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Rest in Peace, Great Grandma Millie

It's been an interesting week, full of emotional outbursts, death, Tsuki bouncing off the wall with energy, babysitting, before care, and hanging out with friends. Parts were super intense. I wonder if it has anything to do with the upcoming new moon. Has anyone else experienced similar craziness?

When I woke up on Monday morning, my dream was a little bit hazy. I remembered that at one point I was picking up one of the preschoolers that used to be in my class (I guess to babysit him). It sort of seemed like he was at some kind of camp. He was pretty clingy and wanting me to hold him. For whatever reason, my mode of transportation was some kind of bike, but it more resembled one of those big wheels bikes/tricycles for toddlers. It was strange. I didn't recall much from that part of the dream.

In another part I was at the store with Corliss. There was some kind of sale where you paid half of whatever was on the price tag. Corliss wanted to get a cook book; apparently we had talked about getting it before. It seemed to feature a lot of Asian-like recipes. They looked pretty cool. We continued browsing the store. There was this pretty bag we thought about getting priced at $9.99, and when I opened it up, we found a bunch of old food in there (it had been someone's lunch--there were French fries in there for sure, but I couldn't recall what else was inside). We were understandably grossed out. Corliss went to get an employee/manager so we could show them because ew. The worker was thoroughly grossed out, as well. We ended up going to hang out with Corliss's family, specifically her nieces and nephews. I didn't remember anything else, although I knew much more happened in the dream.

I didn't remember everything from my dream when I woke up on Tuesday morning, but I did recall being at a park. I'm not sure why I was there, but I ended up riding in a car. One of the preschoolers from the class I had co-taught was there, and Sesshomaru, of all people, was the one driving. The preschool girl was being super silly. I think she was making fun of the fact Sesshomaru was driving or deciding people were in love based on kid logic or something. It was kind of strange, but it wasn't a bad dream. I knew more happened in the dream, but I couldn't remember anything else.

When I woke up on Wednesday morning, I remembered two different parts of my dream. The first involved a bird that looked sort of like the one from the movie Rio (although I don't think he was purely blue). The bird kept getting bullied by others because he was so small. He was frustrated and trying to find his place in life, somewhere he could belong and be accepted. While he was wandering, he stumbled across these two fish. One was smaller than the other, appearing like it would be at a disadvantage. The smaller fish managed to leap into the air with the somewhat larger (it wasn't huge by any means) fish following it. The smaller fish winked at the bird and knocked the other fish back into the water. It turned out a massive fish was lying in wait and ate the other fish. The smaller fish swam off. I think the next thing that happened was the bird got kidnapped. It sort of seemed like a spy theme at this point, and there was this boy, who went on a rescue mission. His teacher wouldn't let him go it alone, and it was a good thing because it didn't seem like he would have rescued the bird successfully on his own. He had rented a jet ski to go after the kidnapper (who was on a massive boat on this huge, turbulent lake). The teacher had gotten a boat. They managed to rescue the bird, but the kidnapper sent a great white after them. I didn't recall much else from this part, but they were successful in the end.

The next part of the dream involved some kind of huge building that seemed to act as a movie theater, school, and hotel. Venus from Heaven's Design Team was there, but I didn't recognize anyone else. I think it started off that people were going to see a movie, but there was some kind of confusion or chaos or something. I think Venus ended up going to a photography/fashion class, but I think the others in the class were picking on Venus. Venus ended up leaving and attempting to hide. In the attempt to flee, Venus stumbled into someone's room (like they were renting it from a hotel/using it as a dressing room). Whoever the guy was, Venus knew them, whether from another class, the same class, or just someone met in passing. The others were on Venus's tail, and Venus was certain that the guy was going to tell the others. The guy covered for Venus, though, and told the others that he had no idea where Venus was. Venus was shocked and touched. The guy ended up taking Venus to his family home and introducing Venus to his entire family (aunts, uncles, grandparents--everyone seemed to be visiting/living there). There were at least five different dogs there. Venus was tending to the dogs, letting them outside. Some strange van pulled up; it was some kind of company van. The workers were there to do some kind of work for the neighborhood, but they seemed kind of sketchy. They rolled down the window and said that they would kill the dogs. Venus freaked out and took all the dogs inside, fearing for their safety. Venus informed the guy's parents (the owners of the dogs) about it, concerned about having such individuals in the neighborhood. The parents eyed the van warily, and it suddenly left the street. That's all I could remember from my dream.

