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New Moon, Incoming Energies, and Abundance

Happy new moon in Virgo! Lots of energies are taking place right now, and some things seem a bit crazy. Kids and animals have been acting a bit "off." Maybe you've been feeling rather tired lately. Maybe you've been feeling that you're on an emotional roller coaster. Just know that every storm passes. Even if you don't have the ideal life right this second, remember it's never too late to start. Today's a great day to start something new, something you always have wanted to! This mindset of "this could never work" can be prevalent in society, but why not? Why couldn't it work? That mindset is a self fulfilling prophecy because with it you never put forth any effort or even make an attempt at making it happen, so of course it doesn't work. Miracles happen every day. You'll be surprised what happens when you give things a chance and keep an open mind.

When I arrived for tutoring on Monday this week, I found a present waiting for me. Turns out they had gone to the global market to get some apple rings and mint Pocky; it was super cute--she was so excited to give me that present. The little things are so sweet and precious! We also talked about how to write her name in Japanese/"Tori" meaning bird in Japanese. She thought it was pretty cool. They wanted me to write on the board again (they had been drawing with their friends on the board, so they had erased what I had done previously); sometimes you forget how even the simplest of things can mean so much to others (they were so happy to see my little sayings and written schedules again). They're really sweet kids. We went on walks during their breaks, played on their trampoline (we started throwing leaves at each other, exclaiming, "Razor leaf!!"), we played board games, and just goofed off to help them diffuse some of the pressure from virtual learning. They told me they were fine with going to virtual learning, though, because they could wear PJs and because it meant that I got to come over. We went on an extra long walk Friday afternoon because the schools started doing half day Fridays this week. The fresh air and cool fall breeze were wonderful. They wanted to stop by a local shop to get snacks, which was fine with me. While they were snacking on the bench, I looked down and spotted a penny. I pointed it out to them, but they didn't feel it was worth picking up. I then spotted a dime, another penny, and a quarter one after another. Granted, it's not like I found hundreds of dollars, but the universe was providing a sort of abundance as it all adds up. It was lots of fun tutoring and hanging out with them this week.

I had lots of goodies arrive this week! I have been wanting to get my birth chart, and I saw that Ephemeris was having a special sale for a necklace form. It seemed like the perfect time to take advantage of the sale and get one for myself (and they have four different color options). The astrological birth chart necklace I ordered arrived a day early! It looks so beautiful! If you would like to order one, you can check out their website: New books and a new movie also arrived this week! I remember when Corliss and I found out that Makoto Shinkai created another film at the beginning of summer this year we became so excited! It felt like September was so far away, but it came a lot sooner than expected. Weathering With You was phenomenal just like Your Name; thanks so much for another beautiful film, Makoto Shinkai! I can't wait to share it with April and Corliss! We went to see Your Name in theaters so many times! It's one of our favorite films of all times! The new books are just as exciting! I've read a few of Magenta Pixie's other books, and her YouTube videos resonate quite a bit with me so I'm sure this one will be just as insightful! Also, I can't wait to start Memorias de Idhun. I watched The Idhun Chronicles on Netflix, and I was immediately swept away by the story. I was so wrapped up in the story that as episode five was wrapping up, I couldn't wait to start episode six--only to find out that only five episodes are on Netflix at this time. I was seriously bummed out but remembered that it was based off of a book series. Memorias de Idhun is a super popular book series in Spanish, and I saw that it was translated in quite a few languages. Disappointingly, I found out that despite the many languages it's translated into, English is not one of them. I felt torn as I felt a very strong pull to read the series. However, it made me think about how I took Spanish in middle school and all throughout high school up to AP Spanish. It made me ponder if all of those classes had been in order to read this series, if they served as preparation for this opportunity. I decided that I would go for it because the impulse was far too strong to ignore and that I might remember much more Spanish than I think. The first five episodes on Netflix has set the stage for a phenomenal series (plus, I've only heard good things about the book series online). The bar is set high, and I'm certain I won't be disappointed. I wasn't disappointed by Spiritual Supermall, either. My one order arrived early (although the one that was supposed to arrive on Tuesday still hasn't arrived--go figure), and they provided more freebies! They're so generous! They even upgraded the free mini black tourmaline pyramids into amethyst pyramids (black tourmaline is the free mini pyramid listed on their website currently). I almost have all of the larger orgone pyramids listed on their site currently (excluding the one that is delayed in the mail). I love all their products!

