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Holiday Season

As we descend deeper and deeper into the holiday season, things can become quite hectic for numerous people. Scrambling to find that perfect gift, scouring all dust and clutter from your home to make it look presentable, shorter lengths of daylight, colder temperatures, long shifts, so on and so forth. Many become swept up in the busyness of the season. They become utterly consumed by their lengthy to-do lists. They become so entangled in the chaos of it all that they forget the true meaning of the holiday season: to cherish and appreciate loved ones and all the blessings in one's life.

I will say that I've done a pretty decent job on staying on top of my gift shopping (I tend to search for sweet deals all year-round--a great deal is a great deal, regardless of the season); all I really have left to do is organize and wrap the gifts. We were blessed with warmer temperatures this week, too, luckily, and I got to take all my after care friends outside to play (they needed it so badly--Tuesday a group of them just started screaming for no apparent reason; think of it as spontaneous combustion but with screaming. I, personally, think that it was too much pent-up energy, but that's just my speculation). My list of days I'm babysitting keeps growing as the winter break approaches, too. I'm proud that, despite the hectic nature of this season, I have made time for what matters most: my besties and loved ones. I spent the past three days with April and Iris, and, thankfully, Corliss was able to join us today. It becomes increasingly difficult to find shared free time between the three of us, but it is completely worth it when the stars align. We shared delicious food (pizza with cheesy bread and french silk pie--it's just so scrumptious~). We explored the park and mall (Iris ran a "food stall" where you could order ice cream and water at the park. At the mall she fell in love with an Anna plush and got all decked out in cute gear). Little Iris and my besties are precious beyond words. I'm grateful for their presence in my life and the laughter, love, and joy they bring; love you all~~

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