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Life is an Adventure

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

I hope everyone is doing well! This week has been fairly productive. My cat and I still enjoy our backyard adventures. She enjoys her evening strolls outside; if we happen to go out during the afternoon, she sticks completely to the shade, or she'll just stay inside sleeping in a box. I also got a new desk (thanks to my uncle) and a new shelf. I've been able to decorate them with my many crystals and other goodies (i.e. anime related items). The statue of Isis arrived this weekend, and she looks so cool! The shelf and desk with all their decorations make me so happy; there's such good vibes! There's been plenty of tidying up and organizing this week.

We've initiated our video-creating journey! Our first video was posted on our YouTube channel. We plan on creating and releasing more videos soon! We hope you'll all join us on this journey!

Corliss and I decided to get together and have fun. We went to the Bug Store before it closes for good. It's sad that the store will be closing, but we completely understand and support the owners and their wish to retire. We thought their sign was rather humorous--we speculate that it happened and that's why they felt it necessary to include it on their sign (there is an upstairs level away from the registers and all, so I guess certain interactions between strangers could happen).

We also went to get some delicious stir fry that we've been craving for months. It turned out to be quite the experience.

It was so neat seeing all of the paintings people have created along the street up to the restaurant.

Gotta love great food and breathtaking sights!

I'll fully admit that I binge watched (in two sessions) the new episodes of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts the day it premiered on Netflix, June 12th. The new episodes definitely continued the trend of deep concepts. There's so much growth in the second season. For starters, Wolf ends up actually asking for help, something that never would have occurred prior to meeting and becoming friends with Kipo. Also, Mulholland undergoes personal growth and change, going from trying to consume others' brain energy to willingly choosing to help Kipo and her friends multiple times: first with Fun Gus and then later with interfering with the pheromone control. Mulholland remarks, "I'm trying out being helpful... This self-discovery journey is a real trip... I had no idea helping could be so fulfilling. If you ever need me, Kipo and Co., just call into the water again. Helping is so cool! Super cool." Additionally, Cappuccino goes on full-on hating humans and immediately feeding them to her pet, Harriet, to willingly helping Kipo and her friends. Cappuccino admits, "Humans, I don't know why you helped me after the way I treated you. I'm a proud shrimp but not too proud to admit that I was wrong." Kipo has a way with people and provokes great change.

Jamack already experienced a brief change of heart at the end of season one when he willingly decides to let Kipo and her friends go instead of handing them over to Scarlemagne. He gave up so much that he normally wouldn't have let pass him by; he could have lived a nice, cushy life. Stuck scrubbing dishes at Cappuccino's restaurant, Jamack admits, "You know, I could be eating teacakes with Scarlemagne in a palace right now, but instead I saved you and your little friends. And look where it got me. I've got nothing. I've got no one. And do you know what? That's okay by me because, hey, they let me eat the scraps." He's undergone so much growth. He's a lot more accepting of life and willing to go with the flow. This all changes when he finds out Dave and the others brought Kipo to the restaurant owned by a blatant human hater. Jamack exclaims, "You brought Kipo here?!"

Dave notes, "Wow, Jamack. You really care that much? She did change your heart."

Jamack retorts, "What? No. I just don't want to see my noble sacrifice wasted. If she's eaten alive, then what was all this for, hm? ... Oh, what am I saying? You're an idiot. Also, we're breaking out."

Upon seeing Jamack, Kipo exclaims, "...Jamack? I can't believe it!"

Jamack insists, "...Like I told the bug, I'm just making sure I didn't give up a life of luxury and respect for nothing."

Dave remarks, "I dunno, man, you're way better at saving people than you are at being a criminal. Just lookin' from the outside in."

Jamack retorts, "Shut up and follow me."

Jamack is unable to verbally express how much he cares (or he just refuses to admit it), but he has grown considerably. He willingly thinks of others, putting them (specifically Kipo) before himself. Once Scarlemagne's minions come and start running amuck at restaurant, harming those present, Jamack tries to get Kipo to safety why they're distracted, insisting, "They're not here for you. Let's go!"

Kipo refuses, "No!"

Benson points out, "Kipo, they sent us to Harriet. They don't care if we live or die!"

Dave remarks, "I'd say they only care that we die."

Kipo asserts, "I don't care if they don't care because I care!"

Wolf argues, "...What are we supposed to do? Fight? What if you lose control and turn into a mega? You're not ready, and when everyone realizes who you are, they'll come after you instead."

Kipo admits, "I know."

Jamack exclaims, "What do you all have against living?!"

Giving in, Wolf attests, "...We got you, Kipo!"

Jamack sighs, "Come on, let's get this over with."

Even though entering the fray will only further complicate things and be a greater threat to everyone's safety, Jamack willingly goes with Kipo and Co. to save the others. This is so drastically different from the beginning of the series where he attacked Kipo and Wolf for entering his home and then later relentlessly hunted them down to turn into Scarlemagne. He's gone from hunting others to helping others. Granted, he hasn't become another Kipo; he opts not to join the group after saving everyone else from the goons, but once given the time, he was able to change thanks to the seeds Kipo planted. While everyone else would have wrote Jamack off based off of the past experiences, Kipo gives him a chance and is able to work the "impossible." Nothing is set in stone.

Scarlemagne continues his pursuit to reign supreme over all, enslaving humans; in the process he ends up destroying others' beautiful creations, crushing dreams and places of unity, peace, and safety. He remarks, "In order to create, one must first destroy." In some instances this statement is true, but that is not always the case. Based off of everything we've seen through season 1, we might believe him to be the villain. Scarlemgane's perception of the world and its inhabitants is truly warped, and throughout the new season we gain new insight into this backstory and how he became the individual he is. Kipo's father, Lio, remarks that Scarlemagne is insane; Scarlemagne retorts, "Right again, Lio! I'm unhinged! I wonder who made me that way." Lio tries to persuade Scarlemagne, pleading, "It doesn't have to be this way. There's an amazing world out there, and if we took a different path, we could work together to--" Scarlemagne passes up this offer, and it's not that surprising. We learn that Scarlemagne, twisted as he is, is misunderstood; he is a product of his environment, possessing a tragic past. He used to be full of so much light and love, but life experiences crushed it, skewing the way he views the world. As alluded in the first season, Scarlegmagne was once known as Hugo. We learn so much about his backstory, that he used to be a normal monkey, one of the few un-mutated animals left on the planet; we discover that it was Lio and Song Oak that made him into a mute by giving him a plethora of formulas under the direction of Dr. Emilia. Once their experiments finally yielded the desired results, Lio and Song realized how wrong it was and decide to hide the truth from Dr. Emilia. To keep Hugo safe, they insist that he never play the piano or sing when they aren't around. This saddens Hugo, but he accepts; he sings, "I'm not supposed to play the piano when I'm all alone or sing along to melodies all of my own. So, though I have the perfect pitch and a rather perfect ear, I'll never play a song in case somebody else is near. Sure, yes, I'm rather bored and could use some release, but it's hardly worth the risk--I think you'd easily agree. I could play a rocking solo. Yes, believe me, I could shred, but I'm a careful lad. So I'll just play it in my head." The creators of Kipo do an excellent job creating the opportunity to sympathize and empathize with Hugo. He was so innocent. Unfortunately for the trio, Dr. Emilia discovers the truth of Hugo and his intelligence, revealing the origins of the experiments to Hugo. Hugo, confused and feeling a bit betrayed, inquires, "Is it true? You only gave me intelligence so you could take it away from everyone else?"

Lio admits, "That's... how it started, but you showed us we couldn't be a part of that anymore. That's why we're going to escape the burrow."

Hugo asserts, "Let's leave right now!"

Lio replies, "We... we can't."

Hugo emphasizes, "Yes, we can! I can make them do whatever I want with my pheromone. I can make them pay for being so mean to us..."

Lio advises, "I know you're angry, and I am, too, but forcing people to do things against their will--that's wrong, Hugo."

Song consoles, "As soon as the baby's born, we're breaking you out of here."

Lio vows, "We'll escape together. I promise."

Later when Lio discovers Dr. Emilia locked Hugo in a glass cage to collect his pheromones, he insists, "You can't lock him in a cage! He's a person!"

Dr. Emilia rebukes, "He's an animal, Lio. The future of the human race is on the line, so think like a scientist and stop getting so attached. I trust you won't need any more convincing."

Hugo consoles Lio, "It's okay. It's just a little longer until the baby comes."

Hugo is an intelligent, understanding creature full of emotion, but the head of the experiments, Dr. Emilia, refuses to see him as such. Song and Lio see him for the beautiful being that he is and treat him like family. Hugo didn't have the perfect upbringing due to the experiments and harsh expectations of Dr. Emilia, but he felt loved so he was content. As the audience, we realize that something drastic must have happened to morph kind-hearted Hugo into the cold, conquer-driven, human-hating Scarlemagne. Inside Scarlemagne's palace, Kipo inquires, "My parents raised you. They named you. They... they loved you. How could you hate them so much?" Scarlemagne asserts, "I was a child, on my own. Thrown into a world a billion times larger than anything I'd ever known. Do you have any idea what that's like?" Scarlemagne reveals his story to Kipo. Hugo ends up escaping from Dr. Emilia amidst the chaos and destruction of the scientists' burrow and is thrown into a vast, new world, full of uncertainty and potential dangers. Scared as he is, Hugo does his best to survive and ends up stumbling upon Lio and baby Kipo on top the surface. Initially grateful and relieved that Lio is safe, Hugo becomes confused, remarking, "Is that my blanket? ... You promised we would all leave together. Did you even try to save me? Did you at least return to see if I'd survived the collapse?" Lio confesses, "It all happened so fast. Emilia came for the baby. We had to run. Hugo, we've been running ever since. But you made it out, and now we are together! You, me... and this is Kipo." Heartbroken, Hugo condemns, "You didn't even look." Throughout it all, Hugo clutched the love for his family in his heart, believing in them and the goodness of humanity; this incident, however, causes Hugo to snap. The world he once knew is gone, crumbled away into nothingness. He turns his back on everything he once knew and believed and decides to become an entirely new entity. Hugo goes to a pack of mute primates and declares, "You're no longer the leader of this pack. You're a subject, my subject. You know, I was once told that forcing someone to act against their will is wrong, but you know what I think is wrong? Ignoring that which makes you superior. The surface shall have kings once more, and the world will bow before... Scarlemagne!" He throws away his old life because the betrayal and pain of his broken heart is too much to bear. He decides to hide his fragile heart behind a new, strong persona, one that will prevent him from getting hurt ever again. Scarlemagne affirms, "So, you see, Kipo, all of this really began with your father... with our father." (Scarlemagne)

Kipo, baffled by this version of her dad she never knew, asks, "Dad, how could you leave him?"

