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Keep Your Cool and Remember to Breathe

I hope everyone's doing well! I hope you were able to enjoy the Equinox! Things seem to be heating up, energetically speaking. I'll feel fine one day and then exhausted the next. It's definitely interesting. I feel like a lot of people are feeling it, too.

I feel like the energies have impacted the kids I work with for online schooling. They seem to get easily frustrated at times. It's probably at least in part due to the unique circumstances of the world. A number of people are buying into fear. Things have changed a lot; they can't see their friends in school like normal. They stare at screens for school all day instead of being in a classroom. Like a lot of people probably feel, there's not much they can control (although looking at why we feel it's so important to control life is something to look into and reflect upon). With all these factors and emotions swirling about, even the smallest of incidents can prove to be a trigger and lead to an explosion of sorts. I'm doing the best I can to keep it cool and implement strategies/resources to help them thrive. I bring new crystals every day. I've told their parents that I'm cool with their friends coming over to do class with them (their parents seemed hesitant to place even more responsibility on my plate since online schooling is such a unique setup), but allowing them to interact with their friends has worked wonders! It definitely lifts their spirits. I ordered an inflatable punching bag as a positive outlet for excess energy and frustration (since it seemed like the one had the impulse to hit things like the ground). I've needed to use more creative solutions and thinking outside of the box.

There was a rough patch on Friday. I think part of the issue is the stories the mind (or ego) spins and convinces us that are true. It makes me think a lot about the videos the school shared during homeroom/contact about "the story snake." Basically, our mind/ego can tell us stories based on what we perceive to be true (as my aunt likes to say, "Your emotions are valid, but your perception might not be true.") and then blows things out of proportion. That's what happened. A minor incident occurred (being asked an unexpected question on a review game), acting as a trigger, and then led to the kiddo acting out impulsively. I reminded him to breathe, that we could take a break, and that it was just a review (rather than a test). He decided to retry the review. I'm not sure if it was the same question or a different one, but it found that sensitive frustration button and pushed it hard. As I was emphasizing that we should take a break to breathe, his frustration led to him acting out impulsively and not being as gentle as he could be with his iPad. While none of it was intentional, it resulted in some damage to the iPad. He started freaking out, sobbing that his parents were going to kill him. I repeatedly emphasized that they loved him too much to kill him, but they would probably be unhappy about it. With the emotions being this deep I don't think he could actually process what was being said or think clearly. I kept calmly repeating how they love him and wouldn't kill him until it finally sunk in. He was able to calm down. The iPad still works. It was a less than ideal incident, but I feel that it was a powerful teaching moment. He was able to admit that he has a frustration/anger issue, which means that he'll be able to work on improving it (it's hard to resolve a problem if you don't even acknowledge it). I really don't want kids or people to experience such intense emotions, but it's likely better that he learns this lesson now with something kind of minor than with something massive later in life. It definitely wasn't fun, but I feel that the incident was a sort of conclusion of a chapter and that he'll be starting a fresh one now. He's such a bright, sweet kid; I know he will accomplish great things if he receive the right support now so that he can stand on his own as he gets older. Experience might not be all that enjoyable in the moment, but it's typically the most painful experiences that are the greatest teachers (as long as we don't buy into the false stories and are willing to learn from them).

I've also enjoyed creating some art. Rainbow color schemes seem pretty powerful/relevant right now. Tried something new with gluing beads down to create a spiral. Also started playing around with liquid water color before adding metallic spirals on top. Currently working on an abstract piece with a rainbow color scheme.

Spent some time relaxing watching anime. I decided to give Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? a try. The title paints a certain picture, so I had been unsure of whether I wanted to watch it. Bell is completely different from the vibe the title gives, though, so I'm glad I gave it a chance. Bell has such a pure, kind heart! Even when he was tricked, lied to, and robbed by one of the other characters, he refused to give up on them or treat them poorly; he could see that they were acting out of pain and loneliness. Their past experiences had taught them the world was cruel so they didn't trust the world. Plenty of people would likely try to go for a sort of revenge, insisting the other deserves it because of their wrongdoing. Not Bell. I adore him. He has the kind, loving heart that society needs to learn how to embrace and embody. We're moving into 5D; the old ways aren't going to cut it any more. "An eye for an eye" won't serve you any more. Karma and the universe won't let it slide. Bell's a great teacher for how to live a life more aligned with love and light. He genuinely cares for others and wants to help them; he's a true service to others fellow, and I'm rooting for him!

I also started watching the new episodes of Pokemon Journeys. I feel like it's episodes are addressing a lot of the components society is dealing with humanity's shadow. It brings up parents that are always gone with work, being abandoned by those you care about (poor Gengar, loyally awaiting for its trainer to return for years), learning to do things your own way (Scorbunny refused to give up learning ember, but its struggles stemmed from trying to be like all the other fire types instead of trying to be itself and do things in its own style), and even how "bad guys" are playing roles. It really struck home how Team Rocket decided to put on a show and act like they had stolen Ditto when Ditto had chosen to run away with them. They had really bonded with Ditto, helping it to become a better actor and get over its nerves and anxiety. Deciding to paint Ditto in a better light, they went all out into the role of villains and put on a show about how they "kidnapped" Ditto, insisting they receive a ransom. They purposefully egged on Ash and company so they would receive a massive thunderbolt and blast off once again. They didn't have to play this role, but they chose to do so all the same. I feel like this says a lot about people in the real world--even those deemed "bad" can have redeeming qualities, a secret, pickled plum hiding on their backs. It makes me think about what spiritual teachers (such as Amanda Ellis and Magenta Pixie) have been talking about recently in regards to the service to self individuals agreeing to play the part prior to incarnation. Without duality, without a choice between so-called "good" and "bad" there wouldn't be all this opportunity to learn and grow. There wouldn't be a choice; it would just be. It's definitely some interesting food for thought to mull over.

I hope everyone can keep their cool as fall rolls in (or spring for those in the southern hemisphere). Things will likely get a bit crazy still, but that doesn't mean we should give up. There's still plenty of light, beauty, and good out in the world. Sometimes you just need to be willing to look for it. In the words of Uncle Iroh, "If you look for the light, you can often find it, but if you look for the dark, that is all you will ever see." Things might get hectic. You might have an "off" day. Just because you make a mistake doesn't mean it's the end of the world. Pick yourself back up and try again. Each moment is a new moment and a precious gift. If things are feeling rather tough, take a break, remember to breathe, and find something you enjoy to savor. There's nothing wrong with taking time for fun. Self care is vital at any point but especially now. It might be stormy now, but the storm will pass. Remember to smile. A genuine smile can break through even the darkest clouds. There are people, who love you. There are people, who enjoy your company and wish you the best. It's okay to feel sad. It's okay to feel frustrated. It's okay to feel mad. It's okay to feel. Emotions are guest and will come and go like the seasons. Don't let them dictate your story. You're the author; you get to direct the path your story takes. Don't sell yourself short. You're amazing! Love and light, everyone~

Food for though from Spirit Science:

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