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Happy Summer Solstice!

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer! It's been a busy week full of intense energies and strange phenomena. I imagine a lot of it was due to the recent summer solstice. If you're curious and want to learn more about it, I've included some videos below about the energies of the solstice.

My dream recall was fairly fuzzy on Monday morning. From what I could remember I was in school as a student. We were getting ready for a final exam. I remembered thinking to myself that it was strange that we hadn't completed any tests so far during the school year. We were supposed to we working study guides, and one of my classmates was giving another grief because he wanted her to do the work for him basically. He was all snippy because the study guide wasn't finished yet; I called him out and pointed out that since he hadn't done anything, he didn't get to complain, stressing that he should be doing the work himself. Our teacher seemed stressed out; apparently, a parent had donated 4 bank/debit cards and some kid had stolen them. More happened, and there was something about hanging out with kids I babysit. We played some kind of new Pokémon game, but that's all I could remember upon waking up.

I was halfway falling back asleep on Tuesday morning. In my dream I was going to a store (it seemed to be Target) before picking up some breakfast for me and others (I'm pretty sure I was going to order things for pickup from places like Hardee's and Chick-fil-A, so they'd be ready by the time I was done with the store). Out in the parking lot, I happened to meet Corliss. I was chatting with her and, apparently, showed her this recent oil pastel piece of art I had recently made, telling her it was really simple and that she could do it, too. She was blown away by it, and I'm not sure if she believed she could create art like it, too. We went in to the store and started browsing different things. The setup of the store seemed somewhat like the library, but I got distracted by a display of crystals. I called Corliss over, and she was wowed by this section of bumblebee jasper. As we continued looking, she noticed this statue of this angelic girl in a tree made out of crystals. The tree had a bunch of white flowers blooming; I think in the dream we said it was made with clear quartz. Corliss remarked that she was feeling drawn towards it, almost as if it was calling her name, but she wanted to keep looking. She stopped everything when she stumbled across a statue that was pretty similar to the first one we saw, but it had red crystal flowers instead of white. She instantly picked it up and said that it was the ONE. When we were going to go pay for it, one of the employees offered to see if any of the crystals resonated with us and if they "looked" like us. She was immediately drawn to the statue Corliss had an instant soul-connection with, remarking on how that one was perfect for her. Corliss smiled and admitted that she knew. There was some kind of competition or contest going on in the side area. It seemed like some people off YouTube or TV were trying to stir up some buzz for something. Specifics details were rather hazy, but there was something about a boy drawing. He seemed to be out of it, like he was almost drawing in his sleep or a daze. There was something about him making all of his drawings with "E's" and "V's." That's all I could remember upon waking up Tuesday morning.

My dream recall was pretty fuzzy when I woke up on Wednesday morning. There was something about playing and exploring new art supplies, but that's was the gist of what I remembered upon waking. My was rather fuzzy on Thursday morning. There was something about editing and designing things like a website, but specific details were too hazy when I awoke. Pretty sure I was with kids I babysit at one point, and one of the boys was wearing his shorts backwards and had cardinals on them. It was unusual, but that's all I could remember.

My dream recall was a bit fuzzy when I woke up on Friday morning, but a lot happened in my dream. There seemed to be a special ceremony happening; the timing seemed extra significant, like the stars were aligning. We were supposed to go to some field. There seemed to be some kind of school campus. There was someone or something in something that was similar to the old biplanes. They kind of crashed but purposefully landed in the middle of the school campus. Whoever/whatever it was was bad news, so we all tried to hide. My sister and I tried to hide and lock ourselves away in one of the school's rooms. Apparently, the drinking fountains had a secret compartment for a bathroom key. We got the key and tried to hide. The driver of the plane seemed to be some lady, and she hunted us down before we could get to safety; she did not want the ceremony to happen. She threatened us and used underhanded tactics to get her way, preventing us from doing anything. She basically took over the area and had all these goons. It wasn't safe to be there any more. I tried to explain that to the group since we managed to get away from her, but they didn't seem to understand. We managed to hide from her with the help of this new being. They used these red talismans with golden writing to prevent the lady from even detecting our presence. This being seemed to be some kind of god-like entity. It kept itself hidden in a cloak; it wanted to reveal its identity, but some kind of cosmic rule prevented it from doing so. It had nothing but love for others and had, apparently, started off as a childhood friend. Not sure what happened to make them a god-like being, but however it happened, it was thanks to the childhood friend, and they were grateful. This being was determined to protect and assist their childhood friend. Somehow, the lady was able to "slip through the cracks" and find a way to track the group, but the god-like being thwarted her, stopping her in her tracks. It seemed like the god-like being was getting ready to do a big reveal when I woke up.

