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Raining Synchronicity

Since I was off from babysitting this week, I decided to take a walk to the ATM to deposit a check (it wasn't exactly close, but it wasn't far--it was about 50-60 minute round trip). It was overcast, which definitely made it cooler than the weekend (it had been so hot). It started raining in the middle of the walk. Thankfully, I had my umbrella. It made me think about how it was the new moon in Cancer, and how it relates to water and emotions. It cleared up on the return home with the sun's intensity returning. On the walk home I noticed a Blessing Box; I loved this idea, so I acquired some goodies to put in it to help others out. Share the love!

As I drove to the store to buy some goodies for the Blessing Box, the theme of water was pretty prevalent in the lyrics. For starters "Peace Be Still" played when I started my car--lyrics proclaiming, "I don't want to fear the storm. Peace be still. Say the word, and I will set my feet upon the sea till I'm dancing in the deep." It was then followed up by the song "Let It Rain" with the lyrics of: "Is there anybody's sunshine been turned to rain? Is there anybody's blue sky been turned to gray? ... So let it rain, let it pour... Let it rain, rain down on me." I found it interesting with the theme of water, storms, and rain, taking note of the simultaneously sunny blue sky and storm clouds. When I was coming back from the store, it started pouring rain. It was very sudden. The sky was still the split between blue sky, sunshine, and storm clouds, but it was leaning more towards storm clouds (like two-thirds). I got the vibe that it was a sort of cleansing, so I got very into it, exclaiming, "Yes! Wash away the fear! Wash away the negativity! Cleanse so the positivity can shine!" Funnily enough, the lyrics that played on the radio at that moment were: "I'm born again, born again. Washed by the water, I'm clean." The synchronicity of it all did not escape me. Perhaps literally or maybe just metaphorically, society needs to go through a cleansing. There has been rain for three days in a row. Even though it's rained quite hard each day, every time I'm out, it never rains hard on me--I'm able to stay dry. I feel rather protected; thanks Universe!

I enjoyed spending quality time with fluffy cat this week; she's so cute! More goodies also arrived this week! My missing crystal water bottles finally arrived along with my missing Isis necklace. I got more books and crystals, too!

I spent a good portion of the week working on art, as well. While babysitting, the older of the two boys requested I make more mash-up drawings like the Spideysaur drawing I made earlier this summer. We had a brainstorming session to kick-start the series, and here's the ones I've created so far.

I was able to meet up with April, her mom, and Iris for the first time in probably about a month. It was great seeing them again! Iris is so adorable; when I arrived, she broke out into this huge smile and exclaimed, "Mommy! It's Jessha!" She's cute beyond words! My heart~ I've know April and her mom for so long; we go back all the way to when April and I were in 6th grade. They really became a second family to me. I love them so much! Corliss ended up stopping by, too, because she's known them just about as long (Corliss met them in 7th grade after April moved and switched middle schools). We had lots of fun! We got some ice cream, enjoyed each other's company, and caught each other up on recent developments. Iris and April ended up leaving after ice cream to hang out with Iris's dad, but we got into a deep discussion with April's mom about the power of thoughts, setting boundaries, and focusing on yourself rather than others. She's struggling with how others treat her--she's so sweet, and others recognize the opportunity to take advantage of her. We were starting to reach a breakthrough, but she wasn't completely convinced. We had been talking about how there aren't actually any "coincidences" and how synchronicity was a very real thing--life and the universe want to help us out, but we have to be open to it and allow it to happen. Right as we were talking about this and having a quiet moment for reflection and to let the information sink in, an older lady came up to us. She started talking to us and was super friendly. She was no coincidence. She didn't use the same exact terminology as we did, but she was reaffirming EVERYTHING we had been talking about, but she hadn't heard any of the conversation because she had just arrived to Oberweis. She emphasized the importance of love, being kind, helping others, and the power of Christ. She picked up on things even though she couldn't see very well (she's earned all her wisdom through her many years); she recognized that Corliss was raised as a Baptist without Corliss mentioning anything. She also believed all of us were teenagers, including April's mom. April's mom was touched by this but informed her that she was actually a grandmother; the lady couldn't believe it and emphasized how young April's mom looked. The lady also thought I was 17 (it's not the first time that's happened; people always seem to think I'm younger than I am--about 7 or so years ago April and I decided to hang out in the Art Studio at the local children's museum and doodle; a staff member literally thought we were little kids, maybe around 11 years old). I could take offense to that, but I didn't because age is an illusion anyhow. She was so sweet; I know some people could have gotten upset that the lady just came in and took hold of the conversation for at least 20 minutes, but everything is meant. We just went with the flow and allowed it to play out to see what message the universe/Source Creator/spirit had for us. It confirmed a lot of things, and we made sure to address it with April's mom after the lady left. It led to April's mom commenting how she's been seeing a lot of repeating numbers lately, like 11:11. We informed her that it was another synchronicity and the spirit/source/the universe/her guardian angels/her spirit team were trying to get her attention. She took this information in and genuinely began to reflect on it.