I didn't remember everything from my dream when I woke up on Thursday morning, but from what I could recall I was at school. I remember finishing a class (maybe math?) and talking with a classmate about our history/geography class. They mentioned that there was a (surprise) geography quiz/test coming up. I figured it would be tomorrow since our teacher hadn't said anything. Turns out that it was going to be in the next class that day, which freaked us out since we weren't ready for it--we didn't even know what was going to be on that test. I ended up going to science class (which might have been chemistry since my high school chemistry teacher was teaching the class). Turns out that there was a surprise quiz in that class, too. I could figure out some of the questions, but it made me uneasy that so much of the content was unfamiliar; I couldn't remember learning anything about it at all. Apparently, during the last few minutes of the quiz our teacher was allowing us to consult our notes. I began flipping through my notes, trying to make sense of everything. I couldn't recall what happened next, but the dream transitioned, and I was working some kind of child care job at a school (seemed sort of like the preschool but not). We were reading some kind of book. I forget what it was called (I don't think the book actually exists) but it was something about creating your own world/space. It was interesting. I think it was a separate book that a teacher had read previously that had various substances actually in the book (it sort of seemed like the book depicted the contents of a stomach and different foods were sloshing around in the illustrations--like actually bags of liquid, spaghetti noodles, etc.).It was kind of unusual, but that's all I could remember.

I didn't remember everything from my dream Thursday night/Friday morning, but the first part I did recall involved Sailor Moon characters. Usagi was at a school; it seemed pretty large. I feel like something was going on at the school, like there was some kind of issue, but I couldn't recall what it was upon waking. I know she saw Haruka at the school; Usagi recognized all the scouts, but it seemed like the other scouts had their memories locked away/tampered with. I think if they saw her, the memories would start to become unlocked and come forth. I think Haruka started to recognize who Usagi was right away. Usagi had some kind of plan and left the school. As she was walking away from the school on the sidewalk, she noticed Michiru heading towards the school. Usagi got excited but played things off like it was no big deal. Once she had gotten past Michiru, she started twirling around in circles as she walked, a lot like graceful ballet dancing. Michiru glanced back, noticed what Usagi was doing, and got really confused. She felt like she knew Usagi from somewhere. More might have happened, but that's all I could remember from this part.

The next part of my dream involved some kind of festival type thing. There were a lot of stalls, some sort of petting zoo (but I think there were some animals that I've never seen before), and people giving away free food. One vendor was rather pushy and handed out these skewers of chicken to people. There was some group--I couldn't recall if they were at the festival or were on shown on some TV. They were doing some unusual stuff, and at one point a tiger was chasing them. I'm not sure if all of the people wanted for the things that were occurring to happen or not; there could have been like a mastermind orchestrating the whole thing (and basically terrorizing the others). It was all hazy upon waking up, but I feel like at one point someone had said that it wasn't even real, that they had faked it all (specifically that they had animated things like the tiger in it)--I'm not sure if it was just that they didn't believe it was possible, writing it off as skeptics, or if it actually was the case.

What I could remember from my dream when I woke up on Saturday morning is that the first part involved Digimon. In the dream Sora and Matt had three kids, but apparently Matt went missing. They were all sad and wanted to know where he went (maybe he went missing in the digital world?). The youngest kid wanted to talk to Patamon because apparently Patamon knew where he went. I feel like more happened in this part of the dream, but that's all I could remember. The other part of the dream I could remember involved meeting a new family for babysitting. They had a pretty fancy house; it was large and had a lot of intricate bells and whistles (like huge gates, blinds activated by the push of a button, etc.). I was there to babysit their daughter, and apparently, when I went over to meet them, she was having a birthday party. Her dad seemed nice. The daughter, once she met me, was pretty clinging; as soon as she met me and got to talking with me, she adored me. We talked about how it was "spooky month" now since it's October. She immediately wanted me to come babysit her. The party wasn't completely set up when I arrived, and I noticed some of the decorations people were putting out--the one I remembered being bouquets of roses/flowers that were made to look like Pokémon. I know there were a bunch of different Pokémon flowers, but I remembered there being Poliwag for sure. The flowers were really cute. I think her dad was showing me around their backyard/party set up, but that's all I could remember.

