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Happy Super Moon in Scorpio and Happy May!

I hope everyone is doing well! It's hard to believe we're already in May--time sure is speeding by. The energies have been a bit intense--it's definitely effected my sleep. Has anyone else experienced similar things with this super moon? If anyone is interested in some information or a meditation for this full moon, feel free to check out the videos below:

Fluffy cat has been adorable like always! She's so freaking cuddly (I just want to hug her)! She's enjoyed her cat naps and exploring outdoors. She also decided to explore my mom's car since she had left the window open. I love you fluffy cat~

I enjoyed going on several walks with April and Iris this week (aside from my strolls with fluffy cat). The sky was gorgeous, and I loved finding all these little surprise flowers. Spring is just full of new life and beauty!

I received so many goodies this week! The gorgeous rainbow moonstone crystals I ordered arrived (funnily enough coinciding with the full moon) along with some of the Divine $9 goodies from Spiritual Supermall (if you weren't aware, every Monday Spiritual Supermall releases all these goodies for $9)--last week had the tiger's eye angels and obsidian tower points. I bought angels for my friends! I'm excited for this week's--they had labradorite pyramids! The Goddess Provisions May box also arrived; the candle smells absolutely divine! I feel so blessed to receive all of these goodies!

Here are this weeks art projects: more Perler bead projects (cosmic Koga joining the rest of the InuYasha-themed projects as well as some Toucans for my former coworker's upcoming birthday) plus some canvas paintings. I've always enjoyed the look of marbling, so I decided to play with making some marbling paintings. It's a lot of fun! I even started to make some prints from the excess paint when making the marbled paintings; they look pretty neat.

It's been a while, but I was able to babysit the boys again on Friday, and they were so happy to see me (as was their dog, Pearl). They truly missed me. I picked up one from school, and he noticed that I was listening to the InuYasha soundtrack (driving is more fun with anime songs/soundtracks), inquiring, "This is an InuYasha song, isn't it? It sounds like it." Before walking into his home, he looked at all of the stickers on my car, searching for and locating all of the stickers related to InuYasha/YashaHime. He also recognized that my backpack was Sesshomaru-themed, exclaiming, "Wait, is that a Sesshomaru backpack???" I even wore one of my InuYasha shirts for him, and he was excited. Even though he hasn't watched much of InuYasha (he re-watches the "Life Alert" clip where the grandfather fell on a hill, exclaiming, "Help, I'm up here! I've fallen, and I can't get up," all the time--it's his favorite), I love how much he knows about the anime just from our conversations. It makes my heart sing that he recognizes characters and even the color schemes/patterns associated with the characters (my backpack has Sesshomaru's kimono pattern). It's great to share the love for this show with him. We have so much fun! They can't wait for me to come back next weekend; hanging out with them soothes my soul and feels so fulfilling.

I also babysat the other family I had helped with online tutoring at the start of this school year; they had missed me so much--it's hard to believe it's been since October since I last saw them. Their remodel looks great! Duchess was being super cute and missed me as much as the kiddos did. We had lots of fun getting creative. We created some crafts with Perler beads and canvas painting. We got creative in the kitchen, making homemade slushies in plastic bags (during which one of my bracelets exploded and scattered all over the floor--kind of made me think of the scattering of the Shikon Jewel lol; the girl felt so bad about it, convinced I was sad. I was a bit disappointed, but I didn't let it bring me down. It was a rather humorous experience. I was going to get a new one from the Crystal Gemstone Store, but they happen to be sold out at the moment), some "Oreo cups," and fizzy citrus drinks. They also had fun tapping into their creativity on games like Minecraft, creating a new home with an indoor hot tub and ceiling windows. It was so much fun; I love how eager they are to create, regardless of the medium. Seriously, hanging out with these kiddos and families heals the soul; it just feels right.

They seriously say the darndest things. After their parents had left the girl looked at me and declared, "Don't ever say, 'Yes, ma'am,' to my mom because it'll make her feel like a queen, and I don't want her to feel like a queen." After which, she then started dancing (the dance she later dubbed as a "cringy dance"). They had been eating their food, and I noticed what his sandwich bag said. He was convinced I was making things up when I said that his sandwich may cause mouth fires.

