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Life is Full of Blessings

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Hopefully if you're going back to school, everything has transitioned smoothly! The start of the virtual school year for one of the kids I babysit/tutor was a rather interesting one. He and his mom had reviewed and prepped a good portion of Sunday to be ready to hit the ground running on Monday. His mom was impressed with the layout, feeling it was organized (especially compared to the end of last year). The actual first day of school was a lot like the science experiment his class witnessed that day, though. His teacher placed an open can full of water on a hot plate and asked for the class to predict/hypothesize what will happen once he submerged it into ice cold water; with everything heating up by getting ready for the new school year, the harsh, cold reality of the servers came crashing in--they all imploded much like the can. With the ground work they did, he knew how to find all his classes, checked to see which of his friends were in his classes, and everything. Then the start of the school day rolled around, and we couldn't logon to schoology (the way to access all his classes/assignments). An alert saying that he needed to provide his apple password kept appearing, but it wouldn't accept his password. We tried to turn off wi-fi before turning it on again, forgetting the connection before adding it again, restarting his iPad, contacting IT, reaching out to his friends, checking email--anything and everything we could think of in hopes of smoothing out the rocky start. We were able to copy the zoom meeting names/codes and access them through their desktop computer. It wasn't all that easy to get the names/codes, though, as not all of his teachers had shared them via email (plus, we later found out that his email had stopped working and that it hadn't received/sent any messages from 6:30 am onward; we had thought that it had been working since we could see emails received from the day before, but then anything that sort of entered his inbox after 6:30 am refused to show up). We ended up having to let him use my phone to do assignments (he had to use apps like Kahoot and Edpuzzle). He and his mom were not happy about the amount of technical hiccups and how bumpy the first day of school was, but there was only so much we could do on our end. Education leadership and the IT department kept apologizing and promising that we weren't the only ones struggling (it was described as a "partially and national failure" of the system). His mom was irked that they had all summer to prepare for this yet came up so lacking. She didn't believe that teachers should have to do two jobs (teach online and in classroom), though; she was completely understanding on that front. These struggles were present before everyone was back to school, though. Only the high school and middles schools started Monday (what a memorable way to start off 6th grade); it's going to be real interesting when all the elementary students join the party on the servers, too. I'll be honest, I struggled a bit with not laughing; they certainly tried to make the online schooling work for real, but it's starting off on some rather shaky foundation. I recognize the teachers are doing the best they can with what they've been given. Families might be better off with homeschooling, but who knows where this will lead. I wish educators the best of luck! It's going to be quite the interesting school year.

I was super excited after coming home from the interesting first day of school; when I entered my house, fluffy cat came running down the stairs to greet me! She started following me around, purring and being all cute and lovable. Plus, my free book from Yulia Van Doren arrived while I was tutoring that first day! So exciting! She's so sweet! I can't wait to read Crystallize: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing. I'm sure it's going to be phenomenal, just like her other book: Crystals: Te Modern Guide to Crystal Healing. I flipped through the book a bit, and the photography is gorgeous and breathtakingly stunning just like her other book! I love it already! She also sent me some free crystals (a piece of Serpentine and Pink Botswana Agate). I didn't know that she'll be coming out with a crystal website later this year, but I can't wait to check it out! Yulia, you're an awesome lady and beautiful soul! Much love~

The rest of the week went smoother for the online learning, even with the elementary schools joining on the server. Maybe it's due to us making sure he logged on early. Maybe they got their act together with the servers. I'm not entirely sure. There were some hiccups every now and then with getting booted off the zoom class meetings, but we were able to get back on in a minute or two. His mom apologized for having me sit with him to make sure things went smoothly, but I pointed out that I had been learning new things and getting to witness some cool stuff (like the imploding can). I got to watch him play his xylophone (he was really excited to play a Beatles song). I learned that there's a "concert pitch" to make sure all the instruments play the same notes (I knew that instruments sound different, but it never crossed my mind how if they played the same note for a performance it would sound so different without a "concert pitch"). I was able to witness more of his sense of humor; when the drama teacher asked what the worst food to eat before a performance was, his answer was "Tide pods." One might argue that it's not a food, but it definitely would not be a good idea to eat those prior to a performance. When asked to pick one word to describe himself, he confidently and proudly selected "nerd." His classmate chose "whimsical" to describe herself; I love their selections--all the more power to them! I also got to find out some of the book series he's interested in (the titles of the Artemis Fowl books are rather intriguing). I got to check out Kahoot! (it'd be interesting to see if it could be used for things other than school; the students seem to have a lot of fun, and it'd be fun to put together some kind of game for Destination Creativity like Kahoot). I got to joke around with him as he tried to get me to do his work (he'd tell me to write "it" for him, so I would; he didn't find it as amusing as I did). We even found a wild Zacien while doing his school work. I definitely prefer tutoring over going back to school, especially now that there are required masks (I prefer to breathe) and there are all these new restrictions put in place.

