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For those, who celebrate Easter, happy Easter! I hope you enjoy the holiday with your family! Things may be different right now, but you can still spend quality time with loved ones (even if it is through phone calls and video chats). There is much to be thankful for still.

I hope everyone is enjoying spring! There are so many magnificent blossoms in bloom now! I've enjoyed the sunshine, taking in the fresh air, and appreciating the stunning views on walks. I've spent quality time with my fluffy cat. I've dabbled with making homemade sopapilla. I stumbled upon an old post from one of my friends, and it brought a great laugh! I made some art for some of my little Toucans to send in the mail and created some birthday art (one of the Toucan's birthday's was this weekend). To help celebrate the birthday I joined a car parade that drove past her house and sent her love. She was so happy to see everyone; I'm glad I could help make her birthday special. I got an email from her mom later, stating, "Thank you so much for coming to Viv's parade! She was so excited to see her Miss Jessica and was talking about it all afternoon!" It warms my heart to receive confirmation that I was able to help make her birthday special in these unusual times. The little, simple things really do matter. I'm so blessed to be able to make a difference even in these simple ways.

I've read a bunch of manga lately--a simple pleasure that I'm really grateful to have. To be completely honest, I presumed that Akatsuki no Yona/Yona of the Dawn and Noragami would be completed; I was rather surprised to find that I caught up to the current releases and that these stories are still ongoing. This made me happy and a bit disappointed simultaneously--I really want to know how the stories will keep progressing. With the stories being ongoing, I get to keep reading plenty more, but it also means that finding out the conclusions of the story is a bit a ways off. I suppose it's a reminder to stay patient (although it feels a bit difficult). In the mean time, I started reading That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (I've already watched the anime). I like how there's Veldora's entries at the end of volumes; it adds an extra depth to the series and brings additional information. The character relationships in all of these stories are rather intriguing. I look forward to seeing how they all play out.

Speaking of how things are playing out, I'm sure everyone's heard all sorts of things regarding the quarantine and virus. Maybe you're concerned for your health. By all means, it's not bad to be cautious and take care of yourself. Wash your hands and don't be reckless. That doesn't mean you should live in fear. Don't take everything you hear at face value. I'm not so certain things are what the media is telling us they are. I've started to do some digging and investigate all of this. The media's story isn't adding up based on what I find. Right after starting this research I drew The Tower (Revelation): the old ways are crumbling and the change is coming. If we stay in the tower, clutching onto the old ways, the crumbling tower will crush us as it falls. This is our opportunity to change and to resurrect. By all means, do your own investigation and come to your own conclusions.

Here's some interesting food for thought for you to consider:

I make no claim as to what is fact and what is false; I don't know everything. What the media is propagating doesn't add up for me. It doesn't really make sense. The virus is supposedly deadly, a pandemic. Yet other viruses/diseases/factors do more harm than it. The more I learn, the more things don't add up. The fact that people, who bring up 5G and even speculate the possible connection to this current pandemic, get removed from YouTube, aren't allowed on the media, are silenced, etc. also is troubling. If there is no connection, why not let them speak and debate on the topic? The Constitution's 1st Amendment protects the freedom of speech, yet individual's right to do so is being trampled upon. It's awfully suspicious, and it insinuates that what those are saying about 5G is true. I am not an all-knowing being, but there are lots of red flags appearing awfully quick in this situation. There has been no testing on the safety of 5G, yet all these 5G towers are being rolled out. The companies responsible for 5G towers even admit that 5G interferes with oxygen--it makes it difficult for the body to absorb oxygen. What's one of the symptoms for this virus? Shortness of breath and trouble breathing. The virus started in China late last year, and what also started in China right before that? The start of 5G in November. To not question all of this is irresponsible. I'm not making a claim as to what is ultimately true, but we need deep reflection and investigation on these topics. Viktor Schauberger once remarked, "People may say that I am crazy. Perhaps they are right. In this case, it is not so much important if there is one fool more or less in the world, but in case that I am right and science is wrong, Lord have mercy on mankind." If all of this ends up being true... those in power (much like the Grasshoppers in A Bug's Life) have led society and the masses astray for their own selfish purposes, not for the good of the many; people will have been taken advantage of for YEARS.

All of this makes me think about the boiling a frog idiom; if you try to put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out--if you slowly increase the temperature of the water the frog is in, it won't realize the danger it's in until too late. This also makes me think about the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie; everyone thought Carl was a lunatic, dubbing him "Crazy Carl" for insisting the "Blue Devil" exists. Even thought no one believed him and everyone rebuked him, in the end who was right? Who spoke the truth and knew better? Carl. Just because something might seem "unlikely" at first doesn't mean that it isn't ultimately true. Don't be so quick to write things off. Don't always take things at face value; there might be MANY things that lurk beneath the surface. Keep an open mind and do research for yourself. Gather the information and decide for yourself what to believe. There might be smart phones, smart TVs, smart appliances, etc., but we need smart people. Remember what fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real. Don't fall prey to fear and panic; people are capable of incredible feats. Things might seem dark, but we can arise from these circumstances, brighter than ever before. We can resurrect from the ashes, stronger and better than ever before. Remember, we are all capable of love. Embrace the light, love, joy, peace, and harmony. Life is what we make it, so let's make it incredible. Let's live our best lives, full of what we enjoy and all the blessings from the universe. There's so much to be grateful for--don't let fear skew your perspective. We've got this. Just be yourself; you'll be just fine. Tap into your authenticity; do what makes you happy, and help one another out. We're all in this together, and we together we are stronger.

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