Lio admits, "I had to make a choice, and I chose you. I am so sorry, Hugo--"

Scarlemagne interjects, "Don't you dare call me that! Take him away! ...What? What are you doing?"

Kipo replies, "I'm hugging you." (Kipo)

Confused, Scarlemagne remarks, "Why?"

Kipo matter-of-factly answers, "Because you need it."

Later at his make-shift cage, Lio admits, "He's right. All of this is my fault. You must hate me."

Kipo immediately returns, "Of course not. No more secrets?"

Lio affirms, "No more secrets."

Kipo is an incredible character full of love, compassion, and empathy; she believes the best in people--a great representation of the New Earth and 5D mentality--and she goes the extra mile to give Scarlemagne a chance when no one else would. Playing a board game, Scarlemagne declares, "A valiant effort, Kipo, but you're too late. I will become Corn Dog King!"

Kipo corrects, "Uh-uh-uh, not so fast. While you were sacrificing your army to burn my corn fields, I snuck into your farm and started a revolt with the farmers. So, actually, I win! I'm the winner. I'm the winner."

Scarlemagne admits, "I like this game. The strategy, the manipulation. What made you think of it?"

Kipo remarks, "Oh, um, just wanted to blow off some steam. You seemed so stressed, pacing around and yelling at Gerard."

Scarlemagne calls, "Oh, that reminds me. Gerard! The mute gangs will be arriving first thing in the morning. Is everything ready for them?"

Gerard affirms, "Yes, sir, Scarlemagne, sir!"

Scarlemagne warns, "Excellent, and if I catch you yawning at my coronation, I WILL DROP YOU FROM THE SKY! Now, get some rest."

Kipo inquires, "Have you ever maybe thought about not doing that?"

Scarlemagne answers, "Torturing Gerard? No, I enjoy it very much."

Kipo continues, "No, I mean the whole coronation thing. What if you just invited everyone over for a party, and let all the humans go?"

Scarlemagne scoffs, "You're joking, right? What is power without someone to rule? Besides, this is what I've wanted my whole life."

Kipo disagrees, "Psh, really? Your whole life? I doubt this is what Hugo wanted."

Scarlemagne asserts, "All he wanted was a hug and his stupid star blanket. When I'm crowned emperor, that pathetic wretch, Hugo, dies."

Kipo remarks, "Oh... I like hugs and star blankets." Through Kipo's efforts of kindness, love, and understanding, we fully grasp the depth of Scarlemagne--the wounded inner child that never received love and healing, similar to many people in today's society. When we never let our wounds and inner child heal, it warps who we become. Hugo could have embarked on a very different path had he embraced love; Scarlemagne chose to hold onto pain, suffering, negativity, and hatred instead, altering his path and his fate.

Originally, the idea was to use game night to unearth information to help the group defeat Scarlemagne. Lio inquires, "How'd game night go? Did you find out what you needed to fight Scarlemagne?"

Kipo admits, "Not exactly, but I found out why I won't have to... Hugo's still in there, and I know how to get through to him. I just need your help making him... a present."

Baffled, Lio remarks, "A present?! How will that... What will that... Um, what?"

Kipo promises, "You'll see. We can fix all of this once we get through to Hugo."

Lio contends, "Hugo's gone, and a homemade gift isn't going to convince that lunatic tyrant to suddenly be nice! I really don't think glitter will solve this problem."

Kipo counters, "I really don't think you should just give up on someone you helped raise."

Lio retorts, "I've seen what he's become. He's hurt everyone we know and care about, including your mother!"

Kipo acknowledges, "I know... but can you just trust me? Maybe if you weren't so quick to assume he's a lost cause, we wouldn't be here. Dad, I didn't... I'm sorry."

Lio admits, "No, you're right. Let's try this your way."

Kipo refuses to give up, and she helps her father expand his perspective. People can be quick to write others off and retaliate, but Kipo opts to take a different path, a path of love, kindness, and light. Time and time again, her efforts sway hearts and the tides. Rarely do people agree with her at first. She's proven right time and time again. After persuading her father to assist her with the present, Kipo breaks her father out of his confinement only to be attacked by the mod frogs. Scarlemagne catches them and immediately becomes suspicious. Kipo insists, "I know this looks bad, but I broke my dad out to come talk to you."

Scarlemagne uses his pheromones and demands, "Lio, you tell me, and don't hold back the truth."

Lio attests, "We were coming to see you. I didn't think it was a good idea, but she really believes in you. And then these frogs attacked us, but she beat them, easily. It wasn't even a fight. My daughter is amazing... She can do anything, even show me how wrong I've been."

Scarlemagne inquires, "About what?"

Lio admits, "About how I gave up on you. I shouldn't have. I'm sorry it took Kipo to point it out."

Scarlemagne remarks, "My, my. You're just full of surprises, Kipo."

Scarlemagne is introduced to the idea that perhaps there are people worth trusting, those that won't lie, deceive, and betray you. Scarlemagne is genuinely surprised by Kipo's ability and honesty. There is a bond starting to bud between Scarlemagne and Kipo. After playing the piano together and having fun, Kipo points out, "You know, if you were like this with everyone, instead of forcing them to follow you, they might choose to."

Scarlemagne scoffs, "Hah! No one wants to be ruled. Why would they choose that?"

Kipo replies, "Because they like you."

Scarlemagne retorts, "That would never happen."

Kipo points out, "It already did... with me. Here, I made you something. I know it's not the one you lost, but I thought... Well, I wanted to say I'm sorry for everything that happened and for my part in hurting you."

Scarlemagne indicates, "You weren't the one who rejected me."

Kipo pleads, "Please, just promise me you'll think about what I said? Give people a chance to like you."

Kipo's kindness has planted seeds; it causes Scarlemagne to have some slight second thoughts, reconsidering his approach in life. Kipo genuinely wanted to spend time with him. Kipo had sincere, mutual fun playing the piano with Scarlemagne. Kipo shows him genuine kindness and thoughtfulness. It's all things he hasn't seen or experienced in a LONG time, 13 years in fact. It gives him pause. At his coronation, Scarlemagne announces, "My mute brothers and sisters, welcome! Today marks the beginning of a new age, a golden age, ruled by yours truly. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now, before you all bow to me, it has been brought to my attention, that perhaps I should give you a choice. You can swear loyalty to me and live in my golden city, or you can choose to oppose me and become part of the decor... Choose wisely... Do you like your gift?"

Recognizing that he was trying but troubled by his methods and the actual gift, Kipo replies, "Uh, I... I didn't ask for this [for the mod frogs to become a golden statue]."

Scarlemagne remarks, "You didn't have to. You gave me a gift, so I gave you one. They'll never bother you again. You look upset, but I did what you asked: I'm giving them a choice."

Kipo asks, "What kind of choice is that?"

Scarlemagne replies, "Let me try again. This time, I'll give you the choice. I'll let everyone go. Only those who want to follow me will stay. I will give up everything I've worked for, for you, but I need to know that you're willing to give up something for me."

Kipo answers, "Okay, anything."

Scarlemagne demands, "Gild your father."

Taken aback, Kipo responds, "What?! No, I won't hurt my dad."

Hurt, Scarlemagne remarks, "I see. No one ever chooses me... unless I make them."

Kipo planted the seeds, but it was too quick to harvest them. Scarlemagne was indeed changing for the better--he was beginning to think of others and attempted to reciprocate kind gestures. Granted, while his heart was in the right place with wanting to give Kipo a gift, he didn't understand what Kipo actually wants. He was trying to make a change. Kipo immediately promising to give up ANYTHING for Scarlemagne before hearing what it was that he desired only served to set Scarlemagne's progress back; he feels betrayed and forsaken again. He feels that everyone always chooses others over him; he will never be put first. This further wounds his inner child and sets off his manic persona. He ends up trying to bury all of the humans and mutes in vast, molten gold. Kipo ends up saving everyone, risking everything, which genuinely surprises Scarlemagne. Such selflessness is inconceivable for him, as he remarks, "You could've escaped, but you were willing to get stuck in the jaguar... for a colosseum full of mutes?" This selfless act further nourishes the seeds Kipo had previously planted; such an act will definitely get Scarlemagne to think. While it was too soon for such a drastic change for Scarlemagne at the coronation, given time and healing, I believe he, too, will come around. Time and time again, Kipo is able to change and heal those around her. With adequate time for healing, Scarlemagne will be able to become a true ally and see the good in the world again. I can't wait to see how Scarlemagne progresses in the next season.

Kipo has undergone quite the journey of personal growth. She learns to accept her unique powers in season 1. Season 2 is all about controlling and utilizing those powers to the fullest. To help her understand her powers and how to control them, Kipo and company search out a group of three goats. Wolf is skeptical of the goats when they tell Kipo she needs to go make cheese, asserting, "Hey! Didn't you hear Kipo? People are counting on her; she needs help now. We don't have time for cheese!"

Kipo admits, "...It's okay, Wolf. It is a little bit weird... but if I have to make cheese to start training, I'll do it!"

When Wolf tries to join Kipo, the goats rebuke her attempts, stating, "...This is a journey she must go on alone... [Why? Because] Sacred wisdom."