When I woke up this morning, I couldn't remember too much from my dream. What I could recall is that it involved Sesshomaru (I'm sure everyone's so surprised lol). I couldn't recall all the specifics, but apparently, he was supposed to make friends with humans basically. It wasn't like a school, but it sort of seemed like a demon/human alliance program type of thing. He didn't particularly seem interesting (like it'd be boring/a waste of time). He changed his tune when he met this girl/lady (it did not look like any character from InuYasha/YashaHime, so it wasn't Rin, Kagome, or even Kagura). It kind of seemed like it was a secret friendship/relationship/bond. I think they decided to go off on their own in secret. Certain groups didn't seem to approve and wanted to interfere/stop them. They managed to escape whoever the groups were. Sesshomaru made sure that they got far away from them. The girl/lady would sleep during the day while Sesshomaru carried her, and she'd end up kind of keeping watch for a bit at night while Sesshomaru rested. I'm not sure where they were; I recall there being a lot of water and fish (maybe a lake or river--didn't particularly seem like the ocean). They lasted quite some time on their own, but somehow the groups found them. It was too late to truly interfere at that point because they had apparently gotten married and were going to have a child. The groups didn't seem happy about this, but they allowed for the girl/lady to come back with Sesshomaru (I'm guessing the group that found them was the demon/yokai one, but it's sort of confusing since the beginning of the dream seemed to want to have better relations between humans and yokai/demons--you'd think that they had such a close, loving bond would be a good thing). I couldn't remember anything else from the dream.

It was a fun week of babysitting. We ended up discussing references, mostly the ones made in Dragon Goes House Hunting. It made references to Luigi's Mansion and The Shining when they visited a haunted house. It also seemed to make references to Pokémon with "a wild _____ appeared" and options of fighting, running away, etc. It also looked similar to old school Legend of Zelda when they were in the dungeon, discussing treasure chests. The boys loved hearing about it. The boys wanted to look up which anime had Nendoroid figures, so we spent on afternoon doing so. They asked which InuYasha ones I already had; I told them that I have InuYasha and ordered Sesshomaru and Kagome but that those two hadn't arrived yet because their deliveries got delayed. They were excited to see that Miroku and Sango were getting Nendoroid figures and speculated which characters might next get one. It's always fun hanging out with the boys and Pearl.

I also did some last minute babysitting for a family I haven't seen in a year and a half; it was great seeing them again! The boys were so excited to see me! They ran to the door to greet me. The younger of the two greeted me with a Mewtwo plush and then proceeded to smack Mewtwo against the wall, saying "Ow," repeatedly. I asked him if Mewtwo's psychic powers were running amuck; the response I got was for him to keep smacking Mewtwo against the wall, saying "Ow," still. It was amusing. They were so excited to show off all their new toys. They had us build with their magnetic tiles for a long time. They built an "evil lair" train (I'm not sure what made it specifically evil, but they assured me that it was), and they had me build a house. His brother brought out some Legos and showed me he knew how to construct a tank; he told me that he enjoys learning about World War 2 and all the various facts about it (he assured me that he didn't love the war itself, though, because he knows it was horrible, praying that there's never a third one--the tank he built was apparently a replica of what they used in the second World War). While building, they were being silly with each other and me. At one point the younger of the two declared, "I hate my face! I wish it would go away!" I pointed out, "Well, that's too bad. You're stuck with your face." He decided to play up the dramatics, exclaiming, "AHHHH!!! Get it off! GET IT OFF! Take this face off of me!!! AHHHHH!!!!!" He then proceeded to continue shouting similar sentiments while rolling around on the floor and running around the house. I honestly hadn't anticipated that, but it definitely kept the night interesting because every now and then he'd start proclaiming how he wanted his face off again. I could tell it was all play, though; despite how he'd pretend to try and take his face off, there was a playful energy to it (not a serious desperation, regardless of what he actually said). Kids say (and do) the darndest things.

Later we ended up watching a few shows, and they were impressed that I knew and had watched Miraculous and Yugi-Oh! before. They were being goofy while we watched the episodes, and I was highly entertained. The younger brother kept shouting all the different things his brother at his brother, declaring that his older brother was cheese, a dog, underwear, a zombie, a megaphone, a rollie pollie, etc. I'm not sure what his criteria was or how he decided what his brother was, but it was interesting to note that after he declared that his brother was a dog he proceeded to pretend eat him whereas when he declared that his brother was cheese, he decided that his brother was a pet. Our conversations were pretty amusing (at least I got a kick out of it). He came up to me, wanting a snack, and asked for me to open up what he believed was a container of applesauce. It did not look like applesauce, although the container did resemble an applesauce container. I asked him if he was sure he wanted that, and he insisted that he did because he "knew" it was applesauce. I read the label once he handed it to me; it was hummus. I informed him as such, and he got super disappointed and dejected, lamenting the lack of applesauce in the house.