Me: "No, that's what your bag says."

Him: "Wait, really???"

Me: "Did you think I was just making things up?"

Him: "Kind of..."

Me: *shows him the bag* "It seriously says that."

Him: "Well, dang."

They both thought it was hilarious that the bag claimed that mouth fires were possible.

While the kiddos were asleep and while I was waiting for their parents to return, I felt compelled to read. Corliss had recommended The Shack a while ago, and it had been waiting for me to read it. This weekend felt like the time to read it. I didn't want to put it down. It's a phenomenal book! It's so synchronistic to what's been going on and builds perfectly off of everything else I've been learning. It reminded me of The Celestine Prophecy series in ways. It makes so much sense, especially in light of everything else I've been coming to understand. I'm so grateful for the book, to the author and Mack for sharing the story, and the love of the universe. The Shack sheds great light on life and the process of the universe.

I watched anime and read more fanfic throughout the week. This week's fanfic includes: I Will Find You, Illusions of Grandeur, Forsaken Memories, Scent of a Woman, Dirty Dog in Tokyo, Wicked Game, and Pretty Girl. I finished season 1 of Demon Slayer, and it's such a powerful anime. It's so important to be mindful of your thoughts and actions so you don't go judging people. Even if the judgment might seem appropriate at the time, you might find out later new information that reveals that you were quite wrong in your preconceptions. I watched the latest episode of Fruits Basket and loved it! It felt like a homecoming; Isuzu is opening up and accepting her place by Hatsuharu's side. I also watched Horimiya this week; I adore Isuzu Miyamura and Kyoko Hori--they're freaking adorable! The healing that Isuzu undergoes; it made me want to cry. I understand how he felt so alone and how depression tried to pull him under. The dark times don't remain forever, though; Kyoko brought the light into Isuzu's life. Relationships with others can create wounds, but they can also provide profound healing. It's through their relationship that they truly shine. It makes me think about The Shack's emphasis on the importance of relationships, living not through independence, control, and/or responsibilities but through the relationship with others and with God/Source/Creator. It's through relationships that we can tap into the Divine's love and truly feel alive. We cannot reach our greatest potential and become our greatest self on our own; it's vital to embrace open, loving relationships. We're meant to be a community. Humans aren't designed to thrive within closed doors, closed minds, and closed hearts. Much like how Kyoko and Isuzu help each other learn, grow, and thrive, we can do the same with our loved ones. Every one of us can shine. The universe uses every experience for our greatest good, even if we can't see it at the particular moment. Our lives are a beautiful tapestry woven by the universe; it's all about the journey. Even if some experiences aren't enjoyable in the moment, they could prove to be the crucial turning points of tremendous growth and transformation. These experiences could be the precise moments that set us free. As humans, it's fairly easy to get wrapped up in our perceptions and then judge these moments accordingly. Our perceptions may not be true, though. What we might believe to bring us happiness may ultimately bring us immense sorrow and pain. What we may believe to bring us frustration and anguish may actually bring us unfathomable joy and peace in the end. We cannot see from our mortal position through Heaven's eyes; we can't see the grand scheme of it all. As difficult as it may seem, it's crucial to trust. Trust the Universe. Trust divine timing. Trust God/Source/Creator to have our best interests always at the forefront. The universe can turn lead into gold; have faith. I'm working through this process, just like everyone else. I'm so grateful to books like The Shack and The Celestine Prophecy that illuminate the spirituality of existence; there's inherent rightness in their messages that religion and its teachings always felt like they were lacking. It's not as though I believe that religion doesn't hold any truth; it feels to me that no one religion has the whole truth. Religion always felt too controlling and heavy to me; spirituality and the messages from The Shack and The Celestine Prophecy feel like the missing key, clicking everything into place. Listen to your heart; your heart knows. Even if it doesn't make sense to your mind, your heart speaks the truth. Take care of yourself. Rest when needed. Breathe. Find what brings you joy. Don't be afraid to heal yourself; it may be difficult, but it makes a world of a difference. Stay blessed with love and light~

Here's some food for thought from Ralph Smart:

This week's food for thought:

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