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Happy Super Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!

I hope everyone is doing well! It's been a rather intense week. Thursday there were tornados, and several tree branches impaled the home of the boys I babysit. It's felt like a rather exhausting week overall, even though I haven't exactly worked crazy hard. Plus, the beginning of the week just felt off, energetically speaking. I felt super disinterested, detached, and kind of depressed, and it came out of nowhere. It lasted a few days, and when Corliss touched based with me, I found out that she experienced the exact same thing. I'm guessing it had to do with the super full blood moon in Scorpio and lunar eclipse. I kept hearing about how powerful this particular lunar phenomenon was and that it changed everything. If you want to learn more about it, feel free to check out the videos included below.

My dream recall was a bit fuzzy on Monday morning. There was one point where I was helping out at the local children's museum in the art studio. A couple of the kids from before care were there. I feel like something big was going on, but I didn't remember many specific details upon waking. There was something else about best products online, like I was offering them to someone through a business or sharing information through email. That's all I could remember once I woke up.

A lot happened in my dream from Monday night/Tuesday morning. The first thing I remembered was hanging out with Corliss. We were outside, stargazing. I was looking at one star that was stationary; then it started moving across the sky slowly. I exclaimed excitedly, getting Corliss's attention, and it swiftly streaked across the sky like a shooting star. It was beautiful. Corliss and I started walking, catching up since we hadn't seen each other in so long. I asked her if she had seen that there's a new stone path and gate, which she hadn't noticed. We ended up going inside (it might have been my house, but it kind of gave me the impression of a hotel room). I remembered discussing ordering a reading from Angel Souls with Corliss. April ended up showing up, and we made plans to go on a fun trip; we were ready to live our best lives and have fun and adventure. We ended up going on some kind of trip (not sure where the destination was). I'm pretty sure I met a life partner while we were out. The specific details about the trip were fuzzy. I think my parents ended up meeting up with me when I was getting ready to leave. I remembered we stopped at this restaurant on the way back home to break up the drive. The restaurant had multiple bathroom stalls, but it wasn't all that clean. The toilets were all backed up and gross. All the gunk seemed to be coming back up, and nobody was happy about it. Flushing it and plungers didn't help at all. I'm pretty sure more happened because I woke up feeling like the dream was significant and jam-packed with messages, but that's all I remembered upon waking.

I feel like a lot happened in my dream from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. At one point I was at some mall. There was this shop that had this new show/crossover. It was with Blues Clues, but there was some new lady that liked all things spooky/creepy; she had a "dog"/pet, but it was a skeleton. More happened, but the next thing I remembered was going to this school. I was supposed to help out with before school activities. There was supposed to be this basketball practice (why I don't know; I'm not the least bit interested in sports). I went to where they were supposed to have practice, but this other group had shown up and put an ice rink on the floor/hallway so they could have this hockey game. I went to ask their coach if they would be finished soon since there was supposed to be this basketball practice, but he said nobody had told him about that practice. I went around to find out more, confused, and this other staff member told me that the practice had been rescheduled and wouldn't take place today. I was at a loss, baffled as to why no one told me; she saw this and felt bad, so she suggested I help out with something else. Somehow I ended up helping this small group that was travelling to another school. The commute was long and strange. The girl driving had to pay some kind of toll before making a u-turn to park and then have the group get on this like luxury subway. It took 32 minutes of driving and 39 minutes on the subway thing in order to get to this other school/building. It confused me as to why we would go through all this trouble; I didn't even know where we were going. That's all I could remember upon waking up Wednesday morning.

I only remembered one thing when I woke up on Thursday morning. I'm sure more happened in my dream, but what I could recall was setting up this online shop. It was a general store, and it was kind of similar to Dollartree and 5Below. Not sure what products I had in the shop, what it was called, etc., but it seemed to do well for itself. I had trouble sleeping Thursday night/Friday morning and kept waking up. There was something about establishing some kind of business or something. There was also something about a whale going around, swallowing people, and trying to protect people. A lot happened in my dream, but recalling specific details was challenging when I woke up--everything was hazy.