Once Kipo "finishes" making the cheese, she's confused and remarks, "... I still don't get how or why all this happens, and if I can't figure that out, I can't become a Mega Jaguar and help everyone who's counting on me! I came here for help, but instead I'm like half-jaguar..."

One of the goats replies, "That's what we were going for!"

Kipo exclaims, "What?!"

One of the goats remarks, "Sorry to put you through all that, but we needed you to see that the jaguar is always there to protect you...Yes, [her powers] because she feels safe."

Another goat reminds, "...Breathe deep. Now think about being safe."

One of the goats adds, "...the gesture [of adding or removing 'herbs'] helps ground and focus you."

A goat prompts, "Try again. When you do herbs in, think about needing that jaguar. When you do herbs out, remember how it felt to be safe..."

Kipo inquires, "Does this mean I'm ready to become the Mega Jaguar and save my people?"

One goat notes, "...If you wish to save your people, you must indeed become the Mega Jaguar."

Another warns, "But the beast within you is strong. Too strong. If you become the Mega, you will lose yourself to it..."

The other cautions, "Once you become a Mega, you will lose sight of everything that makes you human."

One of the goats assures, "But your path is not set in stone. You can prevent this future. Together, you must find something tangible that binds you to who you are at your core."

Another adds, "A core that's on the outside. An anchor."

The other concludes, "An anchor will guide you out of the beast."

Kipo inquires, "...But who am I at my core? I used to be Kipo, happy-go-lucky girl from the Clover Burrow, but I'm not even from the Clover Burrow. I don't know where I'm from--how am I supposed to know who I am?"

One goat advises, "Then start at the beginning!"

Kipo remarks, "...I was born in another burrow, my parents' burrow. I never knew that. That's where we'll go. That's where I'll learn about myself, so I can find the thing that reminds me of me. Why did my dad abandon it? you know where it is? ... we can find it."

Insight can come from unusual sources. Great, meaningful insight can even come from making cheese. It's about the journey of self-discovery. While others can, technically, come along with you for the ride, often you can obtain the deepest insight when you're alone, not being helped. While well-meaning, Kipo's friends would have only interfered with the process of understanding her powers; they would have protected her, thus preventing her from relying on what she has already inside of her. She wouldn't have truly learned what she is capable of. Self-discovery has many stops; the group had hoped to obtain all the answers from the trio of goats, but they were able to guide them along and point them in the right direction. Finding answers about yourself is best accomplished by undergoing the discovery for yourself.

Kipo also learns more about the world and its inhabitants on this journey. They encounter the group of "Thea-otters." She has trouble understanding them after their song, exclaiming, "It's all lies! The Newton Wolves attacked us! You have to change the story--it's wrong!" The leader of the Thea-otters points out, "...But mutes love a human villain. We simply tell the people what they want to hear." There are those that don't care so much about the validity of the claims as to telling the story that groups want to hear or to craft the tale that they want others to believe. They're contrastingly different from Kipo and her pure, honest nature. This encounter illuminates a new aspect of the world for Kipo. Even though they're okay with telling tall tales, the Thea-otters are willing to help Kipo get into the restaurant to gain the insight they need to continue their journey.

As they continue their journey to help Kipo understand and control the jaguar powers, Kipo struggles with trusting herself. She succumbs to fear for some time, worrying, "I know it's important! But... what if I don't have it in me? Everyone I care about is depending on me to do something I've never done before, and if I don't do it right even one time, I'm putting them all at risk, including you guys. And I can't stop thinking about it long enough to focus on being calm! So how am I ever going to control the Mega Jaguar side of me?!" She gets too caught up in everything that she supposed to do, all the responsibility, that she is unable to deal with what's right in front of her, unable to calm herself to deal with the immediate situation. She eventually is able to calm herself and keep her cool, thanks to help from Wolf. She succumbs to the fear once again after snapping and going full Jaguar for the first time; this incident results in injuring Benson. Immediately following this injury, Kipo decides she just won't ever go full jaguar ever again. Benson consoles, "Look, I told you, I'm fine."

Kipo counters, "That doesn't make it okay, and what if I hurt my people?"

Benson emphasizes, "Kipo, that's why you have to train to control it."

Kipo replies, "Or, I can control it by never going Mega. Ever! It's the only way I can be sure I won't ever hurt anyone again."

Benson encourages, "Kipo, you are stronger than the jaguar. You just need to trust yourself. I trust you."

Kipo admits, "But I don't."

Benson later becomes kidnapped by Mega Bats; after saving him, Benson exclaims, "Woo-hoo! Yes! I knew you could do it!"

Kipo replies, "Thanks, Benson. For a minute there I thought I was gonna lose control, but knowing that you believed in me, made me believe in me."

Benson explains to the others, "...Kipo saved me; just like I knew she would, and no one got hurt."

Dr. Emilia interjects, "Except the bats, right?"

Kipo corrects, "Nope, no one! I'm totally in control of my jaguar side. So, now I can fight Scarlemagne without hurting any humans."

It's through practice that we build our confidence. When we doubt ourselves, we won't have all that promising results; we need to learn to trust ourselves, like Kipo. We have the power to succeed and do anything we set our minds to inside of us. Like "Heroes on Fire," the song Kipo and Co. sing, attests, "I needed a hero; if I only knew that the hero was me. The hero was you, was you. Fear pulls me down, reckless and hot; it tells me I'm nothing when I know that I'm not! Standing alone in my fire! You're not alone! Future's hanging on a wire! Just take my hand!" By taking the hand of others, we can learn to trust ourselves; sometimes other people trust us more than we trust ourselves--such supportive friends are essential in times of darkness. We can rise about the dark depths of fear. We are so much more than that. We are not our fear. We are our own heroes. Anything is possible, as Wolf attests, "Kipo doesn't know the meaning of the word 'impossible,' and neither should we. We might not have your anchor to remind you who you are, but I know who you are... You're the friend who fights for what's right, who accepts everyone for who they are, and brings out the best in them. Even me. You taught me that change can be good. I mean, you showed me how to have fun! You even taught me how to sing." Wolf never would have believed any of that was possible before, but Kipo taught her that wasn't true. Giving up is a self-fulfilling prophecy; once you believe you can't, you no longer try and then you don't achieve it. You have the power. You can achieve your dreams. Kipo's friends and family were able to bring her back, anchoring to her human reality, even though everyone else thought and told them that it was impossible; Kipo declares, "We did it, Mom. Together. And if I can turn back, so can you. We'll figure this out." Whatever life throws at us, we can do it. We'll figure it out. We can change the world. We have all the power we need inside of us. We are the hero.

We can create our own reality. If the world isn't how we'd like it to be, we have the power to change it into a kinder, brighter place. In his video, "2020 Isn't Cancelled." (, Ralph Smart attests,

"I wake up knowing that I create my reality. I'm not a victim of circumstance; I'm a co-creator of my own reality. They want to start a race war. They want you separated from each other because divided we fall, united we stand... Right now is the time to band together with like minds because we are all gonna help each other through this trying time, but everything you see before you had to happen... All of this chaos in 2020 had to happen. Why? Because it's all a test. Remind yourself: 2020 is all about the 2020 vision. They knew this, that people are starting to wake up; people are starting to come together, so they have to create these distractions, and now it's all on you to say, 'Wait a minute. Am I gonna fall for the booby trap or am I gonna maintain my vision?' 2020 isn't canceled when you maintain your vision... what seems like the end is only the beginning... We are starting to see things for what they really are. We're starting to see people's true colors... Race is an illusion, Deep Divers. Racism is a program, a virus... 2020 is asking us all to upgrade: the way we think, the way we treat each other, the way we live. 2020 is actually gonna be your most transformative year yet. Why? Because 2020 is asking more of you than any other year before. It's make-or-break. 2020 can be your best year yet... in this time we find out who we really are... Never allow your temporary state to be your final destination... Instead of focusing on what you are going through, focus on who you are becoming in the process... When you can focus on who you are becoming when you get through all of this, you will smile because right now this is the Great Awakening. So many changes are happening on the planet... [Instead of asking why,] ask yourself this: what is this teaching me? ...If you want better, you have to do better. We need a new way of living on the planet... Everything that is happening is happening for a reason. There are no accidents or coincidences in this universe. Everything happens for a reason. What you see before your eyes is the purge. That's why there's so much chaos on the planet because it's humanity's shadow, what we didn't want to see... Now we have to face up with what we have been trying to hide. We have to face it. We can't run away from it. We have to face these issues. Why do some human beings not like other human beings? Because they were programmed, and we have to start uninstalling these programs, which have kept us divided... There is only one race, and it is called the human race... 2020 is forcing us all to grow, grow up real quick. It's forcing us to mature... I've got to start becoming my greatest version. 2020 is making us look at society with new eyes... Why did I hand over my power to these institutions? ... 2020 isn't canceled, Deep Divers; it's just that a lot of people had all of their eggs in one basket... It's over. The house is on fire; why are you trying to go inside to make a bed there? Deep Divers, the house is on fire, and it's time to get out. This is a great sign from the universe to say, actually, the old way wasn't working... We have to create the new world. 2020 isn't canceled; it's just that right now we can't go back to the way we were living... the world we once knew is the world that we will never ever revisit again... Right now is a great opportunity to become everything we've always wanted to be... A change must happen for us to evolve... We can't continue to live the same way... We have to make a change... 2020 isn't canceled, Deep Divers, when you declare change, work for change, and when you embody the change... the revolution must take place within you first before it takes place outside there."

What goes on inside of you, your inner state, matters. What happens on the inside dictates what happens on the outside. To change the world, you need to be the change you want to see--you have to change yourself first. We have all the power we need inside of us. We just need to recognize it and protect it. Giving our power away will not help us. We need to step into our power.