At one point in a Miraculous episode, Adrien catches an object before it drops (I think it was Alex's watch). I remarked, "Nice save, Adrien." The boys gave me a dubious look before enlightening me, "He can't hear you. He's in the TV show." While I recognized this, I felt it important to give credit where credit is due. I replied, "It was still a nice catch." They recognized that I was right and conceded my point.

At another point (we were probably still watching a Miraculous episode) I started mishearing what the boys were saying. Not sure exactly why, but it could have something to do with the fact that they were sort of mumbling at one point. After I misheard something again, they looked at me, exclaiming, "Can't you hear?" I considered it for a moment and replied, "Well, I guess not. It seems like my ears went on vacation." They thought it was the most hilarious statement they had ever heard and were laughing out loud for probably five minutes. I'm glad my spontaneous remarks can be so amusing (lol). It definitely keeps things interesting.

At another point we were discussing ages since the younger brother had recently turned 5. His older brother remarked, "I can't wait until I'm 10." Granted, I know that kids are always eagerly awaiting their birthdays in general, looking forward to being able to do more things and receive presents. That being the case, I wanted to know if there was a specific reason why he wanted to be 10 or if it was the usual, general reasons, inquiring, "Is there any particular reason?" He seemed quite glad I asked, happy to enlighten me. He scooched closer to me and explained, "For starters, I'd reach double digits. And secondly... I'd reach triple digits." This was curious reasoning, and I was a bit confused as to how he would simultaneously reach double and triple digits by turning 10 (I mean, double digits I could easily understand, but triple?). Wracking my mind for possible explanations, I asked, "Triple digits like adding a zero before the 10?" I had apparently struck out with that guess as he matter-of-factly declared, "No." I paused, considering other possibilities, and tried again, "So, you'd reach triple digits by using a decimal and adding a zero to the end?" Apparently, I hit the nail on the head; he exclaimed, "That's right! I'll use the power of decimals to reach triple digits!" So, for the record, if kids reach triple digits when they turn 10, it's because of decimals (LOL). Just thought you might want to know. Kid logic is pretty humorous; they keep things so interesting, and with them around I never get bored.

Kids are interesting. In before care one of the girls told me about what she did over the weekend; she told me she just watched videos and played Mine Craft. She went on to say that her camera wasn't working on her phone, so she took her 4-year-old brother's phone. I'm not sure if that story is all true; she heavily emphasized that her brother was a 4-year-old with a phone, as if she wanted to convince me. Turns out she and her sister have an older brother that's 22 (her sister told me about it later during the week). All the kids were obsessed with the marbles this week. They had me play hide and seek with them; they would hide the marbles, making me find them, before I would hide them for them to find. I did pretty well at hiding them; it took them so long to find the one I hid and demanded clues from me. They also had us have a tea party with the marbles; some of them were cookies and others were the tea/water. Another time they used the marbles to give them powers; they were hanging out outside when suddenly I heard one of the girls exclaim, "I have FIRE powers--HAHAHAHAHA!!!" It sounded kind of maniacal (lol). They had lots of fun pretending to be superheroes with the marbles. The kids also enlisted my help in prepping for their pretend restaurant. They had me make a bunch of "French fries" for them (cutting strips of paper), help them make a menu, sort the marbles to act as cookies, and act as one of the customers. It was cute. They had so much fun, too. We all enjoyed the fresh, morning air during before care; I love fall's cooler weather, and the kids thought it was awesome seeing the moon out during the daylight. They can be so easy to please sometimes, and I appreciate it--adults can overcomplicate things at times.

