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Ride the Wave, Go with the Flow, and Remember to Breathe

I hope everyone is doing well! The holiday season is fast approaching, but it will look rather different this year for a variety of reasons. I heard that lockdowns started again in England earlier this month, and a sort of "soft lockdown" has started again back where I live in the US. I don't particularly buy into all the scare tactics, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My family is rather divided on the topic. There are some that refuse to leave their homes, others that see no problem with gathering as long as they're "smart" about it, others that think the whole thing is a sham, etc. I imagine similar scenarios are playing out for a lot of people. I'd also imagine that with the new financial situations for many people could be causing some stress. I recommend people taking the chance to breathe and relax. I'm not saying that diminished financial income could pose issue, but stressing about it will not be likely to help the matter. I'm in the boat of diminished financial income, but there are pros to this situation, too. I have considerable more free time, and I am the most relaxed I've ever been. I may have had more income previously, but I ended up working 12 hour days between two jobs (sometimes even longer days if I was babysitting after work). Granted, I understand if there are bills to pay and the like, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Running myself ragged all the time was particularly helping the matter. Going with the flow like I have been doing has been working out rather well, and I trust the universe to provide the support and resources I need. Sure, I don't have all the answers or know how it will all work out precisely, but having all the answers could also prove overwhelming. The universe will give me what I need when the time is right. I'm choosing not to stress out about things, especially if they're out of my control. I've been following my joy and peace, and it has worked out rather well for me.

Fluffy cat has enjoyed being snuggly with the cooler weather. This weekend, especially, she's cuddled up with me as it has been extremely rainy and cold. She's too cute. She enjoys snuggling with me as I read fanfic during the weekend. This week's fanfic includes: Weeds or Wildflowers, Open the Door, Strike a Pose, Okaeri, Accidental Rescue, At First Sight, The Day the Well Died, Fenced, The Miko Jumped Over the Moon, Decisions, Little Shop of Flowers, Tis the Season to be Jolly, Himitsu, New and Old, and Playful Memories (in case anyone was curious and interested in checking any out--Unspoiled is still my favorite out of all I've read thus far, though). Let me know if you have any suggestions for future reads!

I also enjoyed creating more gifts for loved ones. It's been fun thinking about what else I can make with Perler beads. If you have any recommendations or suggestions for future art projects or gifts, I'd love to hear them!

This week was another week of tutoring. It wasn't eventful like the first week was (oh, how the family was stressed out about Schoology, Zoom, and the internet not working). It was a fairly peaceful week, but he was not happy about the math test he had to take. Granted, he's taken a variety of virtual tests this school year, but, apparently, this one was just horrendous. He's really smart and gets math, so I didn't particularly understand what the fuss was about. He can get through his math assignments quickly and with ease when he chooses to do them. He kept fixating on the fact that it was a "FIVE PAGE TEST" (he'd basically shout it for emphasis)--"How could they be expected to do a test that long?!" He really didn't like that test (even though, if he had been timed on how long it actually took him to finish the test versus how long he had stretched out the experience by fuming and not wanting to do it, it probably would have been less than an hour--he decided to have the test loom over him all day, though). He also made arguments about how "kids can't motivate themselves to do things they don't want to do, like five page tests, unlike adults." Frankly, I found this argument amusing (he thinks adults are super motivated to do things they don't want to do). Despite all his fuming, he got the test completed. The rest of the week was smooth sailing, comparatively speaking, as there were no more "horrible" tests and assignments. Even if things can get a bit rocky, I enjoy spending time with him and other kiddos (they certain keep things interesting).

On the note of interesting, anime has a variety of intriguing stories, characters, and scenarios. This week Corliss recommended a new anime (she was in love with it): Kiss Him, Not Me. It was pretty interesting. Asuma Mutsumi proved to be our favorite character (in Corliss' words, "He is the only one I will call senpai in anime history. I'm thoroughly in love. I'M FLOATING."). I didn't particularly find issue with other characters (Corliss admitted that there were times with the other guys kind of ticked her off) since I kept in mind that they're high schoolers--they're doing the best they know how. From the getgo, though, Asuma Mutsumi was the best--he was nice to Kae prior to the change, he recognized her after the change, and he still treated her nice/the same after the change. He genuinely accepted Kae as she is, Otaku or not, change or not. He understood her. When she struggled with exams, he taught her in a way that she understood (heck, he even was cool with the others joining, teaching them and giving them a good luck pencil, too). He didn't freak out about her anime collection; he accepted it. When she showed the altar/memorial for an anime character, he understood that said character passed away, understood her pain, and asked to pay his respects. Whereas all the others want to spend time alone with Kae, he genuinely wants her to be happy (not that he is opposed to spending time alone with her). The others have agendas during the school festival, but he seemed like he just wanted to share yummy food with Kae. Even during the time where Kae reverts, Asuma Mutsumi isn't thrown by it at all and is even confused by the others' reactions. When Shima and Kae wanted to go on a trip to visit the grave/memorial of a feudal lord, he genuinely wanted to go on the trip whereas the others didn't want to leave Kae alone with Shima. When the others' competitiveness resulted into a very heated pillow fight (and they completely forgot about Kae), Mutsumi senpai had their own "pillow fight" with cute, gentle tosses (for people obsessed with Kae, they sure forgot about her awfully quick). The heated pillow battle led to Igarashi falling on Kae; this led to all the others beating up on Igarashi (forgetting about Kae again) while Mutsumi immediately went to check up on Kae to make sure she was okay. Sure, I get that they're upset about him falling on Kae, but wouldn't you want to check on the person you (supposedly) love first? Mutsumi senpai has his priorities straight and is so respectful and practical. We could go on and on about Asuma Mutsumi and his kind, considerate, gentle nature. He's so freaking adorable when he got excited by the prospect of a treasure hunt (Kae shared this enthusiasm, whereas everyone else refused to go until they found out that it would just be Mutsumi senpai and Kae going on said treasure hunt). He's honest with his feelings and has no qualms about the others expressing their feelings to Kae. Props to Mutsumi senpai; he's had my respect from the beginning. Honestly, Kae and Asuma Mutsumi seemed so in synch, but the anime concluded with an open ending (hopefully, the manga will be more illuminating). Corliss and I highly recommend this series; I enjoy the character development and the plot (but those with aversions to "BL" may not enjoy it so much--Kae is quite enamored with the "Boy Love" concept lol).

2020 has been quite an interesting year. I'm sure it'll continue this trend for the holiday season and the rest of the year. Regardless of what transpires, I hope you and your loved ones are well and have fun! Despite any storm we may find ourselves in the midst of, it'll pass, and the sun shall return. Even the darkest nights yield to daybreak. It's continuously getting colder as winter approaches, so get comfy--snuggle up with a warm blanket (and furry friend if you have one like my fluffy cat) and settle in with a great book, manga, anime, show, or movie (with loved ones if you can). My family has enjoyed getting together to watch the new season of the Animaniacs this weekend. Sure, things kind of feel a little crazy right now, but we still can get together to spend quality time together, do things we enjoy, and laugh. The holiday season may look different this year (perhaps even drastically different), but that doesn't mean that we still can't find ways to enjoy life. The holiday season, at its core, is about showing appreciation and spending time with loved ones; we can still do that even if it's in a different manner than years past. People are quite resourceful when they give themselves the opportunity; we can ride the waves and overcome these quirky and unpredictable times. Stay well. Stay safe. Stay blessed, my friends--love and light to you all~

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