Change starts from within. In "A Change Is Coming." (, Ralph Smart emphasizes,

"There is no change on the outside without a change on the inside. If you want to see a change in the world out there, it must start from a change in the world in here [in you]... A change is coming. Everything that's happening right now on the planet is a sign a massive change is coming... It is a change of the human being... A change is coming, and it's about time. With everything that's happening right now on the planet, protests, lock down, Covid-19, economic collapse, yes... stay strong; a change is coming... It took all of this to happen for this change to happen because everything happens for a reason in this universe. Nothing happens in this universe without the universe's permission... I don't follow trends, Deep Divers; I create them... [Make sure that] every single day you are raising awareness for what is happening on the planet, and that's how the change is gonna come... All lives matter. All life is precious... We need a whole new education... that all life is precious, and, Deep Divers, this is the only way a change is going to come... Stop looking for someone to lead you... Lead yourself. Follow yourself, Deep Divers. That's how the change is going to come... The revolutions will be internalized... There is no change in the collective without a change in the individual first. All change happens with the individual first and foremost, so you have to do the work. If you want to see a change in the world out there, it must begin within yourself first. Are you working on yourself? ... [Are you working on] your mental health, your emotional health, your spiritual health, your physical health? This is where the change happens first and foremost... A change is coming. Can you feel it? ... You have bought into the lies of the matrix. The only way a change can come is when you take back your power and stop externalizing your power to the system. Look, they played you. They set you up. They said that you are a race. They told you you are a nationality. They told you you are a country. No, you are none of that, Deep Divers. You are life. We are not a race. We are not a religion. We are not a country. We are not a nationality. We are not politics. We are life itself... They want to divide and conquer you... When you dive deep into consciousness, you realize that we are spiritual beings having a human experience... The only way a change is going to come is for people to start honoring life... Not just human life but all lifeforms on the planet... [Everything] is happening for a reason to help humanity awaken to the truth... that we have to start respecting this planet. A lot of people have bought into the ego system instead of realizing they are part of the ecosystem... we did not weave the web of life; we are a part of the web of life. Therefore, we honor all lifeforms on the planet... We are not victims, Deep Divers; we are co-creators of our own reality... Forgive these people for they know not what they do. Forgive--don't forget... [because] this is unacceptable; this can never ever happen again, but... have compassion for the perpetrators. Feel sorry for them that they have so little care for another human being... [but sometimes it's okay to fight] fire with fire because sometimes that's the only way people are gonna listen to you... This has to stop, and you have to voice how you feel... You have to transform and transmute the negative energy into something positive... You gotta move beyond just protests; you gotta say, actually, what am I doing with my platform to put out a positive message every single day? ... I'm changing millions of people's lives because I changed my own first... We are all responsible for what is going on right now... because everything that's happening in the world is nothing more than a mirror of what is happening in people's minds. It is the collective suffering that you see outside, which is actually the collective suffering that's happening on the inside of so many billions of people on planet Earth, so, therefore, the solution is we have to start working on the inside because the inside changes the outside... The solution is to not be part of the problem instead be part of the solution... Live your life... You didn't come here just to deal with drama and chaos. You came here to live your life, so a change is coming when you are in alignment with who you really are. The more you move into alignment with who you really are, you will naturally attract everything you need... All you have to do is become who you came here to be. You don't have to save the world; that's not your job. You have to make sure you are living your truth authentically... be authentic; stay true to you. You are a sovereign being, Deep Divers. This the the change that's coming... we are starting to take back our power on the planet. It's a beautiful time to be alive, Deep Divers... life is about self-discovery... If you really want to make a difference right now in the world with what is happening, stop having a hierarchy in your mind; everybody bleeds red... There are no celebrities, Deep Divers; there are only people. There are only human beings. Everybody bleeds red... There is no better human being than you. Everybody is the same... realize the equality in everything. Everything is the same. No human being can be better than another one. It's impossible. We are stardust... We are literally stardust, so start looking at people like stardust."

We are all the same; we're all spiritual beings having a temporary human experience using a vehicle created from stardust. We all bleed. We all have emotions. We all seek love. We all want to be valued. We are all one, all part of the same vast universe, living on the same planet, part of the same Source/Creator. We need to embrace love. We need to live our lives staying true to ourselves. We're sovereign; we're as free as we let ourselves be. Life is meant to be fun and enjoyable; life is a journey of self-discovery. We're all learning. Therefore, no one is better or worse than anyone else. A change is coming, and the old way is falling apart.

The way things used to be are basically self-destructing. Mask requirements, limits, social distancing, businesses struggling, school closures, etc. The old way is gone yet there are a number of people still trying to cling on to the old. Ralph Smart, in "FINALLY, It's Here. 👁️" (, stresses,

"When a fire has consumed everything, the only thing left for the fire to consume is itself, and right now the whole world is on fire... It takes destruction for creation, and right now a new paradigm is coming... The paradigm shift is finally here. A whole new world is emerging, Deep Divers, right before our eyes... the world as we know it will never ever be the same again. Everything that's happening right now on the planet, lockdown, Covid-19, protests, police brutality--these are symptoms of a disease, of a way of thinking, and right now the only way for humanity to survive is to have a new way of thinking... A lot of people cannot breathe in this matrix. That's why the paradigm shift is here. That's why everything that's happening right now in the world, it had to happen because millions of people cannot breathe every single day, busting their ass, trying to make ends meet. It's never good enough, slaving away in this matrix... People divided by race, religion, politics. I can't breathe. Planet Earth has become a very uncomfortable place for a lot of people to live, and that's why a lot of people cannot live... Shout out to all of you, Deep Divers, who are no longer choosing to exist; you are choosing live because you know you came here to live, and you didn't come here to exist... A new paradigm is emerging. We are leaving the 3D, and we are going to the 5D and beyond, the fifth dimension and beyond... Many people are transcending the limitations, which were imposed on us by this system. This system is collapsing right before our very eyes because this system was built on a lie--it was built on a house of cards, a shaky foundation, and that's why you are seeing it crumble right before your very eyes. And nobody can stop it because when you do not create something in truth, you will only see the lies unfold until you it's demise, and that's what's happening. It's over. Their time is up... A lot of people are starting to show the world their true colors; they're starting to have the courage to speak their heart and mind, and this is what's needed for the great change to happen... They want to control you. They want to separate you. They want you to always be at war with each other, always be at war with yourself, but, Deep Divers, the great change must happen within ourselves... Society is you and I. Therefore, as we change, the world around us also changes... So many people are dealing with generational trauma; that's why so many people are programmed in this matrix... Everybody has been lied to... Not everybody wakes up at the same time; just be glad that you did... You have a choice to be part of the problem or part of the solution... It's over. What we are seeing are just the ashes. That's all that's left. Everything will be burned to the ground because a new paradigm is emerging. The way we were living was not sustainable... The new paradigm is a new mind, is a new heart, is a new awareness, and that's what's happening right now on the planet... We have to become sovereign beings... You have to move beyond anger. You have to be calm and composed. You have to transform and transmute. They want to drain your energy by playing on your emotions. Like Shakespeare said, the whole world is a stage. It's all planned, Deep Divers, therefore, you always have to think one step ahead just like you're playing chess. If the whole world is a stage and we are all actors, how do we get off the stage? Well, in the new paradigm to get off the stage you have to stop acting and start being... instead of being a human doing, you have to start becoming a human being, and part of being a human being is to put your humanity first. It's to realize that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and none of us are these labels: race, religion, color, nationality. These are all programs used to divide and conquer, to keep us in a perpetual state of slavery... The time is now to say whatever you've wanted to say. There is nothing to be afraid of, Deep Divers... Don't just speak up right now... keep the same energy for tomorrow, for next year... Don't just speak up right now because it's trendy... A lot of people are realizing the whole system is a scam... because the system feeds your ego--it doesn't feed your soul... [Realize] this does not have to be how my life has to go... They want you to believe [you're living in a bad world but]... life is beautiful, and even if you are going through a hard time in life, remind yourself it's nothing more than a few lines of your chapter... Do not make your temporary condition your permanent state... Stay strong. Something good is coming; a new paradigm is emerging... right now the world is uniting; that's what 2020 is actually about... We are the power, and we aren't having it. We are all equal... and when human beings start to honor human beings and see the value in all life, there will be no more police brutality... We all gotta be brave, Deep Divers. We all got to say enough is enough... In every single action always ask yourself, Deep Divers, 'Am I doing the right thing?' ... We all have a conscience; we all know what is right and what is wrong, and when you live a more righteous life, you are now part of the great change... We are the power; we always were, and we always will be."

Life is more than existing. Merely existing isn't truly being alive. The old way had many people existing, going through the motions, and struggling to survive. Why cling to that? Can you genuinely say you were happy like that? Sure, it's what's known, so there's a certain comfort in that, but still. We don't need these programs. They don't serve us. They only serve to harm us, divide us, and conquer us. Regardless, that system is crumbling. You can try to go back if you choose, but the roof will collapse in on you and the floor will fall out on you. Change is coming, whether we want it or not. We can ride the wave or try to fight it. It's up to us; the choice is ours. We have the power to create our reality.

