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Reflecting and Gaining New Insight

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and enjoyed the new moon in Leo! Prior to the new moon I had felt a bit drained, but once the new moon arrived I felt this spark of revitalization. Funnily enough, it's like I got a second wind, and I wasn't even tired when midnight rolled around. It probably didn't hurt that I was creating some art and was absorbed in the process.

I stumbled upon a new funny series this week; as I was perusing the YouTube home page, a Tamaki and Kyoya phone call video popped up spontaneously. I had never seen this series before, but it's quite humorous. No regrets about finding this series; it's pretty epic.

The universe/source/God has a sense of humor. On Monday when the mail arrived, I became confused because a check arrived. It said it was from the Recreation Council. I had never heard of it before, increasing my confusion. Upon opening the check, I figured out it was for one of the kids I babysit; their mom had asked me to sign off on some hours because she was going to be getting some financial assistance. I was more than okay if the universe wanted to surprise me with a $1500 check, but it seemed off. It had sounded like the money was supposed to be going to the family, not me. I thought maybe this council sent money to both of us (which seemed unlikely, but I don't know anything about this said council, so anything was possible). I decided to reach out to the mom before I did anything; I could definitely use the money, but if it was supposed to go to the family but somehow got sent to my place, it'd be akin to stealing. Upon reaching out, it turns out it was supposed to go to them--they had been wondering where the check was. The mom speculates that the council thought it was supposed to be my payment, and she was horrified by the idea of not paying me throughout the summer. While it is a bit of a disappointment that I'm not getting surprise money, I'm glad that I didn't just decide to assume. It's hard times for everyone, and I'm certain that they could use the money, too. I'm sure the universe has other plans to bless me with abundance. It would have been nice to have this surprise money, but whenever you don't get something it's because the universe has something bigger and better in store for you. I eagerly await, universe. I don't know what form it will take, but I know you won't leave me hanging.

Surrendering to the present moment instead of obsessing about the past or stressing about the future is important. Kyle Cease explores this idea in a recent video:

Fluffy cat enjoyed her outdoor adventures this week (like every week). One day when we went out, she started watching "bird TV" (something she hasn't done since the spring time) with all the birds hanging out in our neighbor's bird feeders and trees. One of the birds flew into the tree next to us and kept chirping. It was like it was putting out a call. For a minute or so all the other birds ignored it, but then they started assembling in the tree. The original bird never stopped its call, like it was trying to gather the group. A cardinal and hummingbird even sneaked into the tree as more and more birds assembled in the tree. The other birds were silent, like the first bird was calling the shots and acting as leader. It went on like this for maybe 10 minutes. A few minutes after the original bird stopped its chirping, they started dispersing. It was kind of surreal to witness it all.

I helped out April's mom this week, and April, her mom, Iris, and I all hung out. We ended up going to the global food store to get some yummy snacks. We chatted outside. We ate some delicious pepper and onion pizza with garlic Parmesan sauce. We went for a walk, and Iris got to play at the park. It was a lot of fun, and we were able to catch up. April's mom wanted to talk a lot about developments and bounce ideas around about spirituality. She had a lot of questions, and I answered them to the best of my ability. It was a really deep and thought-provoking conversation. We talked about crystals (and I ended up ordering some crystal pyramids for her). We also discussed organizations and religion. She was struggling with understanding the religion she left behind (it was rather controlling, which is why she left, but she agreed with certain beliefs). I pointed out that maybe the way they went about it probably could be handled better but that they likely had a reason for emphasizing and restricting certain things (like not going to other churches, partaking in certain celebrations, etc.). There are a lot of different energies out there, and not everyone is aware of them or knows how to protect themselves. Not everyone knows the reason behind certain traditions, holidays, and practices, either. While their intent may have been to control, they could have genuine concern/reason for it (not that it makes it okay). Our conversation helped both of us come to a deeper understanding and consider things in a new light. It was very aligned to the story of the fish and the turtle.

The story of the fish and the turtle emphasizes that just because we haven't experienced or seen something before doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. It might not exist, but you can't know for sure. Remember that once everyone believed that the Earth was the center of our solar system, but then we found out that the sun is actually the center. We shouldn't double-down and stick to our beliefs; sure, we need discernment, but it's important to have an open mind, as well.

It's important to consider a wider perspective and to look through another's eyes. Through another's viewpoint you can gain a wealth of insight and understanding. Just because someone doesn't share the same perspective as you doesn't mean they have any less value; they're human just like you. Spirit Science talks about Avatar: The Last Airbender's fire nation and the correlations to today's society.

Just because something is "normal" does that mean that it's okay? In the case of Avatar: The Last Airbender it was "normal" for the fire nation to assert dominance and superiority over the other nations. Do you think that is okay? The same can be applied to our society. It's important to consider and reflect upon what is "normal" and whether or not we want that to be "normal." Our "normal" can be very harmful. Teal Swan delves into this idea of normalcy in a recent video.

Amanda Ellis provides some food for thought; you don't have to agree--just listen with an open mind and consider it. It hit home for Corliss and me; she came back from a phone call towards the end of the video, so I paused it because she wanted to talk about developments (there's been intensity and drama with our family members). When we reached a concluding point in the conversation, I felt the pull to start the video again. It was literally like Amanda was a part of our previous conversation and contributing her two cents. Corliss burst out laughing at the synchronicity of it all. The universe/source/God uses whatever available to deliver messages to us. It's important to not write things off as "mere coincidences."

There's great beauty in life, whether it's out in the world or inside of you. Keep your resilience so you can witness it and watch it grow; there's a purpose you came here for, so don't lose focus of your vision even if others can't see it yet. You are what you been searching for all along.

You are worthy. Don't block yourself from blessings and what you want by putting them on a pedestal.

Food for thought from Magenta Pixie, Nina Starsong, and Catzmagick:

Here's some food for thought from Ralph Smart about interacting/dealing with others; it can be difficult to maintain peace during these turbulent times:

Here's some food for thought about repeating numbers and some info on numerology:

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Life has a lot of insight and lessons to share if we’re open to them. They can come from the most unlikely of sources and teachers. It’s important to take time to breathe, slow down, and reflect. As a collective, we probably could have come a lot farther by now if we hadn’t gotten so swept up in the constant, hectic, day-to-day life we had been living. We likely could have seen a lot of signs we overlooked because we were so busy. The current state of the world isn’t ideal, sure, but there is a silver lining to it all—people have been forced to slow down, take the time to breathe, and reflect. This down time has provoked people to reconsider things (what “normal” is, if the current state of things is okay, what numbers mean, relationships with others, what they really want, etc.). It’s a dark period for a lot of people, but I honestly feel that humanity has been planted. One day—it could be tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now, or more—we’re going to blossom into this breathtaking bloom. It’ll blow our minds. We’re in the process of growing right now, and sometimes we’ll experience growing pains. It’ll be downright uncomfortable at times. It might even be super confusing. At the end of the day, though, it’ll all be worth it. We’ll be stunned by the end result. It’s okay to take things one step at a time. Don’t get too caught up in the end goal that you miss out on the journey along the way. Enjoy each day. Savor each moment. You’ll never get another one quite like it. There’s still a lot of beauty in the world if you know where to look. Humanity will shine so bright—it’ll be astounding. Don’t stress about what might happen, and focus on the now. We’ve got this. Stay blessed my friends~

Food for thought:

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