My dream recall from Friday night/Saturday morning was pretty hazy. I think I had some kind of online store or business that was successful, but the details were rather fuzzy. In my dream from this morning I was helping out with this small school group. There was probably around 8 students. The kids had unique needs/weren't "normal." We rode on this small bus with their 3 other teachers. We seemed to be traveling to like a zoo or theme park. There was some kind of carnival/festival going on. I went with a couple of the kids to play games. There were two games side by side. The kids were throwing these bouncy balls, trying to make it into a bucket. I decided to play the game right next to it. You used a slot to align a quarter and roll it down into one of the prize slots. I got the quarter into the jackpot on the first try. I must have gotten some secret bonus because I got way more quarters than the prize said I would. They just kept coming, and I even won a bunch of bouncy balls, which the kids were super excited about. More happened, but that's all I remembered this morning when I woke up.

The kids were fairly hyped up this week in before care. One of the girls stated that she had been up since 2 in the morning and that she had gone to bed at 10 pm. My art buddy started rereading the Percy Jackson series since she already finished it (it took her about a month and a half to read all 5 as a 1st grader, which impressed lots of people). One of the girls decided to set up a "Pokémon shop." It was pretty cute. She was "selling" Pokémon cards, but she started off just giving them away. Eventually, she decided to trade cards instead of just giving them away. The kiddos were super excited about it.

On Monday they decided they would hold different classes. It involved different subjects. One of the girls was holding a "writing class" and had a list of 5 different things (i.e. Spongebob, cup, bag, bottle, CocoMelon). She instructed me to write a complete sentence about each thing. That's all she told me, and she insisted that all I had to do was write a complete sentence with the word. I decided to make them a bit silly, focusing them about her. I wrote that Spongebob was her favorite, she put a cup on her head, she jumped into a bag, she balanced a bottle on her finger, and that she played CocoMelon but the other kids didn't like it. She gave me a slip of paper to write my favorite sentence down, so I wrote the one where she put a cup on her head. She read it and crossed it out. Upon looking at all the other sentences, she exclaimed, "Did you write all of them about ME?!?" I gave her the affirmative, which led to her crossing all of the sentences out and crumpling it into a ball before placing it in the recycling. She told me I did the assignment wrong, but I enjoyed my sentences (lol). After all the obstacles and struggles I've faced recently, it really lifted my spirits; I had a great laugh. Ironically enough, she started creating party hats with Dixie cups and putting it on people's heads. They continued having their own "school" all week, and it was always interesting to see what they would decide to "teach." One of the kids wanted to be in "detention," so she purposefully was being silly and cheered when the "teacher" sent her to "detention." Another girl drew a makeup palette and asked my coworker which he would like; he decided to go with blue blush, so she "applied" it. When another girl arrived, seeing her blue-tipped hair, I exclaimed, "Oh, no! You got your blush in her hair!" The girl was confused at first, and it took a second for my coworker to understand what I meant, but soon everyone was laughing.

The sisters were going on about how much they love pickles. They started demanding that the school be filled with pickles. I pointed out that the principal might not want pickles to be everywhere because the sisters literally wanted the school to be completely filled with pickles. They decided that they would hire a lawyer to confront the principal and ensure that things transpired the way they wanted. They "got on the phone" with their "lawyer" and started laying out their demands. It started off with 2,000 jars of pickles, grew to 3,000 jars of pickles, expanded to 500,000 jars of pickles, and ended with infinity jars of pickles. Once the lawyer "agreed" to the terms, they "called" the principal to tell her that the school would be filled with pickles. The "principal" was dismayed by this news and tried to shut it down, but the girls informed her that they already had a lawyer that was fulfilling their wishes. The sisters daydreamed about how awesome it would be. They decided there would be a pool created so they could swim in the pickles. Apparently, the school hallways would resemble the canals of Venice; streams of pickle juice would carry these giant pickle boats throughout the school. Students would ride these large pickle boats to class. These were no ordinary boats, though, as they were sentient and could talk. If the pickle boats passed the passenger's crush, they would then inform said crush. The younger sister declared, "If it's a guy, the pickle would say, 'Hey, this girl likes you.' If it's a girl, the pickle would say, 'Hey, this guy likes you.'" She proceeded to cackle, finding the image to be the most hilarious thing ever. They have quite vivid imaginations.

