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New Moon, Mother Earth, Healing Energies, and Powerful Messages

Updated: May 11, 2020

I hope everyone had a wonderful Earth Day! I hope it was a day full of connecting with nature and Mother Earth/Mother Gaia and a day full of healing! My cat and I enjoyed exploring the nature in the backyard. I took part of an Earth Day healing meditation; here's the link if you'd like to check it out: This meditation utilizes the chakras, and if you're interested in learning more, feel free to check out this link:

Earth Day also happened to coincide with the New Moon in Taurus. I hope you were able to utilize these energies and have some wonderful, new beginnings! Higher Self on YouTube shared some information and thoughts on this new moon:

I've been reading The Ra Material lately and rewatching the Magi anime. There's been a lot of correlations and synchronicities with what's happening right now. The reality of all living beings being connected to a single source of energy; death is not the end of someone as they return to this source. Freeing oneself from the shackles that bind you. The fact that there are no real coincidences; everything happens for a reason. The world is all connected, so no one is ever truly alone. Agencies that seek to create abnormalities in the world, causing chaos and suffering in their wake. The fact that hatred only leads to separation and suffering; it is never the solution. The fact that society is broken down into different levels (not known by all), with those being the most "important" or "powerful" on top, yet those on the bottom level vastly outnumber the rest of the levels; this very same level (5th district in Magi) is confined to underground living and is literally used as a source of fuel--their life energy is siphoned off and consumed to the point where they die. The secret agency (known as Al-Tharmen in Magi) manipulates others behind the scenes, progressing towards their desire to engulf the entire world in darkness. Recognizing the power that we still have despite this; Aladdin reminds, "Alibaba, this country still has the power of hope left, the righteous power to move forward and try to overcome fate and any obstacles that may get in the way. You're the one who ignited it, right? You put hope in everyone's heart! The Rukh Bird will guide those who live their lives moving forward! So, you see, that's the reason we can still fight!" Recognizing the importance of living our lives and appreciating the gifts we have. Titus remarks, "Oh, come now! A feral cat, a throng of merchants, this sweet mother and child! What sights do we take in if not these? This is true life, the distilled essence of the people! Just, wow! ... I can barely contain what I've seen today--a feast for the senses!" Don't let others dull your zest for life. The existence of beings of other realms and dimensions; the fact that such beings have to abide by certain rules in order to interact with the human world. Reincarnation and incarnating in the world to serve a specific purpose. It blows my mind the content and information these sources provide. The symbolism and imagery was astounding. There truly are no coincidences; Magi premiered in Japan back in 2012 (the year that was the start of spiritual awakening for many). Magi truly has a powerful message to share. Fact is usually stranger than fiction, after all.

With the original Magi anime leaving such a drastic impact on me, I decided to start revisiting the prequel to the story. In the prequel Magi Adventures of Sinbad, Sinbad declares, "I refuse to give any more power to someone that uses it to abuse their people. I've made my decision. I'll change the country and the world by using my own power! ... I'm following my own destiny. Don't worry. I'll overcome any obstacle I must." Don't give away your power to those who misuse it; take your power and use it to create a reality where you and the world can thrive. There's bound to trials and challenges that arise on the path to this reality, but don't let that discourage you. Sinbad asserts, "Whether humans or oceans, both things are like the waves! And no wave is stronger than me!" Nothing is stronger than you; you shall prevail. Assert your power now. Don't hesitate to use your voice; don't let them take away your rights and freedom of speech. Carve your own path, stand your ground, and speak your truth.

Humanity is awakening: game, set, match. It's the beginning of the age of Aquarius, the information age. More and more people are undergoing the ascension. Be mindful of your consent; if you don't agree with how society is being run, don't give your consent to them.

Knowledge is power, friends; stay informed. Arm yourself with information, research, and wisdom. Some might say ignorance is bliss, but has that saying rung true for you? Stand in your own truth. Decide for yourself what to believe. Here's some food for thought:

Before you write things off as ridiculous or crazy or conspiracy theories, keep an open mind. Consider information you find and receive. Use your critical thinking skills. Decide for yourself what you believe, and feel free to do your own research. I make no claim to what you should believe to be true or not, but a lot of things coming to surface right now makes one wonder. A lot of dots are appearing and becoming connected. When things keep adding up like this, ideas that may have seemed like it would be "crazy" or "preposterous" now feel very valid and make way too much sense. Remember, Ralph Smart reminds us all, "Never allow a few frames to interfere with the whole film... Never allow your current situation to be your final destination. Never allow your confusion to be your conclusion. Realize this, too, shall pass... Don't see this as the end because, Deep Divers, your story is not over yet." Don't let a blip on the radar dictate the whole story. You are powerful. You can control your perspective and attitude. Life is full of blessings and lessons. Moreover, you're a survivor; you've survived and overcame each and every obstacle, challenge, trial, and tragedy that has happened previously in your life--the same will happen this time. You've got this. Don't fall prey to the doubt, panic, and fear. Believe in yourself. Trust yourself. Love is the strongest energy out there.

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