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Plenty of Springtime Park Fun~

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed the end of April! It's surreal to think that we're already a third of the way finished with the calendar year. It was a busy week, but I ended up hanging out with people a lot more this week. It was normal in a variety of ways, such as babysitting/tutoring, helping out with the boys' puppy, hanging out with Tsuki, doing some writing, etc., but it was a lot more relaxed this week. I ended up chatting with people and hanging out at parks a lot more than usual. We saw Suzume, too, and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Not a bad thing by any means, just different from my usual routine. I will say that I enjoyed it, but it resulted in a lot of late nights and not as much sleep as I probably should have gotten.

My dream recall was pretty fuzzy Monday morning. I think it involved traveling with Corliss, but specific details were hazy. Things weren't much clearer when I woke up on Tuesday morning; I was super tempted to go back to sleep, and I think my dream involved travel to some capacity. The rest of the week was more of the same; details from my dreams were quite murky and muddled, but that could be due to not sleeping all that much. My dream from Saturday night/Sunday morning involved Dave the Barbarian at one point; I think I had been discussing the show, but I'm not sure why.

The boys got into all sorts of conversations this week, ranging from deep conversations to interests or silliness. They discussed games, movies, and shows, as per usual, but they also got into deeper discussions about the state of the education system and how it could use some drastic improvements. One afternoon we ended up taking one of the younger brother's friends home, too. They were mentioning how they found this random plastic egg with a quarter in it; the younger brother kept insisting that it wasn't him.

Me: Okay, but what if it was you from the future using a time machine to travel back and time and leave it?

Him: But I didn't do it.

Me: Not the you right now, but the future you might have.

His friend agreed with me and thought the theory held promise. He then tried to tell me that I went to the wrong address.

Me: But that's the address I was told.

Him: This is the neighbor's house. Look at the size of this door! (Referring to the garage door) A giant obviously lives here! It's canonically in the lore of giants.

Then we were driving back to their place, the older brother had me tell them about how Iris told me I was a towel.

Me: I feel like I should have realized turning into a towel if it was a week ago.

Younger brother: That's exactly what a towel would say. I would know. I met a towel *starts pointing and gesturing at me*

Then he started going on about how he graduated at the top of his class for Gaslighting 101 and that I've been in the class for months; these kids definitely keep things interesting.

Tsuki was being her typical adorable and goofy self. She enjoyed her typical cat naps on the chairs as well as plenty of birdwatching from the windows. Tsuki had fun with plenty of antics, too, lurking underneath me and waiting to attack, wrestling with my arm, climbing onto my shoulder like a parrot, etc. Plus, the adorable goof savored plenty of sunshine out on the porch. She was definitely confused with me being gone more often this week; I usually just chill with her at home, so she had been missing me and was always eager when I would return.

I had a lot of fun seeing my friends a lot more often this week. I ended up helping April and Iris with a project idea. Iris had broken one of her toys, and April had the idea of turning it into a plushie. April had been struggling to remove the robotic components, so she requested I help her. Afterwards, Iris went and hid the robo-bunny skeleton by the dumpster, hoping to startle people. It was pretty funny. It was so much fun hanging out with them at a variety of parks, catching up, and just having fun with them. We definitely need to have more quality time together.

I wrote more new content for Creativity Chronicles this week, so feel free to check out the newest articles!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

Please, take care and find balance in your life. It can be rather easy to get caught up in the everyday demands of life and neglect your happiness and well-being. Make time for what lights up your soul, brightens your day, and brings you joy. You're worth it. You deserve it. Find ways to make your life worthwhile; you're an amazing individual, and you're writing an incredible story. Listen to your heart, find what resonates with your soul, and be gentle with yourself. You're doing the best you can, and your chapter 1 is not your final chapter. You're going to learn, grow, improve, and transform so much on your journey! You've come so far, and you're only going to go farther! You've got this! Have a wonderful rest of your week and May!

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought for the week:

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