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New Horizons Leading to a New World

I hope you are all doing well! Spring is in full bloom, and my days have been rather full--my cat and I have enjoyed our backyard adventures. I've gone on relaxing walks around the neighborhood, finding neat chalk art. I've received my packages from 8BillionTrees and SaveLands. It happens to be my mom's birthday today, and I plan on making her some sort of dinner tonight (but she hasn't said what she wants yet). All the video chats with the Toucans have been fun and interesting (yesterday one of the little girls had me guess what her drawing was based off of her clues--her clues were that it had no tongue, it was a diamond shape like stars in the sky, and that it had petals. Guess what it was.... ready? It was a volcano. Not going to lie, it made me laugh because it was quite unexpected). We're in the midst of end of year, virtual conferences, and they've all gone rather smoothly. There's been plenty of online PD trainings/readings/videos for me to digest and reflect on. I finished watching Magi and the prequel spin-off about Sinbad's Adventures. I've finished reading the first book of The Law of One. I've done various research about what's going on currently. There's been a lot of food for thought.

Also, I've done more babysitting for a family of essential workers. The 5th grader recently got the new Animal Crossing game for the switch: Animal Crossing New Horizons. He's quite enthusiastic about it, showing me all around his island. Over the weekend I decided to borrow my sister's copy and check it out. You start off on a deserted island and work your way towards building the island up with various buildings (whether it be homes for residents, a shop, a museum, etc.). Similarly, Magi: Adventure of Sinbad explores the concept of starting an entire new kingdom (and eventually, the a whole new world). I find it interesting how these two works address the idea of what lies ahead on new horizons, the new beginnings, and how we hold the power to make it a reality. The path to creating this new world may hold obstacles and challenges, but if we put in the work, persevere, and work with others, we can make it a reality. The fact that this theme and concept keeps reappearing right now does not escape me; there are no coincidences. I take it that the Universe is pointing out the synchronicities with the state of the world right now. The world is resetting. Nature is healing. We have the opportunity to decide where we go from here, where the next chapter will lead us. We are powerful co-creators of our reality, and the potential to create a world we desire is there for the taking. If we utilize the opportunity before us, we can make whatever we wish. We possess the power. All we need to do is try, put in the effort, and do our best. Tapping into our true power, our full potential, trusting the Universe (as it has our back), and working together we can achieve anything and everything our heart desires.

Find what's important to you. Don't let the important things fall through the cracks; prioritize them. Find what makes you happy. Live your best life. Find your purpose and follow through. Infinite Waters explores this:

My research has provided more food for thought--feel free to check out the resources provided below:

Take what you will from the information (and feel free to share any interesting information you happen to find). Find what resonates with you, and live by your own truth. As long as we live through love and according to our hearts, we'll be just fine. Don't give away your power. Stand in your own power and create the reality that serves you. The Universe is full of abundance; allow it into your life and don't get into your own way. Listen to your heart and intuition. We've got this. The world is preparing for its next new chapter. We can create the path this next chapter will follow. Stay blessed and grateful, my friends!

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