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Happy Thanksgiving!

This year has been quite unusual, but I hope everyone was able to enjoy themselves this week (and enjoyed the holiday if in the U.S. like myself). It was definitely different than years past, but it wasn't particularly "bad." It was much more quiet and relaxed compared to other years. My youngest brother ended up coming into town, and I had dinner with my parents, two of my siblings, my aunt, and my cousin. Normally, we would get together with a lot more family members, but people have varying opinions on certain matters (so there were some that didn't feel comfortable doing the "normal" get togethers). My mom was adamant of sticking somewhat to tradition since it would provide an air of "normalcy." It was nice seeing people I haven't seen in some time (the last time I saw my aunt and cousin was back at Christmas last year, for instance). 2020 definitely has kept things from being boring--that's for sure.

Shout out to my grandpa, who turns 80 tomorrow! Much love to my favorite grandpa that has worked as a pharmacist! (Lol he's always saying stuff like that, making sure he can't get into trouble by saying someone is his favorite by including a qualifier that would apply to no one else). To help him celebrate, my family created 80 little notes to wish him a happy birthday and express our love. I hope he enjoys it!

Fluffy cat has been extra cute and snuggling this week; she's kept me in bed quite a bit (which hasn't really been a problem since I had the week off of tutoring). She even decided to cuddle underneath the blanket with me multiple times this week (an unusual occurrence for her since she doesn't like getting super hot and toasty). She enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving with some whipped cream, and she also enjoyed hanging out with me as I created various gifts for people (she'd jump up onto the table often to check everything out but then often would hang out on a chair). She also decided to play in baskets this week (she kept jumping in and out of the baskets, and, frankly, she was downright adorable). I love this fluffy cat!

This week I've kept busy by making more gifts using Perler beads/fuse beads. It's been pretty fun. With the sales that have been going on for the holiday, I was able to restock my supplies for gift making for pretty cheap. I doubt I'll run out of the beads any time soon (unless I start making a bunch of huge pieces). I still have some ideas for other gift/project creations, but if anyone has any recommendations, I'm game for trying them out.

I've also enjoyed the latest episodes of YashaHime and Fruits Basket. If you haven't checked them out yet, I highly recommend it. Plus, I've been reading more fanfic (Sesshomaru themed, surprise, surprise). Here's this week's round of fanfic for those that are curious: Cursed Twins, No One Else, Bitten, Love Letter, Love Life, and Blessed Curse. While all were interesting in their own rights, Bitten was intriguing as it involves these sort of "were-dog" creatures named Garou (they transform into inu yokai on the night of the full moon) while Blessed Curse was inspired by Beauty and the Beast. It's always fun to see where creativity takes the authors in fanfics (there can be interesting twists and turns). I also began reading the Maid-Sama manga this week; back in March Corliss introduced me to the anime, and I thought it was rather humorous. The anime left me with a variety of questions, though, and I have been meaning to check out the manga to see if any of those said questions would be answered (I'm roughly 40 chapters into the manga at this point; I have come across new information, such as Usui having an older brother and Shintani resembling Masaki's father, but I have yet to actually see said family members--to be completely honest, the anime left a rather large air of mystery surrounding Usui and his background, and I'd like to learn more). I still have questions, but I don't think the manga will let me down (especially since there have been extra tidbits of information thus far). If anyone has any recommendations of anime, manga, fanfic, or books that I might enjoy, I'd love to hear them!

It's hard to believe November is coming to a close; it really feels like just yesterday it was the beginning of 2020. Does anyone else feel like time's been different this year? There's basically only one month left in 2020, yet it doesn't feel like it's been a whole year already. Granted, 2020 has been strange. It feels like so much has happened while simultaneously not much has happened at all this year. It's definitely been different. I wonder what kind of year 2021 will be. I've heard some people say that 2020 has been like a boot camp for everyone to prepare for the upcoming year(s). It almost doesn't feel like any year can top 2020 for it's strangeness, though. Only time will tell. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of 2020 and can find the fun (even if this year is unusual). Make the most of 2020; even though it's been unpredictable, it doesn't have to be a bust. Stay blessed; find joy and peace--love and light to all~

Here's some food for thought from Magenta Pixie about knowing. acceptance, and evidence (it's pretty relevant to the times, and I can relate to what she's experienced/feels):

Some food for thought to consider from Ralph Smart:

Here's some food for thought for this week:

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