My dream recall was a bit fuzzy. At one point I was at a school, enrolled in some kind of classes. I ended up forgetting about some of my homework, apparently. There was some kind of test, and we were scoring/rating our pretest drawing based on a list of criteria, like how many types of materials we used. For one section I rated myself a 7, and my classmates thought that I should have scored myself higher because they thought my drawing was amazing. More happened, and I ended up at a movie theater with Corliss and April. We went to see some movie. Apparently, it was a doue feature, but when the 2nd started playing, we weren't feeling it. Turned out almost everyone didn't want to see it, as the theater emptied out. We were passing this food bar, and they had a contest that was ending soon. You could submit original work to get them turned into tattoos or something. I linked the contest form to Creativity Chronicles and seemed excited by the prospect. More happened, but that's all I could remember upon waking up Saturday morning.

My sleep was very choppy Saturday night into this morning. Guessing it was related to the energies because I was completely exhausted, and Corliss and I had witnessed a lot of strange phenomena for hours on end before we went to bed. The energies were intense and left us feeling uneasy about being by ourselves or even closing doors. From what I could remember from the dream, it was pretty similar to what we had been witnessing. We were at some house with her family. A bunch of her relatives were over, including a set of young triplets, whom I had never met before. I remembered being quite tired and wanting to go home. I had planned on doing so, but we ended up going on a late night walk with some of her family. We witnessed several "planes" dive directly down towards the ground. Instead of crashing, they somehow managed to seamlessly combine with boats, fitting together like perfect puzzle pieces. When they joined, they became what seemed like submarines. Other weird phenomena happened with the sky, giving us a sense of urgency to get back to the home. I had planned on driving home, but it no longer felt safe to do so, so we ended up having a sleepover. We ended up making this makeshift tent/fort. Her family members didn't seem inclined to let us sleep, though. That's all I could remember this morning, but it felt like more happened.

It was a fun week of babysitting. We enjoyed chatting about life in general. We watched more of Pokémon Master Journeys and Amphibia. The boys even decided we would bake a cake. It was pretty fun being silly while we made it, joking about the cake loving them because some of the cake mix got on their clothes. Some of our conversations got rather deep, too, delving into society expecting people, especially men, not to have feelings, the complicated nature of the world (i.e. gun restrictions, the school shootings, Texas wanting to secede, things not being black and white, etc.). They initiate some profound conversations nowadays. The younger brother also had a swim meet, and he improved on all his different swim times, which was exciting!

I had some last minute babysitting Friday night because the family scored some last minute baseball tickets. The boys were asking their dad where they would be sitting, and their dad kept teasing them. He started off saying that they would be sitting in the dugout, then the field before changing his story that they would actually be working at the game--the dad would be an umpire while the mom would be the mascot. The boys were exasperated by their dad's antics, but I got a kick out of it. We had a lot of fun while their parents were at the game, though. The youngest was telling me that he was a shapeshifter and pretended to turn into a pickle and grilled cheese sandwich, holding them in front of his face. He'd have his older brother count to 10, so he could transform. The older brother played along but didn't buy the transformation for a second. We worked on their Pokémon sticker book before playing with their toys. They were showing me all their Pokémon, and I commented on how Jolteon and a Pikachu had marks on them. They insisted it was an accident, and I exclaimed that Jolteon and Pikachu were such rebels, going out of their way to get tattoos like that. The boys thought it was hilarious and enjoyed that perspective. They told me that these toy soldiers were hunting down the Pokémon and that the Pokémon wouldn't stand for it. They said that the Pokémon would fight back, except for Komala the koala because all it does is sleep. I pointed out that Komala would prove to be a great distraction, and they loved the idea. Our game was a lot of fun--the soldiers adored Komala. I turned them into groupies, and they acted like serious fan-girls--the boys loved every minute of it. I had the soldiers shouting how they loved Komala, wanting to take it home as a pet, and when the boys had Komala roll over the soldiers, had them exclaim that they wanted to be crushed by more cuddles. It was so much fun, and we kept laughing. The boys were also telling me all about what they had been up to this summer and how they couldn't wait to see Sonic 2. It was unexpected, but it was a great night!