Thursday morning got pretty intense. It started off like any other morning, and the kids had a blast (most of them were playing the super hero game with the marbles). One of the little girls got dropped off like usual. She was fine until she got to the playground and had a complete breakdown. She sobbed that she missed her dad. I did my best to calm and reassure her, telling her that she would see him after school. She told me that her dad worked down the street. I'd get little pieces of information out of her every now and then, but she clung to her sadness. I made sure that she knew it was okay to feel sad and miss her dad; she started sobbing that she'd never see her dad again and that he'd live at work now. I assured him that he would always come back for her and that he wouldn't live at work because he'd miss her too much. Her emotions were quite deep, and at times it got super intense to the point where she was almost screaming in her sadness. I felt for her. I definitely didn't anticipate this incident, but after about 30 minutes I managed to calm her down enough to show me her classroom. I had gotten her inside by asking her if she wanted to pick out a unicorn, but as soon as she got inside the building she started crying at one of the tables. It was definitely a work in progress and giving her a lot of TLC. She'd calm down when I'd ask her about her teacher, her friends, her classroom, etc., but then it was almost as if she recognized that she stopped crying and decided she was supposed to still be sad, so she'd start back up again. What managed to get her to show me her classroom was asking her where she puts her backpack in the morning. At first she just told me that she puts her backpack on the hook, specifically the one labeled "13." After I asked where the hook was in the classroom and if she could show me, she sniffed and said, "Okay." She took me to her classroom, clinging to me along the way. She didn't seem to want to go with her teacher. Eventually, we were able to get her to walk into her classroom with her teacher. Other school staff had observed the situation as it transpired; as I was leaving, they thanked me for handling it like a champ, dubbing me the MVP of the morning. I was a bit surprised; sure, I knew it was important to comfort upset children, ensuring they feel safe and heard, but others' thoughts weren't even on my radar--I had just focused on the little girl. I wasn't expecting so much gratitude from others. My coworker was super thankful that I handled it because they hadn't been sure what to do. Granted, I didn't exactly know what to do--I tried various different ways to help her feel better, such as offering to go sit on the bench with her, getting a drink, going for a walk, etc. but they hadn't seemed to help. It kind of felt like I was failing since she was crying for so long, but apparently others didn't view it as a failure in the least--they considered it a major success. It was an interesting morning, to say the least. I'm wondering if it had anything to do with the energies--this week people seemed rather emotional. One of the boys I babysat was apparently late for one of his classes, and he cried about how his dad would yell at him once he got back from work. I'm not sure where the intensity came from, but he seemed convinced that he'd be punished forever for it. I told him to just talk to his parents about it, let them know that he had been getting a library book for his class, and be open. It took a bit for him to calm down, too. Feelings were running high, and I was in the thick of it this week. Corliss tells me that emotions had been running high around her this week, too, so I guess it was across the board.

This week was my great grandma's funeral/memorial. She lived to be 101. I learned something knew--the term "centenarian" being someone who lives to be at least 100. I never knew there was a specific term for that. Also, while I've known that my great grandma had been alive for quite some time, the sermon put into perspective just what she's lived through (the Great Depression, World War 2, JFK assassination, etc.). It boggled my mind to even try to picture it all. Life would have been so drastically different. It definitely was some food for thought to mull over. I learned that my great grandma eloped with my great grandpa since her parents apparently didn't want her to marry him. The world was so different back then; I guess parents held much more sway over such decisions. The day was full of reflection. I'm wondering if my more or less nonexistent relationship with my mom's side is due to baggage my mom has. I was basically in a room full of strangers (excluding my two aunts, grandma, cousin Charles, and parents). I never met the others--or rather, I met them in passing when I was super little. My mom's cousin Stephanie was remarking how it was nice to finally meet me, but my mom said that she met me way back when Stephanie's father got remarried (which was years and years ago); she didn't remember it either. When everyone was going up to say goodbye to my great grandma, my mom wondered aloud if it was a bad thing that she didn't feel sad. I had been wondering the same thing, but I told her that great grandma had been through a lot--you'd have to wonder about her quality of life now, too: due to COVID she's been locked up in a small room at a assisted care facility, not allowed visitors, compiled to the fact that her sight and hearing have been going. While I did not wish her death by any means, she was free from those restraints and no longer had to suffer. That isn't a sad thing in my book. My mom later remarked that it was sad that it was after her grandparents died that the family was able to get close--she brought up baggage about how she was forced by her grandma to be friends with her cousins and hating it, so she basically ended up cutting ties with all of them when she grew up. As a result, I knew none of my mom's extended family--I vaguely knew that they had to exist, but since I never met any of them, they didn't particularly exist in my mind. It is sad. Now, apparently, all the cousins/aunts/uncles want to get together for the holidays. I'm glad that their family is getting patched up, but it's rather sad that it had to come in the form of a loved one passing away in order to accomplish it. C'est la vie, I suppose. My great aunt, Carol, on my dad's side also passed away this week. So many souls are choosing to exit, and I wish them and their loved ones well.

