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Happy Super Full Moon/Blue Moon in Pisces and Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone has been doing well and enjoying Labor Day weekend! This past week has been a lot calmer than the previous one, which was much appreciated. It was a pretty typical week, full of babysitting/tutoring, some pet sitting, writing, art, creating videos, and hanging out with Tsuki. The energies were pretty docile, which was rather surprising that it was a super full moon. If all that happened was some struggling to fall asleep, I'll take it (especially when you compare it to the previous week). Granted, I did receive some intense phone calls from people I know this week (they were experiencing some intense emotions), but none of it was directed at me, thankfully. Hopefully, the super full moon energies treated you kindly. If you want to learn more about the recent super full moon and blue moon in Pisces, feel free to check out the videos below.

I woke up feeling like the sickness was almost gone, which felt amazing. It felt less amazing feeling so tired, though, since every time I almost had fallen asleep the night before my throat got agitated and a small fit of coughing would prevent me from falling asleep. No idea when I was finally able to fall asleep, but it was late. As such, my dream recall was a complete blur. I struggled falling asleep Monday night, as well, leaving me rather sleepy Tuesday morning. My dream recall was fairly fuzzy, too. From what I can remember, my dream took place at school. I remember being in the high school art hallway at one point. I got put in charge of watching this little boy for some reason. He was pretty young, and for whatever reason he wasn't wearing much clothes. Since he had so much energy (akin to the Energizer bunny), I ended up dubbing him "Skinergize." There were a variety of female students who thought the nickname and the boy himself were adorable. More definitely happened, but details got murky and muddled after that point.

It was another night of struggling to fall asleep at night on Tuesday. It made waking up Wednesday morning a challenge, and dream recollection was nonexistent. It almost felt like I hadn't even slept. Still was nice to be feeling healthier, but lack of sleep was proving challenging. I slept better Wednesday night, but dream recall was still a complete blur. It was another decent night of sleep Thursday night, but remembering dreams was still super hazy. My dream somehow involved school or education, but specific details were muddled.

It was so nice being able to sleep in Saturday morning; it was such a peaceful and relaxing morning since I didn't have to get up and do anything right away or in the early hours. I was actually able to remember more from my dreams, too. At one point one of my aunts showed up and seemed to be passing out major judgments and trying to control people. No idea why or what she hoped to accomplish.

Later I was hanging out with Corliss. We had driven to this area that was right by the countryside/woods, but there were still some "modern civilization." We had stopped at some parking lot somewhere right next to this heavily wooded area. Corliss had a can of beans and a can of chili for some reason, and she seemed dead set of dumping them out. A brown bear showed up, and Corliss seemed keen on feeding it. I was uneasy about how close the bear was and wasn't sure feeding it was the best idea, so I asked her if we could go. Others in the area started panicking and screaming once they saw the bear, fleeing in terror. Corliss brushed it off and told me not to subscribe to the fear when I asked her again if we could leave. I started inching away slowly in the car, still unsettled by how close the bear was; it wasn't that I was outright terrified by the bear--it's just that it seemed unwise to be so close to it, especially when there was food around. Eventually, Corliss started walking over to talk to me, and she wanted to know why I was being so fearful. She got frustrated that the car kept inching along, but it wasn't due to me--I had been applying as much pressure as I could to the brakes, but it was still moving. She got in the car so we could talk, and we ended up going to another parking lot (it seemed to be outside a restaurant). Corliss didn't get why I was so freaked out, and I did my best to explain myself. It didn't help that a black bear appeared like 20 feet away from us. I asked her if we could please leave. She didn't seem all that keen on the idea but agreed to go back. There was some kind of an announcement on the radio about this group terrorizing people and causing havoc. We got back to what appeared to be a hotel room. I seemed to be planning on taking a shower when the group from the radio appeared and tried to kidnap us. Things got blurry after this, and I have no idea what transpired afterwards.

I got to sleep in again this morning, which was quite nice. From what I could remember, I seemed to be in Hawaii at the start of my dream; I saw Stitch and some of the other experiments. At some point I ended up floating in the water (I think on like a raft or something). I could still see where I came from, so I didn't think I had gone that far, but when I touched base on some more land, a guy greeted me and welcomed me to France. It confused the heck out of me. I pointed out that I had just been in Hawaii and couldn't have gone that far, but he insisted that I had traveled quite far, over 6,000 miles. It made no sense to me. Details got fuzzy, and the next thing I could recall was being at a school. I think it was the high school because I was told to go to my high school chemistry teacher's class. When I got there, everyone was sleeping; it almost seemed to be a sleepover. I gathered some stuff and went to change clothes so I could sleep. The school transformed into some other school that was like a maze. I ended up continuously going around in circles trying to find a bathroom. The school seemed kind of old and run down as the ceiling started leaking due to rain. While I was wandering around trying to find a bathroom, a fire alarm went off, making the hallways chaotic and filled with students. It was hard to do much of anything in the school. More might have happened, but that's everything I remembered.

Tsuki was her typical goofy self, enjoying plenty of cat naps and antics. She enjoyed lounging on her crinkle bed, chilling on her window shelf for birdwatching, snoozing on her chair and the couch, napping inside her cat house (and crushing it to turn it into a bed), playing with packing paper and various things she found around the house, and just being a nutty cat. Tsuki is truly one of a kind, adorable, and lovable.

Artwork for the week included more diamond art:

I continued writing new articles for Creativity Chronicles and continued to create YouTube shorts! Feel free to check out the newest articles and shorts and share your ideas of what I should create next!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

Be gentle with yourself as you make your way on this journey. You can always learn and grow, and remember that you're doing the best you can. There's no need to compare yourself to others. Run your own race rather than worrying about if others are better than you at anything; the only one you should compete against is your past self. Focus on how you can grow and improve into your best self. If you get ensnared by the comparison trap, it will only lead to feelings of shame, unworthiness, and the loss of happiness. There's no need for that. You have strengths, skills, and gifts to share with the world, so do the best you can do. It's more than enough. Stay blessed and have a wonderful rest of your holiday weekend!

Food for thought for the week:

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