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Scorching Summer Temperatures

We're in the middle of another heat wave, and it sounds like a lot of the rest of the world is, too. It makes me want to stay indoors. The blazing heat also makes me rather lethargic, so finding motivation to do things can be a challenge. Praise the universe for air conditioning, because I really don't want to experience the intense summer temperatures without it. Things are ramping up with the family I babysit for getting a bunch of new furniture for their new home, the boys' summer class drawing near its conclusion, a kitchen remodel fast approaching, hitting the 50th article milestone on Creativity Chronicles, and more. It's proving to be a big summer.

My dream recall was extra fuzzy on Monday morning when I woke up. I had a lot of trouble falling asleep Monday night and felt extra energized. As a result, my dream recall was just as fuzzy on Tuesday morning, and I might have been able to remember some details if I hadn't had to jump out of bed and go to babysitting because my alarm didn't go off. Tuesday morning was a major rush because I woke up just barely before I had to leave; I was super grateful that they moved closer because it made the morning rush a little easier. I remembered a little bit from my dreams when I woke up on Wednesday morning. There was something about this cool metallic/holographic paint. It was this bluish color. Otherwise, I couldn't recall any other specifics.

My dream recall was pretty fuzzy on Thursday morning, but I was able to remember more than previous days. There was something about a bunch of my family members sleeping in my bedroom for some reason. They all just kind of invited themselves in. Despite my bed being small, my parents, brother, and his dog decided to snatch my bed from me. I was extra frustrated with my brother since he decided to let his massive dog on my bed when I have stronger allergies to dogs. They didn't seem to care that they took my bed. Pretty sure more happened, but the next thing I could remember was meeting up with Corliss at some store/the mall. She wanted to find gifts for her nieces and nephews. She might have wanted to go to the pool, too. I know significant things happened, but the specific details were rather fuzzy upon waking.

My dream recall was kind of murky on Friday morning when I woke up. There seemed to be something about a school or class, but I don't think it was official. We had to answer some question sheet that seemed like an unofficial test or open-book quiz type of thing because people were asking each other questions about the answers. There was a section on what the primary and secondary colors were, and I thought it was really basic knowledge that people learned in like 1st and 2nd grade. Turned out I was the only one that knew it, and the teacher was really impressed. I was incredibly surprised because I thought more people knew that, but apparently not. More definitely happened, but that's all I remembered.

A lot happened in my dream from Friday night/Saturday morning. The first thing I remembered happening was being outside with April and Corliss. These yellow jackets and bees kept coming to my hair and like nestled inside of it. I found it somewhat alarming. I didn't freak out, per se, but I was not comfortable with stingers beings so close to me. There were even some wasp/hornet-looking insects that came over that also had yellow jacket coloring. I was able to get them to leave at least temporarily by blowing air towards them. They tended to come back, though. There was something about going to this mall/restaurant that was similar to O'Charley's but seemed similar to Dave & Buster's, too. There were lots of side rooms that seemed to almost be party rooms. I was with April and Corliss, but we didn't get the best service. We got the wrong food, the server took a long time, and they gave us the check without checking in on us or even giving us any of the complimentary rolls. When we talked to management, they told us they couldn't give us a refund or discount but that they could give us points. I saw a bunch of people I've met from over the years. We exited the restaurant area and went into the the mall-area/superstore area. This little boy, around 3 years old, got lost from his mom, so I ended up helping him find his mom, which was quite the endeavor because the place was so huge with stuff and people everywhere. He was really sad, so I ended up making a fun, little song about our mission to lighten the mood, and he loved it. There was some weirdness with the staff, and I got weird vibes from them. They wanted to take him away from me, but it didn't feel safe, so we had to avoid them, too. The little boy didn't want to go with them, either, and clung to my hand. We eventually found his mom, and I think it might have ended up being April, although I don't think she was his original mom. Pretty sure more happened, but that's all I remembered upon waking up.

It was another full night in the dream realm. The first thing I remembered was being in some small town with Michelle from Angel Souls (maybe it was in Colorado where she lives?). She was showing me around the place. Michelle mentioned that she wanted me to read this book, but apparently, it was some exclusive copy that was only in this one store/location. We did some traveling to get there. The store/building almost seemed to be in an amusement park or zoo. She had to climb up this tower to get it. When she got back and said we could leave, this small group of parents got mad at her/us for some reason and started chasing us. We didn't want any part of the drama, so we left, but the group was incredibly persistent. We were driving away in a car, and it seemed like we got away. We got to this one road, and we saw that people were getting stopped for some kind of checkpoint. We were able to avoid the one, but then as we were trying to pass another, one of the parents that had started the whole hunt noticed Michelle driving. We could see her mouth, "YOU." She had the police pull us over and started harassing us. The police were onboard, thinking they were doing the community justice and keeping people safe, until they realized it was over a book. They gave the group of parents an are-you-serious look and apologized to us, telling us we were free to go. They told us they would never had stopped us if they had known that was what this was about, and they were pretty miffed at the group of parents for wasting everyone's time and resources. The police had really pulled out all the stops because the parents had made it sound like there was a seriously dangerous threat to the community. We were able to leave without hassle, much to the parents' dismay.