Corliss and I met up to go crystal shopping and go hiking. On the way to meeting up with Corliss, I ran into the man that I would see all the time on the way to work before all the weirdness transpired. He was so happy to see me again, exclaiming, "Hi, Miss Lady! Where have you been!?" I had actually been hoping that he was doing alright since he happens to be homeless; I'd regularly give him money on the way to work. I was grateful I had some cash to share with him and explained how my former school district decided to basically toss me aside "because they didn't need me." He got very upset over that, but I explained that I didn't need that kind of negativity, preferring to be around people that want me around like all the families I've been tutoring for. That seemed to appease his worry and frustration on my behalf, and he asked for a hug, which I obliged as I don't live in a reality of fear--I choose love. I'm really grateful he is doing well. I was a bit concerned since I hadn't seen him in months, but he seemed to be doing well, all things considered.

After meeting up with Corliss, I gave her a replacement elephant wallet I found since the last time I saw her the other one I gave her happened to break, causing her to be rather sad and disappointed. She was so excited for the new one! Since it was a beautiful day, we knew that we wanted to go hiking/be outside, but we also wanted to go to Prospectors since it had been closed when we tried to go last weekend. We decided to go hiking after checking out Prospectors since it closes at 5, whereas nature never actually closes. We wanted to see if we could find any awesome crystal buddies to add to our collection, especially since they had recently gone to the Denver Gem Show. Prospectors had lots of breathtaking crystals like always. We were blown away with all the incredible pieces. I bought the massive crystal I have been thinking about since we first found Prospectors; it had been originally been $1000, but it was on sale for about $390. I had originally shied away from it because it felt like a rather hefty price tag. I hadn't forgotten about it all these weeks or months since then. I told myself if it was still there, it would be coming home with me. Turns out, it was so I decided to follow through on my intention and not become swayed by realities of lack and limitation; I know that the universe is full of love and abundance so it's about time I live like it. Not buying big purchases because of being "realistic" is something that's quite prevalent in my family, so it's taking some time to overcome it, but I'm definitely making progress. I also got a smaller clear quartz and smoky quartz that are full of rainbows! They're breathtakingly gorgeous! I couldn't leave them behind. Since I've been telling myself it's long overdue to get larger crystals (I've tended to "play it safe" with the smaller crystals since they cost a lot less) I bought a larger clear quartz crystal as well. It was the most I've ever spent on crystals (almost $700 with tax). The employee that was ringing up the prices asked if I wanted to know the price as I inserted my credit card--I didn't want to give myself the chance to back out and prevent the turning point of change to happen; I said, "Sure," only after it was completely inserted. I'll be honest, there was a bit of reluctance when I heard the total, but it was the most okay I've ever been thus far with large purchases. It was definitely progress. I'm super happy with my crystals! I trust the universe, but I recognize that my trust could use growth and become completely unconditional--my mind occasionally strays to thoughts of questioning where the financial abundance will come from because it hasn't particularly shown up yet. I'm definitely in a better place with my belief system and trust in the universe than before, but there's still plenty of room for growth. I give thanks for the abundance of crystals, and I look forward to the financial abundance I know is waiting for me.

We decided to grab a late lunch; we thought about eating in, but it was way to nice outside. It felt like the weather was too gorgeous to stay cooped up indoors, so we ordered some food to go and then found a nearby park. It was a small park, but it was beautiful! We even found a secret trail that no one else seemed to know about. We loved the quiet of that trail (the entrance/parking lot area was rather busy and noisy). We enjoyed chilling in nature and the tranquility for hours. It was magical! Before we wrapped up the day, we decided to try something new; we decided to try Fritz's custard, and we were not disappointed. Corliss was especially excited about the cake batter custard--apparently it was everything she always wanted. It was a wonderful day!

Fluffy cat has been enjoying the fall weather and enjoying snuggling with me! She's so cute (even when I come upstairs to go to sleep and find that she has stolen my bed). She's just so cuddly! She kept me in bed for so long (I think she knows that I never want to move her when she's so snuggly; I never want to disturb her even if I would prefer to get up). Fluffy cat had me in bed for an extra four hours, but I'll admit that I really didn't feel like getting up at 7 am or much at all today. It was one of those kinds of days where you just want to chill and stay in bed.

