about how James from Team Rocket is the best Pokémon character (and I'm not mad at it because James is my favorite). The boys were excited for a shorter school week and for a 4-day weekend (and I don't blame them). They're probably a bit bummed out that it snowed on Friday, a day they already had off, so there wasn't a snow day, but I'm sure they still had fun.

Tsuki enjoyed plenty of cat naps, especially when the temperatures dropped. The colder it got (like when the massive snowstorm hit). She was all too content to snooze the day away on her favorite chair, the couch, the bench seat, the table by the space heater, her window shelf, and any other cozy spot she could get her paws on. Tsuki loved lounging on the porch when it was warmer and had a blast playing in the boxes that arrived.

Artwork for the week included more diamond art:

This week I created more new content for Creativity Chronicles, so feel free to check out the newest content!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

Life can become really challenging at times, so give yourself some grace and be gentle with yourself. You're doing the best you can. Some days your best will look drastically different. Some days you can take on the world, climbing mountains, battling dragons, and overcoming any adversity that comes your way. Other times, your best will be struggling to crawl out of bed and meet basic needs. All anyone can do is their best. Show yourself some TLC and compassion. You are worthy, regardless of what anyone else may say. You have incredible skills, talents, gifts, and insights to share with the world. Some days you'll need to focus on taking care of yourself in order to do so. Some days it will be too much taking on the "normal" and trying to be there for other people. It's okay. You're only human. You're allowed to have emotions and struggles; it's only natural. As humans, we all have areas of challenge, areas for growth, and areas of strength. It can be rather easy to get caught up on the "negatives" and be unable to see the positives, but they're there, I assure you. They might be hidden on your back, but they're there. Keep on doing your best. Listen to your heart and follow your joy. You'll be okay; even if it's dark right now, you might just have been planted, and you could sprout before you know it. Take your time, trust the process, and show yourself some kindness. Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Food for thought for the week:

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