The next thing I remembered was being at some location/store/community center. It wasn't all that obvious what the place actually was. I'm pretty sure Corliss's brother-in-law was there, but it could have been someone that looked like him. He was playing with some kind of machine/toy that was like a slot machine but with what looked like Uno cards. Some man, who seemed like some kind of boss/leader, came over and said that it wasn't allowed. Maybe he thought it was gambling or something. I tried to explain that it was just a game, but the man didn't want to hear any of it. Corliss's brother-in-law wanted me to toss it to someone, as a form of keep-away from the man, because he seemed intent of smashing it. I think it didn't work, but the details got murky. There was something about a game of dodgeball, and one of my classmates from high school said that we should get them all some Gatorade. More happened, but the details were hazy again. The last thing I could remember happening was that Amanda Ellis came to visit me from England. She stayed for a few days and recorded some videos in my home. I couldn't remember exactly what she was talking about, but there was something about the "Northern zone," which led to playing the song "Danger Zone." Amanda mentioned using public transportation to get to the airport, but I advised her that Corliss had informed me that the public transportation in the area was quite subpar. I think I ended up giving her a ride to the airport, but the specifics got fuzzy. That's all I could remember upon waking up this morning, but I wouldn't be surprised if more happened.

It was a fun week of babysitting. When I arrived Monday morning and opened the door, one of the boys immediately announced that if you look up perfection on Google, you'll find pictures of Sesshomaru. It cracked me up; I was not expecting it in the least. I told Corliss, and she found it hilarious, too. I'm pretty sure it's a meme because he's always sharing memes (especially InuYasha ones) with me. His brother shared his new hobby with me and how he's starting to build terrariums. He's really serious about it and has been gathering all sorts of materials for it. It sounds really cool, and he wants to get some rare cuttlefish one day (apparently, it costs thousands of dollars). He was also excited about his D&D meeting and was telling me all about it; apparently, he and one of his friends are on a quest to slay Dave because Dave's brother hates him and wants him dead. Not sure what specifically Dave did to earn so much ire from his brother, but it was interesting to hear about. Later in the week their new neighbor gave me a warm welcome when I arrived at their house, craving pets and attention; the cat is crazy adorable and friendly, and the boys kept hanging out outside so they could play with it. We watched some of Amphibia, and they showed me different games they've been playing with some crazy bosses. The one is 110% done with Hollow Night and says that he only has 2% left to complete; he wants to complete and replay the game before the next game comes out. Some of their new furniture arrived this week, and it looks really nice; they got this huge driftwood table, and it's so interesting to look at. They're super excited about their new home, and it truly is an awesome house.

It's hard to believe it's already been a year since we adopted little Tsukihime! She's grown so much! Tsuki's definitely kept our days lively with all her antics. She's such a goof. In honor of reaching the 1 year anniversary of her adoption, I created a video complication using clips from each day since we brought her home. It took longer than I anticipated to put the video together, but I'm happy to have a video timeline of her first year now!

Tsuki enjoyed playing with bags, bells, her toys, and packing peanuts this week. She's enjoyed playing underneath her play tent, too, convinced that she's hidden and that we have no clue where she is. Every night she goes to the window to try and attack the bugs she sees on the other side, continuously leaping and smacking the glass. Tsuki loves napping on the chairs, the stool, and her blanket. She's such a nut. Tsuki will be disappointed next week, though, because she's going to be confined to a bedroom while the kitchen is remodeled.

Artwork for the week included:

I worked on more writing for Creativity Chronicles this week! Feel free to check out the new art supply articles!

New articles include:

It was a full week, and it feels like a lot of people are starting new chapters in their lives right now. Some people seem to be clinging on to their current chapter, afraid of the new. You don't have to be afraid, though. New isn't bad. It's just different. Your next chapter can be even greater than your current one if you allow it to unfold. Don't beat yourself up if you're not where you want to be yet; you're doing the best you can. Be gentle with yourself and focus on taking things one step at a time. Before you know it, you'll reach your destination. Don't get so fixated on timing and enjoy the journey. Granted, that can be easier said than done, but let's work on becoming our best selves. Let's improve bit by bit every day, until the new you shines brilliantly. Follow your joy, listen to your heart, and make room for love and gratitude. Have some fun today and schedule in some self-care. Stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought for the week:

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