The system used our power to stay afloat. It's a sinking ship now, though. In "It's Finished." (, Ralph Smart attests,

"This matrix is done with, Deep Divers. Celebrate because the matrix will be no more... You can't go back because there's nothing to go back to... It's over because we have had enough... The matrix is on its last legs, and it's looking a little bit shaky, baby. This whole entire system is finished. It is collapsing before our own eyes... A new world is coming to the planet. It's time to rejoice. It's time to celebrate... [People are] starting to wake up out of the deep sleep to say, 'Wait a minute. We have been lied to.' All of us from childhood, they programmed you in the first seven years of your life to believe in separation, which is the greatest illusion ever created. Right now a lot of people are getting their vision back... 2020 isn't canceled--it's just getting started... We are no longer going to tolerate this despicable, despicable behavior by law enforcement, by government, and in fact we're not debating; we're just saying that it's finished... People all around the world are no longer externalizing their power. They are standing up for their rights, and they are not giving up the fight... You don't have to be a perfect human being--you didn't come here for that; all you have to do is be an authentic human being, and every single day ask yourself this question: am I doing the right thing? ...It's finished because even the youth don't trust the government. They don't trust these pharmaceutical companies... It's all a pack of lies... They don't trust the system itself. Therefore, when you lose trust in a system, this system ceases to exist, and that's what's happening right now on the planet. It's finished... The system is on fire right now... The global uprising is all about people realizing separation is the greatest illusion ever created. The global uprising is about all of us realizing everybody bleeds red... Race is an illusion. There is no white or black. There are tones, different shades of pigmentation, but, ultimately, everyone bleeds red; we are all one. This is what a lot of people are starting to realize... that our entire life has been a lie. They have put us against each other through race, through religion, through politics, through nationality--all of that is finishing right now. It's over. People are starting to see that actually we are all one. There's only one race on the planet, and it's called the human race. Together we are stronger. Unity is the only thing that's gonna get us through this, and that's what's happening all around the world. People are uniting... The reason the Cabal have had so much power is because of divide and conquer. One race against another. One country against another, but the Cabal... work with one agenda to enslave [you]... This society was built on a shaky foundation... This society is a house of cards, which are coming down right now... [Millions of people] can feel that this whole system is a joke, a comedy show. Politicians are actors, puppets of the cabal; they have no real power... Problem, reaction, solution: that's how they've been controlling you through the Hegelian dialectic for eons, but right now a lot of people are getting smart... They are starting to be the lion instead of the sheep. So long as you are a sheep, you will only be led to the slaughterhouse... People's eyes are opening to what's really going on, to how people are really being controlled by the media, by Hollywood--all of these are trying to control your perception. All of these institutions are trying to control the way you think... The ship is sinking... We just hit the iceberg, Deep Divers; that's why it feels a bit different now on the planet, and the ship is going down... [This ship] has no future. This civilization is done with... and that's why you are seeing everything unfold the way it's unfolding... Society is you and I. We have all collectively created what is happening in the world... It is humanity's shadow, what you are seeing before you... So many millions of people can't breathe in this wicked system. They're trying to take your air away... Everything you see before you is a symptom. Racism is a symptom... [Another symptom] is high suicide rates... [Another symptom] is millennials not liking themselves because they don't feel they're good enough... What we have created is not a healthy breeding ground for good mental health. In fact it's the opposite. It ruins your mental health; that's why so many people have anxiety... stress, heartache, pain, suffering because this system has robbed them of life. We ain't living, Deep Divers; many people are just existing, but now people are choosing to live... George Orwell said, 'There will come a time on the planet where many people will think ignorance is strength, war is peace, and freedom is slavery. If you take the blue pill, you will stay in the matrix. You will stay in the belly of the beast... You take the red pill, and then you free yourself of this matrix... you see how deep the rabbit hole really goes... We will create a whole new world order--one of peace, one of love, one of compassion, one of tranquility, and it's already happening right now... This is their last grab for power... It's over. We have the power--that's why they always have to distract us, always have to get our attention. The media has to trick you into believing lies. Right now we ain't having it... You gotta have critical thinking... Mother Nature will always protect you. Mother Nature is always working in your best interest. You don't have to be afraid. Fear is the only pandemic on the planet. We have to let love guide us and not fear... It's all a stage; it's all planned... We are gonna be victorious in this, Deep Divers... This system failed you, and there's no refund... Now it's time for you to create your own reality. Be a sovereign being once again... We have to save ourselves and our communities. We are all we have... It is us that will set ourselves free because we are the power; we always were and we always will be."

The system deceived us, keeping us in the dark about the truth, feeding us lies. We're not having this any more; we're waking up. Since society is made up off the people, you and I, we have the power to create society as we see fit. Stand in your power; speak your truth. Don't get distracted because that's what they want. We need to speak up before we get silenced forever. Granted, words hold power, but we need to act, as well. Nothing will change if we opt not to act.

Things will persist as they are and continue to worsen if we do nothing. In Ralph Smart's video, "An Open Letter To Humanity." (, he stresses,

"The only thing that's necessary for the triumph of evil, wickedness, and tyranny is for good people to do nothing... If you want better in the world, we must all do better... This is an open letter to humanity from nature. Are you ready to hear it? ... Right now so much is happening on the planet, and we can't turn a blind eye.. The law of attraction is actually the law of correspondence, one of the seven hermetic principles, and it states we never attract what we want--we always attract what we are. And, therefore, collectively if we want to attract something better than what we are all currently experiencing in the world with protests, Covid-19, we must therefore be the change and embody the change. We never attract what we want. We always attract what we are... Where is your humanity, humanity? To be a human means to be humane, so where is your humanity? ... Are you in the process of becoming your greatest version? ... Everything you see in the world right now are disowned aspects of humanity, the shadow. A lot of people say, 'Well, it's not my fault. I didn't do this. It's their fault.' No, we are all responsible collectively for what is happening on the planet right now... Remind yourself of your power every single day. Your power is in your humanity... To be human means to be humane, which includes compassion, which includes a level of intellectualism to say, actually, we are all the same... To be a human means that you see other human beings as the same as yourself, to treat them with kindness, compassion... You don't have to live divided through nationality, race, your political party, your religion--we are all one. That's what nature told me to tell you... Governments have a social contract, and they actually broke the social contract; that's why there are protests. That's why there is unrest in society because the same people that are supposed to be protecting and serving are out there murdering people... We have to take back our power... We all have to become our own leaders. We all have to start following ourselves... [It's time to] say, 'Actually, I'm no longer going to hand over my power to people who don't deserve it... We have to change the way we live. We have to change the way we treat each other... You do not have to put up with this. Why are you putting up with this? Enough is enough. We cannot continue to live this way because it's not sustainable... We are literally polluting Earth, destroying the rain forest, and we are all responsible. We have to make a change because we are approaching the sixth mass extinction if we don't do something about it... This is not normal, the way we live, even though they want this to be the new normal, but it's not normal... Stop living someone else's life. Stop turning a blind eye. Stop thinking it's got nothing to do with you. Your life has got everything to do with you, and it's time to make sure your destiny is in your own hands... Humanity needs to heal. Humanity needs to press pause because for so long we have been human doings instead of human beings. We must come back to being a human being for peace, harmony, and justice to be restored on the planet... Do you know, Deep Divers, that we are the only species that has to pay to live and eat yet we are supposed to be the most intelligent... We think of ourselves as the most intelligent species, yet how come? We are in slavery everywhere... We gotta do better, Deep Divers, because being free is our birthright. Life shouldn't be this hard. We shouldn't have to go through life surviving, stressing ourselves out, wondering if we are good enough in the eyes of other people... Instead of competition, why not replace that with collaboration? Why don't we all work together for the upliftment of the planet? Why don't we all take away these labels we have thrown on ourselves? Black, white, all of these labels are why so many people are in a mental prison because when you label something, you judge something... It's time to lose the labels, to realize that we are spiritual beings having a human experience; we are multi-dimensional beings having a human experience... There is more to life than the media shows us. There is more to life than what politicians tell us. Life is an extraordinary mystery... a mystery one has to discover [for oneself]... When you go on the journey within, you start to find the pearls that lie within, and then you free yourself... Everything that's going on in the matrix is a big distraction... Start being in your purpose. Start becoming who you came here to be... We all have to do better... Look at the state of the world collectively: a lot of mayhem, chaos, but this is the future you are creating for your children... Why not do something today that your grandchildren will thank you for? You have that power right now... Respect all life on the planet. Lose your massive ego. Stop thinking this is an ego system; no, we live in an ecosystem... We are only a part of life. We aren't life itself; we are a part of the web of life, and we have to start respecting all life on the planet... Your silence is compliance. The only things that's necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing... Your silence is compliance. Don't be silent, Deep Divers; speak up. Let them know how you feel because this is how change happens... Be the change you wish to see in the world... We are not separate... We are all from the Tree of Life... When we remove this separation, we start to realize we are all the same... [Realize] we only live in a flash of light; even if you were to live a thousand years, that's nothing more than a drop in the ocean of eternity. So, therefore, because we are only on planet Earth for a very short amount of time, why don't we all start to enjoy ourselves? ... Start doing more of what makes you happy. Stop feeling guilty for living your truth, for expressing yourself... Love yourself. Fill your own cup. Realize you are worthy... Stop allowing society to tell you who you are... Wash all of those negative thoughts away. Purify your mind. Clear your mind of doubt, ill-will towards anybody else. This is how we make the world a better place... It starts with us. All change begins with us."

Don't allow atrocities to persist. If you do nothing, you give them your consent by conceding. You're a good person; don't allow the system to convince you otherwise. You have the power. Focus on making the world a better place by starting with yourself. When you focus on improving yourself, finding and living in your purpose, and doing what makes you happy, it transfers to the outer world. Energy is everything, and energy never leaves--it merely is transferred and transformed. Therefore, when you embody positive energy, you share that positive energy with the rest of the world. Fill your own cup to fill the world's cup. We're all love; we're all one. It's time we start acting like it. It's time we all believe it. With the system, life is hard, but life should be easy.