The boys are excited to be in their final stretch of school before summer break. Their last day is next Wednesday. They enjoyed discussing anime and looking for InuYasha gifs and memes (I showed them the one from the InuYasha group that was when Naraku packs your lunch--it featured a bag full of bees lol). They enjoyed browsing the internet to see which new ones they could find. The younger of the two also had his final band concert for the year on Wednesday, and he was excited about it. He also started planning and designing some characters for a game/app he wants to create; his friend is good at coding, so they plan on collaborating. It sounded pretty cool, and they have a boss fight planned out. They're not sure what the story will be yet, but his friend really wanted the boss to be a donkey while he didn't. I remarked it would be funny if the boss had a secret unlock that would turn him into a donkey, and the younger brother thought it was a pretty cool idea, deciding they would do that as a compromise. He plans to get an art tablet so he can work on the game, and it was great seeing his enthusiasm.

I did some last minute babysitting on Saturday night. It was rather humorous; their dad texted me on Friday night, but instead of asking if I was available Saturday night to watch his boys, he declared that I wasn't available. I let him know that I was actually free, and he got super excited; the boys were super excited to see me, too, especially since they hadn't seen me in months. Apparently, it's all they would talk about on Saturday before I arrived. They wanted to show me all of their creations (they've been repurposing a lot of recyclable materials for inventive projects), and they were pretty cool. They showed me what they've been building on Minecraft, too. Their driveway happened to be in the middle of construction. While we were eating, the youngest was telling me that they got brand new chairs. His older brother disagreed, saying that while the chairs were new to them that the chairs weren't actually new. His younger brother created this imaginary tale about how they found the chairs recently outside. I remarked, "Oooooh, so that's why you dug up your driveway. You were trying to find new chairs. I never knew that's where new chairs come from." They found it hilarious, bursting out laughing, and then told me that yes, that is, indeed, where new chairs come from--you have to dig up your driveway to find new chairs. They then told me that birds come from walls, so make sure to tear them down. We had a lot of fun being silly with each other, and it was great to see them again!

Tsuki was grateful it was cooler this week, but she got freaked out by the intense storms (tornadoes included). Aside from being skittish from all the crazy storms, she's been super happy. She did not enjoy last week's intense heat. She did enjoy watching the rain when it wasn't seriously storming, though. Tsuki's ran around, being her hyperactive, nutty self. She was excited that I found this large bell (no idea where it came from) and had a blast playing with it. Tsuki enjoyed hunting for bugs and playing with them when she finally found some.

Artwork for the week included:

It was a fairly chill week; I was feeling rather drained, so I did a bit of writing and watched anime in my free time. I worked on a new piece of poetry this week. Feel free to read it and share your thoughts! I'm also open to suggestions and recommendations for future writing pieces! I have other works in progress, so stay tuned for more stories!

I watched Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World season 2 and The Misfit of Demon King Academy this week. I spent more time just chilling this week because it felt like an off week and since there was a delay in the content release on my online course. I didn't feel like doing all that much this week, and I suspect it had something to do with the energies. There was the super full moon and lunar eclipse to start off the week, and then there were all these intense storms and tornadoes. Thankfully, everyone is safe, and it was nice to just kick back and relax. I enjoyed how the progressed the story in season 2 of Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World, but I wasn't too happy at how they left Rem. She's my favorite. While I understand that they have to defeat one of their enemies to help her out, I wish she would have been able to wake back up. Otherwise, I enjoyed the character growth demonstrated. There'd better be future seasons to wrap up the story or I'll be disappointed. The Misfit of Demon King Academy was also pretty interesting. Anos is super OP, but it doesn't bother me. My favorite character is Misha, and I must admit I didn't foresee her backstory. There's greater depth to the sisters than I anticipated, and it's interesting to see how they decided to resolve their conflict. I'm curious to see how they continue the story; I heard that there's supposed to be a season 2 coming out, so I'm excited.

I made some progress with my online courses this week; we finally learned how to write stellar articles. Today's AI streamlines the process, and it's so beautiful. I'm pretty excited to work on them! I'm eager to see what other goodies and resources my mentor will show us; he's awesome and goes above and beyond, walking us through the process and building a brand new business alongside with us. Here's to our bright, new future! We can do anything we put our minds to, so believe in the possibility. Don't give up on your dreams. You can make them a reality. Be gentle with yourself as you make progress; it will all come into place. Make room for some fun as you follow your joy and have a fabulous rest of May! It's hard to believe we'll be finishing the month soon! Stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

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