Since she was feeling shaking and unstable, we decided to take her to Sunshine Daydream to get some crystals. April's mom has opened up to the idea ever since I started bringing her little crystals here and there, and she has truly resonated with the concept. She insisted as we drove there that she wouldn't buy any, that she would just look. When we got there, John opened the door, and upon seeing us, playfully ran back inside (I had informed April's mom about this earlier when she had been asking where I get crystals; she didn't seem like she totally believed me about how an employee would do that, but she witnessed it happen before her eyes in the flesh). John told us that we couldn't actually purchase anything as the system was down, but we asked if we could look around and show April's mom the store. He said it was fine, and we all went straight to the crystals. April's mom was enthralled with all the crystal buddies for sale (drawn in particular to a giant green crystal that I believe was Serpentine). I pointed out the smaller crystals for sale (the smallest ones are for sale for $1 a piece or you can get a bag full of them for $5.99). She immediately started finding crystals that were calling out to her (a lot of them happened to have grounding qualities); she was going to put them back since the system was down, but I told her that she should put them to the side because the system would come back up. John remarked how they had no clue when the system would come back up and that they couldn't make promises. I looked at him and reminded him, "You've witnessed what we can do. You've seen the prices we've got on crystals before. The system will come back up; I set my intention." He looked at me and replied that he couldn't argue with that--he's seen the proof. We showed her the geodes that they had in the store when John asked if we'd ever tried polishing one. We hadn't, and he went on to explain that there's a Japanese bowl polishing technique you can do with sandpaper to create a polished geode sphere; it sounds super interesting, and I definitely want to try it out! We then showed her all around the store. As we were concluding the somewhat guided tour of the store, guess what happened? The system came back up, just like Corliss and I knew it would. We encouraged April's mom to put the crystals in a bag because it would be cheaper. John and Corliss believed her collection of 12 stones would require two bags. I had this gut knowing that it would only take one; John specifically didn't think it would work, but he wasn't going to stop me from trying. Honestly, I didn't think much about fitting the crystals in; I worked very much with my intuition. My intuition guided me to kind of piece them together like puzzle pieces, but there really wasn't much thought involved--I went with the flow and just did. It took less than a minute for me to get all the crystals in the one bag, concluded with a triumphant, "Bam!". John was in disbelief. Corliss was impressed and remarked, "You definitely called that one." We end up proving lots of things possible to John; I feel like we're constantly pushing his beliefs on what's possible. I ended up buying this huge crystal sphere. Unfortunately, I didn't get any special price to ring up this time (I think it's because they had to manually enter the price this time because the system was up but not running at normal capacity), but I wasn't going to live in a reality of lack. I'm pretty sure it's an ocean jasper, but there wasn't a description tag with this beautiful sphere. We concluded the shopping experience by showing John my crystal water bottle and getting into a pretty deep conversation about crystal charged water, the effects, what fossils are, the different classifications of rocks/stones/crystals/minerals, etc. It was pretty interesting. We rounded out our trip by getting another caricature from the nice gentleman who works for tips in the area; April's mom wanted to keep it, which was fine by me as long as I got a photo of it. Funnily enough, his rendition of her was of a young lady, too, which caused us to emphasize that people can see the essence of her soul and that she shouldn't let others get her down--she's awesome and shouldn't let others dull her shine. It was an awesome day with my soul family! We even saw a shooting star! It was so much fun, and I love them so!

Here's some more food for thought:

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