Many people likely believe that life is hard, that it can't be easy. Life can be easy, though. Life is as easy as we make it. Jon Janda, in his TedTalk, "Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard? | Jon Jandai | TEDxDoiSuthep" (, affirms,

"Life is easy. It's so easy and fun. I never thought like that before... I started to question a lot. When I work hard, why is my life so hard? It must be something wrong... And I tried to learn; I tried to study... It's very hard to learn in university because it's very boring, and when I started to look at subjects in the university, in every faculty, most of them had destructive knowledge. There's no productive knowledge in university for me. When I look at something like an architect or engineer, that means you ruin more. The more these people work, the mountain will be destroyed more... If you learn agriculture faculty or something like that, you learn how to poison, toxicate the land, the water, and learn to destroy everything. I feel like everything we do is so complicated, so hard. We just make it hard. Life was so hard, and I felt disappointed. I start to think about why I had to be here [in the city rather than back at his hometown]... I thought about when I was a kid--nobody worked eight hours per day; everybody worked two hours, two months a year: planting rice one month and harvesting the rice another month. The rest is free time: ten months of free time. That's why people have so many festivals in Thailand; every month they have a festival because they have so much free time. And then in the daytime, everyone even takes a nap... people take a nap after lunch, and after they wake up, they just gossip... People have a lot of time, but because they have a lot of time they have time to be with themselves. And when they have time to be with themselves, they have time to understand themselves. When they understand themselves, they can see what they want in their life. So, many people see that they want happiness. They want love. They want to enjoy their life. So, people see a lot of beauty in their life; they express that beauty in many ways... but now, nobody does that. Nobody can do something like that... So, I feel like it's something wrong in there; I cannot live in this way of living. So, I decided to quit university and went back home. When I went back home, I started to live like I remember, like when I was a kid... I started a small garden... and I spent 15 minutes per day to take care of the garden. I have more than 30 varieties of vegetables in the garden... So I feel like it's easy--why did I have to be in Bangkok for seven years, working hard and then not having enough to eat? But here, only two months a year and 15 minutes per day, I can feed six people [and have plenty of surplus to sell]. That's easy, and before I thought that stupid people like me, who never got a good grade at school, cannot have a house because people, who are cleverer than me, who get number one in the class every year, they get a good job, but they need to work more than 30 years to have a house. But for me, who cannot finish university, how could I have a house? Hopeless for people, who have low education, like me. But then I started to do earthly building--it's so easy. I spend two hours per day, from 5 o'clock in the morning until 7 o'clock in the morning... and in three months I got a house. And another friend, who's the most clever in the class, he spent three months to build his house, too, but he had to be in debt.. for 30 years. So, compared to him, I have 29 years and 10 months of free time. So, I feel that life is so easy. I never thought I could build a house as easy as that, and I keep building a house every year--at least one house every year. Now, I have no money, but I have many houses. My problem is in which house I go to sleep tonight... Anybody can build a house... it's easy. If you don't believe me, try it... the next thing is clothing... I spent one month to save money to buy a pair of jeans... Every time I look [after putting on the jeans] I am the same person. The most expensive pants cannot change my life. I feel like I'm so crazy--why did I have to buy it? Spend one month to have a pair of pants? It doesn't change me... Why do we need to follow fashion? Because when we follow fashion, we never catch up with it because we follow it. So, don't follow it--just stay here. Use what you have... And when I stopped buying clothes, I felt like it's not only clothes--it's about something else in my life; what I learned is that when I buy something and I think about it, I buy it because I like it or I buy it because I need it. So if I buy it because I like it, that means I'm wrong. So, I feel more free when I think like this. And the last thing is when I get sick, what will I do? I really worried in the beginning because then I had no money, but I started to contemplate more. Normally, sickness is a normal thing--it's not a bad thing. Sickness is something to remind us that we did something wrong in our lives--that's why we get sick. So when I get sick, I need to stop and come back to myself... So I learned how to use water to heal myself, how to use earth to heal myself, how to use basic knowledge to heal myself. So after I rely on myself in these four things, I feel like life is very easy... I feel free. I feel like I don't worry about anything much. I have less fear. I can do whatever I want in my life. Before I had a lot of fear; I could not do anything, but now I feel very free, like I'm a unique person on this Earth; nobody's like me. I don't need to make myself like anybody else. I'm the number one. Things like this make it easy, very light... when I was in Bangkok, I felt very dark in my life. I started to think that many people maybe thought like me at the time... Learn how to make life easy because we were taught to make life complicated and hard all the time... we were taught to disconnect ourselves from everything else, to be independent, so we can rely on the money only... But now to be happy we need to come back, to connect to ourselves again, to connect to other people, to connect our mind and body again, so we can be happy. Life is easy... the four basic needs: food, house, clothes, and medicine must be cheap and easy for everybody... But if you make these four things hard and very hard for many people to get, that's uncivilized. Now when we look at everywhere around us, everything is so hard to get. I feel like now is the most uncivilized era of humans on this Earth. We have so many people, who finish university... so many clever people on this Earth, but life is harder and harder... it's wrong; it's not normal. So I just want to come back to normal, to be a normal person, to be equal to animals. The birds make a nest in one or two days... But the clever humans like us spend 30 years to have a house, and many people believe they can't have a house in this life. That's wrong. Why do we destroy our spirit? Why do we destroy our ability that much? So I feel that it's enough for me to live in the 'normal' way, in the abnormal way. Now I try to be normal, but people look at me as the abnormal one, a crazy person. But I don't care because it's not my fault. It's their fault they think like that. So my life is easy and light now. That's enough for me. People can think whatever they want. I cannot manage anything outside myself. What I can do is change my mind, manage my mind. Now my mind is light and easy; that's enough. If anybody wants to have a choice, you can have a choice: the choice to be easy or to be hard--it depends on you."

We have the power to make life easy. We have the power to make life difficult. By buying into the system, we buy into the idea that in order to live we need all these things to live, to be successful. Education, a car, a home, fancy clothes, pricey medical procedures/expensives, etc. All of these tend to have a considerably high price tag, and, thus, so many people are in debt. I was talked into joining the 5 year program to get my Bachelors and Masters because "it would help me be desirable and get a job." Did it help me get that teaching job? Nope. Did it make me go into debt? Yes. I wouldn't have been in debt if I had stuck to the normal 4 year program, thanks to my scholarships, my job, and parent assistance. Sure, I learned things; I have no qualms about that. Do I want this debt? Heck no. I bought into the story, but I didn't need to. My school schedule was all the more stressful as they crammed an extra year of courses into 5 years. I didn't need to do that to myself, but I listened to others that, supposedly, knew better. Honestly, they likely had an ulterior motive--to support the university and line the pockets. It cost such a pretty penny to undergo all that. What I learned now is that I should focus on what I want and not destroy myself and my spirit. I need to focus on filling my cup, managing myself. I can make my life easy. Other people might not understand; they still believe the other story. That's their choice. Everyone has the choice to make life easy or difficult. It all comes down to you: what will you decide?

The world is in chaos right now; life is difficult for so many people. There's so much drama and division. It doesn't have to be that way; there is a simpler way. In "This Is How It Ends." (, Ralph Smart reminds,

"We are not race. We are not politics. We are not religion. We are not nationality. We are life, Deep Divers. When you realize this, you are about to win big in life, and something good is coming to you... the chaos that you see before you right now in the world will end. The drama will end. But until that point, it will continue. If you want to start attracting better in your life, realize you have to let go of this illusion in this matrix... I'm about to give you all the solutions you need to end what is happening right now in the world... everything that's happening, which is of a lower vibration... We have to wake up. We have to start realizing there are things that we can do to live a more harmonious life... What you see before you [all this chaos, all this drama] is a distraction... What you see before you on the world stage is a distraction. Anything that is not leading you to your purpose every single day is a distraction... Anything that is not helping you evolve to become your greatest version, that is not helping you to evolve to live your best life is a distraction... Protesting about what is happening is not the solution. Why? Because protests are temporary... Keep that same energy not just right now but next year... because a lot of people protest right now and then next year comes and it's a lot of buffoonery... It's not just about protesting right now... leave this matrix: that's the most powerful protest you can make... you can protest, but what good is it if you are still part of the system, if you're still giving the system your energy? You're still working these matrix jobs. You're still sending your children to these matrix schools. You are part of the problem... If you want to win big in life, if you want something good to come to you, detach from the burning building. Detach from the sinking ship. Detach from this matrix. That is the most powerful protest that you can do today... You can't be having an uproar when you're still part of this system... They want you to scream. They want you to destroy your own communities--you gotta live there, whoops... Continue with this same energy because this is how it ends. Make your whole entire lifestyle about truth, justice, and being free because being free is our birthright. It's not about race, Deep Divers; we are all one race. We are not even race... We are life. We are multi-dimensional beings having a human experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience... This is not how your life is supposed to go... with all of this drama and chaos... You aren't supposed to wake up and just consume all of this negativity the media is spewing at you. You see, they want you to be in fear. They want you to be mad. They want you to be angry because now you are distracted from your true purpose... Don't attack what you hate; start promoting what you love... You have to change your focus; stop focusing on this drama, on this show... they are all actors, and start focusing on what you love. Start promoting what you love. This is not how your life is supposed to go. Your life is supposed to go according to your true heart's vibration. What is it my heart wants? A lot of you don't even know because you are fixated on someone else's storyline... That's how the Cabal get you; they play on your emotions. You have to learn how to master your emotions; this is how it ends... Stop allowing yourself to get caught up in other people's storylines. You were in a great mood when you woke up... they want you to be in a low vibration; they want to lower your mood by spewing bad news at you every single day. When you are in the fear vibration, you're not manifesting. When you are in the love vibration, you are manifesting... Let love guide you not fear... Unity is how it ends; band together with your brothers and sisters, Deep Divers... Instead of fighting the system, withdraw from the system; this is the greatest revolutionary act you can perform right now... learn how to transform and transmute all of this negativity around you. You have to transform this energy into energy that serves you... [Spend] time with yourself... meditate... detach from everything, take a break... and just come out into nature... Make the best out of the worst, and never allow external events to govern your internal condition... Start taking responsibility for how you feel; don't let anybody else control that because whoever angers you, controls you... They want you to riot. They want you to get mad; that's how you give them your energy because you give them your attention--that's what energy is: attention... no longer feed the beast... We are the power, Deep Divers; we always were, and we always will be... Food is information... A lot of people have been consuming the wrong foods, and that's why there's so much anarchy on the planet. Not only that, people have been kept in the karmic loop because we are butchering over 64 billion animals every single year. A lot of people are becoming the pain... Peace begins on your plate... when you are starting to honor all lifeforms on the planet... All lives do matter and should be honored... Realize separation is the greatest illusion ever created. They want you to be separated from each other... They want you to be divided; it's divide and conquer. We have to start honoring all life and realize all life is precious... This system is the greatest energy vampire... so we have to learn to protect our energy... Don't take the bait... Start to go on the journey within. Everything out there is a distraction. They've got you focused on what's happening out there; you have forgotten what's happening inside [you]... You gotta tune all of that out to tune into who you really are... They don't want you to go on the journey within. They don't want you to meditate because when you go inside here, you realize that outside there is one big joke--it's only a reflection on what's going on inside here. The inner always controls the outer, as above so below... Whatever you consume will consume you, so be mindful of being fixated on drama, chaos, bad news because you are consuming that. You see, we don't only have a physical diet... We also have a mental diet [the sounds, the frequencies, the images, the thoughts you consume. Focus on what] uplifts you... [what] makes you feel so good to be alive... What you feed your mind is what you become... Take back your mind. Don't give them your mind. Don't give them your attention. Realize you are a powerful co-creator. Why live in someone else's world when you can create your own?"