My aunt told me that my baby cousin loves all the crystals I gave my aunt; Addie had been mesmerized by my crystal bracelets at her birthday party earlier this month, too. I think it's pretty cute, but I'm not all that surprised because I feel that the kids are much more in tune with energy. The kids I tutor/babysit request that I bring them crystals, want to learn about them, and want to do things like make video games about them. Iris adores crystals, and every time she sees me, she emphasizes multiple times about how cool and pretty my bracelets are, how she loves them. When I stopped by to see April and Iris on Friday, I brought Iris a mini amethyst pyramid, and she loved it. Funnily enough, she thought I was just showing her it and remarked, "I love your pyramid, Jessha. Here you go," before trying to give it back. When she finally realized that it was for her, she lit up and wanted to keep it safe. She had April put it in her pocket since she didn't have any pockets. We then went for a walk to the "baby park" (Iris calls it that because it's kind of small). She was super excited to play, and she had April pretend to be a monster. She'd run up to me, exclaiming, "AAHHH! It's a monster!" before trying to jump into my arms. She'd have me run away from the "monster" and find a place to hide with her. She kept this game up for a good 30-45 minutes at least. She also wanted to swing on the swings; when April asked if Iris wanted to be pushed by her, Iris immediately replied, "NO! I want Jessha!" She's so freaking cute. April had let me know that Iris had been asking if I could come over so she could see me earlier this week, too. I feel so loved! She really is a sweetheart. When we got back to their place, Iris started making me food in her Play Doh oven. She then started to give me "chocolate" (which read "BUTTER" after she pulled it out of the mold); this kid's a riot! I'm super grateful I can spend time with loved ones and have so much fun!

Never let anyone tell you that you are unworthy. You are worthy. You matter. You deserve to be happy, successful, and loved. The universe wants only good things for you (although sometimes those "good" things come in the form of lessons of growth). Don't give up. Believe in yourself; you are capable of incredible things!

Corliss and I found an OVA for Wotakoi; we absolutely love it! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside--full of good feels~

Here's some food for thought from Amanda Ellis; there's a big message of as above, so below--the outside weather, fires, flooding, etc. is mirroring our inner emotional worlds. Much like humanity needs to purge and heal our shadows and emotions, Mother Gaia needs to undergo a purge and heal. Regardless of what comes, the storm will pass.

A lot of things are kind of crazy right now as lots of things are changing and transforming. It's not always enjoyable. It's important to take the time to pause, breathe, and take a break to relax. Stressing and worrying won't help. Fixating on problems will only cause it to worsen; what you focus on grows. Plus, a lot of our issues and stresses come from the stories our mind tells us. These stories aren't particularly true; they're what our mind perceives to be true, deciding upon things without confirmation or evidence of being true (i.e. everyone hates you because you made a mistake). Our mind can most definitely blow these things out of proportion, escalating the stakes and making a mountain out of a tiny mole hole. Sure, maybe you did make a mistake. The thing is, even if it feels like everyone will remember it for the rest of their lives, they probably won't. People tend to be focused on themselves. I remember plenty of times I "messed up," but I can't say I remember any of other people's mishaps. We can be our own worst critics. We need to outgrow this belief system. It does not serve us. Even though all these fictitious stories seem so real, they cripple us despite the falsity of it all. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Don't buy into these stories. They're ungrounded. We all want to be happy, but we won't be able to find and appreciate happiness when these stories rule our minds and lives. Breathe. Every storm passes. Even if it's difficult in the moment, it will pass. You can even learn from it. Life doesn't happen to you--it happens for you. Life provides blessings and lessons. The universe loves you, despite the stories your mind might concoct. You are loved. You are worthy. You matter. You deserve to be happy. Find your joy. Pursue your dreams and passions. Upgrade your belief systems; they say seeing is believing, but it's believing that leads to the seeing. What you believe manifests as your "proof" and "evidence." What kind of life do you wish to live? It's up to you to decide. You have a lot more power than you might believe. Listen to your heart and intuition; you know a lot more than you might think. You are capable of incredible things if you give yourself the chance. You can change the world if you choose to do so. Take care of yourself, find your joy, and take the time to breathe and relax. Stay blessed, everyone~

Some food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought:

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