Corliss and I had fun this weekend! We enjoyed catching up with one another. We wanted to do something special for dinner. Corliss had wanted pizza, then switched to calzones. I asked her if she had ever been to Mellow Mushroom before (I had only been there once when my brother came back into town years ago). She hadn't ever been before and was on the fence about it. She started looking at the menu and became enamored. She forgot all about her desire to go to Sauce on the Side. She eagerly wanted to try out Mellow Mushroom. The artwork on the menu is pretty sweet; we loved it. I love the color scheme. Our server was awesome, too, cracking friendly jokes and being all-around amazing; thanks, James! You're the best! She wanted to get some ice cream, and it made me think of the French silk pie blizzard I used to get all the time with April and her mom back in middle/high school. Sadly, it hasn't been around for quite some time, and when I mentioned it to Corliss, lamenting on how I wished it was still around, Corliss groaned, exclaiming, "Why would you tell me such a thing! Now I want it!" I did inform her that they had a seasonal pumpkin pie version now, and since she had been hoping for pumpkin flavored ice cream when we hung out with April last month, I knew she'd be on board. She was, and the pumpkin pie blizzard was pretty good (but I would have preferred the French silk version to be completely honest). We had fun hanging out, wandering around the loop, getting free cookies from Insomnia Cookies, cooking pasta, and playing with Tsuki. We also noticed that a lot of new towers (likely 5G) that popped up in the area along with these massive (ugly), metal powerlines. It was pretty concerning because they literally came out of nowhere.

I received new goodies this week! My latest goodies from Spiritual Supermall's Divine $9 arrived, and I'm super excited about my new crystal eggs! I got one for Corliss, too, and she adores it! One of her friends has apparently been asking if she's gotten one yet but hadn't. Now she has one! The October Goddess Provisions box arrived this weekend, too! Hooray for fun new goodies!

Here are the paintings for this week:

I wrote a new piece for the EmPAWyee of the month challenge; it's dedicated to precious, little Tsuki! She's been an incredible blessing for our home these last two months, even though she can be such a nutty kitten. I'm still working on other short stories; as always, feel free to share recommendations for future story ideas/prompts. Tsuki really adores the decorative pumpkin; I've found her sleeping inside it on multiple occasions. Here are some recent photos of Tsuki from this week:

Aside from the writing I did, I also read and watched more anime. Fanfic for this week included: Welcomed Interference, And Hell I Would Brave for You, Favorite Author, Windows on the West, A (Disastrous) Day at the Beach, The True Measure of a Man, Arrogant Assumptions, Through These Pages, Lonely Places in the Wilds, Titanic, and Bitterly Yours. I watched Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town? and Dragon Goes House Hunting this week. Lloyd is freaking adorable and warms my heart; he's just so sweet and sincere. I just want to hug him. He's my favorite character from Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town? by far. My favorite from Dragon Goes House Hunting is Dearia, hands down. I absolutely adore him! He cracks me up; I feel like he has a somewhat mischievous/comical side, and he had me in tears with the whole "congratulations on becoming a father" thing. He reminds me somewhat of Sesshomaru with his immense power, vast intellect, and overall demeanor (plus, they look somewhat similar), but I feel that Dearia isn't serious enough (I can't see him doing some of the stunts Dearia does, but maybe with some time to loosen up, Sesshomaru would do something similar--who knows?). I'm definitely in the Dearia fan club, though. I can't wait to see their adventures continue. I watched the newest episode of Black Clover this week, and I loved getting some insight on Liebe's background. Poor thing was abused all his life until he stumbled upon Lichita, Asta's mother. They made a cute family, but it broke my heart when she passed away--she truly acted as a mother, though. It's cute that the two sons, blood and adopted, get to work together. Even though Asta is human and Liebe a demon, they're so alike. Both were seen as "worthless" by others in society for being weak/powerless. I can only imagine how close Asta and his mother would have been. I hope Liebe and Asta can develop into close friends and brothers. What matters most is not what you are but who you are--your choices and values speak so much louder than any label of species or title of "nobility"/"commoner." I watched the new episodes of The Seven Deadly Sins this weekend, the story concluded rather nicely, although I would have liked to see the other kids. The end of an era of light vs dark is rather fitting.

We're in unusual times now, and it feels like its the end of an era and the start of a brand new one. We're going to need to come up with new solutions because humanity's former solutions will no longer work; we need a breath of fresh air and to hold open minds for the new to come in. Take care of yourself; priority your wellbeing. You matter. You're worthy. You deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. Go with the flow and let go of control. Bigger and better things than we can even comprehend are on their way to us; we need to get out of the way and allow them in, which can be easier said than done since many of us are used to planning, scheduling, and controlling every last detail of our lives. We're definitely heading into a new era. It's going to be big. Our transition will be only as easy as we let it be. If we struggle and resist, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Be gentle with yourself; we're all doing the best we can. Be blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Some food for thought for the week:

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