We don't need to stay separated. We don't need to buy into labels. We are not labels. We are spiritual beings living in a physical vessel. We're all one, we are life, and all life is precious. Everyone and everything is valuable. Focus on your inner journey, and the outer world will fall into place. The saying, "You are what you eat," holds truth; what we consume, positive or negative, will impact who we are. Don't fixate on the drama, the chaos, bad news, negativity, problems. What you focus on you get more of because you are a powerful co-creator. The chaos, drama, negativity, all of that is someone else's narrative, someone else's reality--create your own. We don't need that kind of reality; we don't want it. Don't give your power away to the negative people.

Negative people thrive on negativity; they don't want you to be happy. They feed off your sorrow, your suffering. In Ralph Smart's video, "How to Stop Absorbing A Negative Person's Energy | Ralph Smart" (, he attests,

"These negative people really want to take away your joy. These negative people really want to see you destroyed, and we ain't gonna let them, Deep Divers. But just imagine if we did... Negative people can sometimes be your best friends in disguise... without them you wouldn't know how angry you can get... Right now with so much happening in the world with protests and riots and everyone is going at each other... a lot of people are dealing with a lot of negativity... with negative people, and they don't know what to do... I've learned along my journey to stop absorbing a negative person's energy... making the best out of the worst, and never allowing external events to govern your internal condition... Stop putting these [negative] people on the podium... Why are you making negative people celebrities in your mind? ... Why do we give people, who do so little for us, so much space in our minds? ... Energy is contagious... A lot of people are angry right now, and many times we also stumble across a negative person in our own personal lives... It could be a family member... You have to cut their food supply, which is your reaction... Negative people, negative energy--it can only exist with a certain reaction, and any time you react to a negative person, you make that negative person stronger. It's not about reacting... It's about learning how to respond... Responding goes like this... 'Oh, I didn't even see you there because you don't even exist when I don't focus on you.' That's how to stop absorbing a negative person's energy. Learn how to respond instead of react, Deep Divers; that's how you cut their food supply. They can't eat--they're starving right now... I know that sometimes you argue with a negative person because you got to speak your truth even if your voice shakes. That's cool, but, Deep Divers, that's what they want you to do. They want you to argue with them. That's how they survive--that's how parasites survive... Silence is also a response... Sometimes the most powerful one [is the silent one]... Be quiet. All of a sudden they didn't know what to do; this so-called negative person was now neutralized... When you are silent around a negative person, now they can hear their own bullshit; yes, they can actually hear their own words... Silence is always a response if there is someone, who always wants to start a war with you... Learn the power of silence... They want your attention... [Negative people are] like this, 'Hey, look at me! Hey, look at me! I'm over here!' and the more you keep focusing on that negative person, the more powerful they become. Once you stop tuning into them, stop focusing on them, once you stop giving them your attention, this negative person is no longer a problem for you. They are only a problem because you have chosen to put them on the podium instead of people who have always been there for you... Why do we focus on people who don't do anything for us? Yet there are people who have our backs, who are always caring, kind, and compassionate towards us, but we don't think of them like we think of negative people, like negative people keep us up at night... Why do you honor these people with awards every single night? ... We are making these people bigger than they actually are by focusing on these negative people... Sometimes you gotta call people out because a lot of negative people think they're smart--they think, hey, they can get a one-up on you... Sometimes you gotta say no, a big fat no, to a negative person. You gotta speak your truth... Your voice is your power... Start expressing how you feel. You don't have to bottle it all up... If they don't like it, too bad because they've been making your life a living hell for like months... We have to honor our own nature and not copy someone else's... Many times people know how to push our buttons... they show you things about yourself that you are unaware of... If there's nothing inside, nothing will come up. If they triggered you, it's because you have lessons to learn with them... Always have integrity and maintain class... so if someone is really negative to you, say, 'I'm gonna handle this with class...' They wish they were you, Deep Divers, because you are that awesome, and that's why sometimes you are surrounded by a lot of other negative people because they are jealous of you... if you're around a negative person, sometimes you got to show them compassion; all they want is a hug... [but] you do not have to be the one who gives them a hug. You can be cool from a distance... Their problem is not with you; their problem existed way before you, so you have to say to yourself, 'I am not your problem...' You gotta say this, 'Not today, negative person. Not tomorrow, negative person... Never...' Raise your vibration; realize negativity can only affect you when you are vibrating at the same frequency. Rise. Rise higher. Rise above the negativity."

We don't need to accept the negativity. We can tell them, "No." We can establish a boundary and stick to it. It's important to be nice and considerate but not at the expense of ourselves. We're just as important as they are. We don't need to focus on the negativity; we need to focus on ourselves and taking care of ourselves: finding our joy, enjoying life, keeping our energy high, and raising our vibrations. We are not the negativity; we don't have to sink to that level. We can rise above and find what we want to get out of life.

Life's what we make it. What we give out to the world, we receive back. Amanda Ellis in her video, "Energy Reading, Karma, Cosmic Mirrors" (, emphasizes,

"So we've got the cosmos mirrors you, passion: love for life, and karma: untying the knots. There's a message coming through here linked in to what you put into life is what you get out of life. This passion, this love for life--what you put into life is what you get out of life... What we tend to forget is that joy and love and passion and what makes us feel alive, of course, raises our frequency so much quicker than anything else, and when we're stuck in a rut or we're in a phase of life where it feels as though there isn't any joy--it just feels very heavy, it feels very challenging, we feel stuck, feel very low--it's a really dangerous trap to get into because this card, the cosmos mirrors you, is reminding all of us that what we put out is what we get back, and... even on a day where you're not feeling, you know, on top of the world, you're not feeling full of sunbeams and rainbows and, you know, joy, which is the reality of being a human being--nobody can feel like that every day--but on those days where it feels particularly difficult and stuck and stagnant... when you've got those negative thoughts going through your mind or you're looking at the glass that is half empty rather than the glass that is half full, you're looking down at the ground rather than up to the stars, you remind yourself to counteract that activity, that energy, that thought form with something positive... catch yourself as you do it and straightaway affirm something more positive to try to equal out the balance that's going around energetically in your body because we know that what we think we become and equally what we think of our body we become. So, the more on... ill, it will create more of that... It's not ignoring problems that are there; it's just trying to very quickly... put the new record on, which basically affirms something much more positive... 'I trust myself unconditionally.' If you really trust yourself unconditionally, you are able to get into a place whereby you can move yourself through any obstacle or any challenge or any difficulty that you face because you trust that you have the resources you need, you trust that the universe has your back and that the universe actually is within you, as well, and you also trust in... the impossible--you have trust and faith in the miracle... However dark it looks, however bleak it looks, that I can surmount this and I will... It's getting to a point where we actually fully trust ourself, which also means we have to get to like ourselves--we have to learn to love ourselves because you don't trust somebody who's like a shady character. You trust somebody who looks reliable, who has a proven track record, who has a loving heart... those qualities you also need to be bringing out more in yourself... We can all start again today--that's the blessing of the new dawn that we wake up to every day... we can learn how much resource we have within ourself... The cosmos actually loves me and that the cosmos is there to help me, not hinder me... The cosmos gives you what you expect... 'I am strong, centered, and supported.' ...It's your core strength... Learn to trust yourself; learn to sink into your own strong center... The 11th is always a portal, is always a doorway... it shows the opportunity and the growth... The time we're in at the moment is we're burning away--the dragon burns away, it transmutes, it purifies a lot of old, stagnant karma that is around us and our lives... It's as though there are some karmic contracts coming up... either for renewal or for transmitting... If you don't learn the lesson and if you just refuse... just totally resistant to even look at that [to paying back your karmic debt], looking at what responsibility you had in the past life, looking at why is this dynamic there... you refuse to pay it back... you're still not learning this, are you? Let's put the record back on... Then the soundtrack becomes unbearable... because you didn't get it the first time around. There is some karma here. It can work both ways... you need to be receiving... [but] if you're pushing it away the whole time... you're not learning the lesson either because your lesson is supposed to be to receive in this lifetime from that one particular person, event, or situation... All life is made up of a multitude of different karmic scenarios... We're entering this age whereby karma is becoming more and more obsolete as we go through the dimensions... [because] there's going to be a lessening and lessening of karma coming through generationally in the future... for us to get universally where we need to be, which is Earth needs to remove itself from these shackles of karma... we've got to have a big purge... We're being given opportunities to literally let the chains go... We need to be having this big karmic purge at this moment in time... Spirit wants you to get it [to understand your karmic lessons]... wants Earth to be free of the shackles of karma, which have tied us down for generation after generation after generation... Earth is coming to a point where it's paid back its karma... The day when we fully can release our karma, individually and collectively, Earth becomes an Eden... it's clean--it's not littered because we've dealt with our internal litter... It's this thing about going into the center; we're in the center now, we can't work our way back out until we've dealt with what's in there... We're getting to the difficult stuff, but look how far we've traveled to actually get there, personally and collectively... Stay. Be present with whatever is currently occurring in your life that's coming up for healing, that wants to be looked at, that needs to be acknowledged, that needs to be released, that needs to be communicated, that needs to be let go of. The new cycle can only come in when we've truly faced this place... What is destined to come once you've completed this karmic cycle is going to come. What is meant for you will find you... There are certain things in life that are fated... [but] there's an awful lot of free will, as well, so it's like how long is it going to take you to get to that fated encounter... The stars are aligning to try to bring you what is meant, what's destined... [but] if our mind is believing that life isn't going to get any better... the universe and the stars are aligning but... you're sabotaging yourself; you're sabotaging your destiny... Don't let it be as hard as... you're making it. Thoughts create reality. Stars are aligning. Trust... When you smile, even if it's a forced smile, there are things that happen in the biochemistry in your brain, which releases some of the endorphins that make you feel better... It's practice... The more you try to bring the positive thoughts in, then they become more second nature anyway. You don't want to then put on that old record of misery... As we come out of lockdown, it's almost as though the people that we really want to see, it might surprise you--it might not be the people that you were seeing before lockdown... If it's not people you haven't heard from for awhile, it's new people coming into your life, but I'm hearing the tribe is changing... Some people in lockdown have been doing the work, looking at themselves, thinking about their lives, where they want to take it, and others haven't... It's whether you've been open to the opportunity and the new energy that has come in through this lockdown period... When we're completely in drama and fixated on whatever it is in the news... it's just distraction. You're not actually getting on with your own process... What this will be in terms of the future is what you do now... What you do now, the energy that you hold now is where you end up going; it's what you end up being--it's who you end up being... All the attention has to be on the energy that you're holding in this one moment... You are here... What are you shooting into the distance. These are are your wishes. These are your thoughts. These are your actions. You presently are here--that's the only place you ever can be, by the way. We don't live in the past. We don't live in the future. We live in the now moment, but in that now moment we can be shooting these arrows towards the future in terms of what we wish it to be but, BUT, BUT, BUT not negating the present moment. What you are in the present moment dictates what the arrows are that get shot out energetically into the future... Look at those arrows that you're sending out into the future; what the cosmos is doing is it's listening to you... 'He or she wants more of that, do they? Okay, here's another great big dollop of it.' ... Make sure that even when those negative thoughts come, because they will... when you hear it, acknowledge it and then correct it... Start to really sense it as though it really is here and I'm living that life already... the life that I want it to become."

