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Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Super New Moon in Capricorn, and Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is doing well and having a wonderful holiday season! This week was jam-packed, full of all sorts of powerful energies and events. We not only had the winter solstice and a super new moon in Capricorn, but we also rounded out the week with Christmas. It was a very full, busy, and a bit chaotic week. I hope the week was kind to everyone and that they were able to enjoy and celebrate the holiday season in the fashion that works best for them! If you want to learn more about the recent new moon, feel free to check out the videos below:

I woke up not feeling too tired Monday morning, even though I hadn't been able to fall asleep easily the previous night. From what I could remember my dream involved The Land Before Time. I was discussing the movies with someone/a group of people, maybe sharing favorite characters. I know I started singing the song from the 2nd movie, Peaceful Valley. There might have been something about writing articles for websites, too, but that's all I could remember.

I was so tempted to fall back asleep Tuesday morning. It was quite the challenge getting up. My dream recall was pretty hazy. There was something about babysitting or working at somewhere like a school or daycare. It involved children. I had one other person working with me, but they disappeared on the phone for a while. The kids seemed to have fun, but their fun involved messages. There was something about travel via plane and people saying Jackie Chan looked like someone else. More happened, but that's all I could recall once I was awake.

Falling asleep was incredibly challenging Tuesday night because I just wasn't tired. It was after 1:30 am (or even 2) when I was able to sleep. It made waking up to take the boys to school Wednesday morning all the more difficult; I almost fell back to sleep several times. It felt like a lot happened in my dreams, but it was all veiled in a thick haze. I looked forward to sleeping in over break. Falling asleep wasn't particularly easy Wednesday night, but that was more because Tsuki wasn't willing to get off my lap, so I ended up staying up late writing and waiting for her to set me free (lol). My dream recall was rather fuzzy when I woke up Thursday morning. There was something about going on a trip with my family and stopping at some kind of souvenir/gift shop that was hours away along the way. I think there were crystals, books, and various knick-knacks. I couldn't remember anything else when I awoke, but I did find we were starting to get all the snow people were predicting.

I was tempted to go back to sleep and stay in bed Friday morning (it had been another night of Tsuki not wanting me to leave because she was curled up on my lap). My dream recall was fairly fuzzy. There was something about writing and designing images. There was another part where some kind of makeup artist came over to the house with her husband and worked on house remodels. Another part involved volunteering at the local children's museum and having them give me a project to do. Using things like straws and paper I was supposed to create these planets (they called them Jupiter, but they looked like Saturn due to the ring) and then attach some kind of pop-up card to them. They were supposed to be gifts. More happened, but that's all I could remember.

I was half asleep for awhile Saturday morning after waking up. My dream recall was pretty hazy, but I do recall going on a trip with Corliss, April, and Iris. We were out and about (I think we went to a park at one point) and stopped at a restaurant. We had apparently made our order ahead of time, and it was waiting for us when we got there. I had ordered some sandwich (maybe chicken parmesan), but it looked weird and had all these other things on it. There were like 3 pieces of bread and like salami on it. When I asked the staff about it, they assured me that was the sandwich I ordered. I wasn't so sure about it. Iris has a bunch of toys all over the place, and I helped her clean them up because we were getting ready to leave. Pretty sure more happened, but that's all I could remember.

My dream recall was incredibly hazy when I woke up this morning, No doubt it was largely due to not being able to fall asleep Saturday night, despite laying in bed, eager to sleep. It also didn't help that family members were yelling rather early in the morning, either. Needless to say, I was rather groggy and exhausted today. Hopefully, I'll be able to sleep better this upcoming week.

Tsuki wasn't all that keen on the cold; it was crazy, bitterly cold this week--it got down into the negative degrees. I seriously didn't blame her when she wanted to stay snuggled up and asleep. We got quite a bit of snow, too, which she enjoyed looking at when she was awake. Tsuki got rather bummed when my brother came over with his dog, Yogi (he's staying here fore a week, so that's going to be... interesting). They're both so loud, large, and typically obnoxious, so Tsuki doesn't care for them, often either running away to hide, hissing, or both. She did enjoy playing in the boxes, bags, and paper from presents, though. Plus, she loved the toy I got her. Hopefully, things will go smoothly the rest of their stay, and Tsuki won't want to hide the whole time.

The boys were so excited for winter break. They've been discussing anime, The Owl House, various theories, games, and then some. There was a lot of watching Hooty's best moments and Hooty once said. They looked up a bunch of memes for the Elf on the Shelf (i.e. you've heard of Elf on the Shelf, but have you heard of ____?). The boys had a blast, and I'm glad they can celebrate and relax after a long semester of studying. They were super excited about the gifts I gave them, continuously thanking me for the thoughtful and fun gifts.

Artwork for the week included:

I wrote more content for Creativity Chronicles this week! I also started writing for Luck's List! Feel free to check out the newest articles!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

New Luck's List articles:

I hope everyone is taking time for joy, fun, laughter, and self-care this holiday season. We're in the final stretch of 2022, surreal as it may seem, so live each moment in a way that's fulfilling for you. Plenty of things can wait. They aren't going anywhere, so there's no need to stress yourself out. You're worthy. You deserve happiness. Don't belittle yourself, and there's no need to make yourself miserable. Take time for yourself, be gentle with yourself, and follow your joy. Wishing you a wonderful rest of 2022, stay blessed with love and light~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought for the week:

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