I get the need to keep people safe and the importance of caution, but there are exaggerations and taking things too far. There are a number of people who are so scared, anxious, and paranoid that they're too afraid to live. Before this all transpired it was a bit iffy with restrictions and all that were put in place. There were so many things that teachers/students "have" to do that there wasn't time for what they actually need. It's great to learn, and I have no problem with education. I feel like the education system could do a much better job of providing helpful, meaningful learning. All these required courses and materials you "need" to learn that you don't actually need... I was talking with my best friend since 6th grade recently, and we feel like the majority of our educational experience was a waste of time. It wasn't meaningful and life changing. We feel that the system definitely changed us and not for the better. It sapped out our individuality, energy, and creativity. Sure, we've been getting it back, but it shouldn't have been removed in the first place. The longer we were in school the more it became dull and fun-devouring. We had so much fun in 6th grade; we were full of life, fun, and creativity. As middle school continued it consumed it all. We were able to get a considerable portion of it back in 9th grade, but as high school continued the same thing occurred to an even greater degree. It's so time-consuming, sapping energy and adding greater and greater amounts of required work. It'd be one thing if the work resulted in abundance and a better life, but it's gone downhill. Even with college experience and degrees, we didn't receive the "amazing opportunities" that everyone swore would come. We've only gotten stress and debt from it all. The whole education system has the potential for so much good, but it definitely needs to be revamped and undergo rebirth in order for this to happen. The current system is so broken and sick. It's toxic. We don't need this. Sure, maybe components in the system, like teachers and students, have pure intentions when they go in, but a poisonous system will not allow them to come out healthy and shining bright. They'll come out dull, drained, defective versions of themselves. I can't see myself going back to the system as it stands. The required masks is unacceptable, and I can't go into a system that breaks students in good conscious. I definitely want to help students learn and grow, but it's become blatantly obvious that it's necessary to do that in a different fashion than the traditional education system.

I watched The Great Pretender on Netflix this week as well as season 3 of Aggretsuko. It felt like they have pretty impactful messages. They came across as dealing with/exploring humanity's struggles, humanity's shadow, karma, law of attraction, soul contracts, the divine master plan, "real world" vs "dream world," etc. I recognize that they call shows "TV programs" for a reason (as in they program you), but we can learn a lot from these shows. There's a lot of illumination and insight that can be found. Life is full of lessons, but sometimes in the moment it can be difficult to recognize them. Everything has meaning and a purpose; everyone has a role they agreed to play prior to incarnation. There's always free choice, but there's also a sort of "destiny" that comes into play. I like to think of it that there are some events that we're going to come across no matter what, like entering a specific hallway; we're going to enter that "hallway" no matter what, but how we go down that hallway is all our choice. We can walk, crawl, run, skip, jump, go kicking and screaming, whatever we want. Our reaction to the hallway is 100% our choice. Other people don't get to decide for us; it doesn't matter what they think about it. What matters most is how we feel and what we believe is best. We're the stars of our movie; other people aren't the director--they don't get to call the shots. Do the best you can and live a life you can be proud of.

I also read Magenta Pixie's Lessons of a Living Lemuria this week; it possesses a wealth of insight! My moonstone crystal pyramid from arrived this week, as well. Spiritual Supermall even through in an extra freebie! I love them; they're awesome! My new acrylic shelf arrived for my crystals this week, too. Life is full of abundance.

I got to spend the day with April, her mom, and Iris. We had lots of fun. April wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to pick up some fabric to make her own covering to make a fashion statement rather than wearing a mask. She made a test when we got back from our adventure, and it turned out rather well! She's going to tweak and fine tune it in order to make a finalized version; she learned a lot about how she wanted to make it. We also went to The Silver Lady since they had never been there before. They loved it; they were fascinated by all the crystals and crystal jewelry. After we finished up selections at The Silver Lady and talking with Jeff, we went across the street to Sunshine Daydream. Iris wanted to get more "rocks" (she likes crystals, but as a 2 year old currently she only recognizes them as rocks). She excitedly stuffed a bag full of her new "rocks." They also got Iris a custom hula hoop that's study and more her size from one of the employees that makes them; they got her contact info so she could give Iris some lessons later, too. On the way to our next stop we saw a group playing some instruments; I enjoyed that one of the guys decided to wear a dragon costume while playing music. Power to you all! We stopped by United Provisions so they could check out the global food options there; I was excited to find they had a plethora of mint Pocky. Plus, I got some organic apple candy and dried apple rings to try (they're pretty tasty). Before heading back to their place we stopped by Insomnia Cookies so they could try their ice cream sandwiches; they were blown away by it and want to come back to have them every time they are in the area. I opted for just ice cream because two cookies plus ice cream felt like it would be too much for me at that point. It was super yummy! On the way back to their place we stopped by Kohl's so April could pick out a thin scarf to use as a facial covering. We then concluded the day with some pizza and watching some of Blue Planet. It was a great day!

Life is truly full of blessings. At this current point I wouldn't say that an abundance of money has manifested, but I have much abundance to be grateful for. I get to work with great kids and families. I get to spend time with loved one and have fun. I get to enjoy great anime, books, and shows. I have an awesome crystal collection. I have been blessed with great creative skills. I have a fluffy cat that loves to cuddle with me. I have a roof over my head. I get to eat incredible food. Most of the time I don't need to wear a mask (although, technically, I don't have to wear one ever, but I am willing to wear one for short periods if it will help out those I love). I'm working on being self employed. I get freebies fairly regularly now. I get to witness magnificent sights like bright blue skies with radiant sunshine. In the words of my late uncle, "It's a wonderful day to be alive." Stay blessed, everyone~

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