We can change the tune we live by. We have that power. We can make the most of life and make our life anything we desire. If we believe we can only accomplish and have certain things, that will be our reality; we get what we expect to get. Stand in your power to create a life you enjoy, finding your passion and joy. Staying present, as it's all we ever have, will help us stay in that joy. We don't need to stress or worry about the past or future because we can never live in the past or future. We can learn from the past and plan for the future, but we can never live in them. Take the reigns and create the life that you desire.

We don't need to slave away to obtain the life we desire; life can be simple. We don't need to overcomplicate matters. All we need to do is follow our hearts; they'll lead the way. Animals stay true to themselves, and we can, too. In "The Last Hope." (, Ralph Smart stresses,

"We are the only species that has to pay to live and eat, yet we are supposed to be the most intelligent... So many people spend their entire lives, grinding away in this matrix, busting their ass, just to save up money to one day buy their own house... some people still don't have enough money to buy their own house, but having a place to live in, Deep Divers, a place to rest your head at night should be a basic right for every single human being on the planet--it shouldn't be a big deal. Even squirrels have their own place to live rent free... This is a message everybody needs to hear... The energy is very heavy on the planet [right now], and this is your last hope for salvation, to make sure you can still live your best life. Otherwise, you're gonna be locked down forever... I see a lot of people just going along with this matrix, staying in a job that's making them unhappy, living a lifestyle that's making them unhappy, and this is your last hope, your last chance to get out. Being free is your birthright... they want to enslave you in this matrix, but there comes a time, Deep Divers, where you have to take responsibility. It's on you right now because you can live free... The universe reveals its secrets to those who dare to follow their hearts... This matrix is collapsing because it was built on a lie; it was built on an illusion. That's why everything is fake... It's all fake in the matrix; the only truth you will find is the truth inside of you. Your last hope is to find the truth inside of you... Realize before you go out there, trying to save the world, oh yeah, save yourself first... What's happening on the planet right now are symptoms of a disease, which has affected billions of people on the planet. These are symptoms. Police brutality: symptom. Racism: symptom... that disease is the entire system. We have to go to the root to [find] the solution. You cannot solve an issue with the same problem that started it... A lot of people want to go further in the matrix, not realizing that's what caused the problem in the first place. Your last hope is to realize you now... have an opportunity to say actually, I'm no longer gonna add more fuel to the fire; I'm no longer going to support this system. This system does not deserve to be supported... because this system is built on a lie... The ship is sinking; it's already hit the iceberg. [Don't go down with the ship]... The whole game is a rig--it's all rigged. The whole system is rigged. It's all a setup... The reason why so many people are in bondage on the planet, living lives they don't like, is because the Cabal have designed it this way; the Cabal own everything in the matrix... They have a monopoly in the matrix. How can you win? You can't win. So long as you try to beat them at their game, you will always lose. So long as you try to play their game, you will always lose because they created this game--you didn't... They have you believing in it, fighting each other... but it's all an illusion... This is your last chance to wake up and see that... Start realizing you are being played... You win by creating your own game... The more you move into the system and try and change it, you will always fail. You have to withdraw and detach from the system; now it loses its power. You have to stop feeding the beast... [A lot of people] try to run away from their shadow. They try to run away from their problems... People don't realize that the world is nothing more than a reflection of what's happening inside of you, as above so below, as within so without. Your last hope if you want peace in the world, it must start with you. If you want harmony in the world, it must start with you... The real problem is not what's happening out there; the real problem is what's happening inside [you]... The Cabal know this; they know that you are always going to be distracted because you are afraid to face yourself. A lot of people don't want to be alone--that's why they follow the crowd... [but] so long as you follow the crowd, you will only be led to the slaughterhouse. Your last hope is to learn how to be alone, learn how to sit with your emotions, learn how to meditate, learn how to be at peace with yourself... This had to happen... because this system was corrupt from the start... and they're laughing at you right now... [because] 'these fools believed us...' Life is like a game of chess; you have to think one step ahead. Your last chance is to realize the power has been with you all along... When you look behind the curtain, you start to realize that those, who you thought had all the power, don't actually have any power; all they have is your power that you have externalized to them... Mind games are being played every single second, and your last hope is to start getting smart... Your entire life has been a lie. Why are you trying to get the truth from someone who has always been lying to you since birth? ... There is no truth to be found in this matrix; there are only lies, so you have to withdraw and find your own inner truth and unite with other people. They want to distance you; they wanna separate you from each other, but that's how you lose power... Start focusing on how much you all have in common... They will tell you what they want you to hear, not the truth. All news media has an agenda... [Realize] you don't have to suffer; you don't have to go through life like this. You didn't come here to suffer; you didn't come here just to work, retire, and then die. There's more to life... Don't let them fool you into believing you have to do what everybody else is doing... They want to make sure you are just an automaton, a bot, and they're trying to turn you into AI 100%... Everything is reversed in this matrix; they want you to live in reverse--l-i-v-e now becomes evil e-v-i-l... and that's what's happened. They are trying to suppress the truth every single day, but they won't succeed... because this is the age of Aquarius; this is the time the hidden comes to light, and everything will get exposed. We will now be able to see things for what they actually are. This is the time of the great awakening, and this is your last chance to... [stop waking] up full of misery, heartache, sadness... [live your] best life doing what [you] love to do every single day... You gotta move from 3D to 5D, which is a jump from fear to the love vibration. They want to keep you in a perpetual state of fear... This is how the Cabal survive. When you are at a low vibration, they get more powerful; when you are in a love vibration, they lose their power. To move out of their grasp, start vibrating on a higher frequency... every single day you have an opportunity to spread love, not fear. You have an opportunity right now to be the pioneer of the new world... The world can be what you want it to be... When you move to higher consciousness, the whole universe will work for you... It's you that has the power; it's us that has the power through unity, one love; we are all one."

If we're supposedly smarter and "better" than animals, why do the vast majority of us not live better lives than them? They don't have to pay to eat or have a home. Eating great food and having sufficient shelter is an essential right. Why should we buy into the system when animals demonstrate there is another way? If so many are in debt, is this system really the answer? If so many people are severely suffering, is this system really the right way to do things? We don't have to settle for less. We can have everything we want and need. We need to focus on the new world, one full of kindness, unity, peace, love, and light. We can create this world. It doesn't have to remain a fantasy, dream, or goal. We can make our reality. The universe has our backs. We have the power.

We are powerful co-creators; life can be how we wish it to be. In her recent video, "Angel Daily Message June 13, 2020" (, Michelle Patterson asserts, "We can create the reality that we want. We can start to have ideas about how to create something new in our lives, how to carry on as a collective right now--what changes have been made, we don't have to mourn what has to go away because the things that are being created are so much better than we ever knew it could be because we've forgotten ourselves. We've forgotten our divinity. We have forgotten one another... This is not a time, well, in general try not to get your mind going in the direction of, 'Oh, no. It's never going to be the same, and that's a bad thing.' There is more ahead. The future doesn't have to be bleak, unless we continue on, and we don't learn our lessons; then that could be a little problematic, but if we open our hearts, stay the course, trust the plan--there's something universal going on here, and people might want to fight that because, again, they get caught in their ego, and they think the ego is truth, the ego is going to show us the way forward. But that's not it. You're so much bigger than the ego-consciousness. We can create whatever kind of world we want to be in." Fixating on the past denies us from the now; it distracts us from what could be and what is. The past is past. We need to remember who we are, eternal spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. We need to remember one another because we are all one. We're more than the separation. We're more than our ego minds. We can trust the Universe and its process. Everything will be okay. It might take some time to reach our ultimate destination, but we're on our way. We'll make it. Life's a journey and an adventure; let's learn along the way, have fun, and become the best version of ourselves possible. Stay blessed, my friends; love and light~

This week's food for thought:

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