Corliss and I were so excited to see the Fruits Basket Prelude on Saturday; it was definitely the highlight of the day. We savored every moment of it and immediately wanted to see it again. We adore the dynamic between Katsuya and Kyoko--they're freaking great! I'm so glad that I got to share that experience with Corliss; we watched the first two episodes in theaters when the Fruits Basket reboot started a few years ago, and we finished with the prelude in theaters. It was amazing! It hit deep with emotions but still had the comedy that we know and love. After the movie we hung out with April and Iris. Iris loved showing us all her games, having dance parties, making some kind of taffy, rescuing animals, and trashing rooms. It was an awesome way to spend the afternoon and evening. Corliss ended up spending the night, but it got really weird. Corliss had been on the porch, talking to people on the phone, for a few hours and while I was getting ready for bed, she came in and requested that I be her witness. She had been seeing "lightning" in the sky for over 2 hours at that point. There was no thunder, nor were there any lightning bolts. They were bright flashes of light that lit up most of the sky, almost like a camera flash. They were happening too frequently to be normal. The clouds seemed unnatural--it was almost like there was a ring of clouds around my house. We kept seeing these "fireflies" that were super glitchy and seemed more like LED lights than any natural being. They would streak across the area, flickering in and out of existence in the most unnatural of ways. This went on for hours. There was an unnatural amount of car traffic for the hour. There were too many planes flying straight into the "lightning" storm, too. Plus, we saw this strange creature. It went so fast that we only saw a shadowy blur, but Tsuki saw and and tried to catch it. Corliss thought it was some kind of humanoid figure, but it seemed way too fast to be any person or physical being. Even when we slowed down the recording, it was too fast to make out. We also witnessed what was most likely the fox that hangs out in the area, but it seemed really light. We kept getting tingles and odd sensations. It was still going on when we finally couldn't stay up any longer at 2:30am. We felt uneasy closing doors and being separated, so we stayed in the same room. It was so unusual, and things were definitely going on with the energies.

Tsuki's a nut. She's played with baskets and bags, savored sunshine, napped, and chilled indoors because it's been so hot. Tsuki also enjoyed her new toy. She was very confused because my sister went to Alaska, and she didn't know what to make out of all the strangeness that happened Saturday night/early Sunday morning, either, but she did want to pounce on whatever streaked past the window so swiftly.

Artwork for the week included:

New articles are added to the blog, Creativity Chronicles, so feel free to check them out! The newest additions include:

My new piece for Vocal's summer challenge is now up! This challenge was about the flavor of summer, but if I'm completely honest, mint ice cream is a year-round flavor for me, even in the bitterly cold winter. Feel free to read it and share your thoughts! If you have any suggestions for future stories or poetry, I'm all ears! I have other pieces in the works, so stay tuned for more stories!

Things seem to be heating up energetically, and it seems like big things are on the precipice. Take time for self care, follow your joy, and be gentle with yourself as you find your way. You're doing the best you can, and you'll find your way even if you get a bit lost along the way. There's no rush. Take a deep breath, relax, and see where the road takes you. There's no need to unnecessarily stress yourself out and be super critical. It won't do you any good. Smile, laugh, and have some fun! You'll be surprised what can happen when you do. Take care and have a wonderful rest of June! Stay blessed with love and light, everyone!

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought for the week:

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